Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on stage in an embrace


I’m still stunned by all the beauty I saw last night.
A stratospheric concert, wonderful voices, rested and powerful, beautiful music, spectacular sets, all like a fairy tale.
It was not a “Magic Night”, it was a “Starry Night”, because Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are three stars that shine with a wonderful light, and when they are combined the result is simply spectacular.
Three beautiful and elegant young men bewitched and delighted  the whole audience.
In my ears I still have their beautiful voices and my eyes still see everything that last night was unique and unforgettable.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on stage in tuxedos and bow ties.
I tell you right away that they did not allow us to enter the Arena with the camera, so I could not take videos or beautiful photos, I could only use my mobile.
But RAI1 has re-taken everything (filmed it all) and who better than them? I hope you all can see it as it will be a truly rewarding experience.
Click the photo below to view the concert.


There were 23 beautiful songs, some already known because they are part of the repertoire of Il Volo and many new for us and one completely unpublished.
Now let’s go over with some nice fan videos (not done by me), and some of my comments.
The preview begins with a joke with Marco Giallini, where Ignazio jokes saying that his shoes are very bad and Giallini tells him that he took them out of wood !!
Click the photo below to view the Anteprima.

The start was truly overwhelming with “The Ecstasy of Gold – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Wonder!! A spectacular start !!

Then they sang a beautiful YOUR LOVE, from the film Once Upon a Time in the West.

and then, remembering Notte Magica of 2017, NESSUN DORMA.
At this point a beautiful Italian actress enters: Laura Chiatti, whom Piero and Gianluca call “muse” and whom Ignazio calls “picciotta” (in Sicilian: young girl)
So a good pop song, also set to music by Morricone: SE TELEFONANDO.

The show continues with the introduction of IL MONDO, halfway through the song a guest enters, a famous Italian singer-songwriter (he also wrote Notre Dame De Paris): Riccardo Cocciante.
Then he will sing one of his songs to music by Morricone: “When a Love Ends”.
It starts again with another music from the film, NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO, at the end of the song there will be a small exchange between our kids and Salvatore Cascio, the child,  now adult, of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

Two other guests, Raphael Gualazzi on the piano and Nina Zilli, who together with Il Volo perform the beautiful song from the film METTI UNA SERA A CENA.

Something from the repertoire of our boys, but which we always listen to very willingly:
Back to Morricone’s film music:
SACCO E VANZETTI, preceded by a reading of the story of the two unfortunate Italian immigrants, read by Giallini.

While Giallini was reading the story, Piero,  Ignazio and Gianluca went down the corridors among the audience, to sing from that position. Piero was in the central corridor, just that close to me. I want to describe what I saw and that made me extremely happy.
Piero was in the corridor, but further ahead of my seat (farther from the stage) and I had to turn around to see him, he was with his back to me. RAI was in front of Piero for the video shoot, but at that moment Piero was not filmed.
He was hot, he was sweating and an assistant came over to wipe his forehead and then walked away from him. At that moment two elderly people, who had perhaps gone to the bathroom, were returning to their seats, which were right next to where Piero was. The man was old, large, and walked laboriously with a cane, supported by his wife. It was clear that if the TV shooting started, they were right in the middle, so Piero, who was already ready, began to call the assistant in a low voice to tell him to solve the situation, but that assistant was far away and did not hear and therefore Piero, seeing that the man was having a hard time getting into his seat, he went to him, held his seat in place, and helped him to and enter his row.
Despite the live TV, Piero was kind and thoughtful to this person, I don’t know how many artists would have done the same. Very good Piero !!
After Sacco and Vanzetti, they sang E PIÙ TI PENSO from Once Upon a time in America.

We are at the moment of the three beautiful singles.
Gianluca begins who amazes us with a beautiful song by Elton John written 51 years ago: YOUR SONG.
Gianluca dedicates the song to his mother.

Piero continues with the beautiful NO PUEDE SER accompanied by the flutist Andrea Griminelli.

And so Ignazio concludes with a wonderful LISTEN performed in the company of Julian Iorio who is only 8 years old.

A little, sweet interview with Julian at the end of the song.
I = Julian, you have been very good, but how old are you?
J = Thanks. 8 and a half years.
I = And where are you from?
J = From Fregene (locality near Rome)
I = Are you passionate about music?
J = A lot.
I = Where do you go after the concert?
J = I don’t know.
I = Aren’t you going home?
J = Yes, I’m going home. Tomorrow I wake up, make the trip and go home.
I = But in how many hours?
J = When we arrived it took us 6 hours, and I don’t know to go back.
I = Sure, it depends on the traffic, (laughter) Thanks a lot !!
J = You’re welcome.
I = Julian Iorio
Let’s go back to film music and continue with the beautiful GABRIEL’S OBOE, taken from MISSION.

And now a song that is part of our boys NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU.
In the middle of the song, when the boys descended into the audience, Ignazio approached his mother and gave her a kiss on the forehead. ❤

At this moment Piero was close to me doing the high pitch, you can see me sitting next to Piero, wearing an electric blue jacket. I made the photo, Piero, Ignazio  were really close.
Piero in the audience

Below, Il Volo performs UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE and MY WAY.

A beautiful unpublished song follows, an absolute first, I like it very much and I really hope to hear it many times, written by Andrea Morricone, I COLORI DELL’AMORE:

We have reached the end of the concert.
The song with which it all ends is taken from the opera La Traviata: LIBIAM DE LIETI CALICI.
And so the concert ends, but before leaving us the boys tell us that after the finale there will be a surprise.
In fact after the applause Il Volo returns and makes a beautiful and moving dedication.
It is a very touching moment, because Ignazio begins by dedicating the song to all those who in this long period have lost so many loved ones.
Piero goes on to say that this concert was dedicated to Vito Boschetto who they all miss a lot. After the announcement was made, you could see Gianluca and Piero biting at their lips trying to hold back their emotions for their dear friend, Ignazio. There are some very touching moments of support and hug to Ignazio by Piero and Gianluca. Really very moving. 
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca perform CONRADIANA a beautiful song written by Bocelli and Morricone.

Thunderous applause and standing ovations.
The concert is over and the TV shoot is over.
Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio greet us and leave the stage.
People don’t go away, everyone stands all ahead, everyone murmurs BIS (BIS means we still want a song) and so the boys come back and, just for us, audience, they perform THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY, taking off their jackets and saying goodbye for the last time. A short piece.

A memorable evening.
Perfect performances, formidable guys and full of affectionate gestures towards each other.
Both live and home audiences poured out all the love for these young men.
It goes without saying that the concert in RAI had the highest ratings.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on stage in tuxedos and bow ties

For now, the comments of the press are few (today is Sunday) but good.
I want to conclude with a beautiful comment by a well-known Italian singer Rita Pavone.
Yesterday I saw the concert of the Tribute to Ennio Morricone aside of IL VOLO. Well, folks, there’s none for anyone! (This expression means that they are the best and there is none better than them!) Those three guys are sensational, they’re great. They face lyrical and pop arias, two worlds light years away, with a totally different setting and register voice but managing to be just as credible as to leave the listener amazed.
The “Listen” by Ignazio Boschetto, with the contribution of the very talented Julian – it is really true that talents are born! An 8 year old boy who plays the sax like a new John Coltrane but with the look and grit of a Lisa Simpson -, he was a real punch in the stomach for all those, myself included, who would never have imagined how much soul there is in that voice. I knew instead of this vocal duplicity in Gianluca Ginoble, because I had already had the opportunity to listen to him some time ago in some pop songs, but his version of “Your Song” last night was so beautiful that if there had been Elton John in the room, he would be the first to stand up and applaud. The opera singer par excellence, on the other hand, remains Piero Barone, whose ease in taking the highest notes and the most difficult treble notes is for him like drinking a glass of water.
What to say ? That we just have to be proud of having similar talents who bear the name of Italy in the world. And whoever says the opposite either does not understand anything about music, or is in bad faith, or is envious.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on stage in an embrace

I know that in this project, the choices were completely made by our three treasures. This shows their artistic maturity, as well as physical – they are young but with a lot of common sense and good taste !! But we already knew it!
I was there, it was unforgettable: Daniela ❤❤❤

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on stage in tuxedos and bow ties

Left to right: Close up of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on stage in tuxedos and bow ties

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on stage in tuxedos and bow ties

Here are some of my photos.

Daniela Perani in the Verona Arena

Daniela with Deborah Georgine Beaupre in Verona Arena

With Deborah Georgini Beaupre

IL VOLO talking with audience and TG before the concert

Before the concert, during the connection with the TG

Michele Torpedine speaking with a woman


IL VOLO on stage with Laura Chiatti

IL VOLO on stage talking

IL VOLO on stage talking to Andrea Morricone

Daniela selfie with IL VOLO on stage in the background


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

184 thoughts on “AN UNFORGETTABLE CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. Daniela… some folks are questioning if Piero’s dedication to Vito Boschetto referred to the whole concert, or just the one song the guys sang after the announced dedication??

    1. Hi Gary. In fact, the dedication was made at the bottom, after the RAI titles at the end of the program, but Piero said exactly this: “We want to say something important for the three of us: this concert was dedicated to Vito, who we really miss. a lot and looks at us from up there “.

  2. Guess I was just lucky, had a front row seat in front of my computer and got to see the whole FANTASTIC concert live on IlVolo tv. I didn’t leave the house that day in case I could find something and thank goodness I did It was one emotional ride from start to finish I thought it was one of their best concerts, loved the music. I have already watched it three times. Thanks to all the crew for your dedication and translating for all of us that don’t understand Italian, we would be lost without you guys By the way I live in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida in the United states

    1. You had a truly enviable seat and enjoyed a beautiful show. Think what it was for me that I was there with them ….. how wonderful ….. I couldn’t really lose it !!

  3. Thank you very much Daniela, for the summary of the concert, translating a little what was said and your comments more than successful.
    I saw the concert in my office (I was working) from my cell phone, but still I felt and lived as if I were at the concert itself (the next day I saw the replay on TV) …. It was a wonderful presentation, with these guys who are unbeatable … Until today, every time I see an image or a video of this concert, my skin goes up …
    Every interpretation of the great Ennio Morricone’s songs was fantastic; their own magnificent songs; the “solos” of the boys each one was so beautiful, but seeing Ignazio with little Julian (a little girl with great talent) filled me with tenderness to the point of tears; the unpublished was more than excellent and knowing that we witnessed the launch of this gift has no name; I was a little worried about Ignazio, because it was logical that at some point they would talk about his father, and it was at the end of everything that Piero dedicated the concert to our beloved Vito Boschetto, and to see those contrite little faces of Piero, Gian and Igna (he about everything) is that my emotions reached a thousand, and I cried, yes, as most will have done, I think … Surely if I was in the Arena I would throw myself at Ignazio’s feet (I adore him) …
    I repeat, it was a magical concert.
    I agree with some comments where some dancers were too many, and it was also noticed at some point, that the music was very loud for the voices of the boys; but altogether all wonderful …
    Thanks again Daniela, I was waiting to read your comments … Greetings to all the team… Blessings.

    1. Yes, the memory of Vito was really moving and those three adorable boys, it is clear that they really love each other very much, their looks, their encouragement, really touching.
      A little note, Julian, is a boy, I also thought he was a girl, but then I remembered this very good saxophonist boy, which I will tell you about in my details.
      It was an incredible concert.
      My favorite is Ignazio too, but I love all three !!!

      1. Daniela, I love reading your articles! Thank you so much for filling us in on “ our boys!”You are truly a gift to those of us who don’t speak the language. Il Volo boys are beyond reproach! They are so gifted & I feel blessed to be able to listen /watch them!!❤️❤️❤️

  4. What I am hoping for is Myron Heaton to write about their voices now that they are in their mid 20s. They have never paused in their growth upward. They have been solid in their goal and desire to bring Bel Canto and Italy to the world. The management, Il Volo themselves and their families have been solid in their commitment. I do think this Covid has come with a gift in that Gianluca started learning the piano, Piero had time for his vocal lessons, Ignazio wrote music, got his production company ad Boin started and of course the biggest gift he was home for his dads illness. Artists do need time and space for artistic creation.

    1. I hope so too Kay, I would really like a technical review of Myron Heaton, we hope that he will read our requests and I think he will have a lot to work on, there is so much “new”.
      Myron, we want your expert opinion and also to know if you liked the concert.

  5. Just watched the whole concert again with Rai1HD. It’s amazing how Gianluca’s voice has matured so beautifully and, can he become even more handsome? I doubt it! Such movie star looks and those wonderful dark golden eyes that seem to look right into your heart and soul. Now, I wonder which of the three is my favorite? So glad to see Ignazio enjoying himself again. Of course, Piero’s high notes leave you with goose bumps! Thanks, Il Volo for another great performance. Dolores

  6. When I first saw the long posting of Alessandra Composto, I passed it by but this morning read it in its entirety and have tears in my eyes after reading it. She has the ability to paint a picture you can understand with her words. If you should ever need another writer for The Crew, I would nominate her in a second. Welcome, Alessandra!! from a Canadian member of the group.

    1. Dear Ms ANDERSON

      I am so happy and thankfull about your comment ! I really did not expect it; Thank you

      My English is far to be perfect, so, if you felt a little sun ray or a piece of sicilian blue sky,( the same sky that shelter and motivates the 2 and sometime the 3th Magnificents) through my words, than I more than happy!

      Again Thank you ever so much
      Have a lovely day
      By the way….(one of my favorite place ever seen is Muskok Lake!)

      1. Alessandra, I also read your story and it is beautiful, we will definitely put it in a post. Thanks for writing to us and congratulations. I think you miss Sicily !!

      2. Thank you Daniela
        Are you an Americain in Brescia or an Italian/Americain living in Italy?

        I am reding all the articles and go through Il VOLO crew members and I found out more and more about them

        You all do a fantastic job I take a good time at reading your and others articles their are sometimes touching some times fun and gracefull

        Thank you for your warm welcome
        Kindest regards

      3. Alessandra, I am very Italian from Brescia, born here where I live.
        I met Flight Crew in 2015 and I started publishing in 2016, the day after Magic Night !!

      4. A nice greeting to lovely and pretty Brescia
        And still a big thank you for your article, is a saturday and…..I am watching the whole Arena di Verona Show that you have posted .!

  7. I have seen our boys twice in person, the first time in 2011 and the second in 2012. Was so thrilled by them I took a tour to Sicily and Italy in late 2012. Saw Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Pompeii and travelled the Amalfi coast. Such a wonderful experience after going through four airports by myself (Ottawa, Toronto, Rome and Palermo). The only hitch was my luggage was lost for four days, lived in the same jeans but different tops (which I purchased) and knickers (underwear) which I also bought. Can’t wait to see them again, either in Canada, USA or Italy (when I renew my passport). I have never been to Muskoka, but hear it is lovely and many celebrities have cottages there.

    1. Dolores how nice that you came to Italy because of Il Volo, and what can I say, I keep watching the concert and, the guys were really great.,

    2. Whawoo So lucky you have seen the 3 of them in person!

      There must be wonderfull Guys in presence

      I am Glad you have been auround Italy and Sicily Did you enjoy?
      Did Italien Threat you well? did you feel confortable?
      I really hope you did, congratulation you have been done all that trip by yorself Chapeau!!!!

      By yours and mine exchange about il Volo and the different trips that people makes to see the Guys all over the world, I thought we should probably built a records of people among the group that would like to bee greeted reassured and why not put up in their houses if possible….
      from other fans, in their homeland, they would contribute to have fun help and link with the same interest in il Volo …..it’s an idea …..

      Sorry you lost your luggage it happens sometimes hopefully you found what you needed
      thanks for your nice welcome in the group
      Hope to keep in Touch
      Kindests regards

  8. Yes, my luggage arrived four days into the tour and my fellow tour-mates were so pleased they clapped and hurrayed when they saw me in some different clothes! Didn’t know they cared that much!! I was treated very well by the Italian people I met and was even given a little wooden Pinocchio by one of the Italian gentlemen shopkeepers. Of course, I was nine years younger then, and that makes a difference, I guess. We’ll see what happens if I go over to Italy again, close to ninety years old, if I make an impression with the Italian men!!!!

    1. I am sure you will do a nice impression

      Very happy that you liked Italy and that you been well treated

      You said you met Ignazio Piero and Gianluca in person I guess they are just like thay show in their concerts and in the show It must have bee really a big experience for you

      Are you a fan since 2011? After their concert?
      How come you becaome their fan?
      Sorry I am curious we all have our story with them is nice to

  9. Alessandra, I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression, but I have never met our wonderful boys/men personally, just from their concerts. once in Toronto, Canada (2011) and the second time in Ottawa (our capital city) in 2012. I first saw them in their PBS special on TV out of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Bought the video and was hooked!!! In my lifetime, I’ve been to 24 (twenty-four) countries and Italy is right up there in the top three with Portugal and New Zealand. Now, don’t ask me to choose which is number one (numero uno), it would be like categorizing my children.

    1. Dear Dolores (is that your name?)may I call you with you name?

      No, of course not, no bad impression, I must missunderstood

      I am glad you could see two concerts, I am still at 0 concerts ….but really really fond of them…. I have a tickets for this year but Is been cancelled waiting for next year…… patiently

      What do you like best in their concert ?
      You have seen two different concerts; are they really different or they are similars,? gags and jokes are always the same ?
      I undretood that you like Gianluca most out of the three,Ilove his voice cause I am a crooner lover sinatra Dean Martin Perry Como Nat K Cole etc etc
      Actually I really like the 3 of Them beacause they are different and in the same time complimentary and what i miss in one i found in the other one, but if I am to choose one in particular I would say Ignazio…….even if sometimes it is a real trouble maker….. : )

      Whawoo you travelled quite a bit, good for you !
      Happy that you like italy so much thanks
      Have you never been to France?
      Enjoy the rest of your day,
      here is already evening and we had a very very hot day in Bordeaux 34 degrees 93,2!

      1. As I saw them in 2011 and 2012, they were just starting out and were still teenagers, without the professionalism they show now. They have come along so well and I wouldn’t believe anything written or said to tarnish their “good boy” image. A recent magazine in Canada showed a picture of Prince Harry and it was captioned — The Queen killed my Mother! Just goes to show what will be printed for the sake of selling merchandise. We, Il Volovers, know and feel in our hearts the goodness of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, so don’t be swayed by vicious writing by the press!

      2. Yes, Alessandra, of course you can call me Dolores! I have been to France. Took the hovercraft from Dover, England to Calais, France and met up with our tour group there. Got to Paris and went to the Moulin Rouge. Wonderful place, but the traffic is crazy!!! Good thing there was a bus driver and I wasn’t driving.

    2. My sister and I also were at that Ottawa concert–I think that was the only time Il Volo performed in Ottawa. We drove up from Toronto and stayed with my neice–who was miffed we hadn’t gotten her a ticket as well! That was my first Il Volo concert. And the last one I did not sit up close in the first 5 rows.

  10. If the administrators consider this too controversial they can leave it out but I would like to ask for group opinions. They have tried and succeeded in projecting a clean cut image. But Piero keeps referring to Placido Domingo as a friend. Of the three original tenors he was my favorite until I found out that he is a predator. Now I won’t listen to him singing anymore.
    What does our group think about this?

    1. I can tell you Gail, that the boys and Piero in particular have always valued Placido Domingo very highly. The newspapers have written very badly about him, but I honestly do not trust the newspapers and especially when they want to denigrate someone. They also tried with Il Volo, after the victory in Sanremo, everything was false, but people believed, and even today some people think it is true. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca renewed their support for Placido Domingo, saying that he is a highly valued professional and that they have frequented their home and seen a close family.
      My point of view is that Placido Domingo remains a very valuable tenor. I don’t think everything the press writes is true, I have proof of it with Il Volo, people here have always considered them unpleasant and mounted, thanks to the press that has always painted them like this. It will be the task of the law to establish how true everything is, but the value of the artist, not of man, always remains high.

      1. Daniela, I was so pleased to read your response about what I call a “ridiculous and incorrect assertion” made about Placido Domingo .. for one moment I never believed the lies but it amazes me how far the press will go to start awful rumours about someone, when they are without foundation. What has startled me though is reading that the press also tried it with Il Volo .. how dare they, who do they think they are !! The whole press thing makes me so angry, but again I’m grateful to you for “putting the record straight” 😊

      2. I tried to tell Deebee that I’m bowing out of this conversation about Domingo but I was blocked.
        She can contact me separately if she wants to talk about it.

    2. How did you “find out”, Gail? Was it by something that was published, or do you have personal proof of this? Until something is proven, it is best not to repeat the accusation.

  11. Hi, Gail
    I am glad to meet you and everyone on this wonderful website.
    I wanted to answer you and give my opinion of this topic. It has been my experience that men are not aware when a friend is predatory. The boys are happy to have as a friend a person that they admire professionally. Just knowing that the boys stay close to their families, and especially that Gianluca’s mother travels with him, for example shows me that they are good people. One of the things that made me start to watch them in the first place was their naiveté. They are genuine and sweet young men. Their concert made me laugh and cry and marvel at their talent.

    There is a good interview with PBS in Detroit, I think where the interviewer asks them how they avoid scandal like so many young performers. They answer that their families help them and that they have each other. Don’t let guilt by association affect your feelings for the group.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for your reply. They are so immensely talented that would be enough for me, not even considering that they seem to be such good people. I can’t see anything shaking my feelings for them.
      I can see someone turning away from them if they have been through a bad experience with a man that doesn’t know how to behave.
      This hasn’t happened to me and I tend to be way too analytical for my own good. 🤔If I was English at this point I would say “cheers. “

      1. There is no need to contact me separately, Gail. I think this topic has run its course and we are still very faithful admirers of Il Volo, you and I included, so lets just think about them and how amazing they are! Okay????

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