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A few days ago a short video was published that reports some questions (perhaps asked by the fans) to which Il Volo answered.
I believe they were made before the tribute concert at the Arena.
These are a handful of questions, but it’s nice to see how Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca react and make fun of each other!
The comment accompanying the video is:
“Here we are, with unexpected questions, sincere answers, laughter and curiosity.”
Part 1 (so it is assumed that there will be more short videos like that.)
I translate for you:
QUESTION = Can you tell me about an event that has remained close to your heart, which happened with your fans?
QUESTION = Have you ever changed or forgotten the lyrics of a song?
IGNAZIO = Do you know how many times we have forgotten the words during a concert !!
PIERO = It was a piece in French, TUS LES VISAGES DE L’AMOUR …. and I forgot the words, I didn’t remember anything.
QUESTION = Who often forgets their socks?
PIERO = Him (and points to Ignazio)
IGNAZIO = Who, I? It’s Gianluca!
GIANLUCA = Me ?? You! (points to Ignazio)
IGNAZIO = Me? You! (points to Piero) 😁😁😁
QUESTION = Favourite song?
IGNAZIO = As of today, with the project we are doing: YOUR LOVE.
QUESTION = A ritual you do before a concert?
IGNAZIO = One of the things we often do is shake hands, (he joins his hands) like this.
QUESTION = Favorite movie?

IL VOLO in an ad for the SMA - Seat Music Awards

This photo, published on the official page of Il Volo, informs us that on 9 September, Il Volo will be present in the Arena di Verona, at the Seat Music Awards event, an event where all the artists who have achieved their goals are awarded and certainly Il Volo. will be present for the Gold Record obtained with the sales of the 10-year CD.
Well, it is an event full of artists and music and very popular with young people, we will hear that song (usually only one) presents Il Volo.
The photo is accompanied by this comment:
“Hello #ilvololovers, we are delighted to inform you that this year we will participate in the #SeatMusicAwards at the Verona Arena and we can’t wait.
It is always a great honor for us to sing in the suggestive atmosphere of the Arena!
See you in September!”
SMA - Seat Music Awards logo
Another very nice video starring Gianluca, was published by
It is entitled Gianluca Ginoble-Multimedia tourist guide of Roseto degli Abruzzi, and in fact, who better than Gianluca, so proud of his land, can highlight the beauties of Montepagano?
In addition, the Belvedere is very close to his home.

I translate for you:
We are certainly in one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic coast.
I am biased, however, we are in Montepagano, in the Belvedere, the place where I grew up and looking out from here certainly helps to appreciate the true meaning of life.
Being able to look at the sea from afar and appreciate the sound of the sea waves, this wonderful sound that is like music.
I grew up on music, and as maestro Ennio Morricone said “from silence great works of art are born”.
So I invite you to be here and to look out from this wonderful place, to really be able to appreciate the good things in life, music and the sea, which have one great thing in common, are a great work of art.
Very good Gianluca and to lend you for these relaunch messages of your country, it does you honor.
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have just ended, but we could not show you this nice video of a Mexican gymnast, Rut Castillo, performing her rhythmic gymnastics exercise with the ribbon on the well-known notes of El Triste, sung by Il Volo!!
And now let’s see what our three have posted.
In early August, they went to Milan, to Sony and then to do a photo shoot, perhaps for the new CD?
Here are the photos posted by those who took care of their appearance.

Ignazion in Milan with hairdresser

Piero in Milan with hairdresser

Gianluca in Milan with hairdresser

It’s also vacation time and let’s find out where our young men are.
Ignazio is always the one who publishes very little, his few photos are almost always published by others, he almost never publishes.
Here he is again at a wedding.

Ignazio with a male friend at a wedding

male friend at a wedding

Piero remained in his Sicily, often photographed in Taormina.

Piero at BamBar with his brother and a friend

Piero sitting on a balcony in Taormina

PIero selfie with sister, Maria Grazia

Here, Piero with his sister Mariagrazia.

PIero in a pool with his friend, Dario Mirabile, in Taormina

With his friend Dario Mirabile.
Surely the most prolific of photos and videos is undoubtedly Gianluca.
Here he is driving a luxurious convertible car, which I believe is not his?

Gianluca driving a blue convertible car

(Click on photo below to hear Gianluca singing Fly Me to the Moon)

Gian in car singing Fly Me to the Moon

Maybe the car was used for the cousin’s wedding?

Gianluca with his female cousin at her wedding reception

And then Gianluca, with his inevitable twin friends, allows himself a nice sport trip in the Tirino valley.

Gian with the Di Stefano twins

Gianluca in a boat on the river

The Tirino river valley is a beautiful green lung, rich in history, nature and culture.
It is the heart of Abruzzo.
Gianluca says: “We have to take a picture, these are indelible moments.”
That’s it Gian !!

Gianluca rinsing himself off in the Torino river


Beautiful places, but what an effort, in the end, a well-deserved rest!
And then, also for Gianluca, a few days in the beautiful Taormina!


Ganluca smiling, in whit t-shirt

It is also a good opportunity to attend the Rigoletto, the Ancient Theater, an opera directed by Placido Domingo.

Gianluca with Dave Monaco and another Rigoletto performer

Gianluca in the midst of two interpreters of Rigoletto. On the left, his friend Dave Monaco, who is also part of the Torpedine stable.


And so, after some effort and a lot of fun, we have reached August 15th.
Once, here in Italy, it was the only day of vacation for those who worked, today it is considered the culmination of summer: Ferragosto (literally means August grilled, that is very hot), this is the name of the feast of August 15th.
This year it is really very hot, in Sicily there was the highest temperature in Europe, almost 120 ° Faherenheit, and unfortunately there were also many fires.
There are infections of the Delta variant on the rise, but since there are so many vaccinated, the situation is under control there are no problems, for now, in hospitals.
August 15 is also the feast of the Assumption, a religious holiday, very much felt here.
So: Happy Ferragosto to all:  Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Grazie Daniela
    It is always very nice to see what the Guys are up too
    Thank you for the videos and the nice article

  2. Buon Ferragosto, Daniela. I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Thank you so much for this update and the translations. I was especiially pleased to read the guys’ answers to the questions and Gianluca’s video about Montepagano. Stay cool and have a blessed week.

    1. Mary Jane, these guys make me laugh, when they blame each other, you understand that there is a lot of camaraderie between them.
      And I love Gianluca when he praises his region, there is a great love for Abruzzo.

  3. Buon onomastico to all of the Mary’s, Marie’s etc. Happy Nameday. Thanks again ladies for the great pictures. This site is like a one stop shopping site. Everything you want to know about our young men can be found on here onThe Flight Crew.

    1. One stop shopping………I like that! 😄 Daniela does a great job at finding the photos that go with her posts!

    2. Thanks Rose Marie, you were right to remember the name days of all the Mary and Marie (you too).
      Thanks for the compliments for the photos, with Gianluca there is not much to look for, Piero is a little more reserved, Ignazio, almost impossible to find !! I believe that there is a tacit agreement between them to leave this responsibility of posting to Gianluca. The fan pages are full of photos of our loves, but in this site, we try to make order and give a chronological sense and some explanations and translations, that’s all. 🙂

      1. Daniela, do you mean there is not much to look for with Ignazio? I remember seeing quite a few pictures of him with Allesandra de Margio in restaurants and walking down the street. I often wondered if she was the girl he picked out of the fans to dance with him to the song “Surrender”?? She was a tall (maybe because of the really high bright blue shoes), slim girl with beautiful curly long hair. Any ideas???
        Thanks again for your great job and Patti, too! Dolores

    3. Dolores, it’s not that there is little to look for, there is little to find, because Ignazio has always been the most shy in publishing.
      It’s true, when he’s in love, he’s more social, perhaps because he’s happy and he wants everyone to know. With Alessandra there were a lot of photos, but it was said that she was the one who wanted them. Also Ignazio and Alessandra, in the famous photos you are talking about were in Taormina, and believe me, it is almost impossible to go unnoticed in Taormina, moreover there are always photographers ready to take pictures of the various VIPs, since Taormina is very popular.

      1. Thanks so much for clearing that up for me, Daniela. Knew I wasn’t imagining things. Let’s hope that he will eventually find a long lasting romance and we will see photos of them together.

  4. Hello Daniela! I want to congratulate you for the Flight Crews publications! I love the reports! I want to collaborate by making two comments: 1. At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics it was a Mexican gymnast Rut Castillo who performed with the song El Triste masterfully performed by IL Volo. 2. Despite being vaccinated against Covid 19, we have to continue wearing masks and avoiding crowds to protect ourselves. The delta variant is very contagious and not all vaccines available have coverage for this variant. We must be attentive and vigilant! A big hug!

    1. Hi Aparecida, thanks for the compliments, and sorry for the mistake on the name and origin of the good gymnast. Actually, when I saw that video, I thought that Mexican girls love Il Volo very much, but then, in the first draft, I couldn’t reread anything, because I inadvertently sent the email to Pat and the article wasn’t even finished. I had to send another email to finish and I have never re-read the contents of the first one. Luckily I know I have attentive readers and I like this a lot.
      Please, stay safe, here too, we continue to wear masks and keep your distance, better be careful.

    2. I agree that we must not let our defenses down with this new variant. Keep safe and healthy everyone! Hugs to you, too Aparecida! Dolores.

  5. Daniela, I finally have to ask, what village, town or city does Gianluca call his home town? Is Montepagno a province or is that Abruzzi or is Abruzzi like one of our states? I don’t understand how the area is geographically arranged when it comes to the different names that he uses. Thanks

    1. So, Mark I hope to clarify and I’ll explain better. Italy, administratively, is divided into regions and each of them has different characteristics, including different typical foods and different customs and dialects.
      Italy, albeit small, has a lot of territorial diversity in a small space, because along the “boot” (as Italy is also called familiarly, which seems to have the shape of a long boot), you can find seas, mountains, hills, plains, lakes , islands, and also a lot of art, history and culture, without making huge trips.
      One of these regions, the one where Gianluca lives, is Abruzzo.
      In turn, Abruzzo is divided into provinces: Chieti, L’Aquila, Pescara and Teramo. Montepagano is the town where Gianluca has always lived and is part of the province of Teramo. The province is then divided into municipalities, Montepagano is a small village rich in history but does not make common, so it depends on the municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi.
      So Gianluca, speaks in general of his land as Abruzzo (we also say Abruzzi), but in particular his heart is certainly for Montepagano.
      I am attaching a map of the Abruzzo region, where you can detect Montepagano, I hope you see it.

      1. Daniela, with all the other posts you receive and answer, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a thorough geography lesson of Gianluca’s beloved home territory. All very interesting to me. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the post with new informations about our guys. It’s nice to know that the song performed by Il Volo was used at the Olimpics. Gianliuca is fantastic promoter of his region. Grazie mille e Buon Ferragosto.

    1. Thank you for the translations, Daniela. It is so nice to be able to understand what is being said. The video with the gymnast and the boys singing was very nice. The feast of the Assumption is always celebrated in my community with a two day celebration with a walk with a statue of the Blessed Mother, Italian food, music and fireworks. We have not had it the last two years with covid. Hopefully next year. Stay safe and thank you again for keeping us informed about the guys.

      1. Unfortunately Cathy, this is also the case with us, and these beautiful events are very much affected in this period.
        Another mid-August event here is the Palio di Siena which, due to Covid, has not been done for two years.

    2. Yes Jolanta, I too was pleased to see a rhythmic gymnastics exercise on the music of Il Volo, honestly, I would have liked an Italian gymnast to have done it too. Our gymnast Vanessa Ferrari (artistic gymnastics) came second in the Olympics, and her exercise was on Bocelli’s music Con Te Partirò (Time to say goodbye), which is a beautiful song, but it wasn’t sung by Bocelli and I didn’t like it how it was set to music.

  7. Grazie mille, as always, Daniela, for the explanations, photos and videos. I thought the Olympic gymnast was wonderful and certainly her performance was enhanced by the guys’ gorgeous recording. Looking forward to seeing them perform at the SEAT awards! I’m reading that your heat wave will break by next week–here’s hoping!

  8. Hi Judy, I too want to see the Seat Awards and for our “golden boys” it is an opportunity to be seen by a kind of audience, especially young people who only listen to rap, trap etc. , who hardly listen to Il Volo, and do not know what they are missing !!

  9. I saw that interview on Facebook and thought “I think Daniela will soon translate this for us”, and sure enough today we can understand what they were saying. I really enjoy hearing them talk more about themselves and tease each other. They do this so easily and with humor. I was wondering about Piero’s response of no to the question about any event with the fans that was close to their hearts. There must be dozens of memorable fan events. Curious. Thanks too for all the other photos and news. They have been pretty busy this month. Thank you again, Daniela and Pat for all your hard work.

    1. Janet, I too was struck by Piero’s NO to the question, but I think he meant that he will never tell an event that has remained in his heart, and perhaps, they have even more than one !!
      Instead I’ll tell you something that happened to the guys with the fans that struck me. It seems to me they were in Mexico for the promotion of their CD and they had to do an open firmacopie (instore). There were a lot of very young fans and a lot of confusion. Piero, Ignazio and Gian were on a kind of stage where the girls took turns going up to do the autograph.
      The security, forced the girls to leave their bags before going on stage and there were many bags piled up.
      At one point a girl started to cry, because she had just bought the medicines for her brother and left them in the bag along with the bags and now she couldn’t find it anymore. She was desperate and was crying. The boys immediately stopped signing the CDs and began to pass all the bags to find the girl’s medicines and tried to calm her down and in the meantime they were looking for all three. Really nice these guys.

      1. Daniela, Thanks for another example of their humanity.
        Thanks Pat as well.

  10. Thank you, Daniela, for the translations, and to Pat for the photos and videos. So happy to see our young men enjoying their well-deserved Summer vacation. I love their camaraderie that is so natural and genuine. As they always say, “we are brothers.”

    The question and answer session was funny and sweet.

    Gianluca’s adoration for Abruzzo, particularly Montepagano and the photos and videos make us want to get on a plane and go there.

    I did not care to watch the Tokyo Olympic Games for reasons that I believe many Americans may understand what I mean. Some of our American athletes demonstrated disrespect for our Country, our American flag and our Anthem. I love America and am a proud American.

    We are experiencing a heat wave in many states in the USA, and unfortunately many fires are destroying thousands of acres on the West Coast. Very sad.

    The Delta variant is surging and we are worried about future lock downs. I pray that doesn’t happen and the vaccines will help to stabilize the number of cases and hospitalizations. There are many reasons for the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases in the United States. Suffice it to say that it is partially due to the current administration’s lack of dealing with a very serious on-going border crisis.

    Wishing everyone a great vacation, and can’t wait to read the next posts about IL VOLO.


    Elisa Marie

  11. Elisa Marie, Gianluca’s love for his land, almost borders on adoration and it would take so many guys like that.

    As for the Olympic Games, I must tell you that Italian athletes feel very attached to our flag and Italian pride.

    Here too unfortunately there have been many fires and most of them of arson, but when will this thing end ???

    Delta variant still on the rise, but seems under control for now !!

    Enjoy your holidays too and feel good !!

    1. As always your translations are very much appreciated, keep up the great work.

      Yes we have many fires on the US West Coast, and where I live we are surrounded by 6 of them, 5 were caused by lightening strikes of one storm on August 3. the first one, also lightening caused, in Canada. We have a mountain cabin that is being threatened by the biggest fire. WE are all on pins and needles.

      I love how Gianluca takes us along his expeditions with his IG photos. I’ve armchair toured Italy because of his sharing on Instagram. Etna, yesterday, is beautiful.

      1. Color du jour, I hope your mountain hut is safe, it is so sad to see the fire devouring everything you have painstakingly built.
        I saw the photos of Gianluca on Etna and I bit my fingers, because the post had just been published!
        Thank you for your compliments!!

  12. Thanks for the update, Daniela! I agree with Ignazio: Your Love is my favorite song of their new music. Their version is gorgeous and strikes me as a very difficult song to sing well.

    1. Sally, Your Love is beautiful, and Il Volo sings it beautifully and I believe that for Ignazio it will always be kept in his heart along with the memory of his father.

      1. Someone on this blog referred Your Love as Vitos’s song and I agree.
        I always think of him when I listen to it.

  13. Thank you Pat and Daniela for keeping us up to date on Il Volo’s activities. They truly are the best ambassadors for Italy and you can see their love and pride in their beautiful towns and villages! Anyone would love to visit for so many reasons. I know I would love to travel there again. It’s so nice to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca enjoying the summer and spending time with friends and family.

    1. You are completely right, Margaret, because I have never seen Abruzzo, but I must tell you that Gianluca made me very curious to get to know these beautiful places.

  14. thank you Daniela and Pat Have been checking regularly to see if there was a translation for that cute interview and wasn’t disappointed Gian really does take his fans along on most of his trips and we really appreciate that Just love hearing everything, no matter how miniscule, about our guys Thanks again for keeping us so informed

  15. Thank you for another wonderful post, Daniela and Pat, you two are a great team.
    I appreciate and enjoy that Gianluca is giving us his frequent activities ~ he is a good communications expert!!
    I wonder if Piero was also at the reunion of Gianluca with Placido Domingo at the Rigoletto opera?
    Looking forward to the Seat Music Awards on the 9th of September!!!
    Stammi bene.

    1. Thanks Ineke, Pat and I don’t know each other personally, but sooner or later this will happen, in the meantime we work very well together !!
      Even if there have been no photos published together, I really think that Piero went to see Placido Domingo, I would put my hand on the fire on their meeting.

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