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  1. I ordered it more than a month ago, but I’ll be waiting for it still 7-21 days ! 🙁 I little bit envy Italian fans , who already have a CD at home…. I have to wait and be patient. All new songs are wonderful ! 🙂 I love them all ! <3 <3 <3

  2. Jane can you please tell me if you have been able to get September 19 to 25 date on the blog because my bog stopped at September 18th & I missed all the information for 19th to 25th

    1. I lost it ,too. I thought it might have been an issue with my computer or my DSL. Google has done some type of update that has affected other websites, too.Maybe it’s that?
      Even the new album went on hold while I watched Pope Francis in America! Trying to squeak it in!
      Just a short aside concerning the song ” L’Amore so Muove.” Gianluca’s brother Erny heard the song ” In the Name of Father” by Francesco Renga, written for his son. ( He sang with the guys at the Verona concert.) He loved it and told Gianluca that Il Volo should sing it. So they called Francesco and he rewrote it specially for them! And aren’ t we lucky that he did! Ciao

      1. Thanks Lynn I thought I have missed a whole week & I was champing at the bit to think I am missing information. How have we become so attached to 3 beautiful young men that we can’t take a breath for fear of missing something. I also LOVE that song & I have ordered it & Pompeii & Grande Amore & am on pins & needles because Canada is so slow at acqiring the products which is sent to the States first.
        Right now I have tried to get into Google & all I get is a blank page. Computers are a wonderful appliance but a pain in the BUTT

    2. Loretta, I see what you are saying about the missing dates. I think there were several days where there was no post, but not 7 in a row. Wish I had a solid answer for you, but I’m afraid I don’t. I’m thinking Marie will clear it up for us when she sees this. Hope we can get back any posts that went missing.

      1. Thanks Jane there were a few posts on page 17 & 18 that are dated 21 to 23 on those pages but I thought I had missed the days 19 to 25. Lynn just said she lost them also, are we hooked or are we hooked WE ARE HOOKED ON IL VOLO

      2. LORETTA…HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!! I literally melted into a puddle when I listened to The Best Day Of My Life for the first time! 🙂

      3. Jane I haven’t got my CD’s or DVD’s yet Canada is so slow not as fast as the States so however long they are I have to wait. Dying tyo hear the new songs

  3. I was so glad to see (and hear) “Caruso” on here…one of my very favorites, though it seems like a “speedier” version than the concert version, and I find it interesting how at first it was a solo by Ignazio in concert, then later they change it to include all of them. I wonder what dictates that? “Beautiful That Way” makes me cry, as did the movie it’s from, and I love “Si Mi Falta Tu Mirada” . I loved Ignazio’s solo version of “Quando L’Amore Diventa Poesia” that he was singing in concert, but I’ll accept all three of them singing it on the CD, I guess! (I kid, I kid!) All in all, well done, but then we wouldn’t expect anything less from our Guys, would we? <3

  4. There seems to be Two different CD’s in the market place… This one
    “Grand Amore” International Version has 16 wonderful songs on it…

    Then there is “L’AMORE SI MUOVE” It has the same cover photo on it so one may think it is the exact same CD… It is not… This one has 13 wonderful songs on it… But there is three songs that are listed below that is not on the “Grand Amore” International Version….

    1. Il tuo sguardo manca
    2. Ricordami
    3. Tornera l’amore

    Also “L’AMORE SI MUOVE” does not have several songs that “Grand Amore” International Version has on that CD…

    1.Grande Amore
    2.Si me Falta tu mirada
    6.Ciao, Ciao bambina

    I am bringing this to the your attention so that you realize they are somewhat different and you may want to purchase both, or maybe you have already recieved your copy of the “Grand Amore” International Version and did not realize that there was Also “L’AMORE SI MUOVE”…

    I had to purchase both because of just love the title song of this CD

    1. There is a posting on one of Facebook pages about the 3 CD Albums:Italian “L’amore Si Muove”-Spanish “Grande Amore” and 3rd release is “Grande Amore International Version”.
      I had my grandson download the “international” one of my computer via iTunes. Listening to it while typing. I love “Ricordami” and it will be one the CD I had pre- ordered and am waiting for it.

      1. You are very welcome, I hope you are feeling better Kelly….
        I have been home this week, so I finally had time to enjoy time on the Flight Crew Blog and was happy to post this information…

      1. I did find it on Amazon… I am sure that we are not supposed to do links here, so I will be happy to share the proper links with you or anyone who would like them… You can use the IlVolo2LV@outlook.com email address to contact me…

    1. My feelings exactly, that is why I chose to list the differences… With the same album cover, it is easy to think they are the same…
      You know us Il Volovers need every single song they record… we cannot get enough of Il Volo….

  5. Jeannette that how I feel what’s the song “We don’t want to miss a thing”? Where Il Volo is concerned I want every little tidbit

  6. Before I forget. RUTH. “Beautiful That Way” in what movie? I rarely go to movies, so I miss a lot of good stuff!! We ilvolovers do need their music frequently (understatement) so I née to order at least one, the newest, I keep one in the car and the others in the house!! I just received (this past Tuesday) the two cds and the dvd! So much music…having trouble getting my errands tended to!!

    1. The movie is called “Life Is Beautiful” starring Roberto Benigni, came out in 1998…three Academy Awards. He plays an Italian Jew during WWII. He tries to keep everyone’s spirits up during the hard times…that’s all I’ll say. Rent it…it’s very good. It’ll make you laugh and cry, which is how I like movies!

  7. Dorothy! I laughed at your comment about not getting stuff done! I get to Il Voloing and everything goes to h__l!
    Ruth, I second that. What movie ? I go to movies in spurts and miss a lot, too! ” Beautiful That Way ” is my favorite at the moment.
    Loretta, Facebook went down for ten minutes midday this past Fri. Caused mass hysteria worldwide! They got it back up but said other systems were affected.So maybe that’s what caused the glitch here?
    Jeannette, in addition to the two you albums you mentioned there is the GA San Remo edition and GA Spanish edition! I have San Remo , International and Spanish and now will have to get L’Amore. The only one I will be missing is the Christmas album. A complete collection is a joy to behold! Keeping them all under my pillow is getting a little lumpy!
    Does anyone know anything about another album coming out in Oct? Is this a rumor? Also , Il Volo autobiography will be out in Italian for the European market. When it comes out in English ? Who knows.

  8. I thought I read that Piero said in a couple of months rehearsing for another album I’ll have to find out where I read it, I was surprised I didn’t think anything else would be coming out so early

  9. Lynn the thing is I couldn’t get past September 18 for a week, I got no answer from Kelly or Marie so couldn’t figure what to do. My daughter-in-law said she thought nothing was being posted thats what it looking like yet Mary & Penina said they were posting somewhere. Anyway I am OK now, hope it doesn’t happen again, I’m lost without this blog

  10. I’m just now seeing everyone’s comments about missing posts. Marie is taking a well deserved vacation (and can’t seem to get an internet hookup, to her dismay) and I’ve been working and sick with a cold.
    My gut feeling is that nothing is missing. Marie drafted a lot of posts before she left–on the 18th. So for the last week, all I’ve been doing is publishing the articles in the order she had planned. The articles have the drafted date on them, not the actual date of publish. I will look into it today to confirm, though.

    1. Kelly, hope you feel better. My glitch is in the comments section of the posts. I can’ t bring up people’s comments for some of the dates. So it looks like I’m having a personal problem! Ciao!

    2. Kelly I am not criticizing you or Marie I truly didn’t know how to get past September 18th the feeling I had it was like I was lost we have been so used to getting on the blog that it left me without information of the guys we have been so hooked on them & don’t want to miss a word, I was only explaining to Lynn my problem,
      You & Marie are doing a fantastic job of putting things together & I appreciate your hard work especially when you are working as well. You probably don’t have much free time because you are always on top of things thats why I thought the blog was frozen we are at the mercy of computers & hackers. I had a bad malware suddenly on my computer the other day & I had to take it to someone to get it off I couldn’t move anything or get into any other program. So please forgive me if you thought I was criticizing you because I wasn’t that is the last thing I would do to you girls who look after this blog so well & dedicated. I truly hope you get over your cold I know how difficult it is going to work not feeling well & when you didn’t answer the first I time I emailed you I knew you were working but I emailed you out of panic.
      Sent with sincere apology for any misunderstanding

  11. Beautiful That Way is from the movie Life Is Beautiful with Roberto Begnini (sp?) It’s about Italians in concentration camp. The father plays games with his daughter to keep her unaware of what is actually happening to them.
    Kelly – there are posts missing. The one about Ignazio’s birthday seems to be gone or was moved back.

    1. This was such an amazing movie.. All is subtitles and yet you were completely captivated by it… Roberto Begnini won an Academy award for this movie and when his name was announced he Jumped up and down… Gianluca did this at the Billboard awards and afterwards he said something about being like Roberto Begnini…

  12. Sorry for wrong info above about movie Life Is Beautiful.
    Roberto Benigni
    He has a son, not daughter.
    Movie was made in 1997.
    Italian title is La Vita e Bella

  13. So sorry you all are missing posts!! There were posts on those days you missed,might be one weekend day that there was no post. I ordered my music from PBS! I got my 2 CDS &DVD on the 18th!! Received my second Pompeii DVD & new album on Fri from Amazon! I still have to get L’Amore Si Muove CD!!! This is included in the Pompeii Special!!! Needless to say I am on a musical Il Volo high!!! Now I have to get translations!!! Grande Amore a tutti!

  14. My gift to myself was the DVD. It is everything I would hope for. PBS has not shown the program in my area so had not seen the “Live From Pompaii” show. I don’t know what’s wrong with them!!!!!
    Barb W

  15. Thanks to all about the movie”Life is Beautiful”!haven’t seen it, but remember seeing the actor leaping! It does remind me of Gianluca’s leap of joy! I’ll try to find a copy of themovie!!

    1. L’Amore si Muove is CD – Italian version. The only DVD is Live ifrom Pompeii. International and Spanish version of album are named Grande Amore.

  16. Lydka ok now I understand I went back to read what I read on Amazon that CD’s are only in Italy & do not play in States or Canada. Now we have to get hold of Sony to stress on them to made DVD’s for States & Canada market for L’Amore si Mouve & Grande Amoure & any other CD’s that come out for Il Volo. Thanks for your help

    1. Loretta,in my country is available the international version of CD and also Italian version of CD, but not Spanish version. I’m glad if I helped you. 🙂 Wish you beautiful day ! 🙂

      1. Ahoj Lydka,moj sladky! If Marie will send you my email I will get your address from you and send you the Spanish version, if you want. Objmat!

      2. Milá Lynn,it’s very kind of you ! 🙂 I like also Spanish songs. 🙂 You can ask Marie for my email address, I have no problem with that. 🙂
        Srdečne pozdravujem a posielam veľké objatie. 🙂 (I warmly greet and send big hug.)
        Small language lessons:
        môj zlatý- masculine
        moja zlatá-feminine
        objímať- the basic verb, I embrace- (Ja) objímam.

  17. I was also missing any posts from “THANK YOU MR. RENIS 9/18 to IT’S Here 9/26. Thought it was my computer, or Marie’s vacation. All is back now !! All is well. KM

  18. Thanks for the info about the new CDs. I have something to share myself. I ordered my CDs and DVDs from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The CD from
    B & N is called Il Volo Grande Amore, has 13 songs. 3 of the songs are not in the other CD from Amazon. These songs are Y Vendran Amores, No Hace Falta and Recuerdame. These are not the same songs that Jeannette listed, so this must be a different CD from hers. The Amazon CD has 16 songs and I found out when I listened to both that 3 of the songs in this 16 song CD are Italian versions of 3 songs in the 13 song CD, confusing , isn’t it ? Gina is right , there are 3 versions of this new album. w But watching the PBS concert today, [ yes today, PBS SoCal aired it again ], there is yet another CD available only from PBS, it is part of the IL Volo package offered as a gift for donors . This CD has 10 songs, the 7 songs from the original Grande Amore cd released last spring plus the 3 solos from the Pompeii concert.
    I agree, the Best Day of My Life is so beautiful, I have several favorites already.
    I’m glad that they sing You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me in English. There are 5 English songs in this CD. Volare makes me want to get up and dance. I noticed in the Pompeii concert that when Gianluca started singing the first part of Volare the audience were on their feet, ready to clap and move with them when they started singing the chorus. My hope is that they will get invited to perform on Dancing with the Stars. I know some people still have not heard them sing. Anybody has connections with Hollywood and Barbara ? What exposure that will be for them,. They can have Il Volo night and the guys can perform some of their songs, What do you think? wishing too much ?
    thanks ladies for sharing,
    Kelly, take care of yourself, hope you’re 100% better.

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