Ok, I just attended the performance of Il Volo in the program broadcast by RAI 1 of TUTTI A SCUOLA and I’m still on a cloud.

Thanks guys, it’s been so long that I haven’t heard that beautiful song from your voices anymore and I’m still excited ………. but let’s go in order.

This program is broadcast every year on the day of the opening of the schools, and is broadcast by RAI1.

Today, 14 September 2020, in Italy is the first day of school and this year is a very special opening, because the schools have been closed since early March.

So the message is really strong, it reopens, a thought to the future, with many problems in the present, still not fully overcome, but with a lot of confidence and emotion.

Furthermore, instead of making this connection from Rome, as every year, this year in compliance with the anti-Covid rules, the program is broadcast in Vo’ Euganeo, one of the countries most affected by the virus, a country that has a sad record in the number of deaths.

Many guests will participate in the event, in the presence of our President of the Republic: Sergio Mattarella and other constitutional offices.

Il Volo is the most awaited guest, who will conclude the event, before the speech of our President.

But here they are, always beautiful, elegant but with sneakers, IL VOLO.

Tutti a Scuola Performance – Click Here

Beautiful opening of their performance with the beautiful GRANDE AMORE, which we always listen with pleasure.

I translate for you the speech after Grande Amore.

Man = Good, good, good, very good!

Women = Mamma mia, what a thrill.

G + I + P = Thank you, thank you all.

Man = And then, finally seeing you again on stage, being able to listen to you and admire and enjoy your talent, after very complicated months.

We talked to each other on the computer, via Skype during Eurovision (this year he presented Eurovision Italia) and we had said to ourselves: sooner or later it will start again…..

Piero = Today is a special day, a day of hope. We are delighted to be present at this fantastic event and we send a big hug to all the kids who are back at school today. Study is the most important thing.

Man = Perfect! Guys, by the way, what kind of relationship did you have with school?

Ignazio = It’s really exciting to be here after the lockdown …..

Man = Ah, you avoid the question??

Ignazio = No, why did you understand?? (laughter)

Seriously, we are happy to be here.

Before, a very painful point was touched (bullying) that I experienced too, so I understand and I am very close…….

Man = Are you talking about difficulties at school?

Ignazio = No, I’m talking about cyberbullying in general.

Social media is a serious thing, we often use them, just to play, to have fun, but they are a very serious thing. Social networks give everyone a voice, but not everyone has the intelligence to know how to use them in the right way.

So we are very close to all the guys who need support, we are helping a lot of people, and we are also creating a Foundation for that.

Woman = Beautiful.

Ignazio = Yes, because in 2020 we are far ahead, but also far behind in the way we behave.

Woman = We hope that the school also does a good job, teaching these kids to use social media well.

Man = The real revolution starts from school, education. A teacher, a pupil, a notebook, a pen, and you can begin, not only to dream, but to change the world.

Thanks guys for the introduction to this beautiful speech, which has not been prepared, I am truly amazed.

Ignazio = You were talking about this speech before and it is something that touches us a lot.

Gianluca = Also because, dedicating ourselves to culture, to study, not only makes us educated people, it also helps us to look at the world with other eyes, to the point of making us better people, with a pinch of empathy, of sensitivity, this can happen. So we renew our “good luck” to all students and also to children.

Man = “Better and free people,” said Gianni Rodari (Italian writer). “Study if you want to be free.”

But you have a gift, a little for us, but above all for our extraordinary President.

You explain it yourself.

Piero = Today we have decided to pay homage to the Italian column of music in the world, the maestro Ennio Morricone. (applause)

Man = About the music of “Once Upon a Time in America” and “Malena”, right?

Piero = Exactly, a piece entitled E PIÙ TI PENSO.

Man = Great names like Renis, Mogol participated in this song. And you sing.

Gianluca = We always remember this song with great affection, because we were just over 15 years old, when we had the honor of singing and performing with the great maestro Ennio Morricone.

Man = You speak like a 90-year-old….. and you already have a 10-year career ….. you started at 8 …. (laughter), you are still very young: Il Volo !!

Il Volo sings E PIÙ TI PENSO.

Man = I’m speechless, really, and then live, from a few meters …

Gianluca =  Really Thanks, we also want to thank the maestro Leonardo De Amicis (he directed the guys at Ti Lascio Una Canzone) and all the musicians of the orchestra, who are all boys, just like us. Thank you.

Man = Anyway you joke, but talent, only by studying, studying, can reach certain levels. Thanks, good job and good flight, infinite flight.

I + P + G = Thank you

Man = Hurray for Il Volo, who greets our President, I recommend you distance and mask.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca go down to greet the President, wearing the mask first.

The guys get a personal applause from our President, standing in front of them.

Great guys!!

But let me spend a few words on the superb interpretation they gave of E PIÙ TI PENSO!

How long have we not heard this song sung by Il Volo.

I would like to clarify that Tony Renis wrote the words on this beautiful music by Maestro Morricone, with the aim that it would be sung by Il Volo, then almost unknown kids in Italy.

Since then it has only been sung a few times by them.

On this occasion, they surpassed themselves, with an interpretation full of emotion, a unique sweetness and harmony, which only Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero can produce.

As the presenter said, talent yes, but also a lot of study to achieve this.

Again, I am very proud of them.

After the performance of Il Volo, there was the speech of our President of the Republic. A very long speech but with very beautiful pieces that I translate for you.

“Today is an important day. The inauguration of the school year, never, as on this occasion, has the value and significance of a restart, for the whole of society.

The children feel it, the adults understand it, and also the institutions. We are facing a decisive challenge. Starting over from Vo’ Euganeo gives even more the sense of how this challenge affects the whole country. Just as here in Vo’, after the anguish and closures, life has resumed at full speed, so the reopening of the schools expresses the full recovery of the life of Italy.”……

“As we prepare for tomorrow, we feel the need to remember those affected by the disease, the many broken lives, and the pain suffered by many. We will not forget, and we will try to learn from the exceptional and dramatic events that have affected all continents and that still keep us busy, requiring responsibility and prudence.”…….

“The precautionary measures have become a test that the Italian people have been able to face, as in other difficult moments in its history.

The school also serves this purpose, to train aware citizens, to defeat ignorance with knowledge, to curb fears with culture, to share responsibilities.

The school, the culture, the continuous confrontation, are also antidotes to the virus of violence and intolerance, which can also infect the community, if attention is reduced.”…..

Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy

Beautiful words from our President, but also the words spoken by our boys, unprepared speeches, which make me even more proud of them, are beautiful and appropriate.

Ignazio said they are preparing a Foundation to help the children.

What wonderful people.

I love them.


Let’s watch the video of E PIÙ TI PENSO, sung years ago by three little friends, emerging artists: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca: IL VOLO. ❤️❤️❤️

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

39 thoughts on “TUTTI A SCUOLA by Daniela”

    I am on a cloud as well after hearing e tu de penso!
    I am so glad they are getting more recognition from their homeland.
    Italy is very lucky and should be very proud of IlVolo❤️❤️❤️

    1. Chicago Love, I too am happy that the talent of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca is so appreciated also in Italy. They are much loved by the people, but there are some Italian journalists who don’t understand anything.

  2. Absolutely wonderful article, Daniela! Watching this program in New York gave me hope for the future! The guys were absolutely amazing! Their words were deep and meaningful! They never cease to amaze me! Italy open your eyes! Our guys give these young children hope for the future. Perhaps the adults should pay attention!

    1. It is very true Susan, I have also translated some words of the President because they are very meaningful and I think that for many people, they are a great encouragement to look forward.
      And our guys, their performances and their words, never let us down.

  3. “My Guys”, somethin about them that stays locked in my heart and they will be there forever. I truly do love them for many reasons which I’ve named over and over. It was a thrill to see them in person and I only wish I was a couple years younger and bet me I would see them over and over. I never tire of them, they are unique and special. I actually admire and credit their parents for showing them manners by being the parents they are. Success is described many ways, Successful parenting=successful children. Gets old me saying this but truly I love these guys as if they were my family and I am so glad I happened upon a site on FB where my two friends were discussing IL Volo and how much they loved IL Mondo, now my favorite also. To Gianluca, To Piero, To Ignazio… I will never put your name alphabetically , dont like waht it spells, so my choice is the one I put…. You are the lights in my heaven when the stars appear, you are my Spring when the earth needs greened up, you are my summer when you heat the world with your voices, last and not least, you are my Winter which brings good tidings and joy. In other words you are my four seasons to love with my heart. Thank you for being you! God couldn’t have given us a better deal than IL Volo. Hearts a fire and I love the three of you.

    1. Wow, Jackie, what wonderful words you wrote.
      It is clear that these three boys, now men, have entered like a breach in your heart, as well as in the hearts of many people.
      Their art makes them admire, but their way of being makes them love.

  4. Grazie mille, Daniela! I agree, I couldn’t me more proud them. The musical selections were perfect and their voices divine. Also, speaking off the cuff, and conveying such important and meaningful information is not always an easy task, yet Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero did just that. A standing ovation for lL Volo!

    1. Mary Jane, I completely agree with you, their performances are wonderful, but their words are always appropriate too and this is not easy. I think they always give very positive messages and even in institutional events, they always know how to behave.

  5. A wonderful performance of E Piu Ti Penso! They did record it a long time ago–it’s on their very first album, which is called simply Il Volo.
    So emotional and passionate! Lovely.

  6. Gracias por compartir como siempre muy sensible la interpretación. thanks for sharing I always feel very sensitive with their beautiful voices.

    1. Natalia, it’s always a pleasure for everyone to hear these voices, and when it comes to songs we haven’t heard for a long time, the emotion is even greater.

  7. Daniela and Pat what a gift you have given us. This was a wonderful experience. Hearing them speak and then perform in the professional way that only Il Volo can, was for me both breathtaking and teary in the beauty of it.

    1. Yes Kay, they were long-awaited guests, and this is not a simple event, it is a special institutional event, in front of the highest offices in our government. Wonderful.

  8. Thank-you Daniela for including the earlier video. I have followed them from the beginning and love watching these earlier videos I did’nt think it was possible but after their rest period I think each performance is more emotional, their voices are stronger and they are more handsome than ever. When Gianluca looked straight into the camera,oh my. I am always amazed by their maturity, kindness and concern for others. Piero. Ignazio. and Gianluca are not only incomparable singers but very special young men. I am proud to be their fan.

    1. Cathy, I think the forced rest from the concerts, has invigorated the voices, has been good for them. Sure we have suffered from it, but now we notice the beautiful shape and we are even more proud of it.

      1. I totally agree, Daniela. There is now something different with their voices now, stronger, more mature.

  9. All of the folks above have expressed feelings about the guys that I am so in agreement with, but would never be able to express it so well. My husband and I saw one of their early concerts on PBS. He said then ‘those boys are going places’. He passed away at the end of 2018, never knowing how right he was. We didn’t see them again. Then in the New Year 2019, there they were again on PBS in Matera and I was overjoyed to see them all grown up and doing so well.

    Since then I have tried to catch up on ten years of missed concerts and appearances. When I finally got up nerve to join Flight Crew news of them, it was like finding gold! Thanks to each of you who contribute and translate news of il Volo. I am truly thankful for all you do. Many blessings to each of you.

    And I love all the comments of the fans…they are beautiful and enlightening!

    Il Volo is a treaure!

    1. Shirley, welcome to the commentator group.
      So you knew Il Volo of the beginnings.
      Now you will be spasmodically retrieving all the videos and news, which we all do when we are bewitched by their charisma. You are on the right site, there are many archived things that will please you.
      Feel free to comment, we are pleased and we will keep you company.

    2. I, too, am a returning “fan”. I heard them on PBS in about 2011 (I think). I immediately bought their first CD and then the DVD IL VOLO TAKES FLIGHT. Then I became so busy studying that I had no time to follow them, though I was absolutely stunned by their voices. (It takes a lot of time to be a dedicated fan.) Then I saw recently on PBS IL VOLO Ten Years. I suddenly remembered them – I heard this program on PBS and bought the DVD and have been buying all their CDs and DVDs that I could. I also have heard a lot of their interviews in Spanish from Latin America (I speak Spanish) and the old ones in the U.S.A. It is wonderful to catch up, now that I have a little time. These young men are absolutely enchanting celebrities!! And what voices!! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  10. I was entranced watching the very young guys singing E piu ti penso and then hearing the men with mature voices singing the same song. It was a sweet experience.
    What a wonderful way to start a school year. I wish everyone health and great learning experiences for this year.

  11. Daniela, how wonderful that you could attend this performance! (I tried, but couldn’t find you in the audience.) I appreciated it so much more after reading your translation of the speeches (especially Ignazio’s). And the performance was excellent, as always, especially E Piu Ti Penso, and what fun to go back and forth as I did between the old and the new versions….amazingly not so different to me in vocal quality as in emotional expression. Also, it was wonderful to hear how capable the very young orchestra was. It was truly a special occasion, and I very much appreciated the remarks of your President as well.

    1. I wish it had been possible, Judi, I didn’t witness it personally, impossible in these moments. Vo ‘Euganeo is quite close to Brescia, but due to Covid, all these events are strictly limited and by invitation only, otherwise I would have gladly gone to see my beloved boys.
      I enjoyed the show from the TV, better than nothing, but it was equally exciting.

      1. RoseMarie, each time, I think, better than that they couldn’t do or talk, but then the next time comes and they’re even better.

  12. Daniela and Pat, you amaze me with your input on this site. I am going to use the word amaze again because the guys continue to amaze me with their maturity, their voices and their love of people. Gianluca’s comments, unrehearsed, should be a lesson to be learned by everyone. I love those boys and I am waiting for their next adventure.

  13. Thanks Rose Marie…..the guys are amazing……in every way! I was touched by Gianluca when, at the end of his comment, he seemed to get a bit emotional when speaking of the children. What a sensitive soul he is! 😊

  14. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I would never have heard about it – here in the States. I am also very impressed about how all the boys (I should say young men) answered questions. Their consideration for others and – in fact – their entire personalities reflect their wonderful family background. Very few young celebrities – especially those who have found fame so fast – behave as they do. I hope many blessings will follow them into the future. They are all so endearing!! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Dena, I’m very happy to have brought you news that you wouldn’t have read otherwise.
      These guys are mature in everything, in voices and even in words.

  15. Daniela and Pat, many thanks for again giving us the latest highlights, including translations, of our wonderful guys.
    Having seen the two days of the Seat Music Awards and then also the above mentioned event, it is clear that Il Volo has become the highlight and sought-after entertainers of any event in Italy. Yet our guys are staying so humble and it is clear to see their dedication and joy to be able to perform and sing together once again.

    1. Yes, Ineke, I think they are satisfied with how their career is progressing, and we are very happy to be able to admire them in their beautiful events.

  16. Thank you, Daniela for sending RAl1. I, too, haven’t heard them sing E PIU TI PENSO in awhile. It’s one of my favorites.This performance brought tears to my eyes. Of course, beauty does that to me. It warmed my heart. THEY ARE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING !!!💓💓💓

  17. Dear Daniela and Pat, This was soooo wonderful to see and your translations are always very appreciated. To see our boys, now young men, so mature and at ease in speaking from their hearts, means so much. They sounded fantastic and looked so well. I am thrilled for them at the success they have earned with their talent, kindness and humble demeanor. I have been a fan for a long time and, as so many others, have watched them grow up.Thank you for posting this emotional and beautiful event….brought happy tears to my eyes. ♥

    1. Harriett, I’m so glad you enjoyed what we posted.
      These three men always amaze us, with their voices and their ways and also with their beautiful words, always appropriate and why not, even with their elegance. Their charm continues!

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