Si Me Falta Tu Mirada



And here are the English Lyrics:

If I lack your look

At home everything is waiting for

your coming back and you don’t come back.
I call you and you don’t listen ,
nobody listens to me.

Coffee tastes of sorrow for me,
it’s your absence that poisons.
Rain is falling, rain is crying

You left me in the middle
of the way to happiness.
And today

I have my heart on hold
hugging nothing, hooked to nothing.
My thrill is blind
there is no more tomorrow,
I can’t see it
if I lack your look.

Everyone of us who saw moon and wind
lost no moment,
you were smiling, I believed your,
but in less than a second
the world fell into the emptiness.
You were telling me that you would leave.

You left me in teh middle
of the way to happiness.
And today.

I have my heart on hold
hugging nothing, clasped around nothing.
My thrill is blind
there is no more tomorrow,
I can’t see it
if I lack your look.

40 thoughts on “HERE IT IS!”

    1. Yes Marie. That smile that Gianluca does, kills me all the time. He is gorgeous. The new video of them
      (Per Te Ci Saro) with 3 beautiful girls in the woods camping out by a lovely lake, is so romantic. Each one of the guys is partnered with a lovely girl. These guys are inherently romantic. The setting is magnificent indeed. I really am getting so excited to meet all of you in Las Vegas. I had my room booked at the Rio across the street. By the way Marie, what time is the Buffet? I can’t seem to remember..thanks.

  1. This so beautiful!! This is the kind of videos they should ALWAYS do, them, the song, and beautiful scenery. Then you can feel the power!!

  2. OK! I love it! Can’t add to that! Thanks for the lyrics! They are “beautiful that way”!

  3. Very beautiful video,amazing scenery, with “black and white” nostalgic and romantic atmosphere, Il Volo are the most wonderful voices in the world music today!. Keep awesome music video,as is this, in the future, I think this is the best kind of video, which highlights the beauty of music and voices of guys and lovely pure emotions. πŸ™‚ β™« β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ <3

      1. Loretta,
        I am glad if I made you happy. πŸ™‚ It is necessary to start the new day in a good mood and smiling…Have a wonderful day ! πŸ™‚

  4. I totally agree with Lydka about the video it is breathtaking to me their voices, the lyrics, my Piero so smokin hot I can’t stand it Oh Me, the music, and the emotion they bring to this song. and of course their awesome amazing voices.
    beautiful video beautiful song. Great job IL Volo and thank you Marie and Lydka for the video and translation.

  5. I love the black and white, and I love Gian’s smile, too…but it’s not a happy song, so me being the way I am is wondering what he’s smiling about! Otherwise, our Guys all look gorgeous, and I LOVE it!

    Il Volo really did it this time! And thank you Marie for posting the lyrics along with the video! Good job, Girl!
    I don’t think it’s even necessary to understand the lyrics! The video and the music on their own are enough for me! I agree with the other comments about the power of it. It just radiates from the screen. I actually like the black and white!
    Looking at the Arena, I wonder what the ancient Romans would have thought of Il Volo taking over their coliseum to do this video?

    1. If the Roman’s heard them they would have been declared “Emperors of Rome”.

      I also find it unnecessary to know the English lyrics. I like to read it once just to get the idea. I post it because it is my job here. I love all their music “as is”.

  7. I’m answering from the previous page a remark which Marie stated that she was winning regarding Precious. Little does she know that Precious & I have been trading time withh each other. I didn’t want to tell her for her feelings to be hurt. You can’t win Marie

    1. Darn! I thought that would pass and you wouldn’t see. It was all Dot’s fault. Besides…I don’t believe you and you’re too short for him. I do too win!

    1. Aha! Aha! Now we all have a hint as to what a Precious is! It’s not a what but a who! Who is the who?! Could it be the Marsala Prince?! It could be! It could be! Igna!!!!

  8. I have just discovered that Il Volo tickets have been on sale in London Ontario for October 15th since November. Someone in the promotional group of Il volo haven’t been doing their job right.

  9. Hi DONNA FRANCOIS I contacted Bidweiser theatre to see about tickets. Here is the number 1-866-455-28. They are selling tickets in row H. If you want to try & get tickets now.

  10. I really love this song and the video!. I think having it in black and white was a great idea helping to convey the sadness in this song. As usual Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have made a really lovely video and the setting in the Arena in Verona is beautiful. I especially like the scene of their backs while entering the Arena and also when they are standing on top with their arms outstretched. It is a really wonderful performance and very powerful. I too like the translations of the songs but even without them, you can feel the loneliness and heartbreak in the songs. I agree with Marie that the editor just couldn’t leave out that wonderful smile of Gianluca. He smiles a little again later in the video also. It is something to look for just like his wink in the Grande Amore video.

  11. Hi Everyone! Guy from Connecticut here (one of the few men on this site?) to share the love of Il Volo – I stumbled upon them by accident a year ago and am now one of their biggest fans. Very few artists in the world have have made such a profound musical impact on my life as this trio from Italia has (maybe Adele, Sinatra, The Beatles?). As some of you have mentioned, many of those around us JUST DON’T GET IT – the quality of the voices, their beautiful songs, their incredible personalities, the message they present to the world, and the fact that they pulled this off with such maturity and professionalism starting as teenagers. Anyway, look forward to reading all your posts and sharing some of mine.


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