Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ Into the Finals! … San Remo 2015


Guess who’s in the finals!!!!!!!


If the title didn’t give it away, I’m sure my big smile did!  Il Volo is in the finals!  Did you ever doubt?

Keep tweeting! 

Keep supporting our guys!

And keep watching the post for more pictures!

~~ Kelly

(How many times have they said that they’re Italian?  lol  I completely  love this!)

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Elio D’Ascenzo – Photographer



18 thoughts on “Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ Into the Finals! … San Remo 2015”

  1. Thanks, Kelly.  I dusted off my old twitter account.  Hope I’m doing it right.  Our guys deserve to win after coming this close.Lois Hartwig

  2. Stupid question, but—-when. I tweet to vote, do I use all the hash tags at once, or each separately?

  3. I knew our guys would be in the finals!!! They have been fantastic!!! Whatever the outcome, their music makes me happy & moves me to tears at times. We know they are the very best!!! They have my heart & my love forever!!! 💖 💖 💖

  4. I signed up for Twitter again just to tweet for the guys, but I’m so not sure of what I’m doing! It doesn’t make sense to me! 🙁 But for them, I’m doing it anyway!!!

  5. I don’t know whether I am doing it right I just put a hash tag on Il Volo with different cities in Ontario so hope it works that’s the only way its accepted more than once or twice.

  6. I’m tweeting. Hope I’m doing it correctly. Our guys are by far the best. I knew they would be in the finals. Amazing talent + Amazing song = Win,Win !!! But no matter what the outcome is tomorrow they are still winners and will continue on their exciting journey to conquer the world !!
    Boy do I ever wish that I could give our precious three a big Good Luck hug right now !!!

  7. I don’t understand….Apparently tonight (13th) Il Volo sang Grande Amore again, so does this mean that Saturday night is the last and final night? I thought this was just a three night event. Its just not been very clear to me. Plus they must be counting votes on more than just Twitter aren’t they? That seems pretty limiting to me. I mean, not everyone has Twitter….I do but until Sanremo its never been of much use to me except for a few folks and Il Volo.

    1. There was a day by day explanation posted and here is what it says for February 14th-The 5th EPISODE, THE FINAL, there will be the same voting system as of the 4th EPISODE for the presentation of the 16 SONGS OF THE “BIG ARTISTS”.. After this, THE SCORES WILL BE RESET and the TELEVOTING will be REOPENED for the 3 FINALIST songs to DETERMINE the WINNER of Sanremo 2015.
      On the 4th EPISODE the JURY was 30% EXPERTS-8 members related to the world of music-30% OPINION POLL-300 people, aged 16 & older, voting from home with a special application – 40% by TELEVOTING. It makes me dizzy trying to check if I copied some of the information right. Very confusing voting system.
      Hope it sheds some light on tonight’s evening.
      I gather we need to keep “Twitting”

      1. Thanks so much Gina, I’ve had a cold all week and I must have worn my eyepatch on the wrong eye when I was reading that earlier explanation…or else had a little too much pirate grog. I dunno. What I do know is that this IS a confusing voting system. Our guys must surely be feeling a bit tired and emotionally wrung out to keep everything going in the Sanremo festival. Now I shall go and reward myself with another trip to heaven as I watch that wonderful video again….and again!

  8. There was never any doubt in my mind that IL Volo would make the finals the guys are already winner to me watching them sing these past couple of days I think of their wonderful saying “three voices one soul”. They are just amazing. I love them.

  9. Complimenti, IL VOLO!

    So well deserved, so much anticipated!

    Only IL VOLO and SanRemo2015 could convince me to Tweet.
    For you… the sky’s the limit!

    Love from Jeanine, @jrd1776

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