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We talk about Il Volo when they are on tour (Il Volo Professional). There has been some feedback about what Il Volo is doing when they’re not on stage.   Welcome to Off Stage!

As many of you may remember, we had a column titled “In Case You Missed It” by our beloved friend Linda Snyder. Since that was Linda’s column, I want to keep it Linda’s, which is why this column was renamed.

When I was asked to do this, it gave me a funny feeling but at the same time felt so honored. I only hope that I can walk in my dear friend’s shoes.  I miss you, girl!!


In case anyone here didn’t know, Il Volo has been on tour since January. WHAT??  Oh come on, you knew!  Though they have quite a busy schedule with back to back concerts, they did have some time for play.  I know you all have seen these pictures, but, really!  Can we tire of seeing them again?

They started their 2016 tour in Italy in January. I was able to come up with these lovely photos:

Italians love to eat!

In Abruzzo



Do you think he’s for hire?
Ciao from Florence!

And who can forget these shots when they were promoting for MatchlessLondon. Okay, so this was actually work and not play, but these photos are among my favorites.

Wearing the Matchless London Star Wars capsule collection and taking a tour of the exclusive presentation at Pitti Uomo!

PIG with Star Wars.png

Italy tour ends.



Welcome to NA

Canada, Northeast U.S. and Midwest U.S. in February? For the life of me, I cannot figure out why there was little to no outdoor play.

Snow days.png

Yet, there was one brave soul.


They did get to go to a hockey game while in Canada.canada


They also got to celebrate Gianluca’s birthday while in Boston.Boston

Gianluca bday
They look so cold!

If you can’t go outside, then what can we do indoors? Of course!  Gym time!


Gianluca even has his Momma gymmin’ in Nashville!Grand ole opry



Piero in gym
In Nashville (sigh)

I know it’s an old picture but I feel like he’s been left out…so just because.

Igny at gym

I love the camaraderie they all have with each other. Did I mention Italians love to eat?  This was taken at Papa Joe’s in Pennsylvania.

Papa Joe

Now, I don’t know what poor Patrizio did to deserve this (Il Volo’s bass player)


Enough of the cold!! It’s time to hit Florida full of Warmth and Sunshine!  HELLO!Florida


The night before the Miami Concert Il Volo joined the Estefan’s for Julio Estefan’s birthday!



5 thoughts on “Il Volo – Off Stage”

  1. Fun post, Leelee! I love the photo of the group outdoors in their winter jackets, plus the way you described Gianluca getting his Momma gymmin! 🙂 Wonder if they will ever do a North American tour again during the dead of winter? 🙂 It presented a few obstacles for them, but they kept a truckin!

  2. Love the photos of them at the Matchless shoot…and I especially love seeing Piero’s lovely abs *sigh* Thanks Leelee!

    1. Loved this review. It is always so much fun and interesting to see what they are up to. Ignazio really looks good on that Harley, but then he’d look good on anything.

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