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Il Volo Professional ~~ New Wave 2014, Abruzzo Press and Taormina Wrap Up…Just Because

Hey Everyone!

I think I’ve–dare I say it?–finally caught up with our busy globe trotters and can take a bit of a rest until they hit Mexico at the end of the week.  Perhaps a drink right in the middle of that group of guys in the picture Gianluca Instagramed a little while ago….no…?  OK…fine…. *pouting*   😉


Il Volo Performs At the New Wave Music Festival

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After an emotional and amazing week in Taormina, The Guys headed to Riga,  the capital of Latvia, and Jurmala to participate in the New Wave Music Festival.  The festival is a six day event with two days dedicated to international competition, though Il Volo did not compete; they appeared as special guests, singing two crowd favorites.  To read more about the event, 


Click here —> http://www.hotelbaltpark.com/en/blog/new-wave-2014-in-jurmala#!  ,

here —>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riga to learn about Riga,

and enjoy the pictures and videos below. 


Il Mondo; New Wave 2014

O Sole Mio; New Wave 2014

By NovayaVolna

Click here for All About Il Volo’s New Wave Gallery —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-on-new-wave-2014-gallery/

“Grazie!” Grazie #newwave #newwave2014 #latvia #jurmala #riga #lettonia; Il Volo Facebook

They Talk Fashion

By All About Il Volo

 And they gave an interview to Mix TV, a Latvian music television station geared toward young people.

Mix TV Interview… *raised eyebrows*….

By Mix TV, проект портала Mixnews.lv

Yes, Gianluca; we love your looks from Brioni.  Ooh, la la!  Unfortunately, I’m not blonde.  Dang!


Press Conference in Pescara

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From Latvia, they headed “home; sweet home,” or more correctly: Gianluca did.  Ignazio and Piero went with him to prepare for their press conference in Pescara to talk about their upcoming concert in Abruzzo in September.  In attendance were: Pescara’s mayor, Marco AlessandriniGiovanni Di Iacovo, Council Member of Culture, Massimo Fregnani, the Italian tour promoter  and, of course, their faithful manager, Michele Torpedine.

Click here — > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescara for information about Pescara.

Interview in Pescara; found by Athina Angelopoulos

Click here —>  http://www.rete8.it/it/component/allvideoshare/video/latest/spettacoli-il-volo-a-pescara-il-5-settembre.html for the video, and

here —> http://www.rete8.it/it/cultura-e-spettacolo/15797-il-volo-a-pescara-il-5-settembre.html for the written article (how are you all doing with your Italian?)

You can also see a video of some of the conference with a translation at All About Il Volo here —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-on-antenna-10-italy/


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Oh…one more: Gianluca Jokes About Ignazio’s Appetite

By All About Il Volo

 Good Luck, guys!  I know you’ll have as much success in Abruzzo as you did in Sicily!


Tormina Wrap Up

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I’m guessing that everyone has seen about everything that there is to see about Taormina, but I found a few more things.   Enjoy!



Small mention of Il Volo with them holding their Tao Award during the presentation; Found by Anthina Angelopolous

By Sestarete

All About Il Volo Links:

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Playlists from ilvolo_russia

Thank you, Maria!


Just Because

If you don’t know that The Guys believe in faith and family, you need to read this interview from Zenit.  If you already know, read it and fall in love with them more.   😉

Click here —> http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/il-volo-award-winning-trio-taking-world-by-storm-speaks-to-zenit-on-faith-family-franciscropped-a-mlla-linked-feb-5th.jpg


~~ Kelly