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Notte Magica – The Movie


I saw the Boys nearly 10 ft tall.
Braced myself…wasn’t scared at all.

You think Gian’s eyes are a mesmerizing green?
Just wait til you see them on the big screen!

They were large and dreamy like shiny jewels.
I wanted to dive into those lovely big pools.

They sang and they sang mouths 5 ft wide.
My greatest desire was to crawl inside.

My sister and her daughter came along.
They clapped and bravo-ed thru each song.

Ignazio’s chest so large and sublime.
My breathing stopped about that time.

His mustache was huge and what do you suppose?
I could see the freckle on the end of his nose.

His dimples well.. I could hardly look.
Were as deep as the ocean, my whole body shook!

Piero’s face so sweet and serene.
I wanted to hug that big flat screen.

Enormous were the size of the glasses
covering the eyes of a man loved by masses.

I knew the music, I’d seen it live on stage.
Now, my Il Volo book has another page.

The surround sound certainly did what it could.
Not the same as live, but still very good.

A movie critic I may not be,
But this is one you all should see!

I promise you I’ve told no lies.
I’d love those guys just any size!


Well, do you? ~ by Marie…

Buongiorno a tutti!!  🙂

(posting a wee bit early this morning!)

Way, way, way, way back

Flashback Friday!

While we are waiting for Marie to return to her seat (we really must take those pictures of Igna out of the cockpit!), “Ok, come on, good girl, follow the dimple….” I thought I’d repost a poem she wrote many years ago….

– Do you “one click” order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

– Do you hum Their music at Walmart? The Doctors office? Work?

– Do you know the location of Abruzzo, Marsala and Naro?

– Did you pay $400.00+* just for a closer look?  *price updated for 2017!

– Do you know what the letters “TLUC” stand for?

– Do you feel the need to use words like Buonanotte, Grazie and Bravo?

– Do you look for that freckle on the end of Ignazio’s nose?

– The small scar on Gianluca’s right cheek? Piero’s little cross?

– Do you plan to spend the rest of your life celebrating Their lives?

Well, do you?

I already knew you did.

Welcome, this is exactly where you belong.



A Little Il Volo Poetry by Sandi Eyman

Here are three poems I wrote about Il Volo.  I hope they are worthy of the Flight Crew.  They are Senryu (a type of haiku), so it will be a format not familiar to some of our readers.


Il Volo

Three Italian guys
   attentive, humorous, and kind
      once boys…now men

Gian, Igna, Pero
   exquisite voices
      smooth, lyric, strong

Velvet, silk, brocade
      like ribbons entwined


Who I Am ~ Gina

Life constantly adds new experiences in our life. We feel, act and reject things that come into our lives. Everything adds to our collection of “Who I am”.

“This question – asked so often – suggests that there is actually a plausible answer. Almost as if our being were a fixed thing.
Our identity should be seen as an ongoing process. Rather than a static snapshot, we should embrace a flowing sense of self, whereby we are perpetually re-framing, re-organizing, re-thinking and re-considering ourselves. How different would life be if rather than asking who am I, we contemplated how we’d like to engage life?”




“Who am I, you ask?

I am made from all the people

I’ve encountered and all the

 things I have experienced.

Inside, I hold the laughter of my friends,

The arguments with my parents,

The chattering of young children,

And the warmth from kind strangers.

Inside, there are stitching from cracked hearts,

Bitter words from heated arguments,

Music that gets me through,

And emotions I cannot convey.

I am made from

All these people and moments,

That is who I am.”

-Ming D. Liu


My Opinion and More From Dario Gerardi

Well, I guess we have controversy.   And perhaps I started it.  I was trying to give our Guys a feather in their cap with the rise in the sales of Jackie Evancho’s Christmas album.  It wasn’t until Natzio1 gave me a real round-house punch that I realized I opened the wrong door.  My post ran prior to any knowledge of the Boys refusal to perform during the inauguration ceremonies.  None-the-less I have been inundated with emails asking how I really feel about the boys refusal to sing.  I have, for the last day or so, been uncertain how I feel.  Should I be offended?  Then this morning I saw that Myron, Patricia (pittypatO) and Laura were commenting on my “With Every Fiber” piece from the other day.  They reminded me of a line I wrote in that piece about loving our Guys “unconditionally”.  I do and I always will.  I did not vote for our soon-to-be President.  However, he will be my President and I must support him.  Like Jana said in her email, I might be surprised.  I am hoping for surprises.

I do not pretend to know why IL Volo refused the invitation.  I have, of course, heard reasons, but not from them.  I have to trust the advice given to them by their team.  Like Daniela wrote in her email, they would have nay-sayers no matter what their decision was.   Here is what I do know…This had to be a tough decision for the Guys.  They said recently that they really want to sing at the White House and I believe they do.  I also know they have great friends and fans they truly care about in this country.  I am sorry they have been thrown into this countries politics.  I am sorry that politics have interfered with their goals.  I will always love them unconditionally and back their personal and professional decisions.
🎶 Marie

Now…Here is something much more pleasant from Daniela.

Hello Flight Crew!  Guess what? Dario has published an essay on Ignazio.
Get it here translated.  I find it very beautiful.

(All translated from Italian)


As a graceful and soft cloud spreads good mood today.
Beyond the Sicilian humor, real consistent with that which is pure.
Actual capacity of nice diffusion of joy, all his pores bursting with energy.
Magical component of a fantastic trio where everything is expressed with such panache.
Great humility, just as his subject with a real dignity,
thanks to its big smile everyone sooner or later he will notice.
Booming voice enriches even more songs from the soul already significant.
From the Port of God or good wine country boy with a big heart and superfine hand.
Love of nature, passion for life, enchants many people with the microphone in his fingers.
Good art he is part of it, with a suitcase …
Maybe part of his fame will come even on Mars.
With the joke he prepared the boxes around the world with sympathy tackles …
in music history will be engraved its mark.
After all, many people know to dream …
so many I would like to embrace …
Simply thanks Ignazio.
~Dario Gerardi


Bursts of energy …

How voices thundering immense and beyond expand in the hearts
and minds of those who want to dream a lot.

The power, the strength, beyond the speed of light,
hearing them you can not help that fly with the Fantasy
in a different dimension so majestic.

The diversity makes it unique the combination of three sources
where the artistic awareness of his immensity he is master …

Where the power of music intoxicates those wonderfully sound is not never satisfied.
Believing in the power of love … Where it all seems like a dream with open eyes …
Words filled with sweetness as if to listen to them
if they hide all the bitterness of this world.

His voice has conquered the world with the love you could conquer the universe,
never disappear emotional gratitude from which of them they never forget.
~Dario Gerardi

Dario’s facebook:

To: Piero, re: Red Glasses ~ by Mary Bohling





When I first saw you in Milwaukee,

All bushy haired and kind of gawky,

I fell in love.  Yes, I’ll admit it.

T’was your youthful exuberance that did it.

And something else got my attention.

They gave your face a sweet dimension…

Glasses of red!! A bit disarming,

But on your face completely charming.

They neatly framed your gorgeous eyes,

And so it came as no surprise

That you captured me in just a second.

Red glasses reached out to me and beckoned,

“Take another look and you will find

He’s not the ordinary kind.

His future bright still lies before him,

Thousands of fans will soon adore him.”

Red glasses, you were right it seems.

You were there when he followed his dreams.

Glasses of red became his trademark,

Giving him that special bright spark.


Now that he’s maturing, will we find

That red glasses will be left behind?

Giving place to current fashion,

Forgetting that red was once his passion?

Piero, remember how the masses

Adored you in your brave red glasses?

Oh, yes, we’ll love you in any color,

You’re just as handsome in any other.

But the red ones have a special place

That time and styles cannot erase.

Please keep them close and once in a while

Wear them again, ignoring style.

Reminding us of the beginning

When hearts of fans you first were winning.

You’re famous now, but as time passes

Don’t forget your old friendTHE RED GLASSES!