A “Fitting Tangible Conclusion”

A follow-up to Comments from my Las Vegas story:


  • Marie – loved all the pictures!! You didn’t say what you said to them that knocked you all off your feet? :)

    • I showed them Linda’s funeral memorial with their picture on it. Told them that she loved them so much her family used their photo at her funeral. I thanked them for giving my best friend peace and comfort in her final hours. All three froze for a moment just staring at me. That’s when Gianluca flew at me with the giant hug. The other two also grabbed on. It’s when they let go that I flew back. I still can’t believe they were so moved. What a wonderful, sensitive trio! How could you not love them?

      • Marie, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the guys seeing Linda’s funeral memorial with their picture on it. If it feels acceptable, I think our Flight Crew would love to see a photo of that beautiful memorial. I feel blessed to have seen it, and I think they would to.

        Perhaps it would be a fitting *tangible* conclusion to Linda’s participation in the Flight Crew. I’m sure it’s not the end, because she’s in our hearts and memories, and some of us get little winks from the other side. Still, something tangible and as beautiful as it is, that’s nice. (And you know how I’ve been so involved with family health this year, that if you already shared the memorial, my apologies for missing it, and maybe you can tell me when it was or under what name, so I can find it.)

        Your spirit is alive and well on the Flight Crew, Linda!
        With love and gratitude,

    • Nice idea, Jeanine. I will post/share it soon.

      Here it is… Linda and her husband ~ Linda’s graduation from Nursing School ~ The Guys she loved so much:

      linda 3 cropped


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  1. Marie, I am so glad you posted this. How beautiful and such a loving tribute to your dear friend.

  2. This is the most beautiful story that brings tears to my eyes. To have Linda’s family have a picture of our beautiful Italian angels on her memorial card is truly a special gesture. I know for sure Linda was a true Ilvolover and will be their special guardian angel in heaven . Thank you for posting this.

  3. Thanks for this lovely post. I had made a pillow case for Linda with Ignazio’s face on it and hope she got to use it.
    I do not wish to sound morbid but I told my family that when they put my ashes under a brick in the “Peaceful Garden” they are to play the boys singing “AVE MARIA”. They promised to do so to avoid me haunting them.
    I do not believe they realize what deep impressions they have made on the older fans.

    1. Gina your decision is not “morbid”,it´s reasonable,l´m thinging alike.
      At his time l´m preparing a DVD with favorite music and photos of places she liked my kinswoman.She knows Il VOLO,but her wish is also Ave Maria.Author of this song was very popular composer and our compatriot.It is gift from 80.birthday.
      But Gina sad events come in a long,long,long time,this is a new certaily looking forward to more concerts and M+G.
      Remember – La Vita e Bella !

  4. A lovely story. I was quite touched, both by your caring and the reaction of our sweet boys.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Marie. What a lovely memorial and how wonderful that you had the chance to show it to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. They obviously were deeply touched.

  6. WOW, what a wonderful tribute to your friend ! I am sure she was smiling down at you. Thank you for sharing the story. <3

  7. Marie, this is so beautiful. What a lift to see Linda’s card again with her beautiful smiling photos and the guys’ expressions!

    So much Love all around!

    And blessings to you and Linda’s family and loved ones as you adjust to such changes in life without your daily connection to Linda.

    Hmmm… I’m going to have to think which song (only 1??) to request for my memorial. Except that will be when I’m 127. By then the guys will be coming into their prime or thinking about retirement. No… never retirement! 😉

    Love and warm wishes,

    1. P.S. Yes, for all to see up above, I wrote “to” when it should have been “too”. Even retired English teachers don’t proofread well at times. (And I’m boycotting the rule about the period inside the quotation marks. It never made sense, and I refuse to do it that way. OK, except when I was teaching.)

      No worries. The whole point is that I Am Retired (from That profession), so I do not have my red pen out looking for mistakes… yours or mine! LOL

      Wow. I’m probably the only one who wanted to read that! 😉

      Sweet night,

      1. I’m with you 100% about the periods inside the quotation marks! I guess I have been protesting that one in my private correspondence for years!

      2. The Guys were super to hold that sign for Linda. She loved the picture. I had a pillow of it made for her.

        For my memorial I choose “Eternally”. (Note period on the outside where it should be.)

      3. Good choice! and I’ll leave it to you to decide whether I mean the song or the grammar–or both!

      4. I promise not to tell what the official rule is re: periods and quotation marks! I’m glad you’re as passionate about it as I am! 😉

      1. Kelly, a side note…
        I love your new avatar photo, and I clicked on it to see it better and loved what you wrote on your page.

        Thanks for following your path, however it leads!

  8. When I received this memorial card from Linda’s niece, I cried so hard. I kept the card Linda wrote to me and the memorial card. They are in my Bible.

  9. Marie this is really beautiful story and once again demonstrates the sensitive nature of our boys.
    This time you´re a very close person,friend – not just one of the many admirers.Do you know that you are among the happiest woman in the world ?
    l wish you their friendship so much !

  10. Marie, I hope when I get to the end of my trail that someone will play the guys singing Memories for me. I also hope I have friends like you were to Linda. What a tribute. Joanie G

  11. Beautiful, Marie and all!

    I have another idea for “someday”, maybe when IL VOLO is busy in studio and we’re craving interaction.

    How about a blog for
    “Someday” I choose this IL VOLO song for my…
    (fill in the blank: memorial, wedding, engagement, New Year’s Day party, baby shower or granddaughter’s baby shower! … you get the idea!)

    I’ll be thinking on this now while listening, and dancing, and singing along! 😊

    Love all around,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. Marie, that was fantastic! I didn’t get a chance to tell the guys what we have planned for our funerals. I shared it with Jeannette Giglio and she said they would be Sooo honored and someday hope to share it wit the guys at the next M&G we attend!

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