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Placido Domingo On Il Volo – RAI Interview January 5, 2014

Update:  Placido Domingo appeared on RAI’s L’Arena with Massimo Giletti January 5, 2014, click the link below for the full show. Maestro Domingo’s interview is in the middle of the recorded program.

Click here —>  http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-e886384b-30ca-47eb-9bc3-25a50b572543.html

Maria  – We can’t thank you enough for filling us in on RAI’s interview with Placido Domingo!  Il Volo certainly has made a great impression on maestro Domingo!   Michele

Just in from Maria P. from Rome, Italy:

“I’m beside myself with joy and I want to try right away to share it with you and with the other IL VOLO’s fans.

Well, this afternoon the most important Sunday’s RAI broadcast interviewed at length Placido Domingo and he said that after that he, Carrera and Pavarotti had formed the “THREE TENORS” many imitators were born as “THE THREE BARITONES” the “THREE BASSO” etc. but almost all have been unsuccessful.

Instead there are currently three guys who deserve to collect their inheritance.   These three guys are “IL VOLO”.  He said they’are fantastic and that he was very happy to have recorded a song with them.

He also said that all his grandchildren adore IL VOLO, go to their concerts and have made friends with them.    IL VOLO has a new and important Ambassador.

EVVIVA!!!!  (hooray)

Buona giornata  (have a nice day)”