They both have sleek, beautiful bodies.
They are reliable.
Both maneuver well in tough situations.
They have great sound systems.
They are on everyone’s wish list.
When in gear they really roll.
They are popular all over the world.
They are much in demand by the public.
To see them is to love them.
They are first class–“top of the line.”
Although they may be high maintenance, they are worth it.
They are always ready to take off on a new adventure.
They have beautiful exteriors and fine tuned engines.
They provide both heat and fresh air as needed.
They give comfort and pleasure to all who deal with them.

By Mary Bohling


33 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~ WHY PIERO AND THE BENTLEY ARE A GOOD MATCH~by Mary B.”

  1. Dear Mary I love every thing you write but I what knocked my socks off today is the picture you used of the boys. It is of the three of them at the Fan Faire. I can see the top of my head (the grayish hair ugh) behind Gianluca and my hand on Ignazios’ ❤️❤️ shoulder. You have made my day. Now I feel that I am really one of the Crew. What a fun time that was, I hope I get to see you all again and SOON!
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

  2. Oh, Mary!! You’ve done it now!! Only a brilliant, devious, Ilvolovers could have thought up this! Congradulations! I’ve never thought of owning a Bently, but…….♡♡♡♡♡

  3. When I met you at the Fan Faire last March I told you i loved how you write well you did it again. Loved it. But can’t we make a the car a Ferrari it’s Italian too.

    1. Thanks, Lucky Lady…a Ferrari would be fine by me….anything as long as it contains Piero. Even a jalopy? Now that might provide an interesting list of similarities.

  4. Thank you Mary B. = that was absolutely brilliant ! ! ! and as I tell my friends =
    Piero’s voice makes “the difference ” in this trio singing group . [ and yes I have all their albums and videos].

  5. i agree with everything you said Mary. I think Piero is a real take charge person and very focused. He is never at a loss for words in interviews especially when promoting their CD’s, concerts etc. I believe he would have been successful in most things he put his mind to.

  6. Mary, you know that a Bentley that has Piero doing the driving will have me sitting next to him. Sorry, but you’ll will have to be in the back seat with Marie and Ignazio.

  7. Ladies, ladies…now let’s not ruffle too many feathers here! 🙂 Let’s just say we will all take numbers and Piero can have each of us in the front seat with him, one at a time. Ha! As if THAT would work! 🙂

      1. Loved this clever fun oh-so-true article, Mary, and now you’ve really done it! How old did you say you were? 😉

        Never ceases to amaze me the courage of this group to speak their minds! 😊
        Thanks for making my day, Mary!

        Miles of smiles!

  8. Funny, whenever I think of Piero, cars never come to mind. Instead, I think of water, deep blue water and boats, no, better yet, I see a ship with tall masts and billowing sails. That is where I see MY Piero.


      1. But of course he is MY Piero! Hey I met his dad and he said “Thank you very much” to me so that has to mean something!!!

  9. I am just catching up this AM. I left my IPad in my son in law’s car when he took me to the airport to fly up to my son’s!!! We were going to the San Jose Concert 3/29, flew into SJ airport & my son lives in Scotts Valley. Couldn’t get to my Email while I was gone! Missed many of these posts till now! Love this post with our magnificent Piero & the car! I too, think of him with the beach & water! Tho know he loves nice cars too! My son, Dan & Grandaughter in law, Amelia were absolutely thrilled with the Concert & the M&G!!! They were amazed at the beauty of the guy’s voices & their charm!!! It was a wonderful night & I kept my wits about me at the M&G. I actually did introductions ! GG said it was so nice to see me again!!! I had some time with Piero at the Fan Faire! Because I reached out & touched him to get his attention! Always seemed to have more interaction with Gianluca & Ignazio! So talked to Piero & when I got my pics from the Dolby M&G there I am in Piero’s arms!!! I had such super brain fade that nite I remember very little! The Concert was fantastic, remember that! I gave them IN N OUT Burger caps! I gave their bags with caps in to them & after that I hardly remember a thing!!! Was shocked when I saw the pics with Piero! Move over ladies I am now in the line waiting for Piero!!! I am also in Gianluca’s & Ignazio’s line!!! How can we do anything but LOVE them, they are all three unique young men following their dreams!!! With that they have made changes inspired by love in the whole world!!! Amore Cosi Grande!!!

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