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After the cycle of concerts in the US, I noticed many new names following our site, and I believe some are new fans, who have joined us, after having heard Il Volo sing live in the last concerts.

Maybe not all of them are updated on Il Volo, like us who follow them daily, and so I wanted to go back a little bit in time when Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were not yet IL VOLO, indeed they didn’t know each other at all …… the inspiration was given during that television broadcast: TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE – year 2009.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, have been presented in this transmission, as solo singers. And here they are in some of their performances:

Piero Barone sings “PIOVE” by Domenico Modugno.

Oh my God, Piero, you were 15 years old, I would say rather plump, and those ears …… but you already showed security, and we want to talk about the voice? An enchantment, even then, surprised us and was a contrast between you, with childlike features and this adult voice.

Really very particular, I would say a kid to keep in observation !!!

And here is Ignazio Boschetto singing “È LA MIA VITA” by Al Bano.

Wow Ignazio, what a difficult song, but I had no doubt that you could do it very well. Al Bano is known for having a very high tone of voice but you have not been less than him, quite the contrary.

Your voice had no problems, and you immediately enchanted everyone.

But let’s talk about you, a still clumsy child, forced to wear sizes of adult clothes because of the weight, but those dimples, what to say have fascinated everyone, as much as your voice.

This kid, to be taken into consideration!!!

And now Gianluca Ginoble sings AVE MARIA.

Gianluca, what a sweetness, your voice is so caressing and so deep, that it touches us in our soul.

The deep admiration for Bocelli’s style is felt in the execution.

14 years old, good and handsome. You seem shy but so terribly sure of your voice. 

What a great power.
Another one to keep definitely observed!!!

Three really promising children.

In the various stages of the broadcast, the director decides to create duets, and the result is not at all disappointing.

Piero Barone and Simona Collura sing CU’MMÈ , beautiful Neapolitan song.

Gianluca Ginoble and Sara Pischedda sing L’ABITUDINE.

Ignazio Boschetto and Massimo Ranieri sing QUANDO L’AMORE DIVENTA POESIA.

I did not understand why in Piero and Gianluca, in the duets joined small girls, also participating in the transmission, while instead Ignazio, in the duets was associated with already famous singers, guests of the evening.

However, our three guys even in the duets have pointed out their skills and then ………… why not try to make a song in a trio:

And so Roberto Cenci the director of “Ti Lascio una canzone”, thought well of trying to unite these three children with powerful voices in a trio, and make them sing O Sole Mio.

O SOLE MIO, the first time sung by Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, 25 April 2009.

O SOLE MIO – Click Here

Wow, what strength, what power, these children could make a fortune ……. but someone at that exact moment, a great manager of famous singers, Michele Torpedine, was watching television while on the phone with his friend Tony Renis ……….. this is the beginning of IL VOLO, and everything else is history !!

Sometimes I think of the extraordinary randomness, which made Piero, Ginaluca and Ignazio, coming from different places, be registered in the same year for this show.

The randomness of the director who wanted to try to combine their voices.

The coincidence that Torpedine was watching TV on the phone with Tony Renis.

A long series of fortuitous circumstances, which made the project take shape in a short time, was April 25, 2009, this year has been 11 years and we are still enjoying these beautiful voices …… and it’s not over yet !!


Credit to owners of the photo and all videos.


A few days ago there was the Billboard Interview with Ignazio, I will translate roughly for you.

Initial greetings.

At the beginning they talk about the video of “VIVO PER LEI” that Ignazio made the day before (and which I will post after the interview).

Stefano asks Ignazio how he spends his days and Ignazio shows an overview of his small studio where he plays and where he can record, and where he also has a speed simulator for virtual racing with cars.

Stefano asks if when Ignazio was in Indianapolis he tried the race with the cars, but Ignazio says that when they are on tour they avoid any kind of danger, because they must be responsible.

The game begins, of Italian pop songs, sung in a lyrical tone, also done with Gian and Piero, and Ignazio admits, sincerely, that he has not seen their connections with Billboard.

Greet the fans connected by:
Brazil, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Colombia, Argentina.

Stefano asks to sing two verses of a success of Il Volo and Ignazio sings “The Best Day of My Life”.

Ignazio says that often he forgets the words of the songs before the concerts. Stefano says if they use the teleprompter in concert, and Ignazio says absolutely not. But he says that when he goes on stage, immediately all the lyrics of the songs come back to him.

So Stefano immediately brings up the story of the song “Tous les Visage de Amour” whose words they had forgotten, but Ignazio says that he had remembered his part, when instead he had to sing Piero, he remembered nothing and he continued to say the same sentence, then Gianluca had to sing and he too did not remember and then he passed the microphone to Ignazio, but Ignazio did not know the words that Gian had to sing, in short, all laughing!

Stefano asks the time they were more embarrassed at a dinner (he wants to understand if Ignazio will say the same things already said by Gian and Piero). Eventually Ignazio says they were young and still didn’t know each other well, and he and Gianluca had had a squabble, and so Gian threw the fish into the air.

Billboard Ignazio 01

Live questions begin.

A fan asks how she feels about singing songs by important artists such as Mia Martini, Mina, Battisti (Italian singers).

Ignazio says he paid tribute to Mia Martini (Almeno tu nell’Universo) because he saw the story about the life of the singer and wanted to remember it, and for him it was a great honor.

Ignazio also says that his first tribute was for Pino Daniele whom he greatly admires.

Another fan asks what nationality the most affectionate fans are in the world.

Ignazio replies that they are all affectionate, maybe there are people of some nationalities who are temperamentally inclined to do more absurd things, like chasing their cars.

Then he says that a love relationship is created between the fan and the artist even without knowing each other and he says that during concerts, wherever they are they have so much affection.

Then Ignazio compares the behavior of French fans, like girls from northern Italy and girls from Brazil like girls from southern Italy.

A girl asks what madness he would do for a woman.

Ignazio admits that he made many, because he is a very romantic type. He says he has traveled many miles for a woman and that he likes to see the smile on the woman’s face, for what he has given her. He likes to make the other person happy.

Stefano asks if he likes romantic films and Ignazio says that his favorite is Ghost and then he likes Titanic.

Billboard Ignazio 02

Another fan asks Ignazio what he likes to cook.

He replies that he likes to invent in the kitchen, but when friends are around, he prefers sushi or pizza.

Another question, Ignazio is asked what TV series he is watching

He replies “Game of Thrones”.
Stefano asks if he is also a Harry Potter lover and he confirms and says that he bought the whole series and saw it in two and a half days.

Then he asks Ignazio for a cartoon that he watched as a child and Ignazio answers “Spirit” (it’s a wild horse) and then Pokemon and Dragon Ball.

A question, asks him why he became vegan.

Ignazio replies that he does not do it only for animals, even if he loves them very much, but because he has seen that it is actually a healthier eating, and therefore it is also a personal thing.

Another question, which character of a musical work or play would he like to be.

Ignazio answers Rodolfo of la Boheme.

Billboard Ignazio 03

A good question: Stefano asks Ignazio for a quality and a defect of Gianluca and Piero.

Ignazio immediately says that the three of them complete each other, because Piero is very good in public relations and often makes meetings with Torpedine.

Gianluca has great intuitions with the musical choices. Ignazio is interested in the study-music part. However Ignazio says that every decision they make, they do it together and for the good of the group, he also says that Torpedine taught them, first of all, to manage themselves.

Ignazio doesn’t want to say flaws, on the contrary he says a beautiful phrase “Love me with my strengths and live with my flaws.”

Stefano asks if Ignazio has tattoos and he replies as many as 13, the first did it at 17, and is on the wrist, has tattooed the wind rose but on the tips he has put the initial of his family, because wherever he goes he always remembers his important point of reference, his family.

The fans’ questions continue.

What would he change about himself.

Many things, but in particular the fact that he does not have half measures, if he starts something he wants to complete it at all costs, even if physically he is tired, but he cannot postpone and finish later.

The best moments spent in Latin America.

In addition to the concerts, traveling from one place to another, because we created a very nice group with the troupe and they all had a lot of fun together.

What gives you the charge before a concert?

Before a concert he is very relaxed, then as soon as he goes on stage, he gets a lot of adrenaline.

With which international singer would you like to duet?

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, among males, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.
Ignazio says that in Los Angeles they met John Mayer, he is a very funny and special person.

Billboard Ignazio 04

Stefano asks Ignazio to give everyone the message of staying at home and Ignazio says it is time to be responsible to others so we must stay at home, above all to save others. We must be responsible and valid for the whole world, because the virus is a worldwide problem.

It is a difficult time for everyone.

Ignazio says he has prepared two short songs and Stefano tells him to sing them.

Ignazio performs on guitar: “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

At the end of the song, Stefano invites Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca to Billboard’s birthday, then asks Ignazio to show how he washes his hands, performing a song and he does it humming “Fatti mandare dalla mamma” (an old Italian song from the 60’s).

So Ignazio sings “Halleluia”.

Stefano thanks Ignazio so much for his skill and availability.

Final goodbyes.

Billboard Ignazio 05

This is the video Ignazio and Stefano talk about at the beginning.

Ignazio sings “VIVO PER LEI”, with the duo of comedians from “I soldi spicci”.

Very nice. 😁

Well Ignazio, you gave some nice answers, and you revealed some sides of your romantic character.

You always give a lot of fun and you can give the impression of a light-hearted and thoughtless boy. Instead prove that you are a mature man and with your family in your heart.

A great gift.

Thanks:  Daniela



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


About a month ago, my dear friend Valeria Bosch, whom you all know well by now, asked me for help in translating an article on Ignazio into English. For me it was a real pleasure and an honor, to translate Valeria’s beautiful and appropriate reflections. Surely many of you will have already read them, but I repeat them here again, in order to re-cheer your hearts.  💖

Enjoy the reading!

Ignazio 01

IGNAZIO: the lights are dimmed on the stage, in the central cone only a young man dressed in dark, the sleeves of the shirt rolled up and a fashionable “gilet” (vest) of the past. For a few seconds he concentrates himself closing his eyes, then starts with the first notes of “Almeno tu nell’universo”, low, just whispered, to rise more and more, as the pathos of the music grows, in a conjunction between voice, music and text that captivates the viewer, keeps him suspended between earth and sky, in a region totally detached from reality and from matter. The passages of register, whispering, trembling, vibrating, acute, follow one another urgently, not as a mere demonstration of technical ability and artistic maturity, but as perfect emanations of the emotions of the mind and heart. At times a “divine violin” approaches him, it’s Alessandro, who, with pure magic, underlines, exalts, centuplicates the impact of the song on the public. 

Ignazio 02

IGNAZIO is like this: his relationship with music is symbiotic, when he closes his eyes and sings, leaves for distant lands, goes beyond the mountains and the sea, and takes you with him into his secret world, where you can abstract from everything, in those few minutes you lose the connection with time and space, to get a taste of that beauty and that perfection that has always been the man’s ultimate intent, an ethereal and impalpable world, but perhaps for this reason eternal and indestructible, the world of true music. 

Ignazio 03

IGNAZIO said it in the presentation: he chose the song, delivered to immortal memory by Mia Martini, because impressed by the story of this extraordinary singer, a sad and painful story, but at the same time full of greatness and genius. The text, by Bruno Lauzi, fits perfectly: in the eternal restlessness and discontent of human feelings (“people are crazy … when fashion changes … they change too”), the reference point can only be someone who can give sincerity (“tell me that you will always be sincere”), corresponding to ever-increasing love (“more, more, more”), as a promise of something finally lasting and indeed eternal (“you will not change … you will really love me, really more and more”)

Ignazio 04

IGNAZIO was very courageous in choosing this solo, because the piece is linked in the collective memory to the unique and unforgettable Mia’s interpretation and therefore presented the risk of not being accepted by the public. But precisely for this reason he chose the way of not following the normal canons of a “cover”, but he made a real revisitation of it, focusing, more than on the intensely dramatic tone and on Mia’s tension, on a very modern interpretation (30 years passed since that 1989 in which the song was presented in Sanremo!!), made of fragments and continuous contrasts, deliberately disarticulated, marked by the intense passionate expression of the face and the beautiful hands that follow all the musical movements. 

Ignazio 05

IGNAZIO, I thought looking at him, has the suffered and passionate execution and “le physique du role” of a chansonnier of the golden age of the Parisian “boites de nuit” (nightclubs), where in the 50s and 60s of the last century was formed that new movement of unique musicians who sang the craft of living, the discontent, the breakup of an era, a movement that in Italy became that of songwriters, some of whom, Paoli, Guccini, de Gregori, Finardi, delight us even today. Certainly Ignazio does not sing his own texts, even though we know that he has already shown that is able to compose, doing it, and also successfully, for other interpreters; but that his empathy, so intense, in the sung notes, that deep and emotional expression of the face, his interpretation so authentic descends directly from those noble fathers who lit the musical nights of the past. 

Ignazio 06

Contemporary Italian music has an urgent need to revitalize itself and Ignazio, and with him, with absolutely equal ability and talent, his friends Gianluca and Piero, with their “Musica Tour” are really teaching everyone how this innovation can happen without breaking with the most genuine Italian tradition, without freakiness, without vulgarity, without pseudo-intellectualistic nonsense raps. It’s from them, from the young people of Il Volo, foolishly accused by brains without thickness to “make old music”, that is coming the proposal that will give new life to the Italian music scene. 

Ignazio 07

(Thanks to Danilo Video, for this wonderful video, “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO” – AT LEAST IN THE UNIVERSE, from the concert in Rome.)

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ May 4, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This issue of the Professional isn’t going to have a lot of commentary.  The Guys have been at home celebrating with their families and doing some work—just not any that is ready for release to the public.   🙂   So we will catch up on some of the interviews and things they did before/during the Billboards week.

Find your favorite movie snack and a comfy chair…cartoonconsessions




Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

…and when you’re done, turn up the volume and dance around your house to your favorite Il Volo songs.  🙂

Have a great Sunday!

~~ Kelly



Thanks to All About Il Volo for providing some context and background, as I simply would have had a collection of random videos otherwise.

Backstage video and an appearance on what appears to be an adaptation of “The Voice”, “La Voz Kids”…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/il-volo-suelta-la-sopa-during-the-billboards/

Interview on Terra Musica…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/05/il-volo-interview-on-terra-musica/

Il Volo on Nuestra Voz Latina…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/il-volo-on-nuestra-voz-latina/

 And a sweet interview about a more personal side of each of the guys, first pointed out to me by Deanne; thank you!

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/the-emotion-has-taken-to-il-volo-en/#more-8286

Video – Especial de Natal IL Volo – Amaury Jr. 12/24/2014

Especial de Natal IL Volo – Amaury Jr. recebe o trio formado por Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto e Piero Barone interpreta canções natalinas nos estúdios da Rede Tv!  12/24/2013

Jenny pointed us in the direction of this interview Il Volo did while in Brazil that appears to have aired on December 24, 2013. Our MN (mlla) translated it at the request of JDB.  Thank you Jenny, MN and JDB!


MN: “JDB, for u, forgive erros and omission. Bit rushy.

PB ..On how they met IB  Explaining differences in voices and they do a cappella White Xmas

Explaining collaborations with famous singers and how they could learn from them

GG : Il Volo singing a mix between classical and pop and not only in Italian

At question when did you discover that Santa Claus did not exist GG saying he cried when his mother told him and he was about 6/7 ”

Then when asked which Italian city/region they think is the best Gianluca said Rome, Venice and Florence and Region of Tuscany  and Sardinia. Piero, Rome and Taormina.  Ignazio prefers Marsala and Sicily

On Xmas: They like Christmas also because they know that they will be home.

Asked if they are in love they all said NO

On collaborating with Barbra Streisand Ignazio said it was an honor and a privilege to be part of her show because she is one of the living legends as she is a the most professional artist and a perfectionist in all she does singing, directing and acting and they will never forget it. Piero recalled that when she opened her mouth to sing it was like hearing the voice of an angel singing. Gian saying about his passion for American music/singers and recall how emotional he was in meeting her.

Ignazio likes playing it and his favorite team is Juventus, Piero Milan and Gianluca said they would love to sing in Brazil for the opening ceremony of the World Championship.  Then all sing bit and pieces of some Brazilian songs.

One most famous Italian songs Quando, Quando, Quando by Tony Renis was  mentioned, and they mention their producer and manager TR, [Tony Renis] MT [Michele Torpedine] and HG [Huberto Gatica]

They quoted O sole mio, the song that is the closing mark of their shows.”