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~~Interview With Symphonic Orchestra of Asti~~

As sent from Daniela,
A few days ago I read three good articles about the collaboration between IL VOLO and Symphonic Orchestra of Asti that followed IL VOLO on the Italian tour.
In particular, to the members of the orchestra are asked their opinion on IL VOLO.
The articles are published on the Facebook page TORINO ASPETTA VOLO E POI, I thought they were interesting to you and I asked the permission to condense the articles to summarize the content.
With “Magic Night – Tribute to the Three Tenors”, we’ve got to know and appreciate even more in depth the Orchestra that accompanied the guys on this Italian tour. We are talking about the Asti Symphonic Orchestra, made up of young professionals, with some of whom we had the chance to talk in the Veronese weekend …
Working with them was fun, because they are boys in the hand, always with the ready-made joke, behind the scenes and during the tests…..working in a professional way, but it is done in a serene and relaxed manner.
“I had several ideas about them before meeting them: for example, you see them on tv, they are VIPs and you think they will keep distances. Instead, on the first day I meet Piero, I am astonished at how he came to me, that I was sitting in the theater during a break, to come forward, telling me: we will surely enjoy this tour together! I was amazed by his humility, he is a famous character that many people know by fame, and thus addresses me. An idea that has remained unchanged, is precisely their popularity and fame they have around the world. “
“I was pleasantly surprised, the concerts have an incredible success and I appreciated that they have exploited their previous fame to open to the public a music that has always been considered” niche “. In mid-applauding concert halls is forbidden, but in a more casual context, it’s nice to hear that listeners appreciate what you do! “
The guys of Il Volo did not know them personally, but for their successes, especially after the victory of Sanremo, I knew, in fact, Grande Amore and I knew that they sang songs of Italian tradition. I thought they had a great success because they were able to bring back songs, arias and a way of singing that had been a bit lost and that he therefore loved a lot of people. For me, the most beautiful song to play was Grande Amore, for the atmosphere that was created while playing.
I would work with them again because I had a lot of fun and everything went smoothly, always worked with the smile. The most beautiful thing was the atmosphere at concerts: it does not often play in places where there are maybe 18,000 people in Turin, and in an atmosphere of a pop concert with lots of fans. It’s also great to see how three guys often bind three generations and are also very good at interplaying the concert with comic sketches.
My mom followed “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”, so I heard them in  some songs and I always thought they had a good voice, I had heard about it later and I knew they had made a great success in America. Following the Festival of Sanremo , I was curious about the song they would bring. I like Grande Amore, text is cute and music I found perfect for Sanremo, it does a lot of effect, especially singing by them three. Before we played together, I had mixed ideas about them: I knew the repertoire was “classic”, but I also knew that they had never studied opera, so I was wondering how to do it. I was very curious to know them and try to really understand what and how to sing.
My favorite air is Una Furtiva Lagrima, I really enjoy it!
They are very nice and helpful guys, even though they have a world renown … ready to make a chat, funny photos and videos … I think they’ve been fine with the orchestra … in the end are guys like us! It was a wonderful experience, we played in wonderful places and could, I would gladly do it again! I’m happy with this tour because I’ve heard in person what they think and can be “witness” to the fact that they know what they are doing (or do not). They know they do not work in theaters, but they want to make this kind of thing known to a different user. I really can not wait to hear them sing a little pop! In my opinion, they can really do great things!
I had heard about the guys at TLUC, but I later met them in Sanremo, so in their repertoire I knew only Grande Amore, a song I think built on their three voices to win them … given to others it would have been almost trivial, instead of them it works. One thing that I really liked them is to stand in front of the opera airs: not presumptuously, but with a lot of humility, arguing that it is a field they do not quite consone and that for them is a challenge, a test, not Certainly their main feature. Among my favorite tracks, in addition to GrandeAmore, I must quote Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae, which I find truly gorgeous, both vocally and harmonically for the accompanying, great impact. According to the production, they were very pleased with the Asti Symphonic Orchestra, so there should be other occasions, I would gladly work with them. After about a month, a good relationship, some joke, an exchange of views, both in evidence and before the concerts behind the scenes. The atmosphere of the concerts is very beautiful, but I think more about them … know that 18,000 people are there only for three guys, on a stage where no commercial music will be offered, but “classical” music, opera and popular songs is very much beautiful. One thing that struck me is the variety of the public: from little girls to adults, to old gentlemen. I think they are very lucky to have such a large and very important target.
ROBERTA (harp)
On stage they feel totally at ease, it’s as if it were, and probably we can say is, their second home! I did not know them a lot, but now they have surely gained one  fan in addition, because I learned to know them, both as people and professionally, and will follow them even in their future plans!
Questo invece è quanto ha pubblicato l’ORCHESTRA DI ASTI a fine tour.
With the date of Naples it ended the NIGHT MAGIC TOUR that saw us playing alongside Il Volo. We thank the superb Maestro Marcello Rota, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for their sympathy, availability and great talent, Michele Torpedine, all the staff who worked with extreme professionalism and all the fans who followed us with great enthusiasm during all dates. We return home with a load of unusual experiences and emotions. Thank you all!
As luck would have it, Penina sent in a fantastic video taken during a sound check   before the final concert in  Naples with this very orchestra!  It is easy to see why these young people enjoyed working with IL VOLO!   I just had to add it on  here as I know you all will love it!  Thanks Penina!!  (Jane)
First published on Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi and shared with their permission.
Credit to all owners of photos and video.

~~Ignazio Boschetto Into Words~~

Our dear Daniela found another article on Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi, written and translated by Laura,  about another favorite subject of ours, Ignazio!  I have left the story  in it’s original form for your enjoyment and added the photos.


When Ignazio sings I can feel the blood flowing warmer through my veins.

His voice makes vibrate the strings of my heart.

I can still remember the very first time I listened to Grande Amore on the stereo in my car,  as I was going to work.
I will never forget the sweet,  deep print he left.
It was like a tattoo on the skin that cannot actually or totally be erased or removed.
I realized that Ignazio is exactly as I had pictured him to be.
This guy,  you can meet him 1, 10 or 20 times and he will just give you a feeling that will embrace you and never leave you.
It’s almost impossible not to perceive his emotions when he performs and how he knows to give them to the audience.
You can feel how much commitment is in his heart and  soul.  He concentrates  when he’s on stage and off stage too.
I traveled also abroad to see Il Volo.
I love when he says that one must respect all the artists and any musical taste,  whatever it is or it might be…
That makes him sound both a tender mature young man.
Ignazio is a priceless guy and nevertheless a huge tenor.
Many compare him to Luciano Pavarotti, the Maestro.
I agree about this,  because Ignazio inherited the sun he spread when he  lived and sang.
When I heard first the song Il Mondo,  performed by Il Volo,  through a video watched online of  April 2014,  they were guests of a concert by Toto Cotugno at Crocus City Hall in Moscow.  I noticed that light that shined in Ignazio’s  eyes and that he was actually listening to his mates carefully and emotionally involved,  waiting for his time to contribute to that three men performance.
Ignazio is a gorgeous guy with a spectacular nature.
He is so incredible how he never does truly put you down.
Nobody, I guess,  is perfect but one thing I’m pretty sure about,  Ignazio,  Gianluca and Piero are pure and genuine people.
Il Volo are clever men and they love what they do and it shows in how each one of them appreciate their fans.
Ignazio often behaves like a little funny crazy boy on stage and that’s how he disguises: his being shy and his tiny fears.
He rarely speaks in interviews: but when he talks, you can see how true he is and his eyes say it all.
His eyes,  the stories hard to be written down.
They make an echoing sound.
His eyes you won’t forget.
He is all the emotions in the world,  the charm,  the laugh.
He has no facades…
Ignazio is Life and he makes you realize that are the simple things that make it more beautiful.
He’s imperfect perfection: this guy belongs the most precious smile!
It just shines and you can see the whole world inside!

He is energy!



He loves pets.
He cares for those who stick close to his heart.
If I think back at Il Volo in their last summer, A tribute The three Tenors night in Florence I can only thank God I got that ticket and if I had a magic wand I would like again and again their Notte magica,  their emotions that are perfectly painted in great shots,  but having felt that musical and human event is something that would be insane to try to explain.
I just cannot.
It’s not easy to describe a person you actually don’t know, but one thing to take for granted:  meeting Ignazio is a blessing,  something I wish to everybody,  you may be fans,  Ilvolovers or not.
 Published with permission from
Credit to all owners of photos.

~~ Simply, Piero Barone ~~

Daniela sent us this article from Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi, translated by Federica.


Piero is the tenor with glasses, the guy who has mostly changed through years, and I’m not only talking about his physical aspect.

In interviews, he seems looser and more confident. He knows how to achieve his goals. Being only 24 years old, he’s very mature and determined, dedicated to study and work.

It’s hard to meet someone like him. Despite of his self-defensive mechanism, he is definitely humble, sensitive and sweet. Piero is a good friend, indeed: the one person you can count on for a lifetime.



He loves listening to his mates as he needs them too. This guy doesn’t seem to trust anyone easily, but once he feels he can do it, he lets himself go.

As a son, as a brother, he’s very close to his family and he has a special regard to. Piero says that is more important the quality than the amount of time he spends with his relatives.

It’s wonderful to listen to him talking about his job. He does really believe in what he and his brothers built together since 2009 and counting. The three guys of Il Volo are truly amazing people with golden voices. Even today, after several years, Piero seems to be amazed by all the road they have made.

Singing for him is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle! When he’s on stage, he totally shows what he’s about and he gets really moved by every single smile, any glance of approval, any standing ovation. He knows how to give his audience 100%.



After Il Volo Notte Magica in Florence, he admits it was the very time he has really enjoyed his performance, he’s very self-critical, then. After Sanremo, he explained how he had changed O’ Sole Mio: at the beginning some notes were quite impossible to reach, but he studied hard and he made it. Piero always seems to face exams in his job.

However, you cannot listen to a single Il Volo performance without being impressed by his voice. Every time, you are about to experience something truly magical, there’s nothing like the Bel Canto, their voices and all the emotions you feel.

After several concerts, if you ask me to choose a single Piero’s song I love, I don’t know which to pick. He’s so perfect when he sings, moving from opera to pop lirico, from duets to solos and all the wonderful music performed together.

The best gift is probably being able to get to listen to how he sings: close your eyes and get overwhelmed.


I just want to thank him and his amazing friends for what they’re doing … they have really begun a fantastic journey and I won’t ever be tired of being part of it.

 published by TORINO ASPETTA ILVOLO E POI, and translated by Federica.

Credit to all owners of photos.



Notte Magica – The Movie Event! June 21, 2017

This is a spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet!  Close your eyes and look away…..

nottemagica header

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, a group of the Detroit Il Volo gals ventured to Bloomfield Twp. Michigan to the Maple Theatre to see the Notte Magica movie.  I had heard a few reviews/comments from Victoria and Jane, so I kind of knew what to expect.  They both told me there were a few clips that we hadn’t seen before of them playing around, a short bit from the Home and Family show and a quick excerpt from the LA concert at the Dolby.  They also showed a quick pic of them with Priscilla Presley.  Yep, that was all true – I think I had seen a few of the clips before, as well on some form of social media.

Then, as they both said, it went into the Florence concert with a few subtitles here and there, but basically it was similar to both DVDs of the Italian and PBS versions and in English.

However, as I recall, there was a constant camera going back and forth in front of us when we were there.  I have to tell you, with all the camera work going on, it was clear that this movie was part of their master plan of the future.  The footage that was shown in the movie was far superior to either of the DVDs.  Many shots and scenes were the same, but there were others that were not shown before here and there.

It was almost like being there, right in the front row.  Third row for me again.  Unfortunately, Lorna was not able to make it.  Every so often Gin would say, “there you are, I see you!”  Well, I must have blinked at that moment, because I didn’t see me!  lol!  However, nearer to the end, after the last orchestra solo, I saw Lorna and I sitting in the audience.  They flashed the same shot twice, just for us, to be sure we saw it.  🙂

Of course the guys were amazing.  I thought it was going to be too loud, but once it got started, it was just fine.  There were about 35 tickets sold, not too bad.  Not sure how many persons actually showed up, but I’d say there were at least over 25 in the theatre.  We had the 6th row all to ourselves…. no one was in front of us.  We clapped during the Libiamo song and clapped and cheered at the end of most of them – just like we were at the real concert.  Every once in a while, we heard those behind us clapping.  I sang along to Tonight and Maria.  It was so loud, I’m sure no one heard me…

I have to say, seeing them on the big screen, so much larger than life, was incredible.  The close-up shots were fantastic and so close and clear, that you could count the hairs on their chins!  It was almost the entire concert, but no songs other than what was shown on the other DVDs.  They did not show Adeste Fidelis, which I can’t figure out why they sang it and then just cut it out of the final cuttings.  O Come Let us Adore Him – yes, O Come Let us Adore Them!!  Any time, any place, we will be there!

I even brought along a new fan with me that evening.  I had converted her over at work.  She is a busy person and had not really heard them sing much, although she did say she looked them up on You Tube.  She is a “younger” fan and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, the movie and meeting us more “mature” fans.  When it was all over, I asked her if she had a favorite and she said it was too soon to tell and that each one is so unique, unto himself, that it was hard to choose.  She sent me an email a few days later and said she was still deciding!!  🙂

Before the show, we enjoyed a meal at the little café, right inside the theatre lobby area.  A little pricey, but nice and convenient.

We also met another Il Volo fan group from the area – Lynn Delaney and friends.  This was her second time of seeing the movie.  She said she enjoyed it the 2nd time, just as much!

The only comments I have about this is that I did wish they had included the Adeste Fidelis and I thought a really nice touch would have been to add the Grande Amore from the LA concert, to really tie in the 2 concerts.  Not sure why they seemed to emphasize both concerts and only about 5 minutes or less was spent on LA.  But, of course, they didn’t consult with me on this – if only they had, it would have been better!  🙂

So, for those of you who have not seen it yet and it comes anywhere near you, I would highly recommend it.  It is just about 2 hours long – they tag it as 110 minutes.

If they decide to release it on DVD, it is definitely going to be part of my collection!

This is the write-up from the IL VOLO website…

A concert-event that brings to life magical moments from Il Volo’s World Tour 2017 – from the backstage of their March performance in Los Angeles to the birth of their tour with Plácido Domingo in the magnificent setting of Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce. The event features the concert along with never before seen, cinema-exclusive footage.

This trio of young Italian tenors, today’s operatic pop phenomenon, have delighted audiences in prestigious venues worldwide.

Il Volo started their US tour with a sold-out show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and then performing in 15 concerts. The cinema program highlights a recent concert at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, where Maestro Placido Domingo joined the trio on stage.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are now touring Europe and Italy.

This film-concert is distributed worldwide by Rising Alternative beginning from June 2017.

Images including stage and media appearances, rehearsals with Plácido Domingo, backstage moments and audience reactions during the US tour will precede this first concert exhibition, mastered for 2k Digital Cinema presentation in surround sound.

This title has already been booked into cinemas in about 20 countries: in Finland where it opens on June 7, in Spain June 13, in the USA beginning from June 13, in Italy June 15, in Switzerland June 15, in Ecuador June 19, in Slovakia  June 20,  in Mexico July 9 and 13, in Austria September 14 and in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Ireland on dates to be determined very shortly.

Updated cinema show times by country are posted on

This project is a tribute to the Three Tenors. In 1990, José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti performed their legendary concert at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, and now, 27 years later, Il Volo’s Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble honor the legend of The Three Tenors by bringing this iconic classical music to new and familiar audiences. Il Volo grew up listening to them, being fascinated and inspired by their voices and legendary achievements.

NOTTE MAGICA Tour 2017 kicked off with the concert in Florence – Piazza Santa Croce with the great orchestra of the famous Teatro Massimo di Palermo conducted by Maestro Ramón Tebar. As a special guest, Maestro Plácido Domingo also participated in the concert, conducting some of the operatic arias and popular songs.

Il Volo “Notte Magica” in Cinemas will show the group on tour and then singing some of the most famous Neapolitan songs and arias from the Italian and international opera repertoire – all of which were sung by the original Three Tenors.

NOTTE MAGICA – a magical night tribute to The Three Tenors’ is a project conceived by Michele Torpedine, Il Volo’s creator, manager and producer and is distributed in cinemas worldwide by Rising Alternative, in collaboration with Sony Music Masterworks, Sony Music Italy, C Major Entertainment and SpectiCast.

“A tribute to such artists and to such an event could be considered presumptuous, but in fact it is not, as we have not the slightest thought of comparing ourselves to our idols, our artistic inspirations,” say Il Volo.

“I am very happy to be with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca conducting them in this magic night under the stars in such a beautiful city: Florence! I really love these guys. They are performing such a great repertoire around the world – some of the music my colleagues and I performed in our own concerts”, says Plácido Domingo

For those of you in Canada, it looks like the closest for you would be Vashon, Washington, which is between Seattle and Tacoma on the map.  It doesn’t look like they have added any additional locations since a month ago, but you never know – keep looking!