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Grande Amore’s Perfection

 To say that the three young men of Il Volo had the opportunity to present, or introduce, a brand new song at the prestigious Sanremo Festival 2015 in Italy, would be correct, as far as that goes; but you, and I, and Il Volo, also know that there was much more on the line than just that.  Il Volo also had to present themselves, to their own country, the place where they were born and raised.  A country that, in part, had never really had much of a chance to become familiar with them; or had heard about them but were still somewhat skeptical regarding their merits. Italy would be watching for sufficient proof of true and lasting abilities….things of which could be embraced, and held firm.  Il Volo, inside, knew that they had to bring together all the elements of which they were capable, and do it boldly, but with honesty. The unveiling of the new song allotted them the opportunity within it to do just that.  As we expected, from the moment they walked on stage the audience became aware of their professionalism, style, class,  and elegance;— and then came their beautiful voices, voices that immediately revealed the unmistakable passion and love that they held for the music itself. They simply opened their hearts, and so dynamic was their delivery, that even their audience could not escape the emotion that filled the room in those moments. So much so, that it could not be contained, and they rose to their feet in ovation.  Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio presented, not only the song, but presented themselves, in their own way; a way that cannot ever be duplicated by anyone, ever. Because of their willingness to completely open up, and become vulnerable, that song came bursting forth, straight from deep with their souls, and their audience could felt it, and they responded. They responded because it was real, and they were touched, and at that point it became personal. They were not prepared for such honesty.

GRANDE AMORE, is a beautiful song, filled with words of passion, and a haunting potential to awaken something that has remained  hidden in your heart. For those who feel it “unsingable”, I agree, in part.  It definitely, in my opinion, is not a “whistle while you work” type of song, even though the melody stays in your head, the way it is sung is subject to the singer.  The passion displayed in the way Il Volo sang it, was the way only Il Volo sings.  Beyond that, the way you might sing it is a reflection of your feelings, so make it yours.

 Il Volo dearly loves their country, and it’s people.  It is truly their desire to be better known, not just by name, but by who they really are and what they stand for.  They are very much aware that any respect must be earned, and I think that was totally obvious within their Sanremo appearance.  Gaining that trust and respect from, especially their countrymen, is of the utmost importance to them within their journey to fulfilling their dream.

There have been mountains of articles, critic reviews, interviews, etc.  but there was one posting that I thought was the most honest, to the point, and true, assessment I’ve read.  This was published by Canicatti Web, written by David Difazo, referring to the victory of Sanremo 2015 and Il Volo. 

He said, “at this time, many critics have tried to obscure the talent of these guys. I believe that those feelings are subjective, but you have to admit to the skill, talent, and vibrations of these three guys; skills demonstrated also, by their rich curriculum.  Congratulations guys, always stay humble.”

And we’re asked why we love them?  For all these reasons, and many more; too numerous to mention here.  Great job guys, you are indeed the absolute best!  Every time you may come to doubt, just look over your shoulder.  We’re right behind you, always!  


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  1. Kitty, you really touched my heart with your insightful comments on our precious Il Volo. You put in words what their loving fans feel so deeply. Thank you for expressing our feelings so well. They are truly a treasure to be cherished.

  2. Kitty loved your column when they won Sanremo tha’s why I was so thrilled for IL Volo because like you I knew in my heart how much they wanted to b e accepted by their own countrymen. They have worked so hard for so long and to finally get the approval they wanted was heart warming. to me. I just hope with their tour in Italy this year Italy will fall in love with IL Volo just like so many of us have.

  3. Absolutely wonderfully written Kitty. You said everything we all are thinking & have said & known for years. The BEST word isn’t strong enough for them more like PERFECTION, OUTSTANDING or anything strongr anyone else can think up./

  4. Simply beautiful, Kitty! I wanted to keep reading and reading. Every sentence made you want more. They ARE the BEST of the BEST…and you put it all together in words that floated just as our hearts do when we hear and see our wonderful guys.

  5. Well put Kitty. No one could have said it better. We all keep in mind how perfect they are. Thanks for putting it into words. Joanie G

  6. Kitty, your words were absolutely PERFECT in describing IlVolo and why we love them so much! Well said! BRAVO!! The flight we are on alongside them is fantastic and we all will soar higher and higher with our wonderful young men!!



      Hello Louise, Lucky you! Wish I had been there!

  8. Kitty, you have written a beautiful article about our guys and their win in Sanremo… The audience gave them standing ovations every time they were on stage, Italy has embraced them and Il Volo has finally won their big prize… ITALY… It’s been six years in the making and now
    THE ARE LOVED, in their beloved homeland “ITALY”.

  9. Thank you, Kitty, for summarizing Il Volo’s talent and why we are so proud to have watched them on this journey. I’ve come to accept that not everyone loves Bel Canto style, but eventually the talents and charisma of Piero, Ignacio, and Gian continue to make converts of those who are unsure and to delight those of us who already love them. We needed your positivity today. Gratzie!

  10. Thanks for your lovely article.
    Someone had written this “clip” in an article and I think that is so true of how Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca feel.
    “I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deception life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down.” I know they can take the critics, take the good advise, improve and go on. And they do need all of us to keep loving and supporting them.

  11. I can’t help but think that a lot of the criticism directed at Our Guys from some of those critics is because of jealousy…jealousy that three beings of only 21 and 20 years old have accomplished all that they have at such young ages. They are above and beyond the “norm” and it seems some people can’t stand it. It’s pretty damn sad, to be quite frank, and I find it amazing that some people sneer at pure talent! But Il Volo will continue to entertain and amaze, and all of us who appreciate them can keep enjoying them for years to come. In other words, “More for US!” 😀

  12. Kitty, thank you for your words. You made me cry reading your article. Just like everyone else, I am so proud of how far they have come and have accomplished in their lives. It is to bad that it took them winning a contest for Italy to open their eyes and appreciate what wonderful men they have growing right in their back yard. Something we have known for quite some time. But now they are revered and I’m happy that IL VOLO has achieved one of their goals by having Italy get to know them not only as musicians, but as individuals.

  13. Kitty – you have many lovely comments on here from very beautiful and heartfelt prose about our guys…just a few comments on the song…I’m so glad you mentioned that you thought the song was “haunting.” That’s how it feels to me, also, It starts out slow and steady, then the passion and intensity grow, until the song crescendos at the end! You can hear the tension in their voices. I think maybe part of the reason it may sound like it’s hard to sing, is that a few of the verses are sung so quickly and since most of us are not that familiar with Italian, it’s hard to sing to it because we don’t know the words. But fortunately, it does slow down in spots and at least you can sing “grande amore!” I also think that the song changes keys a few times here and there, depending on who’s singing what part? Perhaps when Myron gives his review of the song, he could comment on that? You are also right about the melody being stuck in your head. There is this one phrase I get a chuckle out of because it rhymes – something about a “roli perole” lol! Ignazio sings that line…

  14. I am way behind on my Email today!! Went to church & then was visiting friends! Kitty, what a wonderful post!! You said exactly what we all know & have in our hearts!! I was crying while reading!! Happy tears for the recognition our fantastic young men have received from their beloved Italy!!! I am so proud of what they have accomplished in these 6 yrs moving from teen years to young adulthood!!! Stellar young men with Angel voices & always LOVE in their hearts!!! Thank you much, Kitty!!!

  15. I am late getting to my computer today, but I am in complete agreement with all the comments above! Kitty, your article perfectly expressed what so many strongly feel but may not be able to put in words as well as you do! Thank you for sharing your talents with us, and for loving Il Volo along with us! BRAVO! <3

  16. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to say except “thank you”. I’m so glad that I was able to not only share my feelings, but to also share, once again, the outpouring of acceptance, pride, astonishment, and down right honest RESPECT for our three unassuming, humble, and dedicated young men. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to be able to do that! Pleasing the young girls isn’t hard, but pleasing us grandmas, especially at their age, is a truly remarkable feat. A grandma’s love is easily given initially, but lasting admiration is something that is developed by the appearance of deeply held ethics; once earned, that admiration it is yours forever. There’s that word again . EARNED. Anyway, I had already submitted my original article to be posted, but I asked if I could put this ahead. I’m really glad I did. Thanks so much!

  17. Thank you for the Eurovision information. Thanks for all the time you spend informing us. I wondered if anyone interviewed the Francesco Boccia &Tommy Esposito how they felt about their song becoming such a tremendous success?
    Since I do not understand Italian I might have missed it in all the information out since Sanremo.

  18. Kitty my question about Eurovision was supposed to have gone on Kelly’s post.
    I always use ” I had a senior citizen moment”.

  19. That was a wonderful review Kitty. Like you, I followed the SanRemo festival every night and the way you described how you felt seeing them perform echo’s my pride in their performance as well! They are “SIMPLY THE BEST”!!!!

  20. Kitty, I am reading your article for the second or third time – or maybe even more times – because it exactly reveals how I feel about Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca.. As a grandma, I never expected to have my emotions stirred to the extent that these young men arouse in me. They have brought love and excitement into my life when I expected my life to be ho-hum. So thank you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.. As Ineke says, you are SIMPLY THE BEST!

  21. Does anyone know who the girls were in the Grande Amore video? Were they actresses, friends or actual girlfriends. It was a very nice video especially Ignazio. Oh my!

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