Ignazio’s Sicily by Susan

Land of Sages and Fools ~ Made of Devils and Saints!

Sometimes I feel like I spend every day of my life writing about Ignazio! In the last year I wrote over fifty stories about the guys and, it seems as if half of them were about Ignazio’s projects. Because of all his projects I sometimes write two and three stories a week about him, wearing many different hats. Entertainer, Lyricist, Manager, Entrepreneur! The amazing thing about it is, I can’t get enough of him! Ignazio lives in mind. I have an emotional attachment to him. I guess it comes from writing all those stories. With fictional characters, the writer develops the character but, when you’re writing about real people, you come to a point where you are in their minds and, you feel their passions and emotions!
Closeup of Ignasio in front of a microphone
As usual, it was Daniela who made me aware that something new was going on. She sent me a video that said Màkari and I wondered what is this about? And then I clicked on it and heard Ignazio’s beautiful voice and I thought when did Ignazio record this? That’s when I realized it was a new series on Rai1 and Il Volo will be singing the theme song. And if that wasn’t enough, I learned Ignazio wrote the song. Ignazio, do you ever sleep?
Ignazio, last year, you told us you had many surprises for us. This obviously was the collaboration with Rai1 you were talking about. Unless we have another surprise in store! We can only hope!
Truthfully, who better to write a song about Sicily and the region of Trapani than a native child! No, Ignazio wasn’t born in Sicily but, for Italians, who your parents are is who you are so, in fact, Ignazio is Sicilian.

Ignazio looking to his right as he sits in a red chair

It amazes me that the young boy who went to Sicily kicking and screaming when he was ten, became the spokesman for Marsala, around the world, and now for the region of Trapani. Ignazio came to embrace the land of his parents and he loves all the wonders of Sicily.
Sicily is different than Italy. Yes, I know Sicily is Italy but, how the Sicilians live and, who they are is very different. Ignazio’s song invites us to take a better look at this other land in the south. It speaks of “a land of sages and a land of fools, made from devils and saints.” Yes, that’s what Sicily is! They honor their saints while keeping their superstitions!
Ignazio invites you to live a new reality through his eyes. He invites us to see a different side of Sicily through his beautiful theme song, Màkari.
Ignazio begins his video by explaining to us his experience of Sicily as seen through his eyes. “It is a Sicily as told by a twenty-five year old who lived Sicily through stories, through images!”

Photo of the sea

This song speaks volumes! Where did the words of this song come from? Ignazio’s heart! There is something very mysterious about the song. Besides the fact that it speaks of a land of sages and fools made from devils and saints. It also speaks of truth! The truth as seen through Ignazio’s eyes.
Ignazio’s words allow us to see Sicily through tradition, home and love!
In the video, Ignazio talks about the summers he spent in S. Vito Capo in the landscape of Màkari. What is it that draws him back year after year? Is it the “silence” of the land that screams for you to open your eyes and look around at the wonder of the landscape or, the traditions of the land that go deep into your soul? It seems to Ignazio, Màkari is joy and love and so he will never forget it! And what does that say! Simple! This is Ignazio’s story!!! His story of Sicily, the land he left to pursue his dream and the land he is drawn back to time and again.
Think about the words of the song! Is Ignazio talking about the writer who leaves his home and returns after a long period of time or the entertainer who travels the world? The similarities in his life and the life of the writer are striking, that’s why he was able to write such an emotional song! I feel like Ignazio wrote the song and then they made the show. His words are very enticing, they pull you into the story. They tell all there is to know and, Ignazio tells us a story, through the imagery of his words!

Orange sunset over the water

The mystery of it all is the relationship Ignazio has with this land! Having become a part of this land at the age of ten, it is amazing to me that Ignazio developed this great bond with Sicily. Yes, Bologna is his home but, Sicily is the place he comes home to!!!
Ignazio says, “it is an honor to talk about my Sicily through a fiction that tells the truth of this Sicily.” Ignazio loves that through all the mysteries and mystique of the program, the show speaks of love, which is something that he loves and, he loves that that love is combined with yellow (mysteries)!
Sicily is amazing for Ignazio because it’s different for him every time. He sees a Sicily that is always offering something new while being a part of something old. Always remembering what was while looking forward to what will be! This speaks to Ignazio’s soul!
Ignazio’s thoughts and emotions are everywhere in this song. In an interview on Sunday, with Inga and Claudio Gioè, the actor from Màkari, Ignazio reminds us of his words, in the song, about His Sicily. “Whoever comes to Sicily, cries twice,” (once when you arrive and, once when you leave). I think that sums up Ignazio’s feelings for Sicily.” I think the words of this song will be on the lips of everyone for many years to come! A Classic!

Ignazio playing the guitar on the bow of a boat in the sea at Sicily

The final verse of the song is sung by Ignazio with a few beautiful words in Sicilian and he is accompanied by a classical guitar. “Sing louder but do it in silence because here no one hears us, sees us. This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy, it speaks to me of love. For traditions, for my roots, Màkari is home and my heart sings for you!”  These are emotional words, very touching!
In the video, Gianluca and Piero expressed their feelings about the project. Gianluca said, I have anxiety waiting for this moment, so I renew my congratulations to everyone for this great project and we are delighted to be part of it. We, also, learned something very interesting in this video. We now know what everyone’s plans are for the future! Gianluca says, he would love to be an actor. I always thought he would be a model. He certainly has the body and looks for it! But who knows maybe he will show up in one of the episodes of Màkari? And Piero the sweetheart that he is, told us how proud he is of Ignazio and how happy he is to be a part of this project! Piero, all of us are very happy that all of you are embarking on this new adventure together!
One final thought! Ignazio’s words in the song call out to, many, people expressing his feelings on many matters! I would like to go back to those last words of the song so that you can listen very carefully to Ignazio words! “Sing louder but do it in silence because here no one hears, sees us.”  Think about it!

Màkari we’ve been waiting for you!

Picture of Sicily and the sea with rocks coming up out of the water

What an amazing song! Ignazio as usual you took my breath away, not just with your voice but, with your beautiful words. No doubt they were from the heart. They truly hit home! They so speak of where you heart is! And from the bottom of my heart I say, thank you for the song and thank you guys for the beautiful delivery!

You know how many times I’d like to leave
from this land of devils and saints
but Màkari is home, it’s joy and pain
this is my land.
Land of Wise Men and Land of Fools
of people who take heart, take it and give it!
Whoever comes to Sicily, cries twice!
Màkari is my home.
This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy,
it speaks to me of love.
For traditions, for my roots,
but Màkari is home, and the heart sings for you.
Sing louder, but do it in silence,
because here no one hears us, sees us,
but Makari is home, it is joy and pain,
Màkari I do not forget, I forget no more.
This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy,
it speaks to me of love.
For traditions, for my roots,
but Màkari is home and the heart sings for you.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


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  1. What beautiful music, and very well interpreted! Ignazio is so talented and creative, I’m always wondering what he will do next and it’s always a delight. Thank you, Susan, for keeping us posted.

  2. Bravo Ignazio. Such a beautiful and haunting song. The melody is truly captivating and so memorable, the words so evocative. Truly capturing Sicily.
    Thank you Susan for bringing this to us.

  3. Thank you Susan for your wonderful article Ignazios talent knowS no boundaries. I firmly believe he will be on the level of greatness such as a Morricone. He is amazing. I love all three but he always stood out to me. His love of all he does is so genuine. Congrats to him writer composer producer singer. All around super talent and genuine man❤️🇮🇹🥇🎶🎶🎶

  4. Thank you so much for telling this enchanting story. I love everything that you write, but this reaches somewhere a little different. It’s takes you to a place in Igna’s heart and soul. It takes you to a place that you want to go to. I love these gorgeous young men whose voices touch me in a way that no other artist has ever done. But now Igna’s talent has me mesmerized. Who ever could imagine that someone so young could have so much amazing talent. I am truly in awe. Congratulations boys and congratulations Igna.

  5. Bravo, Susan! I totally understand your feelings about Ignazio! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings! Ciao!

  6. Susan, I thank you for putting all of our feelings for Igna into words and then those words translate into our feelings for him. Full circle. You are a very talented writer and you add so much to the Crew. I’ve been a member for a long time and with you and Daniela it is only getting better. I have a love of Il Volo that I can’t explain except to me they were a lifeline when I needed it. I wish for all of them a glorious future. Each in their own way but always together,because each one has his own special talents. They are the definition of “serendipity”.

  7. Susan, thanks for the beautiful words and the song translation, plus the wonderful photos. I feel as you do about Ignazio! And I remember you predicting that he would write songs for the three, and here we are already!

  8. Susan, thank you. This is beautifully written. I am permanently attached to these 3 “boys”. All 3 of them with such talent. But, what of the restless energy of Ignazio that you can see and actually feel? I am drawn to that energy. I am also drawn to Piero and Gianluca, but in a different way, as all 3 are separate and yet it takes the 3 to make it whole. A phenomenon. Ignazio wrote it-but they are singing it. Maximizing it. I’m curious how Floki might play into this.

  9. I am truly enjoying this journey
    with Ignazio and Il Volo!
    The best is yet to be for each of them……

  10. I feel the same way about all the “boys.” Men, really. Ignazio continually amazes me with all the instruments he play, the music he creates, and BOIN. They all are very talented, and I look forward to many years of enjoying their music and other talents.

  11. Grazie Susan! You said it all…I can surely relate to this too…
    “Whoever comes to Sicily, cries twice,” (once when you arrive and, once when you leave). …and soon I will cry again when I arrive…Truly amazing to see all these photos and videos lately of exactly what I see daily while I’m there. Love, love love these three fantastic, amazing, beautiful young men forever! 💖💖💖

  12. Thank you, Susan, for this wonderful article! These young men are all super, but the charisma of Ignacio is so great – really, words can’t descrribe it! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  13. Thank you Susan for this lovely description of Ignazio’s project, his vast talents and of course those of Piero and Gianluca. You express how we feel emotionlly, but are unable to put into words. They each convey their love of music, Italy/Sicily and mankind so genuinely. They bring it all to life for us and share unconditionally with joy, respect and superior talent. It is unbelievabe that we are so fortunate to have Il Volo in our lifetime. Yes, “who your parents are, you are!” My maternal family is Sicilian and love is bountiful within us. Thank you again to you and everyone in the Flight Crew who translate for us so we can more fully enjoy our relationship with these fine young men.

  14. Thank you very much. Igna has so much talent,I’m sure there will be more articles for you to write. Just love the three if them.

  15. Thank you very, dear Susan, for this article; I cried reading it. You have reflected in each of your words how I feel to enjoy this new project of Ignazio… It’s unbelievable how much talent our little boy squanders, and he doesn’t stop, as you say “he never sleeps???” … I am fascinated by him and this beautiful song, which is part of his life, his roots, his feelings and thoughts, is part of his story…
    I love IL VOLO and every project as a group is extraordinary, but, forgive me the other guys, Ignazio has the complete package, idea that is proposed works until it comes true; I admire him and respect him, and I imagine him in the future being very successful, if today at 26 years old, everything he has achieved… Ignazio you are amazing, and I will forever be your admirer…. Thank you Susan!!

  16. Thank you Susan for this beautiful article, I just love this song and so happy that Igna shared it with Piero & Gian,, they are certainly a team
    Igna amazes me, so much talent. Love all three of them and hope I will get to see them in concert again in Florida. Listen to them everyday and when I get it my car their music comes on right away They are so much a part of my life.

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