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  1. I managed to get 2 votes in & they are under 3200 & a bit.so if everyone on these sites started voting they should be ahead really fast.

If you love something, set it free…

If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it was meant to be. We’ve all heard this quote, or variations thereof, many times and it means different things to different people.

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I’ve been following the announcements of Il Volo’s various concerts around Italy and a really sad and scary thought came to mind – Il Volo may not be coming to the US at all this year? I know we are all hoping it is not so and maybe they’ll squeeze North and South America into October & November, but what if they don’t come back to the US this year, even though they said they would? But, isn’t this what we wanted for them? To finally get recognized in their own country? Il Volo is living their dream right now, being mobbed by Italian fans in every city they travel to.

i - rec ambassadore

So, we can’t be begrudging them their happiness right now. It’s time we set them free to live their lives as Il Volo and not just “our” guys – for they are the “world’s” guys, now! It’s like we were their adoptive parents that nurtured, encouraged, and watched them grow into the men they are today. But even though we gave them all of our love, it just wasn’t enough. There was still something missing in their lives. We all knew what it was – they wanted to find their real parents. In saying this, their real parents are Italy! Now they have found their real parents and we are feeling like we have been abandoned; that they don’t care about us anymore and will forget about us with their instant fame and fortune. But it’s not really instant, they have been working hard for over five long years, leaving their real families and friends behind to do what they love. They’ve finally found the love they were missing – love from their homeland, Italy. But don’t worry, they will not forget us. We may not see them as often as we’d like, but they will be back to visit. They just have more people to visit now. And think of this, there are many countries who love them and they have never even been to those countries! We have to learn to share them with the world…

I just finished watching the Porta a Porta show (great, if you haven’t seen it yet!) and they did admit that they were experiencing now the “price” of fame – they have now really lost their privacy! No longer are they invisible walking down the street!

We really are so fortunate today, living in this high-tech world with social media. They are literally at our fingertips whenever we want to see them, be it FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or the countless videos and interviews that have been uploaded onto You Tube! No, it’s not the same as being there, but it’s pretty close…and of course we have their music everywhere we go, our iPods, at work, in the car, or anywhere else!

In less than three months, they will be competing for Eurovision. As proud parents, we will cheer them on until our voices get hoarse! Of course we want the best for them – we want them to win! Even though their winning may take them away from us even more? Yes! Because they’ve worked hard and they deserve it. And if they don’t win? We’ll be right there to catch them when they fall. Of course, I did just read somewhere recently, can’t really remember though, that the bookies, once again, have Il Volo winning Eurovision! Although by a slim margin, they did win Sanremo and the bookies were right!
a - sanremo win

So, as cliché as this might sound, our guys, the “world’s guys,” are flying high right now. This is what they wanted. As parents, we always want our children to achieve their goals and be happy. We should be happy for them right now, and not feeling sorry for ourselves if they might not come back to the US this year.

…if it comes back to you, it was meant to be. Don’t worry, Il Volovers – they will be back; because it’s meant to be! They may be somewhat out of sight, but never out of mind!



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Hey Everyone!

Now that the shouting and celebrating over San Remo over, it’s back to work for The Guys.  Gianluca recently tweeted that he was in Bologna in the recording studio, so work on what promises to be a stellar album continues (on a side note, let me just say how abjectly in love I am with the Sanremo EP  😀 ).  And I’m sure preparations for their upcoming Eurovision run are in full swing as well.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be held at the Wiener Stadthalle arena in Vienna, Austria on May 19th, 21st and 23rd.  It is an amazing and prestigious opportunity for them, so I thought we should learn more about it.



Premiering in 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is the longest running televised music competition and one of Europe’s best-loved television shows.

The idea to have different acts from different countries compete against each other was actually conceived by the EBU (European Broadcast Union) in 1955 by Frenchman, Marcel Bezençon, and was based on the concept of (ironically enough) the Festival di San Remo, which first aired in 1951.  At that time, it was considered a zealous undertaking to bring so many different countries together via the medium of television, since the plan was to broadcast the event throughout all represented countries at the same time, and the technology obviously wasn’t what it is today.

Proof of how well-loved the show is in Europe is demonstrated by the fact that it has been held and broadcast without fail since 1956.  Up to 43 countries have been represented in one competition, and it has been broadcast throughout the world, including in countries that do not actively participate.

Winning this competition allows the winning artist(s) to use the publicity to further their career(s) and can even pave the way for international success.  Winners include such names as Abba, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias.

Click the links below to learn more.


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Eurovision Song Contest Wikipedia Page

Eurovision Song Contest Facebook Page

Eurovision TV Website

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Vienna is the capital and primary city in Austria, with more than 20 percent of the country calling the city home.  Austria itself has something of a war-torn history in the early to mid twentieth century, but in recent years, Vienna has risen to be recognized as one of the world’s “Most Livable Cities” as well as for its “Culture of Innovation.”

It is also regarded as the “City of Music” for its rich musical culture, which was also noted to me by Myron, our own music educator:

“…Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Mahler and many other great musicians lived there.  Kind of like New York is for the USA.  In other words: a great place for a music competition.”

 An overview of Vienna’s history can be found on the Vienna Wikipedia Page


 Wiener Stadthalle Arena

The Wiener Stadthalle Arena is an indoor arena and convention center in the 15th district of Vienna.  It was designed by Roland Reiner, and construction took place between 1953 and 1958.   The arena holds roughly 16,000 people and hosts about 350 events per year, but there are several other buildings and sports venues that make up the complex.  Visit the Wiener Stadthalle Wikipedia page for the details, and The Stadthalle Multimedia Page on its official website for pictures and videos.


Grande Amore

So we know that this is the song Il Volo is taking to the contest, and why shouldn’t they?  Have I mentioned that I love it?  Well, just in case there is any confusion, I do!  I do; I do!   😀   I’m not going to say anything else.  Just enjoy the graphic tweeted from our affiliate, AAIV, regarding the song’s debut on the Billboard Chart while watching the official video!

~~ Kelly


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