Personally Speaking~Solidarity~Mary Bohling

Piero Bentley

One of the many things that we love about our boys is the great camaraderie that they have for each other.  It is amazing how these three who only became acquainted through the unexpected foresight of someone in the music business, have become, as they, themselves, say, like “brothers.”


Like brothers they kid around, tease each other, sometimes come to blows, embrace affectionately, share life experiences, and show, in so many ways, how much they care for one another. 


Interesting that three such different personalities have been able to meld together in one such cohesive entity as IL VOLO…Gianluca, so painfully shy, Ignazio, so painfully (ha) outgoing, Piero, so “take charge.”  Somehow they have all learned from each other and been able to maintain the beautiful solidarity of IL VOLO.  Gianluca has overcome much of his intrinsic shyness due to exposure to and encouragement from his brothers.  Gianluca and Piero have tried to tame Ignazio down to a tolerable level, (don’t go too far with that guys–we love his craziness) as seen in their interaction with him on stage.


In spite of the rigorous lifestyle, with its many challenges, not the least of which is living in such close proximity during the tours, they have seemed to have been able to maintain their strong bond of affection.  We love to see them having fun together.


We even like to see them being a little bit miffed at each other–it proves that they are, after all really human.  And we like them that way.  With all of the fame and fan adoration they strive to show us just that–their humility and appreciation for what life has given them.  What they said about themselves, “three voices, one soul” really says it all.

By Mary Bohling

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  1. A lovely post Mary and so true. I am always amazed that these three young boys have managed to grow, appreciate and love each other over the years. I love to see how affectionate they are with each other and also how sometimes two of them will look at the one singing with such joy and happiness. It’s beautiful to see them laughing and having fun, and of course sometimes they do disagree or get annoyed which is to be expected. I pray they continue to always love and care for one another.

  2. So elequently written. Thank you for putting our thoughts and feelings into such beautiful words.

    1. I agree with you Mary. I grew up with 2 older brothers. Being the youngest I’m the one that got picked on the most. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I see the same friendship in Il Volo. They remind me so much of my brothers. When they are together its (Look out world, here we come.) Thank you Mary for everything.
      Alice in Florida

  3. as I posted before = in Argentina Theatre Rex in 11/2013 ++ Gianluca forgot the lines to the song right after the first 2 lines and Ignazio started singing for him and then went over to Gianluca and gave him a hug and kept singing until Gianluca recovered and got himself together — and then to show that he, Ignazio , could make a mistake – he started down the stage steps on the wrong side and then made a ‘production’ of correcting himself and came down on the correct side of steps. That is a true caring for each other. !

    1. How sweet is that? I don’t remember that one? 🙂 I do notice that they often seem to mouth the words even when it’s not their part to sing.

    2. Rosemarie, I love that video. Ignazio was so sweet going over to Gianluca and singing the part which Gian forgot. Then looking at him as if to say “It’s OK, we all make mistakes”. With all the lyrics of so many songs they have to remember, it’s bound to happen. They do get on each other’s nerves especially Gianluca and Ignazio. I really miss them so much like missing my great grandsons when they get picked up after being with me for 2-3 days. Very nicely put Mary. Thank you.

  4. Yes I think their bond is stronger than if they really were related. It’s amazing how much we have learned from these guys, watching them grow up before our eyes. Sometimes even seeing ourselves in them? Being an only child, I had always wanted an older sister. Now, with il volo, I have LOTS of older sisters!! 🙂 ♡ and it’s so nice!

    Yes, allene, mary, jane, and suzy, if you are out there – it does seem like eons since vegas. Like a dream, except we do have pictures to prove it!

    A presto…Jana

  5. After watching the video with Francesca several hundred times (OK, slight exaggeration), I thought it was a perfect video to project a unique essence that each of Our Guys brings to their brother-friendships and their IL VOLO magic.

    In addition to their spectacular voices, we saw…
    ~ Gianluca’s tender heart with Francesca. As he said [translated], “It’s the most beautiful thing, to make people happy.”
    ~ Ignazio expressing his leadership by bringing in all 3 together with Francesca, and his humor by emphasizing IL VOLO, not il bolo.
    ~ Then Piero showed something I have observed as his absolute genius in taking charge to shift energy quickly and effectively. When the MC was apologizing for mispronouncing IL VOLO, Piero wanted to shift that and uplift spirits, so he quickly asked the MC about his background, which turned out to be both Italian parents, and soon Piero was sharing that they are both Siciliano, and they were hugging. Energy shifted; mission accomplished.

    I saw this with Piero years ago when an American talk-show host was asking about how long it would be before they broke up. Personally, I thought it was a really stupid question. But Piero didn’t let it get to him; he just quickly asked the talk show host what his favorite song was, and completely derailed the negativity in such a smooth way. Piero is a master at this!

    And, yes, they all have tender hearts, take leadership, express humor, and take action to support each other and those around them. I just love the unique flavor that each brings to this.

    I Love you, ragazzi, and I SEE YOU for your precious unique gifts! I know this is true of all your beloved ilvolovers!

    {{{Hugs}}} and love all around,

    1. Hi Jeanine, Thank you for pointing out Piero’s instinctive desire and ability to change the mood to a higher level when needed. He is always quick to sense what is happening and take charge.

      1. Absolutely, Mary! You mentioned Piero’s talent in taking charge, and it resurrected some memories I wanted to share as examples!

        Beautiful day to you and all!

  6. What a great post Mary it is so true how they are towards each other. I love to watch them interact together because they seem so real to me nothing they do seems made up or phony it seems to come from their hearts and if they do occasionally have a tiff or disagreements sometimes well that’s ok too because everyone has those kind of fights. And yes like everyone else it feels to me like Las Vegas was so long ago but it sure a terrific and I’m so glad I was there. Take care Mary love your post.

  7. Wow Jeanine, you give good hug’s, I can feel it from here! Vegas does seem so long ago, but my photo’s will keep me going until next year(let’s hope we will see them then) Something strange happened with the picture taking. I remember the meet and greet,
    I remember the selfie that Gianluca took with me,
    but I have no recollection of two other pictures that were taken! One was with Ignazio and Linda Hoen and myself, and the other with me and the three guy’s (by the table) I was e-mailed those pictures by Linda’s husband . I must have gone into a trance when I saw Ignazio walking toward’s me , and lost my memory for a few minutes! I hope I did’nt say anything real stupid to them during that time, but they did’nt run when they saw me at the meet and greet, so I guess I am safe!
    The other thing I wanted to say was I am glad that Ercole has joined the guy’s, and that they have a few day’s off. I know that we all worry about them.

  8. I enjoyed all your comments and reading Mary’s story and all I can say is My sentiments exactly, I just love how they are so close and support one another and their humility has always impressed me.

  9. Mary, such a beautiful tribute! You are spot on! I have nothing to add to that! But, Jill, I call that the “Il Volo Trance”!!! I experienced it, also! Did get some good photos, though!! Wish I could have had a rerun! I do however remember sweet hugs!!♡♡♡

  10. Oh! I can’t beleive how lucky we all are for having met and talked to these outstanding beautiful human beings !!!! The rest of the world would learn so much by their humility and loving ways.. Love gram Sutton

  11. Mary beautiful you put it describing me all feel the same way – thank you very much for your words!
    Jane – if you read it – l´m an only child like you so l was always around a lot of friends and without then my life l can´t imagine,it would be very scanty trivial.
    And now l have also made many new friends through lVFC,even though they are so far away from my country.
    ln one of our song says:
    Friendship is sometimes more than love,
    love will pass,but true friendship still endures…
    Happy days Z.

  12. Mary, If only more 20 year olds would be like our boys. Thanks for putting it in words. Joanie G

  13. Mary, you NAILED it! Our guys are absolutely amazing! They are talented, loving, compassionate, ethical, etc, I could go on forever about how special they are! Thank God, for giving us these young men who have become a part of our families and have brought so many of us together because of our love for them!
    Three very different individuals, but have become one in soul! You said it perfectly– THREE VOICES, ONE SOUL! GRANDE AMORE!

  14. Joan, I am proud to say my 20 year old grandson is so much like the boys. He’s thoughtful, kind, and hardworking. He actually baked a pink birthday cake for his girlfriend this year, I thought that was so cute.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

    1. Way to go, Rose Marie! I know two 20-somethings (“children” of friends) who are tremendous souls with big hearts and wonderful dedication to living a positive fulfilling, giving, joyous life. One is a musician and is learning how to live on the land. The other is an international eco-sustainability worker and visionary.

      We’ve got some great young people out there, perhaps the best our IL VOLO brothers!

      Love and awe,

  15. The friendship/brotherhood they share is truly a beautiful thing to behold. What are the odds that this one Italian tv show would inspire these three boys unknown to each other ( how is it Piero and Ignazio never knew OF each other? Surely they must have competed in the same music contests, after all Sicily isn’t that big an island!) Oh and what made the painfully shy Gianluca go on national tv???
    Anyway I digress: What are the odds that these three young guys should click so well with each other that they emerge as bothers, amigos and three parts of one soul? Years later they are older yet their bond has become almost psychic how they react ,rescue or reply to each other or reporters.

    WE are all blessed to be living in a time of IL VOLO. Thank you God , Master Creator of music and Italian boys with big voices.

    1. Hi Pirate, we met briefly in Las Vegas.
      I lost touch with the boys for a few years because of my husbands health issues. After he passed on I was sitting around feeling very lonely one night and happened to turn PBS on. Guess who was on? Il Volo – in Pompei, thank goodness! ! I have been following and enjoying them since that evening!

      1. Pirate, were you in Las Vegas? How come we didn’t meet? Dang! I met some great Ilvolovers there, but would have really loved meeting you…we could have compared Piero fantasies.

      2. Oh my, I hope I didn’t make a mistake Pirate. I met so many of the crew in Las Vegas I thought you were there. Please forgive me if I’m wrong🙃

  16. I so loved your comments Mary and everyone. Each was different yet have a commonality. I am enjoying this group so much! It is nice to know “we” share so many feelings and when other people don’t “get it”, you all do!
    If I can add a little something? I think putting these amazing guys together was not only genius but meant to be. I also think the guys are so down to earth due in a big part to the way they were raised. There is nothing like an Italian family to keep you humble and on track. AND love you no matter what !

  17. Mary, Your beautiful words resonate in all of our hearts…such a deep love and affection we share of these three Italian ‘boys’….they will always be boys to me. Meeting so many FB IL Volo friends in Las Vegas was just such a happy time, wasn’t it? Meeting you was special to me. The boys walking into the room filled with people who love them, honoring them, must have been thrilling and somewhat overwhelming to these young ’20 something’ yr. olds!!! Thank you for your heartfelt words, you have an exceptional way of expressing all of our feelings. Hugs..xoxo

  18. To Rose Marie and Mary Bohling:
    Sadly, I was not in Las Vegas as I was totally tied up with work ( I work for a church and I’m a pirate…go figure that one out!) I would have dearly loved to have been with the Flight Crew . I promise that if it had been at any other time I surely would have done all I could to be there…but alas, it was not to be. Just ask Jeanine or Marie how much I moaned and groaned about it!
    I do hope to meet both of you someday soon!

      1. No worries Rose Marie, its all good. I promise that when you do meet me you won’t forget it!

      2. I’ll vouch for that, too! Pirate’s humor is unforgettable, and she’s got a pretty smile-able answering machine message, too!

        Happy weekend, all!

    1. Oh yeah… I’ll vouch for ya, Pirate!
      Why were those good Catholic boys performing a concert on Good Friday?! (she said)

      Well, honestly, I’m Quaker, so it didn’t bother me. 😉

      And then when I saw that the Sabian symbol for that Friday was “an Easter sunrise service”, I thought… you betcha! Our guys know what Easter celebration feels like, and I celebrated Easter early with the concert!

      Next time, Pirate, it will be another date!

      Love and celebration,

  19. I love all your remarks. I discovered the boys watching “So America’s Got talent “last year. They were singing a special song with a young girl who got second in the contest. I was enthralled with their singing so I looked them up and now I am part of the Il Volo groupies. I bought their DVD and CDs from Italy and listen to them all the time. I have “Night with Il Volo” parties for friends who don’t know the boys. Everybody loves them. Italian drink, food, and music. I saw them in Los Angeles this year and it was so special. I was never interested in this music before and now I am a convert. I love all the messages. OH. I am 76. Their music is so uplifting and relaxes me when I drive or before a tennis tournament. I love how they interact with each other and their love for each other comes through in the CD. SO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD BY ALL.

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