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Il Volo Professional ~~ March, 22

Il Volo On Hand to Celebrate Business Opening in Milan

If you follow Gianluca on Twitter, you might remember this tweet:

Mar 17

Ready to go to Milan

As is often the case, he left us wondering just what he was up to since neither Piero or Ignazio mentioned it (I double checked.  And of course we know that Ignazio has an especially compelling reason to be out of social media right now).

On March 20, we found out what he was doing there.  Singing, “Il Mondo,” Il Volo participated in the opening of Eataly Milan Smeraldo, a place described as “ a temple of taste dedicated to the incomparable flavors of Italian cuisine.” EatalyMilanSmeraldo

The video was provided by Eataly Milan Smeraldo and can be seen

here —>

I think the general consensus among the comments from our friends at All Things Il Volo is that  we always love to see the guys, but the video clip including them is too short.  😉

To read more about Eataly Milan Smeraldo, you can read this article from, “Where Milan” at

WM_Logo_420x70  <— here 

or visit Eataly Milan Smeraldo’s Facebook page (and work on your Italian 😉 )

here —>

The Il Volo Experience…in 80 Seconds

In honor of the upcoming concert tour, enjoy this time-lapse video of a concert in Detroit from ilvolomusic:

Il Volo Professional ~~ March 11, 2014

Hi, Everyone!

I’m back from my vacation, and it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been here.  Mostly because I was rushing around on the evening that I left and walked away leaving my computer packed and ready by the front door…and not realizing it until I was on the plane ready to taxi down the runway.  *face palm*  Working from my phone didn’t work out so well with our spotty wi-fi either.

Anyway, I’m back and ready to catch up with my Il Volo family.  🙂


Il Volo Conquers New York…Again…

While I was gone, our guys made what must be the quickest trip ever to the US, the focal point being their performance as guests with Laura Pausini in New York at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.



By all reports, Il Volo was as amazing as always.  According a piece compiled from several resources to give us an impression of the concert (by the ladies at All About Il Volo), they got a very warm reception the minute they walked out on stage:

Click this link —> 

For those of us that like a simple play-by-play,
here is an article from i-Italy Magazine: <— Click this link


Bringing Their Music to the Young People

Of course, it’s no news to us that our guys are amazing and are gaining fans set on abjectly adoring them, but it just warms my heart when I read of it happening.  It seems like the powers that be at the Modesto Gallo Center are excited to be able to be a part of it as well.

logo  Use this link —>

to head over to our affiliate, Team Il Volo, to read about how they feel that Il Volo will help them appeal to a younger demographic–which we also know is one of Il Volo’s goals.


With a Song in…His…Heart

It has been said that another goal of Il Volo’s is to include some of their own original music on future albums, a goal I know I’m hoping will be accomplished very soon.  In the meantime, Ignazio has debuted an original composition as a songwriter and composer!  I know we’ve all see the video, but we can watch it a few more times, right?  Singing,  “Come in Paradiso”, Ms. Katya Pantaleo: <— Click this link

Again, thanks to the ladies at All About Il Volo, there are several translations available

here —>

If those lyrics don’t make you melt, nothing will.  swooning

Till next time.

~~ Kelly





Here We Go!



(Thank You RAI and Mundial)



 More Concert Dates

zzzzzzmodesto BeeCapture

June 5th – Modesto, Ca

The downtown performing arts venue  announced a June 5 show by the operatic trio Il Volo. The performances add to a series of high-profile entertainers

Italian trio Il Volo’s oldest member is 20. The young men started the group as teenagers in 2009 and have rocketed to international fame. The trio has appeared on the HBO series “Entourage,” the hit singing competition “American Idol” and at high-profile venues.

Tickets for Il Volo go on sale to the public March 10 and will be $49 to $99.

Read more here:


zzzzzzgallo Center

June 7th – Los Angeles

The three talented tenors of Il Volo are back on tour! Winning hearts across America ever since they entered the music scene, Piero Barone (21), Ignazio Boschetto (20) and Gianluca Ginoble (19) have gone well beyond the classic songs that gave Il Volo its solid foundation, and have now introduced fresh interpretations and contemporary sounds to their latest album “WE ARE LOVE.” Watch this operatic trio LIVE on June 7th at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles!

A pair of tickets (seating in section A and B) is available at the $250 donation level.

Our online donation forms are limited to one pair of tickets per submission. If you are interested in donating for a larger quantity of tickets (or prefer not to re-enter your information again), please call 1-800-278-5050 for assistance.
$250 – Pair of tickets

Il Volo Professional ~~ February 26, 2014

Hey, y’all (Yes…I do have southern roots… ;D)!

First of all, on behalf of my board sisters, I would like to say “Thank you” for all the nice compliments on how we’re doing with the site.  We still can’t believe how much has happened in such a short time, and we work hard to try to make this the best site we can the best way we know how.  That you guys love it so much means the world to us.  🙂

That being said, we are always looking for ways to make it better, and one of the things we would like to do is to try to capture the more professional of Il Volo’s activities in a more timely fashion and make them easier to find and keep track of.  I don’t think we’ll do this everyday, but as we find important news items to share.  So here’s the first one.  Hope you like.  🙂


Gianluca  Poses for Pictures… ilvologianlucaarticle

…to go with his article, “Dall’ Abruzzo al mondo Gianluca ha spicatto Il Volo.”

Now, I know I might be biased *bats eyes innocently*, but I’ve always said that if this music thing doesn’t work out, Gianluca would do as a model in a pinch.  To further bring that point home to me,

Palmieri Cristian Fhotografia

posted the following photo spread on their Facebook page: <— Click this link

Italian Pop Culture Magazine Interviews Il Volo…

i like logo

All About Il Volo has translated a short interview of Il Volo conducted by “I Like” Magazine (

The ladies that moderate the AAIV fan site have translated the article from Italian to English, Spanish and Portuguese, and have allowed us to share it with you all here:

Click this link —>

Most of the answers, I think we already know, but I know none of us get tired of reading about our guys, and some of their answers are cute.  🙂