On April 7, Il Volo, just back from the South American tour, participated in the TV show on Canale 5 entitled “Felicissima Sera —-all inclusive”.
This show is a nice program where they make fun of other programs, it is hosted by Pio and Amedeo, two comedians.
The show started at 09:40 am and Il Volo came on around midnight!!
Here are the photos of Piero and Gianluca backstage during at make-up session…

Here is their moment which I will try to explain better.
After a nice presentation, where the two conductors make a long speech about success and profit, which are not everything in life, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrive and sing My Way.
Immediately after the song and the applause, Pio and Amedeo tell the boys not to leave, because they will have to get involved and Piero says he has always been afraid of the two of them!! 😁
In fact, immediately after, Pio and Amedeo are seated in the audience and exactly next to Giovanna and Alberto, who are the wife and son of Amadeus, an Italian presenter who presented Sanremo again this year.
Pio and Amedeo ironically tell Giovanna and Alberto that they must convince Amadeus to invite the neo-melodic Neapolitan singers to Sanremo who are very famous here in Naples but have not been admitted to Sanremo. To convince Amadeus that the Neapolitan neo-melodic singers are very important, he makes Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero duet with them. 😁

Click Here to view the video

Really nice: Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero dueting with the three neo-melodic singers and the finale was really fun, with the introduction of freshly baked croissants, a classic in Italy in those very early morning hours.
Ignazio can’t resist and immediately bites into a croissant, Gianluca holds it in his hand and says the final goodbyes, and Piero, he’s upright and resists hot croissants……..but it’s not really like that and then you’ll understand why. 😁
Pio and Amedeo thanked il Volo saying that the three of them were on tour from the other end of the world and when they called them to take part in the show and also learned that they had to duet, they immediately said yes. ❤

And that’s why I was telling you that even Piero couldn’t resist the deliciousness of the hot croissant, in fact, backstage…………and with some sweet additions of Nutella!!!
Piero says “I can’t eat, I’m also intolerant to dairy products!!”……but he can’t resist.😁😁😁
Furthermore, in the backstage of the broadcast, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also met their godmother, Antonella Clerici, who introduced them in 2009, exactly in April, during “Ti lascio una canzone”, 14 years have passed, but Antonella is always been very affectionate with them. 

More photos from the evening.

But there is also another novelty, the promos announcing the two concerts that will take place on May 1st and 3rd in the Arena are circulating on TV.
Here is the first promo, broadcast during the Tele-news in Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be two unpublished events, you will see us in a guise, like you have never seen us before.
VOICE= The boys of Il Volo, come back to perform live in Italy.
PIERO= Each of us…..
IGNAZIO= Don’t tell anything, May 1st and 3rd come to the Verona Arena and you will see everything.
GIANLUCA= A completely new show.
VOICE= Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio,  TUTTI PER UNO  (ALL FOR ONE) the title of the highly anticipated live event of the trio, in the magical setting of the Verona Arena.
IGNAZIO= See you at my concert at the Arena di Verona…
PIERO= No, to mine….
GIANLUCA= …. to my, to my…
PIERO= We know that we have three different voices….
GIANLUCA= We would like to highlight this thing.
VOICE= After a long international tour that has just ended in South America.
GIANLUCA= There we sing most of the songs in Spanish, and it’s nice to see such a different culture passionate about our music.
VOICE= Their extraordinary and unmistakable voices will thrill the audience for two incredible evenings that we will soon see on TV on Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be aired soon on Canale 5, you will see us in a new, different guise.
IGNAZIO= I’ll wait for you at my concert.
PIERO= See you on Canale 5, from the Verona Arena.

And then also this nice promo. 😁😁😁
GIANLUCA= Hi, I’m Gianluca and I’m here to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
PIERO= Hi, I’m Piero and I want to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
IGNAZIO= Hi, I’m Ignazio, actually it’s me who has to give you a special appointment at the Verona Arena.
GIANLUCA= (towards Piero) Excuse me, but what are you doing here?
PIERO= I’m making an appointment at the Verona Arena for something of mine.
GIANLUCA= But like your thing….
IGNAZIO= Hi, did you say I’ll be at the Verona Arena?
PIERO= No, I’m there!
GIANLUCA= We’re not joking, I’m there!
PIERO= Guys, I booked it for me.
IGNAZIO= I’ll be waiting for you…
I+P+G=….At the Verona Arena!

That’s all for now, I’m getting ready for the concert on May 1st, how exciting.
The two concerts will then be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 20 and 27, but I will give you a good report of the concert on May 1, waiting to see the entire Canale 5 recording.
I will also meet several Volo-friends, it will be wonderful!!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Daniela: You are the best at keeping us informed of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio’s events, conversations and more. Thank you from all of us who are Il Volo lovers and for all of us who are big fans of you, Daniela —- you who keeps us connected to “our boys”’! See you in Verona!

  2. Dear sweet Daniela, how would we survive without all the news about the guys? Thank you from our hearts for giving us so much of your time sharing their travels and appearances. We can enjoy them from afar and it lifts our days. Blessings, Victoria

  3. Lucky Daniela, it will be another fantastic evening for you! Hello to Judith van Horn too.

    1. RoseMarie, I will miss you again this time!
      Too bad you won’t come, but I’ll update you on everything.
      By the way……someone has a birthday today: Happy birthday dear!!! A big hug from Italy.

  4. A very interesting and humorous article Daniela,wish I was in the audience on the 1st and 3rd of May it is now 10 years since that memorable week that i was in Italy,when we were doing the singing.It has made the time fly by.Thanks for the memories x

    1. The years go by in a minute, Hazel, but the good memories remain and keep us company.
      Thanks for the nice compliments, which always make me happy.

  5. Daniela and Pat, Thank you for this fun post!
    The quality of their voices when they are on
    TV or radio is always superior. I loved the
    quality and tone of “My Way”. Even after the
    extensive SA tour! They deserve a rest.
    Daniela, we are excited for your May 1st
    date and wishing you an evening of fun
    as a reward for all the hard work and joy
    you bring us.

    1. Martha, I think it will be a wonderful evening, but then there will be many videos, many comments, the TV shooting, in short, we will all relive it together, I hope I can tell you many beautiful things.

  6. Daniela, As I read your articles I think of the time you have given to all of us in your research and writing the articles you have shared with us. Thank you so much for all you are giving to us passing along the news of Il Volo. “Great Love” on your part. Muchly appreciated.

    1. Dear Connie, and I really appreciate what you wrote to me. I try to be your eyes and ears and to be able to write to you about things that you may not be able to see in the videos, and it is a pleasure for me to be able to tell you the hidden details, I also know I make you happy and this repays me for my efforts. Thanks for the compliments. A hug.

  7. Another great posting by Daniela and Patti! Thanks!

    Don’t know if everyone who clicked on the video got the same number of ads (18) that I did, but it was a bit off-putting to have to see the same ads over and over again before we got to the section with Gian, Igna and Piero. I was about to give up a few times, but my allegiance to Il Volo won out! Dol

    1. 18 ads Dolores is just too much to bear and believe me lately when I have to open a video or read an article all these ads drive me crazy and angry. But as you said, your love for Il Volo has overcome this barrier too…..congratulations!!

      1. Dolores, I watched the whole video and got 8 commercials all the way through. I understand that if you stop the video, or scroll back and forth, it adds 2 ads every time, so it’s best never to interrupt it and let it scroll.

  8. Daniella and Pat,
    Wonderful post! Loved the photos and info about this upcoming event. Daniella, so awesome you can go along with others!! Can’t wait for your post concert story. Sounds like it will be a special show.❤

    1. Thanks Jane. Daniela will have to be our eyes and ears for the Verona concert. It sounds like it will be something new and different! 😊

    2. Hi Jane, it will be a different concert, perhaps with more solo songs, however it will be very nice and then, meeting friends, a wonderful experience!!
      I will tell you everything.

  9. Daniela, it sounds like the guys have some surprises for the Verona concerts. I’m so glad that you will be able to be there. You deserve it.. You always give us all the details so that we get to enjoy it without being there in person. I imagine that it must be really special and beautiful to see them in Italy. I look forward to your post.

  10. I wish the lads all the best for May 1st. Can’t wait to see it on utube…… again…. Are they coming to Australia this year???

    1. Joc, nothing is known about the upcoming concerts for now, they came in 2023, if there is demand, they will certainly return to Australia with joy.

  11. Dear Daniela and Pat, thank you thank you, for all you do to not only keep up on what our boys are doing but translate interviews where I normally guess at what they’re saying and usually just don’t manage to get anything right! You are wonders and all of us are so very fortunate to have you helping….and all that work to make us happy and smiling. I notice that all three of them are getting more playful, it’s fun to watch how they are evolving!
    Could anyone help me to know HOW I can get Canale 5 here in the US? I wanted to go to Verona (someday) but with grandchildren graduating from college this wasnt The year and I’d so love to see the entire concert on my TV!
    Wishing you both blessings for the blessing you are to us, fun article, Carol🙏🏻❤️🤗🎶🎼🥰☮️🎤

    1. Hi Carol, I’m glad you like the translations, they help to understand situations better.
      I don’t think Canale 5 is viewable by you, but it could be viewable on the internet, Pat will better provide you with the link.

    2. You’re most welcome, Carol! Usually you have to have some kind of VPN (Virtual Private Network) software installed on your computer to view foreign channels. I use Nord VPN. I’m not sure if there is a cost as I use my son’s login. This software makes it look like you are in Italy and you won’t be blocked. I log in then choose Italy. Then I go to the Canale 5 website and search for the show when it is on live. They also keep a replay that you can watch later. I have to say it can be challenging sometimes to find the shows. You can do a search for Il Volo and it shows parts of past performances like the one they were just on with the two comedians. I just tried and right now I am unable to view them. I find viewing shows on RAI 1 to be easier than on Mediaset (Canale 5). If all else fails someone always seems to put something up on YouTube later.

      1. www. is the web address to the RAI channels. You also have to use a VPN to view the videos……..also you have to sign up for a free account and sign in each time.

  12. I heartily agree with all the grateful comments about all the time and effort you give to us fans, Daniela–and Pat too, of course. Just wanted to give a shout out to whoever directed the 2nd promo–so cute and clever–their best, for me anyway. And they did it so well. Of course, humor is Ignazio’s special forte, but all three were terrific!

    1. Yes Judi, I also think the second promo is really funny, even if someone said they want to make it look like there is jealousy between them, it’s obvious that they do it having fun, I can’t wait to see what they will do at the concert. Thanks for the compliments.

  13. Grazie, Daniela and Pat for this wonderful post. I love all the translations of interviews that we might never see in the US, also all the updates of what’s happening, and now, of course , the upcoming concerts in Verona. I will be going to both concerts with my daughter, and can’t wait until then! I look forward to seeing Il Volo sing in their own home country. When the information appeared about the concerts, I decided to go for it, who knows what the future will bring. I do want to meet you, Daniela, to thank you in person for all the great work you do with these posts. A presto!

    1. Majia, I too can’t wait to meet you, and how nice to be able to do it during one of our beloved boys’ concerts.
      We will have fun and enjoy great music and meet, what more do we want???

      1. Majia, I just learned that Jolanta from Poland, and who is a friend of Flight Crew, will be at the concert on May 1st in the third row behind you…..there will be great meetings!!

  14. Oh!! Wow!! – Daniela – the presentation of “My Way” was sung so beautifully – the boys never disappoint & neither do you & Pat – hope we see the Verona Concert on YouTube!! – you & Pat are two great girls – many thanks for the hard work you put into sharing with us all – have a great week – much love.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Jude, yes our boys never let us down.
      I don’t think the Canale 5 concert will be available entirely on you tube, but we will try to let you have everything through Dailymotion (which is also the video of this post).

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