Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio in masks taking a selfie


It’s all a succession of news and I will try to make order.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero wearing masks

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were in Verona, together with the mayor of Verona, they held the press conference for the presentation of the June 5th event in the Arena. I will summarize what was said by the mayor of Verona and the director of RAI1, the network that will broadcast the event.

MAYOR = “Welcome to Il Volo in our city. It is an important day because we are presenting this concert which has a number of important meanings.
The request by the Veneto Region on the possibility of giving concerts at the Verona Arena for 6,000 people was accepted.
The Arena is not only the symbol of Verona but of music, in an open theater, on an international level.
It is the date of a restart, a reopening and great music that can be enjoyed live. On June 5, you have the honor of restarting the music with the presence of thousands of people.
For the city of Verona it is an honor to host you and be the city where everything can start again.”

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca with the mayor of Verona

RAI 1 DIRECTOR = For the flagship network of the Public Service, it is an honor to go to this special evening which means a lot for the artistic world and for the country.
As soon as Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca came together with their agent to offer me this evening, I accepted it immediately.
Rai Uno wants to remember Morricone, who has done so much for our music and culture, and the thing that seemed interesting to me is that it was reinterpreted by three young people who represent.
The idea that they were born in a talent show and have climbed, achieving such great success all over the world, makes us proud. It is the world of hope, justice and public service that Rai represents.
It is nice to think that three artists like Il Volo want to pay homage to Morricone. I think they have a lot to tell, even beyond singing.
I asked them to perform on their repertoire songs as well (“‘O Sole Mio”, “Grande Amore”, etc.), to the Italian people to review how their virtuosity has changed. They are now adults, really for Rai Uno it is an honor and we will be alongside, with great joy, for this first normal event. We will give a taste of the arrival of Il Volo on Rai Uno, on 2 June, with the National Anthem, after Tg1. I believe that the identity of this trio is consistent with the identity that the flagship network must have.”

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca with the mayor of Verona sitting around a round table

RAI 1 VICE DIRECTOR = “I just want to reiterate and underline the welcome to Il Volo on Rai Uno. Il Volo is strongly Rai Uno, it has the artistic and value characteristics of the channel’s entertainment.
From the Festival to today, it has punctuated and punctuated the Rai Uno schedule.
It is no coincidence that they have always had a leading role. An extraordinary adventure that started some time ago that gives us the opportunity to enjoy new stages like this one to pay tribute to Ennio Morricone with great singers from Il Volo.
Such an important story for Italian music and cinema, Ennio Morricone has won 10 David di Donatello and two Oscars.”

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca with the mayor of Verona sitting around a round table

ARENA ARTISTIC DIRECTOR = “I’m excited I got to know Ennio Morricone very well. Being able to open the season of live and television events with this event has always been my hope. I thank Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio for their commitment and desire to return to the Arena.
We will give, to the three of them, a numbered statue representing a divinity with the Arena of Verona on his head.
I hope it is a good omen for the resumption of events at the Arena which, I hope, will never stop.”

Left to right: Ignazio, Piero (speaking) and Gianluca at the press conference

Gianluca: “We are honored to be able to represent this rebirth. For us it is a great journey, a wonderful adventure, immersed in the notes of Morricone, one year after his death. Lately we believe we have had a personal growth that also involves an artistic maturity that we try to show to all of you. We were born as child prodigies, after 12 years of career we are satisfied with the work we are doing. We are really happy to be able to do it.”
PIERO: “Finally we can sing, after a year and a half we couldn’t take it anymore. Our work, I always say, is a dream job. We are incurable dreamers. Every wish is finally coming true. On June 5 we will give a message of hope, there is a great desire to get on that stage and see so many people working with us: from the technicians to the orchestra, to the many collaborators.”
IGNAZIO: “The Arena is one of the icons of our Italy, one of the few symbols like the Colosseum or Venice that are regularly remembered. The one on June 5 will be our only concert in 2021 . At every event we organize we make ourselves crazy: I think of the concert in homage to the three tenors with Placido Domingo with us on stage or when we sang a few meters from the Pope.”

Ignazio, Piero (speaking) and Gianluca sitting a the round table at the press conference

Piero Ignazio and Gianluca then gave these answers to the press:
The aim is to make Ennio Morricone’s music and culture known even to the youngest.
“We like the surprise effect. It will be an evening dedicated to Ennio Morricone but there will also be songs from our repertoire that are part of the career. If you remember well: The Mission, Once Upon a Time in the West, New Cinema Paradiso … We hope to be up to it.
 The evening will also be broadcast by PBS, the American network.
“For a better result of the audio we decided to record the CD  in the studio, not live. We have the pleasure of collaborating with the Sinfonietta, Ennio Morricone’s orchestra. It is a studio album. We decided to anticipate this concert even though the album will be released later.
Our tour will start in March 18, 2022 from New York.”

(Il Volo with the mayor)
“We changed the location from Rome to Verona, because the Arena is the largest open-air amphitheater. In Rome, it would have been more difficult to manage this situation. In St. Peter’s Square we sang for Christmas, with Christmas songs. In San Pietro there were no conditions to ensure safety.”
“During the pandemic, we tried not to passively experience this bad time. We have always tried to be productive. It was a difficult time for everyone. We canceled the world tour but we are very optimistic, determined and ambitious by nature. The strength to believe in one’s dreams and goals. We got to go back to the recording studio and dedicate ourselves to ourselves and our music. Everyone should try to mature and study from all points of view.”

“Perhaps this is the best project of our career,” says Gianluca Ginoble, at the end of the press conference.
Tickets will be on sale from Friday 14 May at 4 pm on the TicketOne circuit. Those who have a ticket for the 2022 tour will have the opportunity to buy the ticket at a special price.

What can I say, a beautiful conference and many beautiful and deserved words for our beloved trio Il Volo.
You read that right, the tour will start on March 18 in NY, surely it will be in Radio City Music Hall.
The greeting of our boys:
PIERO = Hello to all the friends of Arenalive.it.
GIAN = We give you the great news, the appointment in Verona on June 5th, both here in presence and on TV. It will be a great event, a contribution to Morricone.
IGNAZIO = They have already said everything, I greet you, and we are waiting for you.
REPORTER = Is this event more of a burden or more of an honor?
IGNAZIO = In reality it is a bit of everything, for responsibility it is an honor and pride.
PRIDE because Morricone’s music is a heritage of Italy, it is part of our culture and it is an honor for us to spread his music through our voices, and to bring his melodies all over the world.
HONOR because we do it in a very particular historical moment, where, until recently, it was uncertain to sing again in front of an audience and now, thanks also to the work of the mayor of Verona and many other people, we are able to sing in the Arena with the presence of 6000 people, so it is a great hope that soon they will be back on tour.
REPORTER = You said something extraordinary in a press conference, which is the most important occasion of your career.
GIAN = Yes, because for us it shows a certain artistic maturity, we are always looking to surpass ourselves. In our career, born as child prodigies, it is clear that to acquire a certain credibility, it takes time, with patience you reach everything and we work hard for this.
REPORTER = What kind of signal will come out of this show in the Arena?
PIERO = More than anything else we have always had the strength not to be disheartened.
It will be a concert of hope, there has always been talk of “we will make it” and when we will return to normal and therefore we must start and all the ideas are materializing. Finally we will be on stage, finally we sing.
REPORTER= There is expectation on the part of the public, but also on your part for this concert.
GIAN = For us who do it, we are very happy, I also imagine people who really want to go back to see a live concert, so it will be a great shared happiness.

Empty table where the press conference was held

This, on the other hand, is the promo video for the concert on June 5th.
GIAN = A beautiful adventure begins, a beautiful journey.
PRESENTER = Il Volo celebrates the great master ENNIO MORRICONE
PIERO = Silence because they are recording.
PRESENTER = In an event evening, on the notes of his unforgettable music.
IGNAZIO = I must say that they are all different and all beautiful.
(the song the boys mention is taken from the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack)
PIERO = We are close to the finish line.
PRESENTER = Il Volo, a tribute to Ennio Morricone, coming soon on RAI 1.

Left to right:

I have no more words, but only many positive thoughts.
When I hear our boys talking, I always denote a great composure and maturity, certainly not so common to many other artists.
They are “great” and they want to prove it with their wonderful commitments, which they inevitably carry out with great honor.

Now I have only one fixed thought ….. to be able to get tickets for June 5th !!!

More photos from the conference

Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio in masks taking a selfie

LeftLeft to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio in masks being interviewed

UPDATE AT 5 PM (Italian time):

I just bought 2 tickets for June 5th !!!!!!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Great news for U.S.!
    Very happy for their well-deserved recognition in their homeland, Italy! Grazie.

  2. You are so fortunate!!!! Drink in the excitement/passion of the evening with “the boys” (HA)
    Sheryl Anderson

  3. Congratulations Daniela,!! All of us that wished you good luck
    knew you were determined to get the golden tickets.
    We will be experiencing the concert vicariously through you.
    We will set our VCRs to see LIVE and also keep to savor for
    later. You were right when you suggested they might
    start 2022 tour in USA !! So happy for all, especially
    those who missed out on Las Vegas 2020 (cancelled).
    Something for everyone !! Thank you Daniela and Pat
    for quick translation and posting.

    1. You’re most welcome, Martha! Great news for Daniela! I wanted to make sure her news was published quickly. I was also supposed to be at the Las Vegas concert. 😢 We could have met there!

    2. Martha, Verona is so close to where I live, that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.
      I was also in Firenze Notte Magica and it was real magic.
      I have felt all your support.
      I am also very happy for the American tour !!

  4. Hooray!! Congratulations, Daniela!! We’ll all be so thrilled when we watch it to know that you’re there in person for us. I was so glad to get your translations of the recent events today. And what a magnificent town hall Verona has! No surprise, since the city itself is so lovely. This will be a superb concert–can’t wait!

  5. As America is reopening, we are happy that Italy is as well. Thrilled for Il Volo and the beginning of them singing again soon in concert for thousands of fans. America can’t wait for June 2022 when Il Volo will begin their America tour. Seems so far away, but time does fly by when the excitement and anticipation of seeing Il Volo in person again will make the time fly by. Hope tickets for Radio City Concert in New York will go on sale soon. It was there that I first saw the guys, just before the pandemic ended our “way of life.” Can’t wait to see and hear their voices again. Here’s to a happier, blessed future. Let’s meet up again in NYC!

    Good luck, Gian, Pietro and Ignazio–your dream continues.

    Love from Elisa Marie in New York x0x0x0x0

    1. Elisa Marie, I am so happy to feel positive and happy. It is true the date seems far away, but in a moment it will be the moment of your concert and it will be beautiful.
      Slowly, life returns to normal.

      1. Daniela, thanks to you for keeping us posted about all the news about Il Volo-it’s so exciting that you will be seeing them in concert soon. Enjoy every minute. You deserve it. Elisa Marie-NY

    2. II Volo announced they are starting their North American tour on March 18, 2022 not in June 2022.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS Daniela I always knew you would be lucky enough to get tickets. I know it will be a wonderful evening for both the Guys and the audience and especially for you. Everyone will give it their all….such excitement !!! Thank you also for alerting us in the USA that the start of their for 2022 concerts will be here. Was it announced as to when the CD would come out ? Have a great evening.

    1. Marion, at the conference they said that the CD will be released later, I think in the summer or maybe even later.
      It will be a really nice evening, I can’t wait !!

  7. “In bocca al lupo” to the boys,andhope to see you in New York to you Daniela thank you

    Nilda Baez Fr New Jersey 🌹🌹🌹

  8. All good news for us and you. We will all be with you in spirit. I am curious as to what the Italian peas will say. Especially their critics. Hope they will eat their words. Our guys are doing this for the music business, and for themselves but mostly to bring Italy back to life.

    1. Dear Rose Marie, how sorry I am that you are not here, I know well that with all my heart you would have been here with us, do you remember you were in line to enter Verona and I was calling you and you did not see me …. first time we met, good memories.

      1. Daniela, Verona was an unforgettable experience. I loved meeting you and I hope to see you again soon. I will be sitting on your shoulder at the concert on June 5, so please be careful 😊

    2. I meant Italian PRESS not peas. I don’t know how I messed that up 😊

      1. RoseMarie, I understood who it was for and in any case we sometimes say “che piselli” (what peas) in a derogatory tone, like a foolish person, so it suited the Italian press.

        I also hope to see you soon, and I will pay attention to my shoulder !!

  9. Wonderful!!! Now I just have to stay alive until June 2022! What an incentive to do so — to see Il Volo again! Hope our border between Canada and the USA will be open by that time. So glad you got tickets, Daniela. Drink it all in and pass on the euphoria to us.

  10. Can’t think of anyone who deserves those tickets and seats at the concert than you-for all you do for us, Daniela.

    1. Thanks Mark, you are very kind to say this and I am happy to be able to help you all with my translations and I hope to be able to make great videos from Verona.

  11. Hooray Daniela! I am so happy you got tickets! Can you tell us what time the concert starts? Ra1 says it is showing it live but I wonder if PBS will also show it live due to the time difference.

    1. Penina, the concert is scheduled to start at 20:30 Italian time, but I don’t know if it will be broadcast live on PBS. As soon as we have certain news we will publish it.
      If you are on facebook, today your video (only the anthem) will be published on the Flight Crew page.

      1. I am not on Facebook. But I know the video! Thanks for the information on the time of the concert. I really doubt that PBS will carry it live because of the time difference. But who knows?

  12. Thanks a lot Pat and Daniela for this beautiful post. CONGRATULATIONS Daniela. I’m so happy for you and wish you the most beautiful impressions. It will be a wonderful concert and you will be there, great 🤩. Hugs

  13. Daniela, thanks for the link to the exterior photo of Verona’s town hall. Yes, magnificent building, and I sat right across from it having lunch and only looked at the Arena! But I did notice at the time what looked like scenery and props from Arena productions in front of it. Still haven’t seen a production there even after having been in Verona twice, but hopefully Il Volo in 2022! And hope to meet you!!

    1. Indeed, Judi, right outside the Arena and in front of the town hall, often put the stage environments.
      It would be great to meet us in the Arena, so I met many volovers, fingers crossed.

  14. Congratulations on your tickets!! What an exciting event this will be. And to know that in 2022, we will have concerts again here in the USA. Such wonderful news!!

  15. A I’m new to this site, can anyone tell me if and when PBS here in the US will they broadcast the concert?

    1. Barb, Welcome! It will be broadcast LIVE on PBS June 5th.
      9 pm Verona time. So that would be noon here Pacific time,
      3 pm Eastern time. To be certain, check your local PBS
      TV listing that morning and hopefully you’ll see it listed and
      set your VCR to record. Enjoy ! Check our site the day
      before and we will confirm.

      1. Thank you for the reply, I don’t want to miss this. I love these boys.

    2. Barb, as Martha replied, whom I thank, as soon as there is certain news we will publish it.
      We are always happy to read new comments, we look forward to seeing you again.

      1. Thank you, I will be checking back for more info. I have loved reading all of the comments you lovely people are submitting. I first discovered Il Volo on my PBS Station here in Utah, and fell in love.

  16. I am so happy that you got your tickets, Daniela. It will be the next best thing to being there for us. You do such a nice job of keeping us informed about our boys and I can’t wait to see it on PBS and have you tell us what it was like being there. Thank you for the translations of their interviews and all the time you put into doing them.

    1. Thanks Cathy, you are very kind and I appreciate your compliments.
      I’ve already experienced Magic Night, and as good as the video is, being there was really great. I hope to repeat the experience of that time.

  17. Just checked my junk mail and, to my surprise, there were 45 emails there from the Flight crew!! Just have to figure out how to let the Junk part of my computer know that any mail from the Flight crew is DEFINITELY NOT JUNK!!! Will have to get a much younger brain to help me.

    1. You made me laugh, Deebee, I’d like to know how you make your computer brain rejuvenate. 45 e-mail ….. you have a little to read !!

  18. I am so excited for you, Daniela to have been able to purchase your tickets for the concert. I will be with you in spirit in June 5th and will be waiting with baited breath to hear the details from you post concert.

    Thanks for your article today. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the boys and reading their comments. You are so good about keeping us informed and up-to-date on lL Volo happenings.

    Would you mind sharing the time of the concert? Thanks.

    Pat, as usual, thank you so much for your part in posting this info so quickly.💖

    1. Grazie Mille Mary Jane, you are so kind.
      I will definitely write down everything I see and hear, and also all my emotions and then I will write it all down in a long post for all of you !!

  19. No one deserves a ticket more than you, Daniela! We will all be there sitting with you in spirit. ENJOY!

  20. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this good news you have brought us today. It is such a big, positive step forward after all this time.Do you know what the “numbered statue representing a divinity with the Arena of Verona on his head” being given to Il Volo that is mentioned by the Arena Artistic Director? Thank you again for sharing such a well written article.

    1. Janet, it is definitely a positive and very important step, finally!
      Yes, I read about the statue, it is a recognition that the artistic director of the Arena wants to deliver to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I hope there are photos of this event, but maybe they will during the tribute concert !!

  21. Ciao a tutti!!

    Yes, indeed, again Detroit pbs will be there taping and supposedly broadcasting live the show. I am going to try and contact them and see if it will be broadcast nationwide or just to Detroit area. Surely they will make a DVD to sell, like always.

    They only announce their programming 2 weeks out, so there is nothing yet being advertised…

    To let you all know, when word got out that PBS would be there, I sent an email to them reminding them if igna’s father’s passing and to make sure they pronounced their names correctly. Since they are always idiots!! I actually got a reply and they said they would tell the producers. Haha, we’ll see what happens.

    For those of you that did not see the original live program from Detroit in 2019, the guys were asked at the end, what do they expect in another 20 years? Ignazio replied, “I hope you say my name right!!” Of course, that was conveniently cut from the nationwide release!

    Counting down the days to Verona and start of USA tour!


    1. Good Jana, you ask for news from PBS and above all that you reminded them to pronounce Ignazio’s name well.
      I can’t believe that in a few days I’ll be in the Arena to see our jewels !!

      1. yes, hopefully, the guys will spread a lot of happiness. I told Debora she had to wave to us! 🙂 can you take in signs? sign for Flight Crew? 🙂

        this probably sounds crazy, but my friend and I went to the Barry Manilow concert in Las Vegas MANY years ago now and she wanted to be picked to sing “can’t smile without you.” We made this special wrap for her to wear. The outside looked just like a normal wrap, but the inside that they could not see, said “it’s how you make me feel…”

        you could do something like that and put ciao from Flight Crew and hold above your head – it would also keep you warm, because it will probably get chilly when the sun goes down!! 🙂 a two for one idea!

  22. Jana, you made me laugh out loud with your comments on the wrong pronunciation of Ignazio’s last name by PSB. I want to thank you specifically for helping me become a member of Il Volo’s fan club. Your emails to me personally certainly helped an 89 yr. old Il Vololover. Really hope I get to see the Verona concert when it is televised to us in Canada from the USA. Hugs to you and all the people at the Flight Crew. Dolores

  23. Congratulations on getting the tickets Daniela I sure would like to be there with you but I am hoping to see them in the US 2022.I am anxious to find out where they will have concerts so I can try to get to one close by. I know I don’t have to say enjoy yourself but do so. am just so proud of our guys and so happy for all the coverage they are receiving
    Thanks again to all the Flight Crew

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