Left to right: Black and white photo of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero all smiling


Friendship, the true one, can move seas and mountains, and is recognized in times of need.
Piero and Gianluca are two true friends and right now they are demonstrating this. Ignazio, since his father’s funeral, has remained in Sicily, perhaps he did not want to leave his mother and sister alone and he needed a moment of rest.
But there is a project to be completed, the tribute for Morricone, time passes and the date, which for now remains confirmed, is approaching.
So, a couple of days ago Gianluca published a photo of him at the Rome airport, leaving, for where?

Gianluca with mask on at Rome airport

Looking out the airplane window on the ground at the Rome airport

We all thought about a return to Bologna, to continue the registration for the tribute.
But it wasn’t like that, the three friends got together, but not in Bologna, but in Sicily, it was all planned ….. I don’t think so. I think that the events, which prompted Ignazio to return to Marsala and to take a rest period, made Piero and Gianluca decide to return with their friend, to support him and also be able to continue their projects.
This is a true friendship. ❤❤❤
And here they are, beautiful and united.

Left to right: Piero with mask and hat, Ignazio with mask, and Gianluca - lots of love from Sicily

Can I interpret the feelings of all of us fans, seeing Ignazio Piero and Gianluca together again? A feeling of great affection invaded me on seeing their beautiful faces gathered together. So much gratitude to Piero and Gianluca who preferred to go back to their friend and companion of many moments, Ignazio.
But the works have to resume, and so here they are intent on rehearsing the songs, they nicely let us peek, small moments, some chords ……. to make us understand that everything is proceeding.
I glimpse between them Lello Analfino, the one who had written beautiful words for Piero and Ignazio, now he has also met Gianluca, it looks like a recording studio, perhaps Analfino is giving them advice, and they know how to listen to the advice of people who have experience!


Best way to record music - silhouette of a microphone with a Sicilian landscape showing out of the window to the sea

Surely, the Sicilian landscape outside is gorgeous, by the admission of the guys themselves ….. “the best way to record music” …..

Gianluca in the studio singing at a microphone

Piero and recording friend in the studio

And then we go out together, as friends, return by car and…

Gianluca in a car with Ignazio at the steering wheel

….. to end the evening, a nice dinner all together, while watching a football match, good times with friends, to end the evening, after a day of rehearsals.

Date night - Gianluca and Iganzio at a dining table watching soccer on TV

And tomorrow we start again, but always together, always united.
Because this is the meaning of friendship.
The friendship that makes Ignazio write a beautiful theme for a television drama, Màkari, but which he shares with his old friends: Piero and Gianluca.

this photo is the fragment of Makari’s opening theme where IL VOLO sings

(this photo is the fragment of Màkari’s opening theme where Ignazio and IL VOLO are credited for the song)
And in the recording studio MCN STUDIO 17, in Palermo, they work, record, but there are also satisfactions.
These beautiful words had just been published by the studio itself.
Days of friendship and a special love that only music can give, thanks Il Volo, because in addition to music you bring with you that healthy joy of life that makes every moment madly beautiful, after all, art is to transform into happiness, and to live every moment of what some commonly call work, in a light way and full of ideas to improve by improving, you have brought this into our studios.
PS: Silvio Schembri (Piero’s friend) brought the “cassata” (delicious Sicilian dessert) and isn’t that happiness too ??? 🤡

IL VOLO and recording friends in the MCN STUDIO 17

To the most demanding, rightly, we remind you that the people portrayed in the photo are all “buffered” (they performed the test for the virus), see the following photo, and despite this, during the working hours all the positions were maintained and used precautions to avoid contact.
The photo without masks is a need that concerns the affection you feel with friends, and also a desire to exorcise the moment with the hope of being able to return soon to hug and kiss without fear, because hugs and kisses are that code of body language that makes us men and women free to love each other, and we want for these young talents a good that goes beyond imagination.

Negative COVID test on a table

A couple of days ago, the page of Il Volo gave the official news of Vito’s passing with these beautiful and moving words.
A few years ago we titled one of our concerts “An Extraordinary Adventure”.
Well, all adventures contain moments of happiness and moments of sadness, the key thing is to face each of these moments together.
United, always.
Ciao Vito, we will miss you.

Collage of two photos with Ignazio and his Dad, Vito

Better words could not be chosen, Vito will never be forgotten. 
Always united, in happy and sad times, because that’s how true friendship works.
And what about the nice words used to our guys by the recording studio
What a joy to be able to see Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, at work, rehearsing and recording, because they want the next event to be “perfect”, they want everyone to like it and be a worthy tribute to a “great composer”.
They will succeed, we are sure, and we will contribute to their success, with our affection and with our support.
Thanks guys, and good luck!

Left to right: Black and white photo of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero all smiling

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

71 thoughts on “ALWAYS TOGETHER by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, Thank you for this beautiful article on the events of recent days. It is so good to see the guys together and in support of Ignazio. Your story really hits home! They are true friends. Thank you so much for writing about it!

  2. Always together, true friends, united and thinking of each other! I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for catching us up on these young men and what is happening in their lives! I’m so glad that they are together and recording and supporting Ignazio at this sad time in his life! Music makes everything bearable!! Love it ❤️❤️🎶❤️💪🇨🇦

      1. First of all thank you so much for the wonderful article you wrote !! Did you mean they came to the funeral and stayed in Sicily until after the show?

  3. Devoted friends in work and play, sadness and joy,
    struggles and success.
    Daniela, a lovely glimpse into the process of
    creating music during a pandemic AND supporting
    Ignazio in Sicily. Much love and success to all.

  4. This reminds me of the beautiful words from a duet by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans:

    “Count on Me, through thick and thin, our friendship, ours, will never end.
    When you are weak—I will be strong, helping you to carry on. Don’t be afraid, please believe me.”

    Thank you for the inspiration. 🤗🤗🤗

    1. True, Chicago love, but then I’ll write you a song, from the Il Volo song that I adore ” Per te ci sarò” (I’ll be there for you).

      Se vorrai ci sarò
      Se tu sarai in pericolo
      Io ti proteggerò
      Dal male che vivrai
      Io per te ci sarò

      If you want, I’ll be there
      If you are in danger
      I will protect you
      From the evil you will live
      I’ll be there for you

  5. Thank you Daniela for this lovely article .. yes definitely Piero and Gianluca are true friends to dear Ignazio, in every sense of the word. It is beautiful to see. They have grown so close, right from the beginning of course, and we can see that that bond will never be broken. If anything it will become stronger (if that’s possible)! I worry about Ignazio daily, but knowing he has this constant support, is a delight to see. Thank you again Daniela, and to Susan as well, for these updates 💞

  6. Daniela, concerning the theme song for the series, did Ignazio write both the music and the lyrics? The three together, can’t imagine it ever being any different. Thanks

    1. Mark, for the news that I have, yes, Makari’s theme song is entirely by Ignazio, both music and words.

      In the attached photo, it says “original music by Ralf Hildenbeutel” but his music is the one that accompanies the scenes throughout the story. The initial theme, on the other hand, is by Ignanzio.

  7. Daniela, thank you once again for showing us the closeness and compassion that these three young men have for each other, their demonstration of pleasure in each others company, is a delight in itself always there through thick and thin. Hopefully this will always be with them as they grow older. How lucky we are as fans to be a part of their lives and to be able to enjoy their beautiful voices, as we all await the upcoming concert.

      1. Thanks Daniela I do indeed remember the photo of them as old men may they have the “photo” come true and may they be together until they are “senior citizens”.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts. It’s so lovely to see our gorgeous young men working together again. Piero and Gian love Igna so much and will always be there for him as there is much than friendship between them. They truly are one soul. I am so looking forward to hearing their new music and I am absolutely certain it will be wonderful as always. Lots of love ❤️

  9. Thanks Daniela! You speak for those of us who find it difficult to find the right words! Love you 😍

  10. I have no words to express the admiration and love for IL Volo. When one hurts, the other two hurt also, same with glee and laughter. I can say for sure, these three vocalists have my heart forever and no one will ever take their place. Thank you Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio for bringing so much joy and love to me listening to your voices and yes, seeing and meeting you in Mesa, Arizona in 2020. Each of you have amazing voices and solo or together, no one will ever top “my guys” somethin about my guys that no one has. That is the gospel truth and you can take it to the bank…. Hugs and love and thank you Daniella for sharing. You are a lovely lady.

    1. Sassy Lady, I very much like what you said about the guys having something that no one has. Their voices are unique and so right together.

      I’ve never been in a fan club until now, but something just kept prompting me to join in and I’m so glad I did. Those writing the posts and the comments from other “Crew” members are so welcome.

      At almost 85 years old, I may never understand how they so captured first my attention and then my heart!

      1. They have captured my heart too! Remember hearing them on PBS years ago. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and mature their voices were. When I tell friends about them, they can’t believe how much I love them. Their music is balm for the soul. I’m 72.

      2. Shirley, at Flight Crew, we just write what really happens.

        I too lost their early years, I started following them since the win in Sanremo 2015 and I’m so happy to have followed them.

      3. Lynda, I too, when I talk about them, I have to contain myself, because I look like a river in flood, it is stronger than me, it seems that they are my children! 🙂

    2. It’s true, Jackie, they are very good singers, but not only that, they are very mature people, very close by affection and have a great respect and education towards others, in particular towards more mature people and children. They are special.

    1. Oui Domino, il y a une véritable amitié profonde qui les lie. Dans le triste événement, je crois que tous les trois ont souffert, Ignazio à la première personne et Gianluca et Piero, pensant à la douleur de leur ami, ainsi qu’à la perte de celui qu’ils appelaient “oncle”

  11. This is especially touching since today in Italia is Father’s Day. You, know, but the rest of the readers may not know, that in Italia Father’ Day is not in June, but is celebrated on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph. I was very impressed that Piero and Gianluca were ensuring that Ignazio and Nina didn’t spend their first Father’s Day without their Papa Vito, alone. That was extremely caring and I’m not surprised at their compassion!

    1. Yes Jo Ann, they were extremely thoughtful. Their “loving each other” is real, it is not a simple appearance, even the photo that Gianluca published, after Vito’s death, with the dedication “ciao zio” is really touching.

  12. My family celebrates St. Joseph day and it warms the heart to know Piero and Gianluca are with Ignazio and family this first Father’s day without Vito.

    I must say my mouth watered reading that a “cassata” was dessert! The little kids in our family called it cannoli cake!!

    Thank you for helping us follow the project of our guys!!

    1. Exactly Roberta, today is San Giuseppe and therefore Father’s Day here in Italy.

      The cassata is really good, so substantial and sugary, you can hardly eat two slices.

  13. Today is Father’s Day in Europe! Prayed for Ignazio, that he would be comforted by his best friends.

  14. Thank you Daniela and Pat. I enjoyed this article about these brothers in music and personal life. Of coarse they stick together in good times and hard times, and this is what we would all want to know. I love them and support right along side them happy and sad days.

  15. I didn’t know it was Father’s Day in Italy. I’m so happy that Gianluca and Piero were able to be with Ignazio for a while. It will mean so much to the family.

    To Mrs. Boschetto and Nina and Ignazio I pray God’s grace and steadfast love will see you through this loss of your beloved husband and father. What a lovely family.

    1. Shirley, on March 19, St. Joseph is remembered in Italy, and therefore it is also Father’s Day. It was really sweet that Gianluca and Piero were with Ignazio in the days just before the party.

  16. Grazie Milione, Daniela, for the endearing stories of the most talented, amazingly positive singing group in history – IL VOLO! Every posting expands our love for them, especially for the uber-talented Ignazio. The 3 prodigies understand & embrace the deep secrets to their enduring success – a brotherhood of mutual devotion, participation, love & caring. Bravo! Encore!

    1. Thanks to you for the compliments.
      These three guys always know how to amaze us on a professional level, but also on their human side, and we like this a lot.

  17. Daniela, I had pieced this together, but it’s so much better when you do it! I was so glad to read the comments from MCN studio too–our guys are so easy to love. Grazie Mille for all your beautiful work for us.

  18. It is heart warming, like an oasis in the misery of the last year, to see the love and loyalty of these three young men. Thank you Daniela for writing this article.

    1. Unfortunately Jeanette, the young people of today, no longer has these beautiful attitudes and we, when we see them, are fascinated by them. They are rare pearls.

  19. Dear Daniela! He made us happy again with positive information about the Boys. Work on the concert must continue! The love and empathy of Piero and Gianluca are touching !!! And the people from the studio felt our love, only for one day together! You can’t help but love our boys !!!❤️🤍💚

    1. I agree with you Antonela, if the study MCN, wrote such beautiful things, just for one day of their presence, she understood what beautiful people these three guys are.

      I also remember that Silvio Schembri who brought the “cassata” to the studio, is Sicilian and part of an Italian journalistic network, he did not love Il Volo very much, in particular Piero Barone, (who is the one who lives closest to him) , but then, when she met him personally, they have since become very good friends. As I always say, those who know them are fascinated by them.

  20. I am so touched by the maturity of these three young men and their love and compassion for each other. They are so selfless and always looking out for each other. I didn’t think that I could love them anymore after their performance at Sanremo. But they always take that extra step to do more. Thankyou Daniela for this article and the lovely pictures. You are so right. They will succeed and always have our love and support.

    1. Cathy, I believe that growing up together over the years that you are no longer a child but you are not an adult, and in a foreign country, it bonded them a lot, and all three have a very protective sense towards each other. What happened to Ignazio years ago, I think it was the reason that brought them even closer. How can we not love boys like that?

  21. I always love seeing these 3 special guys together enjoying each other’s company, working together and supporting each other. You are able to put into words what fans are thinking and feeling. so appreciated. Thanks Daniela and Pat

  22. Thank you, Daniela❣️ This is absolutely beautiful and brings joy to my heart❣️ What a blessing these guys are to each other and to the world❣️Exactly what we all need❣️

  23. As always Pat and Daniela, many thanks for this touching post. I also would assume that Gianluca and Piero decided to go to where Ignazio was staying to work on their project for Morricone and to give him support.They truly are brothers! I am sure that Ignazio is staying close by his mom and sister in what surely is a difficult time. Knowing that March 18th was also Father’s Day in Italy makes it even more heartbreaking. I’ve seen those beautiful pictures you posted of Ignazio and his Dad before. I think he looks a lot like his Dad — both very handsome. Ciao

    1. Annette, it was really a very nice gesture from Piero and Gianluca to join Ignazio during this period. But soon, I believe they will meet in Bologna, where they will proceed swiftly with their commitments.

  24. Thanks for the lovely article. I love to see them together. I am sure their music will be wonderful. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  25. So touching Daniela, grazie mille. You put into beautiful words how they not only thrill us with their voices but also become more endearing with each year. What strong sensitive men they are! <3 <3 <3

  26. bonjour. D’abord merci pour tout le travail formidable que vous faîtes ici. J’ai lu dans l’un de vos récits que Gianluca voudrait être acteur. Dans ce cas là il arrêterait la chanson ou cumulerait les deux acteur/chanteur ? Il est si souvent sur son piano à nous émerveiller avec sa voix. Et il manquerait dans ce magnifique trio
    Merci de nous en dire davantage si vous en savez plus

    1. Domino, Gianluca a dit à plusieurs reprises qu’il aimerait être acteur, mais ce serait certainement une activité qu’il ferait en plus d’Il Volo. Tous les trois ont déclaré que leur priorité était Il Volo, même s’ils pouvaient également faire des activités uniques.
      (J’utilise le traducteur, j’espère qu’il n’y a pas d’erreur)

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