Since Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca returned to Italy after the Australian tour, there has been a lot of new news that has brought many new things.
First of all, we recall that the boys had said that as soon as they returned to Italy they would prepare the Christmas event and for those who don’t remember, Il Volo will sing in Bethlehem, Palestine, in front of the grotto of the nativity.
This news had already been given by Il Volo during this year’s Porta a Porta (see the post Porta a Porta 2022 of 12/05/2022).
But where will this beautiful concert be broadcast?
At the beginning it was said RAI1, but recently Mediaset has published this news:
“In prime time, on Canale 5, among the various appointments scheduled there is the one with a new concert that will have the three tenors of Il Volo as protagonists, the concert event of Il Volo will be broadcast on the evening of Saturday 24 December in prime time evening on Canale 5 and will mark the return of the three tenors in prime time.”
Mediaset also announces two event evenings with Il Volo, probably in 2023,  but nothing is known about it.
Regarding the news, from Il Volo in Bethlehem, OlgaMaria made this nice video, great job!!
Then, these photos of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were published,  made in the Sony recording studios in Milan to record…….

….we read the news in this article, of which I translate only the final part.
Il Volo is ready to write the history of music again with a new song that will certainly galvanize the beloved audience.
Everything is still in working in progress mode, but the dream for enthusiasts will soon become reality. The new project of the three tenors, Ginoble-Boschetto-Barone hasn’t discovered all the cards yet, but it won’t be long before everything is realized.
Fans can already raise their antennas, also because the date scheduled for the release of the new single is in December, on the occasion of Christmas.
In the last photo published by the group, we can highlight the commitment and dedication that the three tenors are releasing to make their new ‘creature’ full of twists and turns.
However, the fans have no doubt that the boys will do their best to create an unforgettable atmosphere, typical of major events, as indeed has happened so far.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca had just been in Italy when Gianluca published the news that they are returning to the US, but only for a couple of days. Destination Orlando, Florida!!!

After a moment of perplexity, from the clues our boys sent us,  it was immediately clear that they were coming to Orlando to participate in the “Disney Christmas Parade”, immediately the fandom was shaken by the good news.

And indeed here they are, in these few “stolen” shots, in all their beauty…..damn what sparkling jackets!! 🤩

And what about this short video, I really like their version of “So This is Christmas”, will this be the single that will be released this Christmas?
I hope so, I really like this song and sung by them. It seems very beautiful, I hope to hear it many times everywhere this Christmas.
Moments recorded in the Disney Park will be broadcast like this:
“The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration”, Sunday 27 November (20:00-22:00 ET).  IL VOLO will sing “Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful)” and it will air on ABC and stream the following day on Hulu and Disney+.
“Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade”, Sunday 25 December (10am to 12pm ET / 7am to 9am PT), and Il Volo will sing “ ”Buon Natale (War is Over)” will air on ABC, streaming live on Hulu for all subscribers.
And then, of course, as you already know, their new book was published:
“IL VOLO  What I Carry in the Heart”

I can tell you that I read it all in a few hours. It’s not very long, but really nice.
Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero have expressed their feelings with words that come directly from their heart, once again they make us understand the love for their families, they have carried out an introspective research with such humility. In a couple of steps I was moved.
I want to conclude this post with a sentence written by each of our beloved boys, in the new book:


“I am perfectly aware that I would not be who I am today, that I would not live this wonderful life, that I would not be able to enjoy the immense gift of doing what I love, were it not for my family……Each of my family members is an example for me, an inspiration, a model to look to to bring out the best in me.
A source of energy, when sometimes fatigue risks and has risked taking over.
A ray of sunshine on the grayest days.” ❤


The last two years have not been easy at all: the pandemic and the loss of my father have contributed significantly to my anxiety about wasting time and an ever greater will to live. I have become more vulnerable ………… I know that from the outside I give the impression of being a light-hearted, cheerful person. The fact is that the job I do often carries with it a profound contradiction.” ❤


“There were not only applause and successes, but also difficult moments, decisions that were not easy to make. And we did it together. If on the one hand the fact of being three meant the constant presence of two friends to refer to, two people who fully shared my hopes and my uncertainties, on the other it also meant always being a third of something and therefore risking never being able to fully express myself, because between us there is no frontman, we are three leaders and each in a different way.” ❤

I was about to send the post to Pat for publication, but the news follows one another very quickly, and in fact, the release of the new single has been published on Il Volo’s official website.
This photo is beautiful and Il Volo’s performance of one of the Christmas songs par excellence will certainly be beautiful: “HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER),  by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, out digitally on Friday 18 November (Epic / Sony Music) and now available in pre-save and pre-add here:

Happy Xmas/War is Over – Click Here

IL VOLO comments on the choice of song as follows: “HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER), song from 1971, published then to launch a message of peace against the Vietnam War. Today, despite more than 50 years having passed, the madness of war continues to be part of our world. As Christmas approaches, we feel even more the desire to sing and continue to give life and strength to this song, an eternal Hymn to Peace.”

Wow, Wow, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, how many beautiful surprises you are preparing for us and we are here, ready to receive them, to support you and to show you, as always, our great love!! 
But now let’s enjoy this beautiful Christmas gift from your wonderful voices, what a great gift!! ❤❤❤
Daniela  🤗


Here is a snippet of the song and video:
(You will need to have an Instagram account to view this – it was slow to load for me. I had to click on it more than once. Also try clicking on the blue words “View more on Instagram”. The video is there. I’m sorry if you cannot get it to work.) 

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

65 thoughts on “MUCH NEWS IS WAITING FOR US by Daniela”

  1. Thank you so much for this Daniela, very much appreciated.

    WOW, I had seen the small piece of video a couple of days ago and was overwhelmed by just how powerful Piero’s voice is. I found two more full length videos on YouTube, one with the song and photo, plus another with them tossing the artificial snow in the air. 🙂

    I tried to get the song on Spotify, but assumed in the end that I needed to pay the monthly premium. I wasn’t keen on doing that as I pay each month to Amazon Prime Music, well worth it too IMHO compared to when I had a free month with Spotify. Anywhoo, I have now found the song is also on Amazon, so more than happy. Had I not had Prime it would have cost 99 pence, which I would have gladly paid, I still would if need be.

    Now I must admit it has never been one of my favourites, but then I never was a fan of John Lennon’s, or The Beetles for that matter. I did like the version by The Three Tenors in a Christmas concert a few years ago. Il Volo are even better, especially the singing of Piero. Am I biased towards my favourite tenor? Absolutely! 😉 😉 😉 I have tried to leave a review on Amazon UK, but haven’t been able to do so. I will try again at some point.

    Right on to the book. I have only managed to translate about 8% of it so far. I have had a few arguments with Google Translate who wish to change Piero’s words to something else. Assuming that Piero knows what he is trying to say, I ignored GT’s messing about. I can understand what he means, and on the whole, apart from the American spelling, which is ‘a thing’ with GT, I am getting along just fine. 🙂

    It is taking a while as I have been thwarted in my copy and paste attempts, just as well I reckon. I am having to resort to typing each word it into GT. Of course I pause ever few words to see the translation, which sometimes doesn’t make any sense until a few more words are typed, then it all falls into place. 🙂

    I have also shed a few tears, not because there is any sadness, well not in Piero’s story anyway. It is more a case of what he says, and why. I dare say I will feel the same when I come to Ignazio and Gianluca, especially so with Ignazio if your small translation is anything to go by Daniela. 🙂


    1. Hi Roz. I use GT to read their first book but i use the camera. i don’t save the translated text though i just read it. The phone gets super hot and uses up the battery very quickly. Also I agree with you on GT’s iffy translation and American spelling (I’m Canadian and more accustomed to UK spelling.) But better than no translation.

      1. I like to save the translation as I am going along, as I am sure I will enjoy reading it again, but without the effort of translating it.

        I don’t know how to use the camera with GT. Not that I have GT on my phone anyway, or any books, etc as it is the cheapest mobile ever invented! The camera on it is rubbish, but that doesn’t bother me greatly as I have a lovely little Nokia which takes super photos and videos. Although I might have to invest in a larger SD card, and a new battery if they do come to the UK. 😉


    2. Yes Roz, the whole song is very beautiful and Piero’s voice is very strong, the video of the song is really nice, with the three of them throwing the “snow” in the air, but it is not visible for the U.S. , that’s why it hasn’t been added entirely in this post, but perhaps you can visualize it, here it is:

      As for the book, I’d gladly translate the whole book for you, but I’m sure I’d be blocked if I had to publish it, so sorry, I’ll try to translate something from time to time. Hopefully there will be an English version.

      1. Yes that is the one I found on YouTube. Along with one with just the boys singing. 😉 I have just had to pause while I listen to Piero’s wonderful voice. Boy, does he just blow my socks off.

        I am quite enjoying doing the translation, especially as I am adding more Italian words to my vocabulary at the same. I have also discovered I can read Italian much better than I can speak it, and I struggle understanding the spoken word, even though my own pronunciation is no at all bad., even if I say so myself.

        I thought this piece from Piero was apt :
        “It is not enough to “be informed”, all this knowledge must have a purpose, a mission, an objective. In short, a sense.”

        Well my purpose is to be able to converse in Italian. Who with I have no idea, but I will worry about that at a date sometime in the distant future. In the meantime, I will not be beaten!!! 🙂

        If there is an English version I will buy it, but not for my Kindle. Who knows, they might just get to the UK next year, in which case I hope they will sign it for me. 😉 If there isn’t an English version, then I will just have to invest in the Italian one, they can sign that instead! 😉


  2. For all the good news of what’s to come, I feel I detect veiled messages in the boys own words, of personal sadness and some resentment. Perhaps they are just tired and worn out after the very demanding tour and who wouldn’t be. I have to remind myself that they are only human too.

    1. Yes, Mark, they are human beings like everyone else and like everyone they have many facets that are often not perceived. In this book, all three, but in particular Gianluca and Ignazio do a great introspective job. Of course, as we say, “all that glitters is not gold”.

    2. Surely the book would have been written before the tour. Publishing a book isn’t a five minute job. It took four long years of graft to get mine to the printers, then another six months before the booksellers got their hands on it. Granted it could have been a rushed job, but even so, it would take more than a month or two.

      From what I have translated so far, which is only Piero, and not all of it by any means. So far he has talked about Naro, a mini tour guide that would encourage me to visit the place, even if it is only for the clocks! I have reached the part where he talks about his mamma, which I know is followed by his sister. He has also discussed his relationship with his papa and his brother.

      No resentment as far as I could see, or even personal sadness for that matter, not in Piero’s case anyway. Of course maybe I need to translate the rest of it before I can make a proper observation.

      I will get there in the end, but it does take time, and with Christmas not too far away, plus a load of birthdays, I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend on the translation.


      1. Your obsession with Piero has not wavered. Have you noticed there’re two other blokes that keep turning up at the same places as him? It’s not random coincidence. May as well call them Ignored Ignazio and Sideshow Gian. Are you even going to bother translating their parts of the book?

      2. I think that is a very unfair comment on your part Thordis. Yes, of the three Piero is my favourite, as he is the only one of the three whose voice can move me to tears. Over the years there have been very few singers who have had that effect on me, the main one being Valerie Masterson. It came as a great shock to my family when I mentioned Lesley Garrett could be classed in her league.

        As for the male of the species, until now I would have classed Placido Domingo as my favourite tenor, along with Sabino Gaita, the late Frank Patterson and Beniamino Gigli. My favourite present day baritone is Evans Tonon, although I was always entranced by Ivor Emmanuel and Geraint Evans.

        As for the translation of the book. I began at the beginning, and will work my way through to the end. Had it been Gianluca or Ignazio first and second, with Piero last, I would still have started at the beginning.

        I am not a butterfly who flutters from one section of a book to another. I can get lost as it is, without doing that. At the speed I am going the book may be out in English before I get to the end with my translation, although I would like to carry on as part of my Italian learning experience.

        I can only translate two, perhaps three paragraphs at a time, so it isn’t going to be a five minute job. Last night I had to triple check one very long word I had misspelled. I added an extra r, which gave it quite a different meaning, totally inaccurate one in fact. On another piece it didn’t seem to make sense, but having checked several times on GT and another translation program, it was correct, as was my spelling. It does make sense, but not quite how it would have been to a native English speaker.

        By the way, all my t-shirts, sweat shirt and hoodie are Il Volo. I haven’t bought one yet with only Piero on it. Give me time, and I might very well do so!!! 🙂


      3. It is a very fair comment. You know you mention Piero much more than the other two.

        I am unaware that Piero’s section is first as I have not bought the book. (Auto)biographies and books on human interest stories are mind numbing in my opinion.

        If you look online you will find instructions on how to convert a kindle book into a pdf. Then use the website to translate it (into English English!) . It will save you a LOT of time. You can also type text directly into the deepl website. The translations are superior to Google Translate. Tell me how you get on.

      4. Can’t say I like the idea of turning the book into a PDF file, then converting it that way. I did it with the synopsis and biography, then when it refused to allow me to do the rest I realised there was a reason for it, and not just the ethical one either. My laptop, etc obviously knew that if I really wanted to learn Italian, then I needed to do it without resorting to cheating. As in translate the thing myself, even if it is with the help of GT.

        I downloaded DeepL, but hit an almighty snag. It will only translate the spoken word into English, when what I really need is to have it in Italian. I know it can be arranged so that it is in Italian, but it means far more faffing about than with GT.

        However, I will check on some of the translations I am not happy with. If only to see if it will come up with a more realistic translation than GT.

        I also discovered that the program isn’t entirely free, which is a big no no, especially as I have already parted with the folding stuff for Duolingo. Of course it is possible to use Duolingo for free as well. I will probably revert back to the free one for a while at the end of my years contract.

      5. Roz, I really admire the translation work you’re doing, it’s admirable that you do it for yourself, to better understand Italian, as well as to translate the words of the boys.
        I’ve been to Naro, it’s a very characteristic town and you can see a very beautiful panorama, you understand that Piero loves his Naro very much, he now has a small apartment a few steps away from his parents. I too enjoyed reading Piero’s Narese life. Immediately afterwards you will read Ignazio and finally Gianluca, who make very different, much more introspective stories.

        Here I am in the courtyard of the Castle of Naro which Piero describes in the book and where there is also the room dedicated to Piero, which I could not see because it was closed.

      6. Many thanks for your support Daniela, it is very much appreciated. I will have to resist the urge to do any more translating for a few days as I have a load of Christmas and birthday cards to finish creating before they need to be posted sometime this week. Between rail strikes, floods and postal strikes, they need to be in the post extra early this year, as in this week! 🙁

        Thank you also for the photo of the castle courtyard. I would love to go to the top of the castle and look across Sicily. I have a great fear of heights, but this could be one of those occasions when I would be prepared to take my chance. 🙂

        My other half always tells me to keep taking photographs, which is probably why I must have taken zillions of them from Carlisle Castle, and the bridge that crosses the main road to get to the castle. Mind you, if it was a toss up of crossing the road itself, or crossing via the bridge, I use the bridge. There is an underpass as well, which is of great interest, especially the Cursing Stone, which has brought great disasters on the City since the sixteenth century.

        Roz 🙂

      7. I realized after I re-read their passages that they would have been written before the latest tour, but I still have the same impressions with at least two of them. Perhaps I’m being too introspective?

      8. I didn’t know you wanted to HEAR the Italian. I thought you were just typing the Italian into Google Translate and reading the English translation. There are hundreds of text-to-speech websites that do passable Italian. DeepL works well for me and I certainly don’t pay to use it.

        They’ve still not managed to get the first book published in English. Doubt they ever will and doubt they ever will for this book. That confuses me because most of the fans are English speaking. And “they” refers to the team behind Il Volo.

  3. Il Volo going to Disneyworld??? What a treat for them and for the people visiting Disneyworld on that particular day!

    Roz has sent me the videos of our boys singing “So This is Christmas”. Gianluca seems to be having the most fun with the “snow”. And, as I said to her in my email, Gian and Igna are singing beautifully and then in comes the “lion” voice of Piero! She (Roz) has great admiration for Piero, she has ALMOST converted me, too, but I have no real favourites and just love the three of them equally. Dol

    Thanks, Daniela and Patti, for keeping us up to date and i must tell Patti that she got the post to me successfully, after all this time. I don’t know what she did, but THANKS!

    1. I’m glad you saw the video Dolores, our guys are really good and their voices are always beautiful.
      I too can’t wait to see their presence at Disneyworld, they have already been there in 2013, this is a great comeback.

  4. Thanks, Daniela. Must say “And So This Is Christmas/War is Over” is probably my favorite Christmas song. And, as usual, “Piero’s voice”… What can I say?! Hard to believe the guys had the energy to turn around and travel back to the U.S. after such a long, grueling tour. Great to be young and, of course, they always think of their fans. To me, they look tired, though, and I hope they will get some quiet time just to be with their friends and families over the holidays.

    1. Certainly Judith, that song is wonderful and never like now, very topical, I find it was a great gesture on the part of our boys to re-present it in this particular moment when we all call for peace.

  5. This was always my favorite Christmas song…now it is extraordinary!!! Thanks to you for your continued efforts in keeping us updated. Great picture of you Daniela!

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat. The guys have given us a beautiful Christmas gift, but I can’t help but think of the turmoil in our world as I listen to the words of the John Lennon song.
    We thought the boys would have some “off” time before Christmas, we were so wrong. I wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving. A Happy Holiday season for whatever you may celebrate. Finally Happy New Year.

    1. That’s right, RoseMarie, our boys never sit still, they always think about what we might like and we are there, like children at Christmas, waiting for their presents! We hope that the Christmas holidays bring so much serenity to the whole world 🙂

  7. I loved the dedication Piero gave to his family – he is such a fine example of great parenting – he has a wonderful family – I feel the boys have been through much though – success doesn’t come easy – I hope their Management Team take great care of these remarkably talented young men – we need them in this sad World to uplift our souls – Daniela & Pat thank you for your loyal & loving support of the boys – without you we would hear nothing – love your hearts – rest easy for Christmas.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat,
    I was ready for good news, and the Bethlehem
    setting will send a special message for those
    fans in Ukraine and the surrounding countries
    like Poland, that the rest of the world is hoping
    that they can have peace & warmth with family
    at Christmas.
    Daniela, I really enjoyed the individual quotes
    you selected from their book. Introspective and
    thoughtful sentiments.
    Also, my best friend, who lives in Japan, is
    here in San Francisco for the holidays with her
    5 year old son, We are going to watch the
    Disney World Christmas together on the 27th.
    All the best to you, Pat. all the Crew readers.
    Keep Warm, Martha

    1. You’re most welcome, Martha! Keeping warm here. I have a new furnace this winter, courtesy of my wonderful son!! 😊🔥

    2. Martha, you were expecting some good news but instead there’s plenty, and I think more will come. Glad you enjoyed it and three excerpts from the book, the book is all good and reads in a flash.

  9. Just brilliant 👏👏Thankyou so much for this information .. it’s wonderful to read your news xx

  10. Thank you Daniela for all the information. I have marked the dates on my calendar. The guys do a beautiful rendition of this song. As others have said I too thought Piero’s voice was especially good. Thank you for translating a few of the guys comments. Their maturity and humility never cease to amaze me. They are wonderful role models for young and old. I hope you and Pat and all the ladies (and gentlemen) here have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Cathy, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are very mature, also very grateful and they love each other very much, there is a lot of respect and a lot of affection, all things that you perceive very well in reading the book, they are not only good artists, there is a lot moreover.

  11. Hello Daniela. I’m your fan and I was very happy to see my video about the boys’ Christmas (2020, 2021 and 2022) published in your article. As I have great admiration for the talent and humility of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I try modestly and with great affection to be one more promoter of their work. As for the new single, I’m totally in love. It turned out wonderful. I also thank you for including the video in your article. A big hug.

    Olga Maria Soares da Costa

    1. The admiration is mutual, Olga Maria, I have always appreciated your works and therefore it was a pleasure to include them in this post.
      Yes the song is very beautiful and their interpretation is fantastic.

  12. Thank you for this great post and all the updates. I haven’t been this excited for the Disney Christmas specials in years! I checked my local TV provider and unfortunately they only carry RAI and Canal Quattro which I think means “4”? Which is clearly not as good as Canal 5. 5 is 1 better than 4, and also Canal 5 will show Il Volo, which Canal Quattro will not. oh well. maybe it will on on YouTube soon after.

    1. Amy, Canale 5 is also visible in streaming, so we will send you the links where you can see it from your PC or tablet or mobile phone and then it will certainly also be on YouTube!

  13. Dear Daniela! This was an absolutely beautiful column. You took all the wonderful things that happened to our guys and presented them in such an amazing way. By your translations and presentations, you keep us informed about all the important things in our guy’s lives. Things that many of us would not know if you didn’t do all the wonderful work you do! And Pat I know what an asset you are! You and Daniela work so well together! Your layouts add to Daniela’s wonderful columns! We are very lucky to have both of you at Flight Crew! And I am so lucky to have both of you in my life! Grazie!

    1. Thank you, Susan, for your kind words. I also feel lucky to have Daniela and you in my life. We have become good friends. I also appreciate all the members of the Flight Crew! 😊 We all have that common bond of love and admiration for the guys and we are happy to share what we can with all of you!

    2. Dear Susan, thank you for the beautiful compliments and you know that there is so much admiration for you. This site dedicated to Il Volo is full of love and respect, as are Ignazio , Piero and Gianluca and as are your beautiful writings. And then there’s a lot of friendship and even if we don’t know each other personally it’s as if we’ve known each other forever. A hug.

  14. Ty again for keeping us in the loop really do appreciate! Happy thanksgiving 🍁 love and stuff marie

  15. What a perfect song for Il Volo to choose to sing! It is my favorite Christmas song, and hearing Piero sing just a tiny snippet of it warmed my heart. John Lennon would be so proud, his underlying cry for peace will be heard by the world!

  16. Dear Daniela and Pat and Susan, you three women warm our hearts every week with your wonderful writing about our guys. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are so special, loving and caring besides being Amazingly talented….love them so much. I think their rendition of “so this is Christmas “ is so beautiful and will always be included in my Christmas song list with their Christmas Album which is already a favorite of mine.
    Thank you all for all you give us and please have a Happy Grateful Thanksgiving with family! God Bless you and your families, Carol 🦃🥧🍁☮️🙏🏻

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