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NEWS AND FUN by Daniela

Ok, I admit that it is nice to start a post with good news and this is it, even if by now everyone will be aware of it: Gianluca has done the control swab and is no longer positive !!
Here is the selfie and message with which Gianluca gave the news.
“FINALLY NEGATIVE and optimistic.”
We are all happy with this and suppose it is the same for Ernie.
But next time Gianluca, send us a big smile, so we are happier.
A beautiful smile like this one below that you sent to your friend Marino Bartoletti, who published it with his comment:
“There are many friends who, out of gratitude or affection, wanted to send me the photo with LA CENA DEGLI DEI  (The Dinner of the Gods). I publish one that made me particularly happy: both because I love Gianluca very much, and because I can take advantage of it to hug him and wish him well. See you soon grandson.”
Always very nice our Marino Bartoletti, for him the boys are just like his grandchildren!

But Piero and Ignazio, where are they?
Rest reassured, the two of them are fine. Gianluca’s contagion occurred after the Christmas event, where everyone was in their own home.
Piero on January 21 posted this beautiful photo to wish Placido Domingo a happy birthday.

Furthermore, Dario Mirabile, a friend of Piero, publishes these hands,  undoubtedly of Piero, who performs the beautiful music of Morricone of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, very sweet.
So the work on Morricone’s special continues!
As we all know, Ignazio is involved in the BOIN COLLECTION project, together with his friend, new father, Fabio Ingrassia.
Best wishes for this new project!

Another particularly  juicy bit of news, was this of a sharing in a song of the new Mario Biondi CD, it is the same Biondi who writes it:
In my new album “Dare” to be released on Friday 29 January, there will also be “Crederò” a song featuring Il Volo. 🤩 Are you curious?
Yes Mario, I am.
Who knows what you four have done together !!

But how beautiful is this photo below sent by Arena Live Official, which reminds us that  21 January was the day of hugs (I did not know), and comments on the photo:
“On World Hug Day, a hug from Il Volo at the Verona Arena
See you soon!
A presto!”
We are all with our fingers crossed in this wish!

How much we miss the warm hugs of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca !!! ❤
A funny photo is this published by Sony, we could call it “A dive on the fly.”  At least the boys saved socks and shoes !!

Let’s go back a little bit in time …. 2017, I found this nice interview made by Prestige MJM, which is the agency that also deals with Il Volo concerts in Poland. Maybe not all of you have seen this interview and it is in English!
At the beginning the splendid images of Taormina, who has been to Taormina, surely recognize it. During the interview Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will tell their ideal of female beauty.

And now we finish with a big smile, seeing this nice video of funny moments.
Buon Divertimento: Daniela 



Today, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are reunited and at work with the necessary precautions !! Good job guys. 😀

Credit to owners of all photos and video.


Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but, I’ve been having lots of fun on this journey. In this Symphony of Life, animation becomes reality! While Ignazio’s counterpart plays ethereal music clouds and birds, balloons and rabbits sail in unison across the sky. In this Universe, Butterflies transport Orcas’ across the sky! And we are asked, “what do they have in common?” I know what they have in common and many of you have expressed your ideas in comments and posts on BOIN COLLECTION.

I have read all of your comments and posts and I must say I am as impressed with your comments as I am with Ignazio and Fabio’s posts. You are really getting into this idea! This new reality! And bravo to Ignazio and Fabio who have been able to open your minds to this new way of thinking.
From the very first post there was something that seemed very familiar to me but, I couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday.
What do Americans do on New Year’s Day? This is the day that we take a break from all the partying and the men watch football while the women and children and men who don’t watch Football watch a 24-hour marathon of a Classical TV Show. Let me tell you the opening lines and I’m sure most of you will know exactly what show I’m talking about. In fact, people around the world will know what show I’m talking about.

“You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop…!
Did you figure it out? No! Then let me tell you a little bit about the show. We waited each week for the next episode to see where Rod Serling would take us. To what dimension, to what planet, to meet people or aliens who lived among us. Yes, he asked us to open our minds and enter…. The Twilight Zone! 

So here we are 46 years later and Ignazio and Fabio are asking us to enter another dimension. To touch a new reality, to experience a new Universe, a new dimension very reminiscent of Rod Sterling’s call. They’re asking us to close our eyes, open our minds and enter a new dimension. A dimension of not only sight and sound but of mind, to journey to a wonderous new Universe where there are no boundaries except for imagination where the BOIN Crew will be our guides and we will experience realities like we have never witnessed before!
Join the #boincrew and FOLLOW them to the Next Signpost…. @boincollection

Credit to owners of all photos.