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  1. Thanks, Myron! I know very little about vocal music, but you have explained it so even I can understand! I get chills just thinking about the future for these young men! Hope I’m around to hear them for many more years! I feel extremely blessed to have been here with them so far!! Seeing and hearing them in person was one of the highlights of my life! Keep up the good work…our old inquiring minds need to know!!♡ from Texas!

  2. Thank you Myron, I don’t know a lot about music but your explanation is very helpful. I only know what I like and I LOVE the sounds coming from these young men. My hope is to be around as they reach their maturity.
    Rose Marie

    1. Ditto girls. My plan is to live to be a hundred seriously.So I also hope I will be able to be here to hear these 3 magnificent voices mature to their extreme. There are & will never be 3 better voices in the world that I want to or will ever listen to for the rest of my life.
      Thank you Il Volo you sooth my life with every song

  3. Thanks Myron. Your expert interpretation of what we hear is always so good. Seeing them perform is heavenly…listening to their voices…sublime! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Myron, for the information. I know very little about music, but I DO know I LOVE IL VOLO MORE THAN ANY OTHER SINGERS! They project love and compassion every time they sing! I’m 74 and I know it’s not realistic to think I will be alive when are guys are in their late 30’s and 40’s, but I can just imagine how they will sound then! Maybe I can hear them from heaven!!
    They have angelic voices now!!!

    1. Why Anna!! That’s only 20 years.

      “A growing number of Americans are living to age 100. Nationwide, the centenarian population has grown 65.8 percent over the past three decades, from 32,194 people who were age 100 or older in 1980 to 53,364 centenarians in 2010, according to new Census Bureau data.”

      You’ll be there… Front row!

      1. Marie, Save us some front row seats. Who else is up for this? I can only imagine them in 20 years. My goodness…

      2. Thanks Marie. I feel better now. I’m only 70 but when I listen to these guys, I feel like I’m in my 20’s. Thank you Myron for your great interpretation so as we can all understand. I love Gianluca’s voice. Even as a youngster, he already had that rich, alluring sound. So very SEXY INDEED.

  5. I want a front row seat too. I would love to hear them when
    their voices are mature. I love them so much now, I can only
    imagine how “superb and romantic” they will be in a few more
    years. Beautiful, handsome young men, I love them.

  6. We will all have front row seats! We can listen and look and dream. Then Myron can tell us why. In the meantime, this is as close to front row as we’re gonna get right now. Come back Boys!

  7. I really enjoyed this explanation of the guys voices. I sing a bit and knew some of that, but your explanation increased my understanding and love of their voices. over the years I have listened to them and when Ignazio sings I think “I love his open, clear and youthful voice the best.” Then Gianluca starts with his warm,rich romantic voice and then I think “no, I like his voice best”. Then along comes Piero with his trained, operatic, powerhouse voice and I think “wow I think I like that voice best”.
    In the end I realize they together are what makes that beautiful, memorable, emotional sound and I cannot pick a favorite voice. Love them all. they are unique and special.

    1. Many times I feel the same way after listening to each one singing, thinking this voice is the best. But as you said, I feel the same after listening to each one and then when all three sing, they make the most beautiful music. Listening to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca just makes life so much better!

  8. Always fascinating to read your words Myron! I feel like I am getting a better understanding of music than before. To me a tenor was always a tenor so listening to Piero always left me a little confused because I would always hear that deeper tone of his while still hearing the tenor range he reaches. He must have a tremendous lung capacity, well, actually I think they all do. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks, Myron. Very informative! Got a question. Why does Gianluca almost always lead in when they start a song? Thanks, Lynn

    1. Lynn, I think I can answer your question. I’ll try and then Myron can correct me if I’m wrong. Since Gianluca is a baritone, his voice is the base of a chord, when Piero and Ignazio come in their tenor voices stack on top, completing the chord.

      1. Thanks For! Makes sense! One more of my burning questions answered! Lol!

    2. It seems like it. but I have have never asked why that is. And it is on every album, as well. It might have something to do with the contract. I am just guessing. Sometime when I see them I will ask that question.

      1. I like Dory’s answer to this but I do remember reading somewhere that they started uisng Gian first because he won the contest. Now that reason just sounds darn silly, but I do think its odd all the same

      2. Many years ago, I know I saw an interview with them and they were asked this question about who starts first. They replied that is depends on the type of song and what the song needs. If is is more pop, Gianluca leads off, but often ( at least then) if it was more classical, then Piero would lead off. However, this hs changed over time and we see Gianluca almost always lead off now.

        And thank you, Myron. You are always so informative. Placido Domingo started as a baritone and pushed himself up to tenor roles and now is returning to baritone roles at the end of his career. It would not surprise me if Piero’s voice ends in tenor-baritone range.

        The vocal training has certainly helped Ignazio just fly this season and boy, Gian can sure sing pop which he could not do if he wasn’t working on the “head tone”.

  10. Thanks, Myron for your commentary on the guy’s voices. I seem to recall some time back you being slightly concerned that Ignazio was “growling” too much when he sang nowadays. I have to admit I miss his high clear tenor of his thirteen year old self. I’m wondering if you still hear that growl sometimes and if it is still a cause of concern. Also, if you’ve made comments on his singing “operatic” songs with Piero I have missed them. When I heard him and Piero in OKC, I was flabbergasted.

  11. Myron, did you see the 13 year old opera singer on America’s Got Talent last night? She sang Nessun Dorma, which is my favorite operatic piece. She was put through to the final’s immediately. I think she has quite a future ahead of her. Maybe a duet with Piero. I have alway’s wanted to ask Piero if he has sang Nessun Dorma on stage, I don’t think he has, and I wonder why not. It would be another long standing ovation for him.

  12. I found this description of their voices : Piero Barone is a Spinto Tenor demonstrating a range from an A2-B4. He has a dramatic sound while still easily reaching higher notes. Ignazio Boschetto is a Lyric Tenor with a clear and bright timbre. He has demonstrated a range from G#2-C#5. He has also hit a D5 in falsetto and screamed a few B5s and C6s. Gianluca Ginoble is a Lyric Baritone with a range from a F2-G#4. He has a warm timbre very easily singing at the top of the baritone range, while also being able to hit very low notes. He has also spoken an E2.

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