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Myron’s comments on Il Volo’s newest singing partner:

A word from Myron re: Il Volo Fan Faire in the new season of 2017.

Jeannette and I had to wait for final word on this from Il Volo. But after talks with Barbara Vitali and other people in Il Volo management, it has been decided that the schedule this year will not allow time for an Il Volo Fan faire – that is one where the boys can attend for the amount of time that they suggested last spring. This tour has caused some frustrations in the planning and that is why it is so late being announced.

Last year’s tour was announced in spring of 2015 and tickets went on sale August of 2015 for a tour in February and March of 2016. This year the announcement goes out today and Monday and Wednesday at the end of November for a tour during the month of March (basically the same time as the last one). That means 3 months of prep for us vrs 7 months last time.

Barbara and we are going to plan further ahead when Il Volo has the next USA tour where the Fan Faire will fit into their schedule easier. So don’t be too sad because in the long run I think this will turn out better with more lead time.

A word about the tour concert in Las Vegas: This year the Vegas concert is being held at the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino where MGM has built a new state-of-the-art concert hall called the Park Theatre. I have seen the place in its finishing stages as it opens in late December. It seats 5200 people and has a huge stage. The Monte Carlo is right on the strip across from the MGM Grand. This place is beautiful and it will be a the largest concert hall in the city (not counting sports arenas).

The Il Volo concert is on Saturday, March 25 (same date at last year only on a Friday) of 2017 at 8:00pm.


Even though there is no Fan Faire per se this year Jeannette and I are planning to do dinner at the Italian restaurant right across the casino from the theater entrance. It is called: “d.Vino” We are aiming for 5:00pm and we invite anyone else that is coming to Vegas for the Il Volo concert to come and join us for dinner and then we walk across the casino to the new Park Theatre for the Il Volo concert.

Everyone is on their own. We will take a tally and make the group reservation for the restaurant. However, everyone that is coming must take care of their own concert tickets, dinner cost and hotel, etc. A chance for us Il Volo fans to get together in a “junior fan faire”. Please email Jeannette or me if you would like to have dinner at “ d.Vino” with us on Saturday, March 25 2017 at 5:00pm.



Myron’s Thoughts on “ Notte Magica “


As I write this article, I have heard the CD and seen about half of the video scenes but have not seen the whole concert in one video. That is yet to come. My comments are focused on the concert from the standpoint of music and performance quality. Since it is more of a formal concert than the guys normally do there really is no comment to be made on staging and lighting, etc. The program is presented in a classic formal format.

When I was in high school and undergrad college taking voice lessons I was introduced to some of these songs and, in fact, ended up singing some of them in recitals. This literature is part of an advanced, good quality vocal training program. The boys of Il Volo each went through that kind of training early on and continue it even today. However, when you sing programs of more pop music as they normally do, and the pure bel canto approach gives way a bit to vocal techniques that fit the pop music.

That was the case for most of the past 5 years but now they come full circle to a concert to honor the “Three Tenors” program from over 20 years ago. This kind of music is very demanding from the standpoint of vocal power and energy as well as range. It is hard work! It also represents a return to the foundation from which the boys started.

The songs: (done in CD album order – not program order)

First of all it is great to have a more substantial orchestra working with the guys. It is also great to have as conductor, one of their mentors: Placido Domingo. Domingo has for 40 years been one of the greatest opera stars in the world. He is very helpful not only conducting but also, of course, as another vocal coach. (side bar: many people know Domingo as a star singer in opera but he also has for the past decade or more been conducting many operas. So he is very experienced.) He shares the task with Marcello Rota. Also, Domingo joins the guys to sing the song: “Non Ti Scordar di Me”.

Nessun Dorma – one of the most famous and beautiful love songs ever- written by Puccini for the opera “Turandot”.  All three of the guys take this on and it is no surprise that Piero and Ignazio handle the high notes but Gianluca joins them on the end that is a wonderful surprise. On my first and second hearing of this recording I went “ WOW ! “

Granada and Mattinata are songs that the guys have done many times on tour going back to their first programs in the USA. Beautifully done, as usual. It is interesting to hear the more original arrangements of each vrs. the tour version they usually do. Very nice. (not good or bad – just different and still wonderful)

One song I learned in college and sang on a recital was “Una Furtiva Lagrima” from the opera “L’Elisir D’Amore” (Elixir of Love) by Gaetano Donizetti. This song belongs to Ignazio with his incredible ability to take very high notes to a very soft tone with total control. I can’t tell strongly enough that is very, very hard to do ! He sings this song so beautifully !

Gianluca takes on a song that we singers back in college days used to call “a tear to hell” (pardon me). La Danza by Rossini is “baritone madness” – a song that we all loved to hate. It takes a man (vrs. A boy) of power and resilience to just simply survive to the end. You know already what I am going to say: the short skinny guy we all loved as a boy now in 2016, is the MAN that ABSOLUTELY COMMANDS this song. What an incredible tornado. I dare you to sing with him on the last note and get all the way to the end without a breath. I dare you !!!

Naturally, we have to have Piero’s wonderful rendition of E Lucevan le Stelle written by Puccini for his opera “ Tosca”. The program would not be complete otherwise. He delivers superbly.

On tour the boys did an Elvis arrangement called Surrender which is a re-write of the song called Torna A Surriento by Ernesto Curtis. Lovely song done in its original ¾ time meter and phrases. (the Elvis version was in 4/4 time).

Core ‘Ngrato with all three guys and ‘O Paese D’ O Sole with Piero and Ignazio in duet. Also from their tours and very nicely done as usual.

Maria from “West Side Story’ by Leonard Bernstein. This wonderful song has been done by Il Volo in different guises: as a solo song; as a trio; and as a duet. On this album and the concert in Florence it is done as a duet between Gianluca and Ignazio.

They are wonderful together on this duet. Even though all three did a great job on this song when they used to do it as a trio, I do feel it works better as a duet. Very fine indeed.

However, some of us remember five years ago when a skinny short kid of 16 came out on stage and did this song as a drama-vocal rendering with just piano. We had our breath taken away because of the introspective passion that kid brought to the front.

He always looked so delicate out there by himself and it seemed as though he would pass out after the end of the song each night. How many of you remember that ? Bless you Gianluca! Great memories.

From the recent tour we have the famous song My Way composed by Paul Anka and sang by Frank Sinatra and Elvis on tour. Here Piero and Gianluca are superb. Gee, when are they not superb?

Also from the recent tour Ignazio sings the iconic love song Tonight from West Side Story also by Bernstein. I remember his performance of this when they came to Las Vegas last year. So wonderful.

Then the trio comes back for ‘O Surdato ‘Nnammurato and the always fun, Mama.

They continue with the folk song inspired Cielito Lindo that many of us learned in elementary school. Giampiero Grani does a great orchestra of this.

More solo work follows with Gianluca’s wonderful and dramatic En Aranjuez con tu amor from “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joanquin Rodrigo . This song always features a solo violinist as the protagonist to the baritone.

From a little mini opera called “La Tabernera del Puerto” by Pablo Sorozabal comes an aria perfect for Piero called Non Puede Ser. Of course, Piero owns this song as well. He is so fine.

Il Volo has sung Non Ti Scordar di Me by Ernesto Curtis before but this time Placido Domingo joins the boys for a gorgeous rendition. It is always great to hear their mentor join with them in a song (as they did in the wonderful song “Il Canto”).

The theme song for the boys has been O Sole Mio by Eduardo di Capua and here it gets the original treatment with orchestration by Giampiero.

This concert has a great song for the closing number. The composer usually considered the “king “ of opera composers: Giuseppi Verdi and from one of his most famous operas called “La Traviata” comes the most famous of all drinking songs: Libiamo.

You may think you don’t know this song but when you hear it, I bet you will recognize it. Great (we used to call this kind of wild and challenging music a “barn burner” ) way to end a concert.

This program is almost a perfect review of the songs that Carreras, Pavarotti and Domingo did in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s in those “Three Tenors” that they took on tour. The difference is that our boys left out a few songs including some in German and French. That is a trivial thing. As a voice teacher who took time to listen to the CD of that concert and contrast with this one, I must say that Il Volo does as well and often better than the original (Pavarotti was often in poor voice in those later years). To be technical since the human voice is the last part of the body to mature and usually not until around age 32 to 35, There are about two times in the program when the original guys are a bit bigger in size of tone. But it is amazing to me that our guys at 21, 22 & 23 are the equal of the original and in some songs – better.

This is the most demanding tour program they have done and I am pleased to note that the American tour has a relief date before each concert and sometimes two dates. That is what I have asked for for years. Young instruments need the work but also need the rest in between. You try and sing 2 hours and 30 minutes of intense music like this without a break and you will feel the strain.

These guys are doing something so incredible.



Myron shares thoughts on the end of a long tour

and the up-coming…


The boys of Il Volo grew up in a culture that takes singing seriously. That can also be said of their families. Thus, each of them started learning the technique of singing – vowel shaping, breath support, projection, phrasing, etc. – from classically trained people either a grandfather with the same background and/or professional voice teacher. When you learn the art of singing you need something to put that craft and art to work – something to sing and if you are going to do the work right you want the best. That comes in the form of art songs and arias from opera or operetta. This is true here in the USA as well as Italy and all over Europe. In fact, this “Bel Canto” concept is taught all over the world. It is the standard of quality singing.

Here is a very rough idea of these types of music:

Art song is a single song (3 to 7 min, maybe) that conveys the story or feeling of the composer. It stands on its own. “Caruso” is such an art song.

Also and even more so, “En Aranjuez con tu amor” is a very dramatic art song that Gianluca sings with a solo violin as the taunt. This was written by Joaquin Rodrigo back in the 1930’s

Opera is taking a full-length story and acting it completely through music where the actors sing everything. When they are describing action it sometimes the music is called a recitative (reciting the story) but then when they want to share feeling especially love the music gets to be a very beautiful melody and great harmonies and it is called an aria. Even Broadway musicals use that form. The boys have sung “Tonight” and “Maria” from West Side Story. They have sung “Night and Day”, “Memories” and others that come from a musical – each of them can be called an “aria”

Piero took the brave step (and he was a triumph) by doing “ E Lucevan le Stelle” from Tosca of Puccini. Bravo.

The opera world attracts the greatest composers:

Giuseppe Verdi: La Traviata; Aida; Rigoletto and many others

Giacomo Puccini: Madame Butterfly; La Boheme; Turandot; Tosca

Gaetano Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor; L’elisir d’ amore

A few that are not on the list for the boys so far:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Marriage of Figaro; Magic Flute; Don Giovani

Richard Wagner: The flying Dutchman; The Meistersinger

Operetta (very loose definition) is a story being staged where the action parts are actually spoken (thus recitative) but the arias are fully sung as in opera.

We all know the story of how each of our guys progressed on his own, entered into a voice competition and became the first, second and third place winners. They each had experience from youth learning these kinds of music. Even from the first USA concerts they were singing arias such as “No Puede Ser” .

In the Spanish culture there is a type of work called a “Zarzuela” sort of an operetta.

It uses dramatic dance, some spoken parts and arias that are very dramatic. Let’s face it our modern soap operas pale in comparison. Love and sex and death and vendettas all over the place. Everyone has a lot of fun. Extreme drama on steroids. “Ne Puede Ser” is an aria from a zarzuella called : “La Tabernera del Puerto” written by Pablo Sorozabal. Piero loves this song and he comes out on the stage and dies each night for us. Hard work . But he does it so well. He also sings so well. ( I know, bad joke).

2016 and Il Volo in June – my thoughts.

The guys have just finished a concert tour that was very long with almost 100 concerts all over most of the world. They have given wonderful concerts 98% of the time. However, there have been a couple of times when the concerts were too close together and the boys did not get the kind of rest they needed. That usually ends up with a concert that is “good” but not great. I doubt the guys would ever give a bad concert. They are just that good and they will not allow it. But when they are tired and a little out of voice from the heavy schedule like they were in Russia this year then it shows a bit. Those of you who have read my stuff going back 4 years know it is one of my pet peeves when the producers push the guys to do a lot of concerts in short order. When they came to Vegas this year they had traveled by bus from Phoenix through the night and did not have much sleep. It was amazing to me that they still gave one of the best concerts I have ever heard them give. Still I wish the producers would pace it better.

Now they have had a rest and they are preparing to do this THREE TENORS CONCERT . I could not be happier. They are back to basics – working with their voice teachers and voice coach. They are taking on some of the masterpieces of opera repertoire by the greatest composers. Information I have heard says they are singing:

“Nessun Dorma” an aria from “Turandot” by Pucini – one of the most famous songs of any sort in the world. You may not know the title but you will know the melody. Pavarotti and Domingo are famous for this song. They are also doing an aria that is sometimes called “Brindisi” but better known as “ Libiamo” or also known as “ the drinking song “ (hey, it’s a party) from La Traviata by the great Verdi. Through all of this they get to work with Placido Domingo, a mentor of theirs, again. Again, Bravo !

From my standpoint, thinking of the care and nurture of the guys voices which are so precious to all of us, this is the kind of work they should do at least once a year. “Back to basics” I am excited about this program and will buy the cd’s and DVD’s and whatever they come up with. Frankly, I wish they would take this on the road to the USA.