Il Volo Live at Detroit’s Fox Theatre September 5, 2013


Update: From “Gianluca Il Volo ‏ The most beautiful girl in the world!!!!!! avaruggirello ! It was a great concert! Thanks Detroit!”

Original Post: Rumor has it that some unbelievably exciting events took place at the Fox Theatre even before Il Volo started singing tonight!  As you all know, we have Flight Crew inside the concert this very moment,  but we haven’t had a tweet, text, email or Skype yet!

I am afraid we will have to wait for Marie and Loretta to get home to hear every single detail of their amazing  Il Volo Detroit adventure!

Very early this morning Gianluca tweeted, “Gianluca Il Volo
@GianGinoble  Greetings from Detroit!! It’s 6.27 AM.. It’s better if I go to sleep again.. .. xoxo”

Later we heard from Piero, ” Piero Barone Il Volo ‏‏@piero_barone
Thank you #Chicago! Last night you were Wonderful!  Tonight ready for #Detroit at the #FoxTheater “

In Case You Missed It……


Hi Everyone.

Well, the Chicago concert is history, but the stories and pictures will live on. More about that later.

Tonight the concert is at the Historic Detroit Fox Theatre. Il Volo has already arrived, ready to give another spectacular concert.

The Fox Theatre is located in downtown Detroit, near Grand Circus Park Historic District.
The Theatre opened in 1928 as a flagship movie palace in the Fox movie chain. Note that it was the first one built to include a speaker system for sound films. It was designated as a “National Historic Landmark” in 1989. The Fox was completely renovated in 1988.
The Fox hosted Shirley Temple in the 30’s, Elvis Presley in 1956 and subsequent concerts by Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Liza Minelli and Prince.
Il Volo is in good company, wouldn’t you say?

The most anticipated event tonight is that Marie, Loretta and Mary are attending. Those of you Flight Crew members that have been here a while are aware how important this is. Waiting for the pictures and stories coming later is the hard part! Who do you think hugs Ignazio first????

We hope you enjoyed the pictures sent by Kelly from last night’s concert! There will be great stories of Kelly’s experience. Our pretty resident teenager, Elizabeth has a wonderful story to tell, so come back later when they are posted. Ann has commented on hers already.

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night: “Thank you Chicagoooooooo, we love you”
Gianluca tweeted this morning: “Greetings from Detroit, it’s 6:27am, It’s better if I go to sleep again”
Ignazio sent via Instagram:a picture of him hovering over a large dessert bowl, saying “Why!!! too delicious”

Check out the radio interview with WBEZ Chicago, World News. You can get the link on Mundial.

Good Luck and Love, tonight, Il Volo! I hope you’re ready for Marie and Loretta.


In Case You Missed It……


Hi Everyone,

“My kind of town (Chicago is)” Sang Sinatra, in his recording of this famous song in 1954.

In the iconic Chicago Theatre tonight Il Volo will join the likes of John Phillip Sousa, Benny Goodman, later; Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton and Prince. Since opening in 1921 many famous people have entertained live here!

Il Volo fans in the Chicago area are eagerly awaiting tonight’s concert! Flight Crew members Kelly, Elizabeth and Ann are among the crowd expected tonight! They can hardly contain their excitement!

1) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca tweeted last night, “In my room, can’t sleep & I don’t know why”
Gianluca tweeted today, “Going to radio station”

2) Check Team Il Volo for an article done by “Oakland Press”
Ignazio says ” We are three simple guys, we hope people gonna cry, gonna laugh, and we have fun together”
Ignazio stated when asked about Barbra Streisand; “It’s an experience we will never forget the rest of our lives, she was like an aunt to us, It was a dream come true”

On Mundial, see short video on an “Extra” interview.
See also, some photos from a radio interview done this morning with “Worldview Radio”

We wish everyone, attending tonights performance all the things Ignazio wants for you! Have a wonderful time folks!!

I have it on good authority that Marie and Loretta have met in Detroit and will be meeting with Mary probably tomorrow. I know they can hardly wait for tomorrow’s concert!

Love and Luck tonight Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!


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