A Letter From Jane

From time to time I get lovely personal emails from some of you. They play to my heart. I am honored and grateful to receive them. This one is so poignant that I needed to share it with all of you. With Jane’s (maryjane) permission, of course.

Jane and Mary B.
Jane and Mary B.

Dear Marie,
In between reading all of the wonderful posts on the Flight Crew site I have found myself returning repeatedly to a certain youtube video, Assisi Natale 2013 (Adolphe Adam).
There is a moment during O HOLY NIGHT that simply took my breath away.

To see them perform in such a gorgeous church setting was something I had always dreamed of seeing. The part of the video that captured me was when Piero sang his solo, “Noel” during O HOLY NIGHT. You will see Gianluca and Ignazio on either side of him simultaneously close their eyes as he hits his high note. They appear to be momentarily in a spiritual space. The reverence and holiness of this reflected on each face. We know they convey their emotions superbly in all of their music. We have put them on the highest pedestal as they certainly deserve to be. I truly think we are watching special grace being sent to us through them as they sing as is reflected during this brief moment. They have filled us with their love and brought us together as a group for the sake of loving their music. When you meet them you see they are not your typical teenagers. They are young men filled with a desire to bring their music to the world. They work hard and are totally devoted to their passion. They have a message to deliver and they convey this message of love through music. Many of us have felt drawn to them from the very beginning. Several people in this site have said how their music has helped them heal through different challenges in life. I feel blessed to have them in our world. They have made the world a better place for many.

This moment Jane?
This moment Jane?

Have you seen this video and did you notice this moment? There is just something about it that keeps me going back and watching it over and over. I sat down tonight and wrote out my feelings as to what this meant to me. I don’t want to sound over board here. Just my thoughts I thought I’d share with you.

Il VOLO friend,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CO3ZSEtxAI   ←The  video

Dear Jane,

Thank you for allowing me to share this letter. Most of all, thank you for thinking of sending it to me when you wrote it. This letter is special and so are you.

But what are you thinking? Of course I’ve seen that moment! It’s me, Jane! I see all their moments and that one is a killer! Now, thanks to you, others will see it too.

With Il Volo Love,

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  1. Oh Marie, you are just a hoot!  Of course you have seen that moment…silly me…what was I thinking?? 🙂  I love it!

    Thank you for sharing this on the site.  Seeing what Prese and Allene just wrote prior to this about their losses and how IL VOLO has helped them move on…it is just simply beautiful what these three young men give to us, just by being themselves.!  I am more and more amazed as time goes on.  They are a treasure to all of us!  We are so lucky to have them in our world!!!

    Thank you again!


  2. The reason I posted your piece tonight is because of Prese and Allene’s comments. It just belonged here. I knew you would notice.

    Our Boys are an amazing treasure!

  3. It was a beautiful moment in a song that has never been done as well!! I wore out my “Buon Natale” CD listening for that moment!

    Thanks Jane and Marie for showing that perfect time in that concert.

  4. Jane, I thought I was the only one still watching the Assisi concert. I just can’t get enough of Our Guys singing in that beautiful place. And of course Piero makes my heart almost burst out of my chest,

    What a beautiful, beautiful letter you wrote. It covers all the same feelings that I have for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. Thank you, Jane, for writing such a touching letter. Oh how we love thee three young men!!

  5. Hi Jane, you couldn’t have said it better. I also feel the same way. That moment when Piero hit that note my heart goes right through my throat and I just bawl because it is so beautiful. I find myself continuously watching that video.

  6. “O Holy Night” has always been my favorite Christmas song. Pavarotti’s version did pretty good at making me weep, too. Il Volo’s version has even more of an impact on me. The power of their voices together on this song is beyond wondrous. When Piero’s voice hits that high note, it’s almost as if one is literally being transported to the heavens above. Simply outstanding. The healing power of music, indeed. Thanks for your story, Jane!

  7. I love this website. Pure love and being grateful for these lovely boys in our lifetime. Beautiful ladies intelligent funny full of heart. I’m one of you! I’m going to Italy in Sept. The boys will probably be here and I will still try to go to a concert. One comment though, I don’t like the gray column on the left side. Can it all be white? Love you, Gerri

  8. Jane, Your letter prompted me to watch that beautiful video again,for probably the ump teenth time. This time though, I saw things that I really didn’t “see” before. Thank you for causing me to want to relive that moment, and seeing Ignazio bow his head, close his eyes, as if saying a prayer that all would go well for his brother, and then that beautiful smile. Piero seemed relaxed, and confident, and calm; somewhat more so than at other times before preparing for that note. Did you notice? Then there was Gianluca; also with his head bowed for a second, then turning towards Piero, raising his head,and with eyes closed he began to get lost in the moment, moving his head back and forth at the utter beauty of that moment. When Piero began to come off of that sustained high note, Gainluca smiled with pride, not once, but once again towards someone in the audience. Maybe at Piero’s mom, I think she was sitting fairly close. Now that I have seen these special little gestures of love for each other, and how dedicated they are to their calling, I have even more love and pride, and respect for these beautiful young men, that we ALL love. Thank you Lord for loving us this much too!

  9. My heart burst with love when I first heard Ignazio start singing that melody before Christmas & as Gianluca & Piero added their voices to the song I have never heard a Christmas song sung so beautifully. Then when they sang it in the church I knew they were in the right place & I was witnessing Angels.
    Thank you Jane for your letter to me watching & listening to whatever they sing or do is a special grace that I feel privileged to see.

  10. Lovely, lovely thoughts and words expressed by everyone.
    Thank you so much, my dear Il Volo friends, for making me feel a part of such a very special , loving, harmonious group.

  11. What really gets me about “The Moment” is how many times They have stood side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, and heard Piero sing that note in the months prior to this event, and STILL the reverence displayed by Gianluca and Ignazio is awesome.

    I plan to keep this “moment” handy. When I start to worry that They may become a normal bad boy band, I will pull out that picture and remember exactly who they are. There is no comparison!

  12. Good morning ladies. It’s 4 am and as my usual routine, go to this site right away. This video of our boys is very special to me as well. When they sing O HOLY NIGHT, I hang on to every note. Their facial expressions are so wonderful. When Piero hits that high note, I hold my breath and pray that all goes well for him. There is also a part in that song during their PBS Christmas special, where Ignazio hits high notes singing “noel”. I love these boys and I always hope and pray that they stay together for a very long time for the sake of all who love great music and for those of us who have fallen deeply in LOVE with them as caring human beings. They reign supreme above all other boy bands out there or any other group.I pray they WIN the WORLD BEST anything. I hope to see another concert of theirs and to meet them once again. A day I will never forget and hold very dear to my heart. My family tease me all the time about IL VOLO and I tell them that they are my boyfriends. My grand daughters especially. I have 6, one grandson and 1 great grandson and one more due in June. Everyone, have a lovely day. This is how my day starts, listening to IL VOLO music to get me started. I hope they read these comments and know that they are so loved by so many. UTUBE is next then Twitter then Tumbler. I’m obsessed. YOU THINK?

  13. This is my favorite video to watch as well and I have viewed it many times. I love all the moments you have described and also the second bit of Ave Maria, when they all join in after Gianluca’s first lines. It’s very exciting because my tour of Italy starts in 3 weeks! I’m busy trying to learn some Italian (yes, I know I’ve left it a little late) Another video I was watching is the Rai TV interview with Massimo Giletti. If you go to the facebook page of All Things Il Volo and scroll down you will see a link to the interview. If you click on Comment under the link you will find a complete translation by Madeline Bugeja. Thanks to her, I was able to watch the interview again and make sense of what they were saying, and when. The comments from their friends are very funny! Have a great day, everyone!

    1. I have a feeling my timing is wrong and they will be in LA or perhaps New York -they have to do some recording sometime. If they are in Italy I’ll do my best!

  14. Hey ! Everyone. If the boys do go to Miami for the Billboard awards, we must have a support group that shows up there to let them know we are pulling for them. I am trying to make the time available but Barbara said two days ago that they were still not sure if they were going yet. If they do then we must too. IL VOLO FANS TO THE FRONT !

    1. Hi Myron—I will be there in Miami to support them if they they are there. !!! I REALLY want to meet Our Boys before they depart for Europe !!! I wonder if Barbara could set that up ? Would be my dream come true !!!!

  15. Jenny I thought I sent this earlier but I don’t see it.

    I am glad you are going to Italy for holiday & I hope you have a fantastic time. Just maybe you will bump into them before they take off for the States. Take lots of pictures, looking forward to seeing them when you come back

    1. Thanks, Loretta. Lots, and lots of pictures. I’m excited that one of the places we visit is the basilica in Assisi. It looks so beautiful in the video.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. “O Holy Night” is probably my favorite track from the album and I always have to smile in amazement to hear Piero hit that note. Strong, yet sweet at the same time. Bellisimo!

  17. Wow Jenny, I’ll bet the Baslliica is magnificent. I would like to go to each of the cities that the boys live to tour around there & see the beauty of each of one. I’ll be thinking of you. Hope your there for at least a month to see everything you want to see.

  18. There is no comparison to il volo and other boy bands our boys have class.that along with their good looks ,kind hearts and unbelievable voices make them the total package! They are just a blessing!

  19. Dear Jane, I really have to tell you how touched I was by your letter. no, I did not notice that moment, so I have gone back to look at that video.
    I, like all of you, analize every word, every movement, of these boys. every gesture means something to us. what a spell they have over us!!
    My constant prayer is that they keep their values and let it rub off on others. I really believe that they were sent by God to change hearts. they have been given a huge responsibility and they have taken up the challenge. It is a very hard and difficult journey though and we need to constantly keep them in our prayers.
    It’s amazing how all of this has come about only because of 3 kids called Il Volo. God bless Il Volo andGod bless you Jane

    1. Deanne, I am so glad you were able to go back and notice this moment. I share the same prayer as you …we love them so dearly.
      Thank you!

  20. Loretta I also add one little addition to my prayer:”Lord give them enough success that is best for them , that they never get spoilt by it and that they never forget where their gift came from

  21. I love each and every reply that this little letter generated. The love connection we all feel and talk about here comes directly from and through Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. A heart felt thank you to our dear boys.

  22. There’s no doubt that we all feel the same way about our boys! In another interview recently, Gianluca was asked about the very unusual fan base that they have. He responded with a smile saying, we enjoy goiing to Latin America because the people are so warm, and there are always screaming girls waiting for us when we arrive. Makes us feel kinda like rock stars. (laughing). In America, our audiences are very different, mostly adults but some teenagers, and young children. We even have many Grandma fans supporting us. Made me wonder; if he were asked to explain the reason why that is, what would he say? What would we say? What reasons would we give for our admiration for three young Italian boys, opposed to young singers we know from here in USA. I don’t know if I could put it into words myself. How about you?
    All i do know, is that they are a blessing that always fills my heart with joy.

    1. I would say that yes, I’m a fan of Il Volo instead of any other teen singers or boy bands that other girls my age listen to. Il Volo is something unique, and special. You can ask any teen or young adult to sing about a crush they have or a breakup they went through, but how many of those could make you smile and laugh with joy (O Sole Mio), or make your heart break with sorrow (El Triste). That’s what Our Guys do. The sing about love and joy, sadness and pain, and when they do, you can hear those emotions in their heavenly voices. You FEEL what they are singing about because they put not just their hearts into their music, but their souls. THAT is what makes all the difference in the world. THAT is what draws us to them. They can take us from our own, ordinary day, and transport us to a place where love and beauty and joy are all found together in the sound of their voices.

      1. Oh, Miss Isabel, what a perfect answer! You are so young to have been able to express all our feelings so well. You, are also “unique and special”.

    2. Good question, Kitty. I would say they touch our hearts and souls in a way the others don’t. Their sincerity shines through as they sing the lyrics, and we feel the truth of their emotions.

  23. Kitty it is hard to understand Il Volo’s powerful impact on us, and they may not understand it themselves, but Isabel I think you answered that question so beautifully.
    Everyday I am in awe of these three unique young men who embrace a cross generational audience ages 5-95 and treat everyone with love, kindness and respect regardless of their age. To my knowledge NO other group or singer, of there age group, have EVER been able to bring such love and emotion to every age group and the world.
    May Our Boys live and be well on this miraculous journey they are on and continue to make our hearts forever swell with pride and love.

  24. Isabel you have explained very thoroughly & wisely how we feel about Il volo. I know I almost fell off my chair when my son said watch this I saw how Ignazio resembled my grandson at the time (he doesn’t now because Ignazio lost weight). I couldn’t get enough of their singng & when I bought their first CD & listened to Il Mondo & found myself standing crying I wondered what is the matter with me. I soon realized that God placed these young men here for us because they are what the world needs right now & I am glad I am here to be part of their world & enjoy their music & see those glorious faces.
    Isabel how you explained how we are feeling is much better than mine & your right they do transport us to another & more wonderful place of peace, serenity & most of all love.
    I am glad you are giving us your thoughts because you are a very wise young lady

  25. Thank you ladies for responding to my somewhat random questions that tend to surface every time I watch them in an interview, whether I can understand what is being said or not.One that I especially like is the Porta Porta guest appearance honoring them. If you haven’t seen it, it is very long, divided into11 or 12 segments. The whole show is all IL VOLO. Wonderful close ups, whether they are singing or responding, or listening to comments from others regarding their amazing success. (YOU TUBE)

    For me, my mind & my heart tells me that there are just too many incredible , and unlikely factions regarding the coming together of these three, to be any less than God”s handiwork. Happenstance could never have occured here. The boys, themselves, always say that their voices are a gift from God, and when they sing, they are singing for us, not to us. Humberto Gatica himself has said, the boys are just typical teenagers, until they begin singing, then they are in a different dimention!

    They take us with them to that same dimention, where they are able to touch our hearts, and impart joy where there may be sadness. (Just my feeling.)

  26. I don’t think there are enough words in the world to exactly describe what Our Guys make us feel, but I think everyone here has come pretty darn close!

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