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Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home, Part 5: Marostica

Hey, Everyone!

I know this is a little late–I’m sorry.   It seems like the weeknight concert has only affected me.    😉   Lots of pictures out…some video…

I can’t believe another tour is over for The Guys.   So Sad.  But with a sold out crowd, they went out with a bang — and fireworks!


Daytime Preparation


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By Il Volo



Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook


Click here —> Beautiful Day ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Il Mondo ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Mamma  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

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Click here —> Surrender (beginning) ~~ Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here —> O Sole Mio, “Spectacular finale!”  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy



Massimo Fregnani Facebook
Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here for over 200 pictures! —>  Il Volo in Marosctica Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Marostica Facebook



 In The Media

Click here —>   Il Volo va in orbita In piazza degli Scacchi decollano emozioni ~~ (print article) shared with LiJoy by Athina

Click here —> Il Volo en “La Vita In Diretta”  ~~ (video) Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


Massimo Fregnani Facebook
Massimo Fregnani Facebook


Congratulations, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio!  It was such a pleasure to see you finally get to bring your music home! 


~~ Kelly


Il Volo Professional ~~ Miscellaneous Happenings and a New Song

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  Lots of little things about The Guys have popped up over the past two weeks as they got ready to head to Pescara.  I understand that that show is SOLD OUT, and the others are on their way.  There are still tickets available for anyone that is wanting to make a quick trip to visit:

Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Again I say, if you’re surprised by that, you have two choices: you can leave because you’re on the wrong website, or you can stick around and fall in love!  (Choose option two!   🙂   )

Anyway, let’s make a quick turn around Il Volo’s world before we settle in for the upcoming concerts.  And pay attention; there’s gonna be a quiz at the end.   😉


Special Guest Announced for Italy Tour

Daniele Falasca with Gianluca
Daniele Falasca with Gianluca

Il Volo has announced a special guest for the remainder of their tour through Italy.

Daniele Falasca is a musician, composer and accordionist.


Here is his bio from his YouTube channel (translated by Athina Angelopoulos)

Musician / Composer

Attracted by the sounds since he was four years old thanks to the passion for music of his grandad. Courses of classical accordion completed at the age of 16 and a few years later he took his diploma in piano with the highest marks and with honors from the Conservatory “A. Casella” in L’Aquila under the guidance of the maestro Vincenzo Di Sabatino. He attended master classes in classical piano with the maestro Bruno Canino and the maestro Aldo Ciccolini.

Currently he is working with great musicians such as: Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, Tullio De Piscopo, Luca Bulgarelli, Luca Colombo, Fabrizio Mandolini, Amin Zarrinchang and many other great jazz musicians, Italian and from Abruzzo such as: Daniele Ferretti, Massimiliano Coclite, Arturo Valiante and Glauco Di Sabatino. He has released 4 albums and all the tracks are his own compositions!!!


And here’s a fun fact: Daniele was Gianluca’s piano teacher before and during Ti lascio una canzone!

Click here —> http://www.radiowebitalia.it/daniele-falasca-in-tour-italiano-con-il-volo/

and here —>  http://www.pescaranews.net/notizie/interviste/4819/abbiamo-intervistato-il-fisarmonicista-daniele-falasca-che-si-esibira-pescara-il-prossimo-5-settembre

for the Italian articles, and visit Daniele’s YouTube Channel

here —> https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoFalasca/featured

I think his contribution will give the concerts a very special, “old world” (a term for which I can’t think of an equivalent and I’m not sure is exactly expressive of what I’m thinking) feel.    What do you think?

By Daniele Falasca


Gianluca Receives Recognition

DuriMontepeganofestivalng some of his vacation Gianluca enjoyed the Rinascimento Paganese Rosetano Festival  in his home villiage of Montepegano, and he was recognized in a video montage including Il Volo.   You can see the video below.  According to our friends at All About Il Volo, Gianluca said that he loves his village and wanted to spend his vacation there–which I’m pretty sure he did.   😉


Athina shared this fun video tribute of the Jazz Festival he also attended on LiJoy’s Facebook page.  She mentioned that you could see some familiar faces; see if you can pick them out.   😀

By Montepagano Jazz Festival


Another Song for Ignazio

It was reported by Linda that Ignazio has been working on a project with his friend, Gino di Vito.  Now we know what they have been working on: a new song!  Ignazio has been responsible for the arrangement and the lyrics, and Gino the portions of music for Guitar.



duosis01It is to debut at the finals of this year’s 57th Festival di Castrocaro,on August 30, by Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo , also known as The Duo Sisters.

Click here — > http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/08/festival-di-castrocaro-duo-sisters-and-a-song-composed-by-ignazio-boschetto/ to visit All About Il Volo and read all about the Festival and the Duo Sisters.

Good Luck, Ignazio, and we can’t wait to hear your song!

EDIT:  Ignazio’s song, “Paura d’amare,” debuted today!  It is my understanding as I research that The Duo Sister’s didn’t win the competition, unfortunately.  But congratulations to them on making it to the finals, and congratulations to Ignazio for having another original song showcased!

I’m still looking for a full video and lyrics/translations, but here is a taste from TheIlVoloversMx (thanks to Athina for pointing it as well as the still photo out on LiJoy’s page):

The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; Athina Angelopoulos
The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; AthinaAngelopoulos


Click here- –> https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=506363096166363



 EDIT #2:      Full video of the performance

By Il Volo


 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Many people nominated The Guys for the challenge but it was Maestro Placido Domingo’s nomination that drew them out:

Maestro Domingo

By Roscle



 EDIT: Ignazio

Great job, guys!  This is a very worthy cause, and in the spirit of Gianluca’s plea via twitter for people to donate, we stand behind The Guys in their effort to raise awareness.  If you would like to learn more about this devastating disease and donate in Il Volo’s name, you can go to http://www.alsa.org


~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ New Wave 2014, Abruzzo Press and Taormina Wrap Up…Just Because

Hey Everyone!

I think I’ve–dare I say it?–finally caught up with our busy globe trotters and can take a bit of a rest until they hit Mexico at the end of the week.  Perhaps a drink right in the middle of that group of guys in the picture Gianluca Instagramed a little while ago….no…?  OK…fine…. *pouting*   😉


Il Volo Performs At the New Wave Music Festival

Bing Images
Bing Images


After an emotional and amazing week in Taormina, The Guys headed to Riga,  the capital of Latvia, and Jurmala to participate in the New Wave Music Festival.  The festival is a six day event with two days dedicated to international competition, though Il Volo did not compete; they appeared as special guests, singing two crowd favorites.  To read more about the event, 


Click here —> http://www.hotelbaltpark.com/en/blog/new-wave-2014-in-jurmala#!  ,

here —>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riga to learn about Riga,

and enjoy the pictures and videos below. 


Il Mondo; New Wave 2014

O Sole Mio; New Wave 2014

By NovayaVolna

Click here for All About Il Volo’s New Wave Gallery —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-on-new-wave-2014-gallery/

“Grazie!” Grazie #newwave #newwave2014 #latvia #jurmala #riga #lettonia; Il Volo Facebook

They Talk Fashion

By All About Il Volo

 And they gave an interview to Mix TV, a Latvian music television station geared toward young people.

Mix TV Interview… *raised eyebrows*….

By Mix TV, проект портала Mixnews.lv

Yes, Gianluca; we love your looks from Brioni.  Ooh, la la!  Unfortunately, I’m not blonde.  Dang!


Press Conference in Pescara

Bing Images
Bing Images

From Latvia, they headed “home; sweet home,” or more correctly: Gianluca did.  Ignazio and Piero went with him to prepare for their press conference in Pescara to talk about their upcoming concert in Abruzzo in September.  In attendance were: Pescara’s mayor, Marco AlessandriniGiovanni Di Iacovo, Council Member of Culture, Massimo Fregnani, the Italian tour promoter  and, of course, their faithful manager, Michele Torpedine.

Click here — > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescara for information about Pescara.

Interview in Pescara; found by Athina Angelopoulos

Click here —>  http://www.rete8.it/it/component/allvideoshare/video/latest/spettacoli-il-volo-a-pescara-il-5-settembre.html for the video, and

here —> http://www.rete8.it/it/cultura-e-spettacolo/15797-il-volo-a-pescara-il-5-settembre.html for the written article (how are you all doing with your Italian?)

You can also see a video of some of the conference with a translation at All About Il Volo here —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-on-antenna-10-italy/


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Oh…one more: Gianluca Jokes About Ignazio’s Appetite

By All About Il Volo

 Good Luck, guys!  I know you’ll have as much success in Abruzzo as you did in Sicily!


Tormina Wrap Up

Bing Images
Bing Images



I’m guessing that everyone has seen about everything that there is to see about Taormina, but I found a few more things.   Enjoy!



Small mention of Il Volo with them holding their Tao Award during the presentation; Found by Anthina Angelopolous

By Sestarete

All About Il Volo Links:

Rai 1 Taormina Interviews —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-interview-rai1/

Estate en Diretta English Translation —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/07/il-volo-on-estate-in-diretta-translated-to-english/

Playlists from ilvolo_russia

Thank you, Maria!


Just Because

If you don’t know that The Guys believe in faith and family, you need to read this interview from Zenit.  If you already know, read it and fall in love with them more.   😉

Click here —> http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/il-volo-award-winning-trio-taking-world-by-storm-speaks-to-zenit-on-faith-family-franciscropped-a-mlla-linked-feb-5th.jpg


~~ Kelly