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They’re back, back right here in Miami, so exciting. I was excited enough to press my blue suit and go to the hair salon for a little touch up.  It’s been a while since Il Volo has been on the move and we missed them! Since arriving in Miami on Sunday, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have been on a whirlwind of interviews, including radio chats, Facebook chats, and TV appearances. They even had time for a little soccer on one show. You can tell they love to play the game! They appeared Tuesday night for a taping of Sabato Gigante to be aired toward the end of May. Leelee attended the taping and said they were amazing (of course), she’s going to give us a look at her evening in a post in the very near future!!        billboard1

Tonight they will be presenters at The Latin Billboards. Andrea Bocelli is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award and Il Volo will be part of the presentation!! Now, that’s going to be an emotional moment!! Remember Bocelli’s advice to Gianluca after he won Ti Lascio Una Canzone? The show will televised @ 7 Pm tonight, Eastern, on the Telemundo channel. There will be a red carpet portion too, hopefully we’ll get to see them there too!  So…..tune in!!



Gianluca tweeted 2 days ago” #miami #hot #smile #billboards2014 #excited”. The next day, “Today in #miami telemundo”. He also tweeted a nice photo!


Piero tweeted “every moment of your day is a surprise especially when you meet people like @BeatleFloyd, proud to have a fan like you, thank you” Today “LatinBiillboards is getting closer”


Ignazio tweeted “today at billboards” Last night “buonanotte”


I think it’s fair to say Il Volo loves Miami and as Leelee said “Of course they do, Miami loves them”!!

The specifics of their full tour are not available yet, we will post a s soon as we have the information! To all of you who have your tickets to the concerts in June, i’m sure it can’t come soon enough!! It’s going to be especially wonderful for those of you Flight Crew members that will be meeting each other for the first time!!


I Know Il Volo will shine tonight and make us proud of them, they always do! Love and luck tonight, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!  Fingers crossed for an Award!


Linda                     latin


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  1. This link is for Marie, I want to see if I hit enter and post here if it does not underline the whole link because then the “underscore” key you need between the R and the y becomes obscured. This is a link that Marie needs. Put it in google search and it brings up a 19 1/2 min. video of IL VOLO on the spanish TV show Un Neuvo Dia from yesterday, if it underlines it when I hit enter, then it was beyond my control!

    1. The link works! I had only been able to find a very short clip when I looked earlier so I’ll have to watch this one all the way through later.

  2. I am SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for tonight. I don’t think we get Telemundo, but I am wishing Il Volo all the luck in the world tonight for the hope of and award of two, for their performance, and for their presentation! So glad the live chat went well and absolutely loving all of the pictures that are coming in, especially Piero’s! I wonder why that is…………………………?

    1. Not what you’re thinking, mlla. Loretta, go to teamilvolo blogspot. It’s translated there. I love how spontaneous Ignazio is, and then how he changed his answer. Had to laugh.

      It’s after 6pm here in Portland, Oregon area and no Billboards yet, so I guess ours starts 7pm our time. Can’t wait!

      Celebration time (always!)
      ~ Jeanine D.

  3. I can get Telemundo out here in Oregon, but I will have to record it since this evening I’ll be teaching. Sooo, I think its going to be a late night for me, all the same, just to see IL VOLO is enough to wake me up!

  4. Eureka – I think I found Telemundo – Ch 24 in Athens, Ga The Guide shows: “Premios Billboard …musica latina 8-11 pm.” I set a Reminder – time will tell if I really found it. thanks for all the info – I channeled Colombo and scratched my head – tonight at 8 – it’s Il Volo

    1. May be u referring to the interview where he is asked by the interviewer abt his body change and reporting a joke he explains that wanting to slim down he asked if he should have had a gymnasium at home to exercise and he was replied no and that may be he needed to get rid of the kitchen instead…

  5. 1375Marie, you found it!! That’s exactly what it says on my Telemundo channel. Only thing is I’m going to my neighbor’s house to watch it. After all, she’s Spanish and she can help me translate. Uh oh, getting ready to start. On my way!

    Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, we want to see you leave with those trophies in your hands tonight! Good luck!

    1. I shall be with you in spirit. I will be curious since I am studying Italian – not Spanish. Curious Gemini! I just saw them on the red carpet upon their arrival. Excited for them.

  6. It’s a few minutes after 8 pm – Il Volo won during the first quarter of the program. Ciao Il Volo Flight Crew – you helped to make it happen – how excited are we??

    1. We’ve known it for a long time. Now the rest of the world is taking notice! I’m so excited and proud at the same time!

  7. Oh my Gosh, I am so excited I don’t think I will sleep tonight! and they still have one more award that they are up for. also, did you all see in the beginning that they won the popularity award, Il Pulso. I just knew that tonight was going to be their winning night. I prayed enough for that , I have a lot of thanks to give now. God’s mother answered my prayers. thank you Our Lady.
    Ladies, sorry, but I just want to screem and screem and screem, this is such a magnificent night I can hardly control myself

  8. GGGRRREEEAAAT THEY DID IT. I also prayed for them to win & my prayers are answered. Now for just one more win.



    I couldn’t get the program here but was looking at Mundial pictures & saw how stunning they look in their black suits but now that I have heard how they won I won’t sleep for a while.

  9. Just watched them on Mundial FB as they were announced the winners…simply beautiful watching Gianluca JUMPING UP AND DOWN THE AISLE, Piero right behind him and Ignazio stops for a hug from who ever he was sitting next to! PURE JOY!!!!! SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS PIERO, IGNAZIO, AND GIANLUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE NO WORDS I CAN POSSIBLY SAY!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT A TRILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  11. You tube has video of Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin singing their songs at the show right now! Wow! What a PARTY that place is tonight!!! Love to see them dance!!!

  12. My Charter Guide shows a rerun on Sunday – I missed the popularity part so will see it on Sunday – thanks for the info. I love Telemundo – I didnt even know where to find it until yesterday.

  13. What a night, what a night for our boys. I am but one of MILLIONS who prayed for them to WIN. They were so happy when their name was announced. GIAN was so cute jumping up and down. I did not get to see the second nomination. I just stepped out for a while but I guess I missed it. Who won that category? For a long time during the show, the guys were #1 position in the PULSO award. Then almost at the end, I saw it changed to Chayann and IL VOLO was #2. Who actually won it? Anyway, we are all so PROUD AND HAPPY FOR OUR GUYS. NO ONE DESERVE WINNING more than them. They are the BEST IN THE WORLD. CONGRATULATIONS once again to IL VOLO. YOU DID IT. WE WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING AND APPLAUDING YOUR UPWARD FLIGHT. OUR HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH PRIDE.

    1. Il Volo ended up winning the Pulso award… Chayanne was only #1 for a few minutes and the Il Volo Lovers took care of business…

      Our boys won
      Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group
      Il Volo

      I think this is the second award they were up for I am not positive so don’t get upset if I am wrong… The winners were….

      Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group
      La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho

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