According to Piero their new video Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” will be out tomorrow and you can see it on VEVO!! Can’t wait. They filmed it last month at the Coliseum in Verona just after they filmed “Per Te Ci Saro”at Lake Tenno!


12 thoughts on “”

  1. The songs thy are choosing are fantastic & getting better & better with every song. That’s makes a difference since hey are with new people

  2. Marie did I send you a picture of PRECIOUS yesterday. I’m looking at it now & forget whether I sent it to you yet. THAT’S what I would like to get larger my printer does not get thinks larger

      1. Not fair! I ‘ve got Pirate asking if I know about Precious! What is a Precious? Why would I know??!! Keep it to your selves or suffer the consequences! I’ll confiscate “it” and put “it” in time out!! And the both of you, too!!

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