A Rose By Any Other Name…Deborah Beaupre

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I would like to have a couple of special photos I have, added to The Flight Crew.  These are from my vacation in San Vito Lo Capo this month.  When I went to Marsala to pick up my painting from Fabio Ingrassia, I had a special moment happen that was not planned!!!

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Ignazio, Alessandra & their dog Franz, happened to stop by Fabio & Maria’s while I was there!!  I was already so excited to finally have my painting, so the timing could not have been more perfect!!

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I also included the collage that has a pic of me with Nina at the Pizzeria that evening!!

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Grazie mille!!

Deborah Beaupre

Alessandra… Added later due to requests  ~Marie


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  1. Deb, don’t know what that beautiful, beautiful painting cost, but I would have paid a million for the “stop by”.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. what happened to the plans of Piero and Ignazio sharing a home together in Rome since it appears Alessandra and dog are in the ‘ picture ‘ now ?

  3. Deb, you are so lucky. Green with envy is what I’m feeling. It would take me forever to come down from cloud 9. Great encounter dear.

  4. Deb, Lucky you and what a fabulous artist he is. I want to see a pic of Ignazio and Alesandra Joanie G

  5. Lucky , lucky lady! What a great trip you must have had. Get to go to Marsala, meet Nina and then go get you painting ( and it is fabulous too!) then score the triple play with chance encounter of Ignazio, Alessandra and Franz the dog!

    By the way does anyone have a picture of Alessandra? I don’t think I have seen one. I bet she is tall.

    1. She is! I think, repeat THINK–I had a glimpse of her at the concert in Orilla. Mrs. Boschetto was sitting across the aisle from me and next to her was a young woman. They snuck in once the theatre got dark at the beginning and left before the end jump. I didn’t see them come or go. But I did get a brief look at the young lady sitting next to her. Later on I found out that Alessandra was there. If I had only known I would have stood up in the aisle and gotten a better look!

      1. I couldn’t find the site I was looking for but here is a picture of Ignazio and Alessandra de Marzo at a sporting event. Go to = Gossip.it/Ignazio and Alessandra. Also there is a picture with his mom Caterina- Il Volo/Dolby Theater/3/26/16. She also has a Linkedin page = very educated woman.

      1. Thank you, Marie. Beautiful, lucky Alessandra who will have excitement in her time with Ignazio’s. Lucky guy, too.

      2. Deborah – do you have a picture of their dog – Franz ? I know what Buddy looks like [ from his home video with family cooking in kitchen ].

      3. Thank you Marie for posting my photos!! I wanted to share this wonderful experience with everyone I could, and what better place than here!! I was so surprised and amazed I could not think straight!! Although I did speak more with Fabio & Ignazio, I really wish I had spent a bit more time with Alessandra & Maria too! They are both very nice, beautiful ladies!!

      4. Sorry Marie…I thought I had replied, but just saw I had not hit post!!! Senior moment!!

      5. Rosemarie, I did not get a photo of Alessandra or Franz (another senior moment), however there is a video on fb at Nina’s pizzeria of Ignazio, Fabio & Franz that was taken the night before my visit!! I do not know how to post it here though! Just type Ignazio and Franz in the search option on fb..and it will come up..So cute!!

      1. Penina, yes, they are in Italy. Concert in London is June 3, I noticed that the boys, in Europe, often travel into a concert place on the morning at day when the concert is.In Bologna they are preparing for a concert in Florence with conductor and today they also had this interview. 🙂

      2. The salute to the three tenors, no doubt. Do you know if Ra1 is going to televise this concert?

      3. ….and as they say Bologna is like their second home, always there practicing with singing teacher, preparing on concerts (as will be Una notte magica on July 1) and they also recorded there music CD’s

      4. Penina, Una notte magica, concert in Florence, will be recorded by PBS and will be aired only in USA, but this concert should be available before Christmas as a DVD or CD. 🙂

      5. I do not trust PBS to air the entire concert. The last show that they aired was the Pompeii concert, and it was identical to the DVD. Which is around 40 minutes long.
        We all know that Il Volo concerts are at least 2 hours. They edit out all the talking and just show one song after another–of the songs they choose for the DVD. I was hoping it will be broadcast in its entirety by Ra1 like they did the Verona concert. I don’t care if it is broadcast to only Italy–eventually the video will show up on the internet of the whole concert IF Ra1 is broadcasting it to Italy.

      6. Yes, I too, am hoping that the entire concert be aired in it’s entirety.i pray everyone is doing great.


        Prese Pasco


      7. Even if it is 77 minutes, that is only an hour and 17 minutes. Concerts are at least 2 hours.

      8. Just for curious, boys arrived this afternoon ( June 1) to London. 🙂 (currently in Europe has already begun day June 2)
        Good night and sweet dreams.
        Dobrú noc a sladké sny.
        Buonanotte e sogni d’oro.

      9. Penina, I can not agree, not every concert is long 2 hours. For example concert in Buenos Aires in Direct TV Arena was long 1 h. 34 m., including communications between songs. Most concerts that boys have take about 1 hour and 25-35 minutes. I am helping Kelly with all concerts, so I know. 🙂

      10. Perhaps. None of the concerts I attended were under 2 hours. We will have to disagree about that!
        However, I do not like the way PBS has edited the last couple of DVDs. They took all the fun, spontaneity and even personality out of the concert.

      11. Penina, there is no need to apologize. I did not write in a bad intention and I was not offended.Maybe it is my fault. Perhaps the problem is in my English, sometimes maybe I am not expressing well enough and accurately. Have a very beautiful evening ! 🙂

      12. Penina, about Una Notte Magica in Florence, so concert will be broadcast on Italian TV Canale 5, October 1, 2016.

      13. Thank you Lydka, I already found that information! But I do hope a complete video of it shows up on Youtube. I don’t know if we can get that channel here. I wonder if it will be broadcast on the internet.

      14. I do not know if whole concert will be on Youtube,because the DVD or CD from this concert will go on sale for Christmas and I will certainly plan to buy it. 🙂 And some of the money from the sale will go to foundations established by Pavarotti,so it will be also associated with the idea for a good cause. I’m sure it will be an amazing concert and a great pleasure for fans. 🙂

    1. Penina, I saw setlists for concerts during Latin Tour and now European tour.Let me give an example, The Buffalo News in its review in February wrote: “During a 26-song set, spanning nearly two hours, Il Volo carefully mixed in their best-known Italian love songs. ” But number of songs in concerts are now lower, it ranges between 19 – 22 songs ( most often 19 or 20 songs). Grande Amore CD has 16 songs and run time is about 60 minutes. Concert with 20 songs takes less than 2 hours (boys during concert are talking and joking with each other or with fans, but it doesn’t take many time). But I respect your opinion. 🙂 Have a nice day ! 🙂

      1. The CDs are never as long as the concerts. They don’t ever have the solos, or all the songs. Since they started singing duets as well as solos, those are not on the CDs either. That is 6 songs right there. I don’t think you can compare a CD to a concert. None of the chit chat or silly stuff is on the CDs either. Some of the concerts are longer than others–I think it has to do with their travel schedule. If they have to finish a concert and have to be in another city the next day it is possible that the concert is shorter.

      2. Penina , you do not understand me. I did not compare Cd and concert. It was example, boys don’t sing all song from new Cd, but the point is, how long is – an average – one song !it is about 3:30 or 3:40, some songs are long more than 4 minutes, I just wrote that 16 songs (generally) takes about 60 minutes.In all articles about Il Volo review of concerts were written that concert is long about 1,5 hour, or little bit less or more. In European tour they sing 10 songs from new CD,6 solas, 3 duets and Il Mondo.But of course you can think that I write stupid things.And of course ,you were on their concerts and I saw them only on DVD and internet…

      3. I do not think you are stupid Lydka! Far from it! If I offended you I sincerely apologize.

  6. Penina,Pirate and Joan, if you google Ignazio Boschetto and Alessandra, you will see several photo’s of the two of them. I think the one of them at the Dolby theatre meet and greet is the best.
    She look’s like she is almost his height, but she might have been wearing high heels.

  7. Thank you Marie for posting my photos!! I wanted to share this wonderful experience with everyone I could, and what better place than here!! I was so surprised and amazed I could not think straight!! Although I did speak more with Fabio & Ignazio, I really wish I had spent a bit more time with Alessandra & Maria too! They are both very nice, beautiful ladies!!

    1. Thanks -Lydka = I did see this clip earlier but thought dog belonged to his sister [ pizza shop owner ] or a friend.

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