A Little Il Volo Poetry by Sandi Eyman

Here are three poems I wrote about Il Volo.  I hope they are worthy of the Flight Crew.  They are Senryu (a type of haiku), so it will be a format not familiar to some of our readers.


Il Volo

Three Italian guys
   attentive, humorous, and kind
      once boys…now men

Gian, Igna, Pero
   exquisite voices
      smooth, lyric, strong

Velvet, silk, brocade
      like ribbons entwined


16 thoughts on “A Little Il Volo Poetry by Sandi Eyman”

  1. Sandi, I really like these. Especially the voices …like ribbons entwined. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. You’re right…weren’t familiar with format, BUT DEFINITELY GOT THE MESSAGE! Beautifully put! Thanks! <3 <3 <3

  3. You described their voices perfectly. I have always thought of them as velvet, crystal and diamond. Velvet for Gianluca, so smooth, Crystal for Ignazio, clear and shiny bright and Diamond for Piero precious and strong.

  4. Sandi these are so beautiful!! I’m so glad you shared them. As you said, the format is a bit different but your words and messages come through with no problem. I hope the guys get to see them.

  5. Beautiful words, Sandi! Brava! I love the words ” voices …like ribbons entwined”. They are a perfect description of how the guys blend so well together!

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