Il Volo Professional ~ Notte Magica! Roccaraso~Turin~Bologna!

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The guys have been on the GO, but fear not we have NOT lost track of one minute of them as they serenade themselves from one part of Italy to another!

Starting with Roccaraso, Italy…a town in central Italy in the province of L’Aquila in the Abruzzo region…a mere 85 miles from Gianluca’s home town of Montepagano….next on to Turin which is way up north in the Piedmont area, then landing in the lovely town of Bologna where Michele and Barbara are from.  You can almost hear every note they are singing or feel every ounce of joy they are expressing when you look at these pictures.


Roccaraso 1

Backdrop for rehearsal in progress.

Roccaraso 2

Looks big enough to be a football field!Roccaraso 4I’m just sure he is thinking of Marie!

Roccaraso 5

Some pictures need no words.


Roccaraso 7


Roccarasco M&G

A gift from artist Domenico Di Cienzo…”we artisans” takes flight.



Turin 2

What a set!  Absolute elegance and class.

Turin 3

Turin 4


Bologna 4

On the road brotherly love and support.

Bologna 2

And how adorable is that little wave from Gianluca?


And the Notte Magica lingers…until we see you again.


Piero and Gianluca  enjoy watching Ignazio sing his part.  They still do this after all the years of performing together.  How endearing is that?

One can never hear this magnificent song too many times.

Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae


Photo/video credits: Facebook and Instagram


30 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~ Notte Magica! Roccaraso~Turin~Bologna!”

  1. And yes, the Italian concerts started to big.
    Warmly the audience who welcomed them and the many commitments they see the boys run from side to side of our peninsula.
    Roccaraso’s date was very emotional, a date 0, really felt.
    It’s true Jane, Ave Maria is so beautiful that we never get tired of hearing it.
    Even the guys in an interview said they did not expect such a great success for this song.
    In Roccaraso l’Ave Maria was presented by Gianluca and he used really touching words that excited the whole audience who reacted with a standing ovation.

    Gianluca = And here’s a song written for us and we hope for a day to sing in front of Pope Francis. (applause)
    As you know, Italy, especially the center of Italy, our region Abruzzo, is suffering in this period, and that is why we would like to dedicate it to all the victims of the earthquake that struck the center of Italy. (Applause)
    Many victims of the Rigopiano massacre. (Applause, standing ovation, all the standing orchestra).
    That our song can go up there.

    1. Daniela, thank you so much for adding this translation to the post. How beautiful he spoke! To me, this song has such power and grace in the way they sing it.

    2. Oh my gosh!! Our Gianluca has such a sweet and tender soul and is not ashamed to share it with us!!!

    3. Grazie mille, Daniela! 🙂 Are you sure they didn’t sing it for them with their private session? I’m sure they could have done it a capella? Although the music really adds to it.

      1. I was there, it was a touching moment, we were all on our feet, it was a wonderful and the most moving moment of the concert <3

    4. Thank you for adding this. It is magnificent. It is the most beautiful arrangement and such purity if voice. I will play it on the train to Rome for my husband to hear it. I am so thrilled to have found this group. I feel so at home with Il Volo fans. I’m still shocked we decided to come to Italy just to hear the boys sing. We would never have done it if we had not heard them in Mjnneapolis. I’m beyond thrilled to head to Rome tomorrow. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.

    1. Cynthia, good! So I am not the only one who thinks that! I am exoecting Marie to chime in here somewhere. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this nice post, Jane. These are such good pictures of the guys. You can’t help but love them! That is a beautiful chandelier that seems to follow them around Italy! I love how the lights move and change color with the music. Wish it would have been part of the sets here in the USA! I also agree with your adjective for Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae….it is magnificent!

    1. Hi pitterpat! Yes, I was hoping the chandelier would show up in USA concerts, too. It really does add stunning beauty to their set. So happy to see it in their Italian concert venues.

    2. Ciao, Pat! Hope all is well!! Yes, I didn’t notice until a few pictures I saw that they had the chandelier in their concerts in Italy. How nice!

      1. The boys spoils us italian fans! It’s the first thing I noticed in Roccaraso as I entered in the Palasport, the chandelier! 😉

      2. Daniela, I love the chandelier and now notice it in all the videos. What a beautiful connection to Il Volo. I hope they bring it everywhere.

      3. Ciao, Jana! All is well here. I sure didn’t realize the chandelier was missing in the US concerts until they went back to Italy. It is the same one that was on the set in Florence at the first concert in July 2016. We’ll have to keep an eye out to see if it shows up in any of the concerts in the rest of Europe and even South America! That chandelier is getting more popular by the minute! 😀

  3. Thank you Jane and Crew for the wonderful photos and videos. “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae” is a beautiful song. Sung with power, grace and feeling with perfection. Team IL Volo has not lost a step, they have the voices of angels. We are all blessed to have them in our lives. They wear the Faith on their sleeves very rare in the word of entertainment today. They are very special young men!

    1. Vincent, I had not read your post yet as I was commenting on above posts, then I see we both commented on the Ave Maria having such power and grace when sung. That song moves me every time I hear them sing it. One of the many reasons I was drawn to these three young men early on was the way they are who they are at all times…no false pretense…what you see is what you get, pure and real. I, too, love the fact they wear their faith on their sleeve and are so confident and comfortable with it. Makes you love them all the more!

      1. Thank you Jane for the photos and videos and thank you Daniela for translating Gianluca’s introduction and dedication of Il Volo’s beautiful Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae to the victims of the earthquake. I so agree with you Jane and Vincent that these three wonderful and talented men know who they are and are true to what they believe. I feel their “Notte Magica” tour is the best one yet! They look so elegant and sing so many beautiful and difficult songs and with such grace and ease. I also love seeing the smiles and encouraging or loving looks on their faces when another is singing.

      2. Jane the photos are wonderful. I can’t sleep I’m so excited to get to Rome tomorrow. Daniela is adorable and thank you for all your extra help. This is a dream come true. Some of us have come a long way just to hear them again. I wish we could go to the concert on the 13th and could not get tickets. We will be happy with the gift of the concert on the 12th. I hope I can get pictures. They wouldn’t let us film in Minneapolis. Blessings to all of you.

    2. Thank you for the updates and at last today we go to Rome. I wish we had planned better and had gone to more concerts while in Italy. We are so excited and just got our notification on the Meet and Greet tickets.
      We will leave Venice today and head for Rome. We still cannot believe we are in Italy. Everyone has been so wonderful and I’m in love with the whole country. Everyone helps with my wheelchair and my sweet husband carried luggage up and down the bridges for an older couple limping along. Then he came back and carried my wheelchair for the bridge with no ramp. My husband Jay is a Saint. Finally Rome and the concert is close. Thank you for the updates on the concerts. I did not know about the chandelier. The boys look wonderful and I can hardly wait for May 12. We love you all for sharing so much.

  4. Thanks, Jane. Love the pictures and the powerful song. And LOVE: those three young men!

  5. Thank you Jane for showing us the beautiful pictures.
    Did you see the photo of our guy’s in a private audience with the Pope? They told him about “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae” I’m sure they will get to sing it one day for him.
    Yes, Ignazio is definitely thinking of Marie in the photo, and I’m sure he and Alessandra have had many an argument over it. Lol

  6. If you go to All Things Il Volo’s Facebook page there is a picture of them with the Pope and instructions on how to get to the Vatican’s picture gallery. There are some great shots of each as they meet His Holiness. What an honor for them to have a private meeting with the Pope and to present to Him a special edition of Notte Magica.

  7. Thank you to Jane and Daniela for sharing. I remember the first time I heard this song, I called my friend and was driving but in tears and told her that I just heard angels sing, I know now what it will sound like in heaven when we are there!!! And every time I listen to it I get the same reaction!!!!

    1. Dee, I love the way you put that…”I know now what it will sound like in heaven.” I couldn’t agree with you more!

  8. On the picture of Gianluca with a big smile I can only say you are
    a great big beautiful doll. I just love to look at you.

  9. Great job, Jane!!

    Funny, I sent that picture of them with the Pope to a nun friend of mine and said something similar that many of you said – 😊 “It makes me feel good that such young people, like themselves, in the music industry, loved around the world for their music, can have such reverence for the Pope.” it is certainly a rare thing these days! I really wanted to say that it made me proud, but they aren’t my “kids…” Ok, still proud! 🙂 It’s amazing they can transport that chandelier around! It must weigh a ton!

  10. Jane – georgeus,thank you so much (and Daniela for translation too) !
    Papa Francis would have a huge experience from AVE MARIA MM as we all.He will be loved by the beautiful voices and ” the golden hearts” of Gianluca + Ignazio + Piero,because he is very sensitive man.
    I believe that the concert will be at the St.Peter´s basilica in Vatican very soon.

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