Personally Speaking~Highway to Heaven?~by Mary Bohling



Does anyone know where this highway is?  I can’t ufind it on any map, and the GPS just laughs at me.  Do you think that vision at the end of it is a mirage?  Will it disappear as one gets closer?  Or will there be a lovely prize at the end…or is there an end?  Maybe the taunting image beckoning us just keeps pulling us farther and farther with no hope of ever reaching it.

~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     

Some search at the end of the rainbow

To find a treasure of gold.

I search for the end of the highway

For treasure so dear to behold.

His eyes are a magnet that draws me

Closer and closer until

Breathless and trembling I near him

Just to watch him go over the hill.

Piero, you illusive phantom,

Forever just out of my touch,

I won’t stop my quest for that highway,

The longing for you is too much.

I guess that I’ll go on forever

Just searching and searching for you.

And maybe I will find that highway

That makes all my dreams come true.


18 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Highway to Heaven?~by Mary Bohling”

  1. Oh Mary! That poem was wonderful! I may have found that highway. The last time I got close to those marvelous eyes, I think I fell into them.

  2. Also, to those of you on your way to the Palladium tomorrow night… Be prepared for the time of your lives! It appears that there will be plenty of IL Volo family joining you for this hugely outstanding event. I can see the headlines now… “IL VOLO TAKES ENGLAND WITH HARMONY!” I hope the Queen is listening.

  3. Mary,a lovely poem!!! It’s difficult not to fall into the depths of our magnificent Piero’s beautiful eyes!! He is such a sweetheart!!

  4. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, Piero’s tells it all . Thanks Mary for such a fine tribute to our boy. His birthday is coming up soon. I don’t have your talent, but I am composing my own tribute to him. Joanie G

  5. May you just made me cry so much love and emotion in your post you said exactly what is in my heart. concerning we know who. Thanks so much. You’re amazing.

  6. Another great post Mary. Piero certainly is an all around amazing young man! Even with all the traveling, interviews and concerts, he never seems to be tired or unhappy.
    Best wishes to all who will be attending Il Volo’s concert in London tomorrow. It will surely be wonderful!

  7. Mary, thank you for articulating so well what many feel. A wise woman once told me some years ago : ” Don’t worry. Whatever you miss will just come around again.” She was speaking of not necessarily this life, but the next one as well. That idea and philosophy was comforting to me. Who knows? Maybe each and every one of us will have our shared dream come true at some point in time. Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be him. In many pictures now, I am getting the sense that because he seems to have the deep soul of a true artist, that he requires a lot of time alone and may have some conflict within himself because he seems to really like and enjoy people, from a recent comment he made, it seems he would very much like to be in love, but his need to follow his artistic dream may be greater, still. He’s still young enough to eventually ‘have it all’ someday, and being male, he has even time on his side. It will be when he’s ready, and he strikes me as someone who is very careful. It will be interesting to see how his life unfolds. As that wise woman implied, I t is quite possible that I ( we all) will know whether in this life or the next one, so there’s no need to cry, really. God bless him and all who love him.

  8. Mary, a wonderful, endearing poem, sweet lady. I share your and others’ deep feelings for Piero. He is amazing in so many ways, as each young man in IL Volo is, but there is something about Piero that has always stirred my heart. Thank you, for your poetic talent, IL Volo sister. ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Harriett. I lost my camera in Vegas, and so all of the pictures; one that I regret losing is the one taken of you and me together. Hope we may have another occasion to repeat that photo.

  9. Mary, Thank you for articulating so well what many feel. A wise woman once told me, ” Don’t worry; whatever you miss will come around again.” She was speaking of if not necessarily in this life, then in the next life. It was a comforting idea and philosophy to me. Piero seems to have the deep soul of a true artist, and may require large amounts of time spent alone to think, imagine, create. He also seems to greatly like and enjoy the company of people. Perhaps there is an inner conflict there which is common in artists and intellectually-oriented people. I have read some of his comments and think that may be the case with him, but he is still a young man and being male, he also has time on his side to decide which road to travel. It will be interesting to see how his life unfolds. As the wise woman told implied, I’ll know in time, as we all will. So, there’s really no need for us to cry. God bless him and us all.

  10. Mary, you have outdone even Marie with your poetry. It is beautiful. But I’m afraid that for me, this is the “Highway to the Danger Zone”. If I ever reached the Treasure at the end of it, I’d be in danger of never leaving him. And it might also be dangerous for Piero. I might just hug & kiss him to pieces. Yet, when I did meet him after the New Orleans concert, I was practically speechless. I hope I get another chance someday.

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