The Best Day of Your Lives

Remember when you
were approached to be part of a trio?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.o' sole mio

Remember when you
recorded the “‘O Sole Mio” video?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you

sang on American Idol?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
Recorded your first PBS Special?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

tumblr_Barb strisandRemember when you
toured with Barbra Strisand?
You thought those we the best days of your                lives.

Remember when you
dreamed of performing at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that would be the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
actually performed at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

We Remember too.
We’re here remembering and celebratingtumblr_RCMH
every accomplishment along with you.

Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca,
The Flight Crew Knows
your best day is yet to come!

Our best day was finding you.


Yeah, we're this handsome!
Yeah, we’re this handsome!

50 thoughts on “The Best Day of Your Lives”

  1. I love following your tour. Just remember to listen to your la madre. Love, Maureen your American lanonna

  2. Thank you for this poem! I pray they have many “best days ever” together in the years to come. I pray that everyday they get to sing together is a continual joy in their lives.
    Discovering Il Volo was one of my s’best evers’ too. I pray for the day I can see them perform live and maybe get to meet them too. That would be best ever for sure!

  3. Marie. Marie. Marie… how do you do it. Great poem. And so true. Finding them was the best day ever.

  4. Marie, you just tear me up ! Especially this one. When you look at the first picture it seems that it was ten years ago – they have matured so much in just the last year and half to get to the picture of RCMH & Streisand !! So many times I feel the same feeling I do with my own son when there is hard work and it is followed by success. I also feel that way when I see dangers like the voice stress in Mexico and Venezuela and the proper rest they got in Panama. whew!
    Great poetry, Marie – as usual. Love it.

  5. Welcome to those I have not seen before. Barb, Maureen and piratesorka!!! Please keep coming back, we look forward to all of your comments. Mary, glad to see you again, we miss your wise input!

  6. Marie: Another winner! Thank you. Coming on the heels of “Buon Natale” is maybe just too much for two days! Finding them certainly changed my life.

  7. Love this, Marie. I think these were their best days and there are more yet to come. Let’s enjoy the ride!!

  8. Thank you all very much.
    Normally I am motivated by love. This time it was love mixed with anger. I was mad at the YouTube award nominees. Justin Bieber, New Direction and PSY (of all people!) just to mention a few. My board buddies tried to calm me down. I know Our Boys are young. I know they have far to go. I know they’re not mainstream enough…yet. Still…….

  9. How much more mainstream do you really need to be when you have three year olds and eighty-three year olds sitting side by side singing your songs and screaming about how much they love you! I am with you Marie, the industry seems to be just glossing over Our Boys, but they are going to win it all in the end.

  10. Thank you Marie. I love it. They have blessed me with many days and years of comforting, beautiful music and cheer. They are a joy to the world.

  11. Beautiful poem…it made me cry. Finding Il Volo one of the best days of my life…seeing them in concert…on the best days of my life!!!

  12. They were not nominateed because the people who voted do not know what real singing is. I guess if it not offensives and spent shock it is not worthy of a nomination. All of us know who the real winners are and they don’t need a cheesy statue to prove it.

    1. Great prose,Marie. But even greater feeling. The best days of my life were the two Il Volo concerts I went too. And to share this with all of you is a highlight of my day, every evening before I go to bed.

  13. Marie, this is your best to date, I have to write it down and keep it in my il Volo memories.
    I got my Buon Natale today, and when I put it on, I could not believe my ears: it is their most beautiful recording to date.truely beautiful, I will be playing it way past Christmas.I had ordered 3, but after hearing it, I ordered 5 more, and I am not giving them for Christmas, because Christmas is too far away and they will not have much time to play it, I am giving Thanksgiving presents this year so they can listen to that beautiful music for at least a month. I am even giving one to my Priest, and my musical director who I gave a Cd too already. I can’t stop sharing Il Volo, just have to share them even with strangers.
    Marie as to those you tube awards. Il Volo’s fans are the proof, they don’t need the mainstream media. if you don’t behave vulgar and make scandal, they don’t take you on because you don’t make money for them. that’s the name of the game “MONEY” look at all the scandal magazines at the checkout counter in your supermarket. all lies, ruining people’s characters with one stroke of the pen. they will pay for it one day. I don’t want our boys there AT ALL. they will get their awards from more prestigious organizations in the world who appreciate true worth as they fans know

  14. Wonderful poem, Marie! Isn’t this life? How can it get any better? And then it does! Again and again.

    As for mainstream, isn’t mainstream a little bit like mediocre? Our guys are not mainstream; they soar far above and raise us with them! Their recognition?
    … standing ovations, applause, laughter, mouths dropped open in awe
    … being invited to represent Italy in the We Are the World 25 for Haiti
    … recording three tremendous PBS Specials (even one would be impressive!)
    … being invited to tour with Barbra Streisand
    … performing at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize concert (with the entire planet to choose from and only 11 performers, our teenage boys were chosen!!)
    … performing a tribute to José José at the the 2013 Latin Billboards Awards (and being voted the best performers far and above second place)
    … performing at the The 2013 Inaugural Unicef Audrey Hepburn Society Ball to a standing ovation
    … “sold out, sold out, sold out” at Radio City Music Hall!
    … uplifting and transforming their fans lives, filling them with more joy, Love, hope, and De-Light

    Now THAT is a CLASSY list of awards! Because Our Guys are classy at the same time that they are simple and authentic and fun and utterly amazing.

    Another ahhh…
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Oh Jeanine, your list is so perfect. It made me tear up. Our boys are fantastic–I don’t care if the “mainstream” anything doesn’t pay attention to them! In fact, I was so worried when they bought that condo in LA–so worried that Hollywood would get to them. They are perfect the way they are, with pure hearts, and noble ideals, and a love of music that they want to share with the world. Who needs Grammies, shmammies or anything else??

      1. Thanks, Penina, Victoria, Teresa and all!

        I think I should add singing on American Idol to an astounded, ecstatic audience. As Piero said, 30 million people watched it. Oh my God!

        And the day will come when the rest of the world gets wise to our amazing IL VOLO, and IL VOLO will get Grammies shammies and more, enough to fill a corner of their room. (; >)

        Meanwhile, maybe this is God’s way of helping them with their goal to always stay humble and study study study. I know Humberto Gatica is really good for them. He reminds them of the motto he lives by: “You’re only as good as your last project.” And their last project… “Buon Natale” deserves fireworks and champagne toasts!

        Toasting Our Boys (with my glacier water from Mount Rainier : ),
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Thank you all! There are no further words I can write, you have said it all. Now we keep watch and continue to take care of and love our ‘boys’ while they continiue to conquer their world. I know, I must stop using ‘boys’ and recognize they are more than boys. I’ll try. But not just yet 🙂 Angels to guard and guide…namaste 🙂

  16. I agree with the comments posted here, yes , Jeanie what a long list you made of how these young men are recognized by the people who matter. [and they’ve only been together a few years]
    Marie, thanks for this poem , another beautiful one.
    Deanne, thanks for the Thanksgiving idea. I ordered 11 CDs plus 6 more. I already gave one away, I’m so excited to share them after listening to my copy. A coworker who is not on my CD list saw the CD I gave to another coworker and asked for his own CD. I may end up ordering some more. Well, they’re worth it, I love sharing their music

  17. Marie another great poem. LiJoy says they will “win it all at the end”, never read a more true statement. Jeanine, loved your retrospective of their career thus far. The “you tube” awards are so inconsequential, just a blip on anyone’s radar. Their tour is a resounding success. Selling out Radio City, what a feat of accomplishment! I’d have to say the highlights for me in 2013 as far as being a fan was coming to the Flight Crew board and reading about Marie, Mary, etals, encounter with the guys in the back of the Fox theater and the cab ride. That was only second best to seeing them sing live in person, how thrilling.

  18. Thanks Chris. My highlights are the same as yours! I have to add that I’m right now drinking tea out of a mug that has beautiful Il Volo faces all around. Life is good!

  19. Thanks. Jeanie for your list of the boys accomplishs. Lets see radio city sold out vs. You. Tube awards. Um what is more prestigious. .. gee. I don’t know.

  20. What a wonderful poem, Marie. It touches me so much because that was exactly my feeling after the Buon Natale concert in Miami. I texted that line “the best day of my life” to my husband. And I have never expected that there are more best days to follow soon…meeting the Crew and Board sisters, having this blog, and attending two We Are Love concerts. I am blessed to have it all. Thanks guys, love you all so much!!

  21. Penina and Elaine, you are so right. We love our boys the way they are. They are true artists and the people who don’t appreciate them do not know really special singers who are so passionate about what they do for us. They are aways at their best. I have never heard one song they sing that isn’t beautiful music.

  22. Hit the nail on the head Jeanine!”Our guys are not mainstream, they soar far above and raise us up with them” wonderful statement and true . true, true. I think I will put your statement on Mundial. they are such high quality gems that their purifying is a higher degree than others. when God thinks they are ready, they will have all the grammy’s and mammies and pappies that they could ever wish for.
    and Victoria, Lord alone knows how many more CD’s I will end up ordering. three are gone already,five more left

  23. Thanks, Deanne!
    I’m not on Facebook, so if you put my full signature, if anyone wants to follow up with me for any reason, they will be able to find me. (I’m really getting curious about my idea for IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love!)

    It’s so amazing how the loving energy seems to build more every day, week, month! Reminds me of Radio City Music Hall weekend!

    Love and Gratitude for The Flight!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Amen, Amen, and Amen to everything that has been said above. I am just now getting caught up with all my readings fro the Flight Crew after being Il Volo deprived for several days. It makes my heart swell with pride and love to read such glowing reports about my favorite people, namely Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. And, yes, I am playing “Buon Natale” over and over now that my guests are gone and y neighbors be – er – darned!

  25. I have to make one comment. after seeing the latest pictures of Ignazio, (not forgetting the ones before), I am convinced that he is going to kill somebody before he reaches 20! He is the perfect man, he has everything and is getting better every day( don’t know how he can get better). God wanted to show His masterpiece, so He created Ignazio

    1. What a thing to say! I certainly hope he doesn’t kill anyone!!! Yes Ignazio is fantastic – and we can all enjoy him, his music and his funny side. But…please!

  26. All 3 guys looked particularly happy and peaceful in the photos I saw today (on Mundial) from Guatemala Paseo Cayalá. Just stunningly joyous with soooo much light coming through their eyes and smiles. They always look wonderful, and today they looked especially peacefully happy.

    Myron, did you have anyone there at the concert?

    Brings me so much joy! There it is again… the Synergy of Love!
    (I woke up thinking of it and seeing elements of my project unfolding.)
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  27. Marie,
    how did you know the guys were going to come out with their wonderful song
    The Best Day of My Life]

    Or did this post inspire their song?!
    Marie! Maybe you’ve got more sway than you knew! 😉

    Love ya, and good job! I LOVE their song!
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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