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  1. Leaving Miami now…safe travels guys…you will “float” over the pond tonight…sweet dreams of your beautiful award! Can’t wait to see you in June!!!

  2. Stay tuned on TLUC tomorrow evening, last episode of the season 2014,……perhaps perhaps…u may be having a surprise

    1. Italian Tv show Ti lascio una canzone = I leave you a song, where they participate in 2009, and the rest you know…

  3. Yes, Last night was a night I will never forget. I screamed and bawled my head off, it was just surreal. I keep living the moment over and over again all day and night.
    I did not realize that they were going back to Italy at this time, I thought they were going to be staying in Miami and then going to LA and from there to start their US concert. I know there is big celebration in Rome this weekend(some of my family are there) and maybe they wanted to be part of this celebration. this only happens once in a lifetime.
    I also thought that they were going to present Bocelli with His Trophy. I thought I missed it because Telemundo carried the awards on my TV from 7pm to 11pm and then abruptly cut it off, so I was so annoyed.
    also, I have seen the interview they did on the Red Carpet (this one was without Laura) and they were so wonderful, the girl and man interviewer fell in love with them. they even made them sing a capella, I want to save it, but I can’t get it on YouTube, so I am hoping it will eventually come out there.
    Like we all know: They Are The Greatest Thing To hit this earth since creation. the World is finally waking up like Myron said.
    It’s easy for us to admire them, but it must be scary for them sometimes, so much expectancy has been put on their young shoulders, so we have to continue to pray for them. PS: I wonder if they will have a big welcome waiting for them at the airport in Rome?? reporters etc,etc. and their hometowns??

    1. To me, last night was the best night ever for an IL VOLO fan. They looked so handsome in their designer suits at the Billboard awards and when they won, there was so much joy on their faces and in the hearts of all their fans. I loved Gianluca saying “Ciao Italia” during the acceptance speech which shows he never forgets his roots. I think there must be a new CD coming soon from all the hints they are giving about it. The We Are Love CD set the bar for excellence and we will see if the next one can exceed it! I’m betting it will. Everything they do or sing is just perfect. I just hope there is at least 1 or 2 old fashioned “Italian” songs on it! June is just around the corner and they will be here for a whole month thrilling us all over again. I didn’t realize they were returning home to Italy tonight as someone had written above, if that is true, may they arrive home safe and sound and I can just imagine when they do get home they will put their award in a special place of honor. They better make room for all the awards that are yet to come! We fans are so happy for them!

  4. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I’ve read and reread all of your comments, looked at all the pictures, and watched all the videos I could find and I’m again teary eyed with a runny nose and I’m out of tissues; thats the unfortunate part. There is nothing but perfection about our guys; from their looks, to their voices, their elegant appearance when called for, (and they know when that is), their passion, compassion, and everything it takes to create and enjoy the sucess and respect that they certainly are due. I can’t help but refer to a quote by Eleanor Powell, ” What we are is God’s gift to us, What we become is our gift to God”.

    Within all the emotional moments from last night, the one that makes me cry the most is when our usually quiet, and somewhat guarded Gianluca literally jumped out of that chair and bounded up onto the stage with the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen. I don’t think his feet ever touched the floor all the way up, and he breathlessly tried to convey his thanks. Total, unrestrained joy. Beautiful to watch, and absolutely touched my heart.

    What a gift they are in every way, and I’m sure God is smiling down on them. He has every reason to be. All our love guys!! See you in June.


  5. I’m curious about that, too, Jeannette. BTW, I left you a note above, under the interview Marie embedded (about 5 comments up).

    And Laura Lee, go to YouTube and search for
    Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009
    You’ll see many astounding clips of Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, who didn’t yet have the name IL VOLO and were actually in competition, though they sang O Sole Mio and Funiculi Funicula together.
    You’ll see that Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, and Charice dominated this Italian TV show contest in 2009.
    Gianluca won, and the clip of Andrea Bocelli speaking to Gian via tele-screen is so touching!

    Marie probably would never forgive me if I didn’t also refer you to check YouTube for:
    Ignazio Boschetto (Il Volo) **Il mare calmo della sera 2008
    He was just a baby, and what a prodigious, passionate, glorious voice!!
    Marie, ya got me hooked! I keep listening to this masterpiece!

    mlla, you have me soooo curious about TLUC 2014. Do you know if it will be on RAI or Telemundo or how those of us in the States can see it??

    Kitty, thank you for your precious sentiments!

    What a weekend this is for soaring, floating, levitating!! ; -)
    IL VOLO, you ROCK!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Answering my own question…
      I see that IL VOLO will be on RAI 1 (Italian public television) on April 26th at 9pm Italian time (noon PDT ?) for Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2014.

      I’ll be at the beach with friends, so really hoping RAI 1 does a replay, as they did with the amazing Assisi concert!
      cerca (search) Ti Lascio Una Canzone

      Thanks so very much, mlla!

      Guys, I’ll bet this will be an incredibly nostalgic and joyous occasion for you! Wow!!!
      And certainly for us!

      Thanks for “leaving us with” sooooo many delicious songs!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. JDB,
      TLUC will be broadcasted live on Rai 1, national TV, it is he last episode of thi 7th season. It will reunite all the songs (and related singers) that won each of the 7. The winner song therefore will be voted.

      For Laura bit of history:

      Ti Lascio Una Canzone I LEAVE YOU A SONG.
      This title is taken from the title of a song composed by famous composer/singer GINO PAOLI (he composed words and music of some really beautiful songs) and says, roughly translated :

      “The time for singing together is over
      we close here our shared page
      The world has stopped, I get off here now
      but you carry on as don’t leave you alone

      I leave you a song
      to cover yourself if you are cold
      I leave you a song to eat if you are hungry
      I leave you a song to drink if you are thirsty
      I leave you a song to sing
      a song you can sing to whom
      you will love after me

      I leave you a song to wear over your heart
      I leave you a song to dream when you are sleepy
      I leave you a song to keep you company
      I leave you a song to sing
      a song you can sing to whom
      you will love after me
      to whom you could not love without me.

      1. Loretta et All, some rumors running about them being invited and would make sense, but I have not yet seen an official confirmation about their live attendance or if old clips will be used, Furuthermore considering they only arrived today, time (short) will tell.
        glad u enjoyed the info abt the TLUC story.

    1. Yes Mlla I’m getting RAI at 7.45 this evening, I phone my Bell service & asked for it. There is also a Sabata
      program on at 2 pm so don’t know if it is the same as what LeeLee saw but will see. Have a great & exciting day. I am still excited from yesterday for the sweethearts. I hope they are having a wonderful time at home with their families & celebrating

    2. Mila,
      Thank you so much for this info and the video. After I saw the boys on PBS in 2012 I looked up TLUC on Wikipedia and read about this show. What I did not know is that this title is from a song, beautiful lyrics, thanks for the translation. Maybe the boys should record this song , this is their origin as a trio after all.
      I’m sure Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis would make a beautiful arrangement of this song.

      So happy that our guys won, yes, I could hardly get over Gianluca’s ” jump for joy” reaction. Piero and Ignazio looked calm at that moment but the pictures they posted on mundial facebook yesterday said it all, grins from ear to ear.

      Ignazio mentioned a new CD in the making, looking forward to this. I hope this new CD will make the Grammy people take notice of these very talented guys.

      My disappointment with the billboards show was that our guys did not perform. I kept waiting for them to sing Mas Que Amor or one of their other Spanish songs followed with a big standing o like last year.

      Congratulations Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !
      See you in June, it’s almost here.!

  6. I just checked All things Il Volo and Marianaa Rallo just posted a video of the guys singing Il Mondo minutes ago. Antonella wiped tears from her eyes while the guys are singing. I felt teary eyed myself.
    Somebody also posted that April 25 was the anniversary of the guys singing O Sole Mio for the first time in TLUC .Listened to this one too, more chill moments. No harmonies for this arrangement but the singing was great. They’ve come a long way and I’m very grateful
    for them and their music.

    1. Sorry Gals I was out this evening so I missed the TLUC and yr earlier notes. I now learn they did participate in the show.

      Loretta sorry I do not know about Billboards retransmission, we do not see it here on TV, only in streaming via pc. Perhaps you could go to the Billboard web site and see if any info there.

    1. Just watched it…I share Antonella’s emotions…tearful and joyful!!! Love you guys, what triumphant returns!

      Thanks Mlla.

  7. Beautifull written KittyKam. Yes, Gianluca still has me laughing the way he took off from the ground. I am still emotional every time I relive it.
    Do any of you have a Twitter account? I do not, but I kept wishing I did last night so I could have put in my vote for them. I can see all the post on their Twitter accounts, but I cannot post myself.I wondered if it was worth it to join to be able to vote on things like this. would love to hear some of your thoughts.
    I see that they made it on Ti Lazio una Canzone. it was wonderful, and Antonella had me crying too, it was such a touching moment for them all. all that has happened to them is so mind boggling, from the globe trotting back to back concerts , their living half their lives in the air, their home sickness to their moments of extacy with Barbra Streisand and Placido Domingo, it’s like you get caught up in this dream with them and every day you wake up to continue the dream.I think we are all on cloud nine right there with them. and yet they have remained so humble, so grateful. they set a high standard , a standard I hope others will follow in the industry.
    I don’t know if any of you noticed what Ignazio said in one of their after award backstage interviews. they were asked what’s next for them, and Ignazio mentioned the june tour in US and he said something about seeing South America in September. that caught my attention, because I thought they might have been going to Australia later on. however, South America has been the backbone of their support and just as a thank you to them maybe they are planning that. we will see?
    with Il Volo we will have excitement for the rest of our lives, and when I die, their CD will be singing at my funeral, I have already put that in my will, so they will be with me right up to Heaven, and then I will be in bliss just listening to their voices for ever and ever.

    1. Sweet, Deanne!

      Makes me glad I haven’t finished re-writing my will. Totally… I IL VOLO music at my memorial (many decades from now 😉

      ~ Jeanine D.

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