Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero sitting and singing on the arena stage

THE CONCERT STEP BY STEP – Part 3 by Daniela

Here we are at the final part of the concert. There will be some things that you may not have seen, because they do not exist in the RAI video.
Gianluca singing his solo with Piero and Ignazio sitting behind
After the electrifying experience of VOLARE, while I am still flying on the clouds …. the actress Laura Chiatti returns to the stage who says that as a muse, she has to make a request to them, she wants to hear the beautiful UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE. How could we blame her, it is a beautiful song that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca sing excellently, so we are very happy to listen to it.

I admit that the choreography behind our boys, although beautiful, is a little deviant, also because it has nothing to do with the song, but the voices of our boys are truly formidable.
The boys continue, apologizing to the Arena audience for their backs, because they speak directly to the people at home and confirm that they have always admired the American genre and then introduce the beautiful MY WAY.

I must say that I have always considered the top performance of this song, the one made by Gianluca and Piero, but I admit that tonight, in trio, they gave their all, everyone interpreted and all together were simply stellar!!!
Such an intimate moment, the three of them sitting on stools and for us audience the possibility of being able to admire them in all their beauty, as well as hearing these magnificent voices.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero sitting and singing on the arena stage
Ignazio continues with renewing his thanks to the Morricone family and in particular to the maestro Andrea Morricone who directed them in some pieces.
Piero announces that Maestro Andrea has written a piece for Il Volo, an unpublished one: I COLORI DELL’AMORE (The Colors of Love).

It was a wonderful surprise, an unprecedented one. Beautiful music and beautiful words, it is a song very suitable for Il VOLO, which performs it with a lot of feeling. I hope to hear it often in concert.
Here are the beautiful words:
Strade buie e vuote un solco dentro me
Passa il tempo con la mente senza un se
Le mie foglie cadono sopra di te
Sono bruciature dentro l’anima
Notti insonni senza fiato a scrivere
Un suono in lontananza
serve a vivere
Vetri appesi alla speranza di chi c’è
Sguardi trasparenti e pieni di perché
accanto a me
Ti spoglierai
dentro di me
E rivivrai
il tempo di una realtà
con me
Sono i colori dell’amore
di passione e libertà
in mano un fiore e poi
due attimi di noi
immagini di un film
istanti senza età
Semino parole irraggiungibili
Occhi già bagnati senza brividi
Due gocce di sudore cancellabili
Un urlo si dirada
siamo liberi
la luce che
si accenderà dentro di me
Sono i colori dell’amore
di passione e verità
in mano un fiore e poi
ci siamo solo noi
viviamo dentro a un film
E il tempo svanirà
E il tempo svanirà…

IL VOLO with Maestro Andrea Morricone waving

Dark and empty streets a furrow inside me
Spend time with the mind without an “if”
My leaves fall on you
They are burns inside the soul
Sleepless nights out of breath to write
A distant sound
serves to live
Glasses hung on the hope of whoever is there
Transparent gazes full of whys
You will return
next to me
You will undress
inside me
And you will live again
the time of a reality
with me
They are the colors of love
of passion and freedom
in hand a flower and then
two moments of us
pictures of a movie
ageless moments
I sow unattainable words
Eyes already wet without shivering
Two erasable drops of sweat
A scream disappears
we are free
You will hug
the light that
it will light up inside me
They are the colors of love
of passion and truth
in hand a flower and then
there is only us
we live in a movie
And time will fade
And time will fade …

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the arena stage

Great applause and the boys once again thank Maestro Morricone, the orchestra Filarmonia Veneta  and also Maestro Rota who has alternated with Maestro Morricone.
There is a nice standing ovation for everyone. They were all flawless.
Ignazio says that we are at the last passage.
Oh NO !! It was all so beautiful and so fast that I didn’t even notice the passage of time.
The notes of LIBIAM NE LIETI CALICI begin, we end up in joy with a very festive lyrical air, taken from LA TRAVIATA.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the arena stage
People immediately start clapping their hands to the rhythm. There is a beautiful atmosphere of joy.
In the background scenography the interior of a theater is projected, beautiful, it seems to be in the balconies of an important theater, even the choir takes a position.
Ignazio’s ringing voice begins joyfully, Gianluca and Piero immediately follow and then the choir. How wonderful, an apotheosis for what we hear and for what we see, we all clap our hands in time, with Ignatius directing us from the stage.

All standing for a beautiful and well-deserved standing ovation.
The notes of THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY begin and Ignazio shouts “Grazie mille Verona !!!”, the boys thank the people, they are visibly happy.
In the RAI video, the closing credits start.
Ignazio says it was a wonderful evening,After a year and a half you gave us oxygen, thank you very much for being with us.”
Thanks to all participants, Torpedine, Barbara Vitali and Eliana Biondi (staff) and the families of the guys.
Ignazio warns us to stay connected, because there will be a goodnight greeting (after the midnight newscast).
Luckily, so there is still something !!
Last verse is sung of THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, and the concert is all over.
Gianluca says:
“See you soon for a surprise.”
Ignazio brings his right hand to his heart, Piero greets everyone with his arms raised.
Standing ovation!
IL VOLO on stage in an embrace
The boys go backstage, amid the applause of the people, but only the time to have a drink and perhaps wipe their foreheads, and here they are again on stage, accompanied by Marco Giallini.
As the short midnight news is being broadcast on RAI1, they are back on stage to keep us company, so that we don’t get bored waiting for them ….. what sweets !!!😘😘😘
The boys thank Giallini for his support. You must know that in Italy, it is known that Giallini is a lover of hard rock, therefore, a completely different genre from that of our boys. Giallini takes the opportunity to greet and give his esteem to the drummer Bruno Farinelli who is always on tour with our boys, remember, I did an article about him.
Black and white photo of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca standing on the stage
Then to pass the time, Ignazio says he can tell a joke and the others agree, as long as it makes people laugh.
Ignazio says: “Do you know what lipless cows do ???”
….. Gianluca: “But it didn’t make anyone laugh !!!!”
These guys are really too strong and nice !!!😁😁😁😁😁😁
Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero on stage with Marco Giallini behind them
The RAI operators communicate that it is resuming live and so the boys resume thanking Giallini, who was an important presence for them, because Ignazio says it is their first live broadcast and he has given them great confidence.
Giallini thanks and tells them to sing the last song to say goodnight to everyone. Giallini greets and goes out.
If you watch the RAI video, you will see that at this point Piero makes a sign with a hand, behind Ignazio and Gianluca, to someone behind the scenes, as if to say “wait”.
Piero takes the floor to announce an absolutely moving and certainly not agreed moment.
These are his exact words.
“We want to say something important for the three of us.
This concert was dedicated to Vito, who we miss so much and is watching us from up there.”
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero standing on the arena stage
Gianluca hugs Ignazio who closes his eyes.
People applaud, Ignazio thanks with joined hands.
Piero bit his lip, moved and Gianluca too has tears in his eyes. The three friends hug each other.
The applause and the standing ovation continue.
The fraternal affection that binds Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero is evident and in these moments it is very strong.
It is a very, very moving and unique moment.❤❤❤
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in an embrace on the arena stage
CONRADIANA begins, a beautiful song set to music by Morricone and the words are by Andrea Bocelli.
I admit that I had never heard this song before, but I must tell you that it is wonderful and the words, beautiful.

Notice Ignazio, in the beginning, his face is absorbed.
The music of the violins is poignant and the choir raises the voices, wonderfully the voices of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, united in the last verse.
Long applause, still standing ovation, the three boys embraced, thanked and greeted and started backstage.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero standing on the arena stage
The RAI live broadcast ends, but it’s not all over, not yet !!
People continue to applaud and start saying BIS BIS (which means you want to hear a song again) and shortly after, the boys come back, the RAI connection is over, so they feel free from the impositions of the live broadcast.
They start singing the whole song of THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. Ignazio has already got rid of his jacket, immediately also Gianluca and then in the end also Piero.

Without any inhibitions, all three run to embrace the maestro Rota, a  truly genuine gesture. (Which artist would do it this way?)
They are visibly satisfied and as the last notes are over, Ignazio stretches out his arms to look for his friends-brothers in a final contact.
A tender hug between Gianluca and Ignazio while Piero greets everyone.
It’s over.
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing in casual attire on the arena stage
The boys say goodbye to everyone and quickly run backstage, now it’s all over.
The people who during this last song, had gathered near the stage all standing, greet and thank by applauding.
Slowly we reach the exit, greeting all the friends we see to the right and left.
Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio singing on the arena stage
It was a wonderful evening. The concert was perfect and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sublime.
The boys did not spare their strength, always remaining present, all three, from start to finish.
It was the reopening concert, the one that had to give the message that everything is back to normal, the first concert at the Arena after a year and a half of silence.
But it was also the concert of memory, of all those who are no longer there, primarily Vito. 
And finally it was also the evident renewal of the affection that binds Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, a deep affection of true friendship, of brother friends.

Now our thoughts are when will the next concert be?Fingers crossed!!! It will be soon!!!


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  1. Again Daniela thank you so much for bringing the concert to us. I really felt as if I was there with you, especially when Piero was so near to you and you related to us the bit about Piero and the elderly couple, something that would of course not be shown on the official TV or video. The photos are fabulous and really show how the three have grown and matured, from three young boys, only it seems, a few years ago. Thank you again Daniela for letting me enjoy the Tribute to Ennio Morricone.

      1. Please Daniela take your time. You are so good to us Il Volo fans, by re-telling for us and keeping us all up to date with the guys, comings and goings. We look forward and appreciate everything you translate for us .Take care, Marion

  2. Thank you so very much. I wish I could have been there to see them in person. I love reading all your comments, and the extras, such as the English words. Hugs Roz 🙂

      1. I wish I could, but sadly it just isn’t going to happen. Somehow I don’t see them coming to my part of England, and I wouldn’t be able to travel as far as London. Hugs Roz 🙂

  3. The guys just did an interview with the show Felicita. Many of the questions were about what makes them happy and relationships. It was on Rai2. Could you translate it for us?

  4. Meravigliosa Daniela!❣ A truly unique, exquisite,, emotional night❤ And yes please let it be soon we see them on stage again.

    1. Karen, I am convinced that it will be very soon and if you want some advice, do everything to be present at their concert, you will not regret.

  5. Thank you Daniela for your wonderful stories of the boys’ concert, I literally hung onto every word ! you have a definite talent for writing, I felt like I was there too ! Those boys are so special & hold a big place in my heart ! thank you again for all you do !

  6. I waited for Part 3 and you delivered! Bravi Daniela🥂. Never have I seen so much love and respect among 3 human beings before. The world could learn a lot from these 3 young men. Congratulations to them, their families and their team. Bravo – mission accomplished! Now, waiting for a new tour schedule.

    1. Their brotherly affection is truly evident. Of course, there will also be moments of disagreement, but as you said there is also a lot of respect. There is no jealousy, there is no supremacy.
      RoseMarie, they are really three rare pearls.

  7. Daniela, this is an lL Volo Concert that will go down in history, and thanks to you, Susan, and JoAnn we felt a part of that historic night. Thank you for sharing the details, the things we hadn’t seen, and the emotions you experienced first-hand. Especially, thank you for the translations. Grazie Mille!❤️

    1. Mary Jane, it really was a historic night and I didn’t want you to miss a moment. And apparently, reading your comments, I succeeded, and I’m happy with that.

  8. I’m adding my thanks to you, too, Daniela. It makes my heart full when I see our wonderful men show so much affection to one another. May they always have this connection throughout their lives.

  9. Part three the best, for me it was moving, intimate and just plain beautiful and touching, I could go on with many more adjectives but you get my sentiments, I’m sure.
    The man dancing on the table was too damned distracting and took away from the moment the guys were in. Just had to say that. Whose Idea was that!? The only flaw I could find in the program.
    Thank you Daniela and Pat for making this IL Volo magic, show up on my laptop screen-you made it real for me.

    1. Mark, the final part, with the dedication to Vito, was very touching and I think also a surprise for Ignazio. In the moment of the standing ovation, while the three boys hug each other, you can see in the front row Ignazio’s mother and a man, not far from her, who at that moment hugs her to give her comfort.
      All the concert was great.

  10. Thank you , thank you ….you and Susan are the best always keeping us informed…👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  11. Standing ovation to you Daniela! What a gift to share with us all. Without the translation and the detail we would have missed so much. You allow us to soar with the guys and feel like we were there. How much time and energy it must have taken. Thank you so much. We appreciate every minute. Cheers.

    1. Yes, Nancy, but it was worth it, thanks.
      They were too good emotions to keep just for me, but sharing them with all of you, friends of Fligth Crew, was a promise I wanted to keep.

  12. Just lovely. The guys, their love for each other, their respect and admiration for their fellow performers, their appreciation for their fans–everything about them and this concert was lovely in every sense of the word. (And even as Liza Doolittle would say, “Loverly!”)

    1. Thank you Daniela for all your hard work in sharing your experience of this concert with us. You made a truly magnificent performance feel as if we were there. I loved your video with Piero and Ignazio singing so close to you. It was a memory to last forever. The love and emotions they share with each other are a wonderful gift they give to each other. I love them for the remarkable young men they are. Again thank you. Your details and descriptions were beautiful.

      1. Cathy, as I said to Penina, in them there is much more, than a cold talent, there is a lot of love and respect, qualities that are really rare in many young artists.

    2. Penina, they are Il Volo, and we, their fans, know very well that they have all these values, but those who do not know them cannot even imagine. Everyone is fascinated when they know them, because there is so much talent, but there is also much more.

  13. I loved every second of the concert!! You could still see the sadness in ignazios eyes! It definitely was a concert to remember!!

    1. Annmarie, absolutely to remember.
      Ignatius, who is always witty, did everything to hide his sadness, but whoever knows him has perceived it between the lines.

  14. Daniela, once again you have bestowed on us your eloquent gift of capturing every magical moment of the concert. Parts 1, 2 and 3 flowed so smoothly like a gentle waterfall over the magnificent stage where the silk, yet strong voices of our three guys filled the arena. Every standing ovation was a loving message to Il Volo letting them know what a great success the concert was. As everyone has told you, yes, we felt like we were there in a “front-row seat” taking in the sounds, the atmosphere, the love and emotion. You brought Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero into our homes.

    Thank you, Daniela. Take a bow–you deserve it.

    With love,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Thanks Elisa Marie, I am happy with the result, I wanted you to perceive every moment of the concert, and I am happy to have given you good moments of leisure, after all you have been through.
      A hug.

  15. Thank you Daniela for taking us with you to this very special concert in Verona. Reading your accounting of this special event made me feel as though I was right there with you, and opened the door to feelings and emotions that one sitting at home could never imagine. It truly was a special event, and your words and feelings made it even that much more special. Thanks for your dedication that made this concert truly come alive for those of us at home. You are truly a very special person.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I would like Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to be able to bring the same concert to you and the same atmosphere. I hope they don’t change the songs on the list, because they were really beautiful.

    1. Dear Yukio and Kumico, thanks for the compliment !!
      Nothing is known about the Il Volo tour yet, but I think they will come to you soon!

  16. Thank you, Daniela, so very much! Thank you for taking the time to give us every moment in detail, all the emotions and the translations! The concert came alive with our boys singing, but you allowed us to have a deeper understanding of all that was seen. The work of an artist who paints the picture with words!! Yes, a standing ovation for all your time, effort and lovely descriptions.

    1. Roberta, you are too kind, thank you !!
      So many things I saw and heard could not be enclosed in the video, so I wanted to tell you about them.

  17. Daniela, I can’t add any unique words other than to say that I agree with all the other commenters. I get very emotional about our young men and I’m more than ready to see the new tour schedule! I always appreciate your work and look forward to it each time. I send my enormous gratitude once again … this was the mountain top !!! ❤️🎉⛰

    1. Judy, thank you very much, it would have been so nice if all of you friends had been here too, but we’ll be sure next time !! It will be great.

  18. Once again, thank you Daniela for sharing this very special concert and taking the time to let us know everything that was happening down to the smallest details. You make us feel like we were there experiencing what was truly a very emotional evening filled with great love for Il Volo and also the love and affection they have for each other. I’m so happy that you and your husband had this wonderful evening with these three beautiful, talented and caring young men!

    1. Margaret, it was really an exciting evening and it was certainly worth being there, because, as has already happened with Notte Magica, the magic of the early evening, is unique and inimitable, so I enjoyed every moment and I wanted to let you participate.

  19. Merci Daniela pour ce bel article ,j’aurais tant voulu etre a Verona mais malheureusement ce n’etait pas possible mais quel bonheur que Rai 1 l’ai diffusé en direct c’etait genial et pour moi je me répète peut etre mais leur meilleur concert ils ont pris tant de maturité ! C’est super pour vous deux d’avoir assisté a ce merveilleux concert !Merci encore !

    1. Paule, je suis d’accord avec toi, ce concert a fait preuve d’une grande maturité artistique et leurs voix sont plus belles et riches en nuances que jamais.
      J’espère que la tournée à venir sera très réussie car ils le méritent.

  20. What more can be said about this absolutely fantastic and emotional concert!! Daniela and Pat “grazie” “thank you” for giving us a step by step journey through an unforgettable night.

    1. Annette, thanks to you, who followed, step by step, the whole concert. Now I will write about the reactions of the press. See you soon.

  21. Thank you Daniela and Pat . Beautiful end to a beautiful concert. I felt like I was there and next time I hope I will bel there.

    1. You’re most welcome, Janet! Daniela went beyond what we expected with her vivid descriptions of that wonderful evening!

  22. Thank you, Daniela for bringing the concert to us. Your words were as amazing as the concert! I can’t wait for June when we will share the evening!

    1. Thanks Susan, what can I say, I already look forward to the evening, it will be fun and we will enjoy a good concert, we want more? 🙂

  23. Dear Daniela! It immersed me again in the atmosphere of the next concert, Arena di Verona. I am very grateful to you !! The next concert (perhaps not the only one) we expect in Bulgaria, Plovdiv in a theater from Roman times, is very similar to the Arena di Verona, but it is smaller. How sorry I am that no one will write material for the evening. Our boys will be rested and energized, as I learned from your story. I hope to at least take pictures. I’m always happy to read your stories, even with Google Translate. Il Volo give us happiness and love and empathy! Love them! Thanks!🌷

    1. I agree with Daniela!! We’d love to hear your impressions after you attend your concert in Bulgaria and will publish them!

  24. Thank you for sharing all your observations about the guy’s Morricone concert. Almost as good as being there. Grateful.

  25. Thank you Daniela … You made me cry with this third part …. Without a doubt, I think it was the most emotional part, because of the memory of Don Vito; and also for the displays of unconditional affection between our boys, the camaraderie and camaraderie between them; This says a lot about them, how professional they are and how much they have matured ….
    Honestly, this is a closure for the history of concerts, for everything that has dragged us, for the moment that we live and because IL VOLO is IL VOLO, say no more … Thank you very much Daniela … God to you bless and let us continue to share these beautiful stories …. Greetings to all the Il Volo Flight Crew team

  26. Thank you again Daniela for all your many efforts! So many moving moments, especially LOVED the compilation video of all the supportive gestures given to Ignazio!

    1. Sally, that video is really moving, those lovely and loving gestures in support of each other, and in particular to Ignazio, are unique !!

  27. Again so many thanks to you and Pat for all your hours to give us all so much pleasure to read your stories. I have watched the concert seven times now and get emotional every time. The bond between these three is so moving. Can’t wait for your next story. Hope we find out soon their schedule for 2022 Saving up to buy a front row seat.

    1. Wow, seven times, how good. In fact, I too have looked at it many times and every time I like it more and more and I think …. “but was I really there?”, It still seems like a dream!

  28. I also want to add my grateful thanks to Daniela for giving us an absolute thorough overview of the “Magic Stars” concert. With every new step/part that was posted, I watched the whole concert again, seeing more details every time ~ what a joy!!!!
    Meravigliosa ~ grazie Mille Daniela and Pat for all your hard work.

    1. You are welcome, Ineke. I really feel like the Verona concert was the guys’ second “Notte Magica”! 😀

    2. Thanks to you dear Ineke.
      Now you have the whole concert, who knows how many times you will watch it and you will also know, just everything that happened !!

  29. PHENOMENAL!! How could there be more? There couldn’t be more as they gave us their all. Just opened themselves and poured it all over us with love. For me, this may be their concert of a lifetime. They were in their home, Italy, and their own language and music.When Ignazio opens his arms wide to us, I feel he is saying, I give you myself, give me all of you. Daniela, thank you for opening your arms to us and letting us receive you. This was such monumental time to share. I still take it in every day. As an American, I need a dose of this wonderful Italian culture. Thank you to all our admin.

    1. Kay, I totally agree with you! I think this concert was monumental in their careers, for Italy and for everyone associated with the concert. It was a rebirth of sorts after this terrible last year of the pandemic. I could see and feel their hope and happiness and I smiled and cried with them!

    2. Kay, I am so happy that you enjoyed it, and that you enjoyed every moment, every attitude.
      It was really phenomenal, and then all very natural.
      After this sad period, there was a need for this injection of talent and love and our boys have certainly not disappointed us.

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