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What is it about Il Volo that has taken them to such heights of success….has endeared them to thousands of people world-wide…has impressed musically savvy people with the quality of their voices?  Is it the

“Il Volo Mystique?”




When looking at the meaning of the word “mystique” we find that several of its synonyms apply to these young men.


Example #1CHARISMA  There is no doubt that they exude oodles of charisma.

Watching them in concert we  can feel its esoteric power coming across the stage and hitting us full on.  It’s what some have referred to as “love at first sight.”




Example #2-CHARM  Are we charmed by them?  We are absolutely drawn in by their beauty, smiles, sweet expressions, warmth, and of course the magnificent voices.




Examples #3 and 4APPEAL AND ALLURE  These two synonyms both include “the power to attract” and “to captivate.”  How appropriate is that?   Think of the thousands of fans that have been attracted to the various venues like Verona for concerts.  And haven’t we all been captivated by them and happily so?




Example #5  AN AURA surrounding something or someone that makes the person or thing seem very intriguing.  While we love our guys for their honest, down-to-earth ways, we also feel the presence of that special aura that is part of who they are.




We know that they give credit to God for the talent that has taken them on this journey, and there is a spiritual quality to the mission they have set for themselves–a spiritual aspect that has enabled them to make a difference in so many peoples lives.  The combination of the components of humility, naturalness, gratitude and magical allure all together make up 

“The Il Volo Mystique.”


~Mary Bohling~


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21 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ The Il Volo Mystique ~ Mary Bohling ~”

  1. Mary, this is all so true! I love the way you summarized the combination of components for their Mystique! Beautiful post!!

  2. Well Mary you sad it all I guess that’s why I only want to run up to Ignazio & give him a real lloonng hug

      1. Yep we’re all looking forward to the next concert or where we can get to see them. As far as making the most of it he would probably have to get security to force my hands open behind his head & then he could run out the door. Then he wold probably run the next time he saw me & I would have botched it for good

  3. Mary you know always verbalize thoughts that the rest of us just feel.Thanks for all your contributions,I´m already looking forward to next!

  4. Hi dear Mary, I always get a smile when I see that you have written another wonderful poem or post about our boys. You always express our deepest feelings so well. Grazie, te amo!!!! ♥☺♥☺

  5. How true, how true! Every word you wrote! These three Italian young men have entwined our hearts from the very first. I am so happy, Mary, that you can put into words exactly what I am feeling.

  6. Mary, if I were to look up the definition for Il Volo in Websters Dictionary your description of them is what I would find. Not the English translation but the true meaning of who they are. I love your way with words. Grazie .

  7. Mary , you’ve expressed exactly what is IL VOLO . When we find them we know all this quality, but it is the first time that we hear them in a concert we are affected by this their beneficial auras that invades us ….. and we can not do without it .

  8. Nice little article, Mary! Sure does describe something we all puzzle over daily – “…why is it we are so captivated by these kids?…” Think those who have said how perfectly you have got it figured are 100% right. You did. <3 <3 <3

  9. Mary, you have perfectly stated what we are all experiencing with our love and respect for these uber-talented young men. Well done!

  10. Oh, and P.S., I hope that someone gets this beautiful post to the Boys! I know they would love it!

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