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Il Volo Off Stage: Goofing Off Is Hard to Do




Nothing like being taken care of by Mom… <3

And tonight’s gig went great and now I drink a nice hot herbal tea which calms.
Ah, overcooked, good though.



Bonus Footage:  When Grande Amore becomes an obsession…

Il Volo Off Stage: Traveling, Being Healthy and Quiet Moments


Can’t Go To New York Without Going to Central Park

Gianluca = This morning we make a walk in Central Park, it’s a wonderful day today, no longer as cold as the past few days.


Ignazio = The long road 9.7 kilometers surrounding the park


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Gianluca = And after the sushi, the ciurrascheria, meat, fish, now finally a nice plate of pasta as it should be, guys, it’s important.


Have you wondered about the lapel pins that they guys are wearing?  Daniela say: “Is the stylized image of a flower and is the symbol of Lardini,” WHY THE FLAGSHIP IS ALWAYS SIGN LARDINI BADGE “(Lardini quote)”


Traveling with Sleepy Bus

From today we are traveling with the Sleepy Bus with a new traveling companion our Conductor Joseph Modica

From Piero



Get Some Rest

Ignazio wrote:
And when that last reddish light beam will leave the horizon comes the night to keep us company waiting for the same beam of light there is to do new company ..


It’s Hard Work Being Healthy on the Road

Piero=What have you done
Ignazio = 1 time
Piero = How Many Calories
Ignazio = 612
Piero = Are you still alive
Ignazio= Uh, more dead than alive


Bonus Footage~~Grande Amore

The song is covered during a wedding in Germany, again making someones special day perfect


Il Volo Off Stage: How Il Volo Goes On Tour




How Il Volo Goes On Tour:




First, their loved ones say, “Goodbye.”  … OK.  That takes the shine off my excitement…just a tad bit…  🙁



“May you always have wind in their sails, the sun will shine in your face and the wind of fate bring you up to dance

with the stars … good luck to you my friend for the beginning of this new and great achievement <3”


MARCO CARDELLI WROTE: “A sincere good luck for the beginning of this world tour <3”

DARIO MIRABILE says (in Sicilian dialect):

“Piero: Appears, when we see…  Dario: Quatto weeks… Piero: Five  Dario: Five
Piero: Hello appears…  Dario: Hello appears, I will miss you…  Piero: you’ll miss you”


They arrive in some far  away country…in this case, The US…

“Gianluca: I took these new sunglasses, you like them? They are beautiful. (Turning to Ignazio) Greet.”

Of course they’re hungry, so they have to get something to eat…

If you know where they are and who the gentleman in the ball cap is, please tell us. :)
If you know where they are and who the gentleman in the ball cap is, please tell us. 🙂


But first, they gotta make sure they look fly….

Ignazio's Instagram
Ignazio’s Instagram


And then at dinner, they decide they don’t have to be on stage to sing….  (My mom always told us not to sing at the table.  Probably because we didn’t sound like this:  <3 )


Finally, it’s time to get to work…


And yes…I know these pictures aren’t strictly in order…    😀

~~ Kelly

Il Volo Off Stage: Spending Time with Il Volo


This week on Off Stage...

“[Il Volo] visited the Lardini tailoring, which is based in Filottrano, a town in the Marche region. It ‘a tailoring brand that is exported around the world. The boys spent a pleasant day deciding combinations and fabrics, ate at the table
of the house and chose the clothes they will wear in the next tour.”  ~~ Daniela


I can’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon then discussing clothing patterns with The Guys.


Unless you’re celebrating your birthday with them…


Or having dinner with them and their boss…







Or making pizza with Ignazio…

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Video

~~ Lily Lily




Or listening to lullabys by him…music-girl-clipart

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Group Video

~~ Lily Lily


Or accompanying Piero to Piero Barone House Teca…looks like a visit from their patron is a big deal!


~~ Kelly <3

Il Volo Off Stage: Fun and Games

offstageIt is true that Il Volo is on the move again, slowly making their way to the US for their upcoming tour, but they have still found time to share some off duty things with us.  How sweet is it that they do so? 

~~ Kelly


Gianluca has been as busy on social media as ever…

Hanging with friends:  click to see photo —> Funny Faces with Alessio  ~~ @allesiosangiacomo

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@gianginoble11 and friend #instastory

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… and mastering the hoverboard:  click to watch video —> Hoverboard Master ~~ Gian’s Instagram

He’s also lamenting … chubbier… times as a child… 😀  As if that were ever true!

Gian's Instagram
Gian’s Instagram

Of course, what would time off be without an amazing selfie with Erny?

Gian's Instagram
Gian’s Instagram


Ignazio has been putting together puzzles with a man’s best friend:

And what a feat it was!

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He enjoyed some good food…

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@ignazioboschetto #instastory #buonappetito

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…and took some time for a haircut.

Ignazio's Instagram; with @marcoguercio18
Ignazio’s Instagram; with @marcoguercio18


Visited “the keepers of his castle” at Piero Barone House Teca


And is just generally looking pretty GQ: click to watch video —> Looking Good! Piero with friend ~~ Piero’s Instagram

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