Welcome New Site Contributors!

Our Babies
Remember when they were babies?

A week or so ago I made a call out to you all with an invitation to join Liz, Myron and LiJoy by becoming an active contributor to the site.

As usual there you are, my friends whose faces I can’t see, with hearts I know so well. Thank you to all who volunteered. We asked this brilliant group to join us:

Food Contributor :  Leelee
Volunteer Clerical :  Julie
“All Things Italian” :  Ann (anncruise)
Contributing Authors:
   Jana (ScoobyDoo)
   Jeannette Giglio
   Kitty (kittykam) “Sometimes Sugar, Sometimes Salt”

Plus, a few others of you (as you know) are sending feature stories. They are so fun! The sharing of stories is one of my favorite parts of this site.

Welcome and Thanks Ladies! I have already been working with most of you so it’s just another step for all of us.

P.S. I have all of your acceptance letters, so it’s too late to back out.

Here’s one:

Marie, yes. I humbly accept your invitation to become a regular part of this site, and deeply appreciate the opportunity. I hope, that in some way, I am able to support and encourage the feelings of pride, and expressions of love for our guys that exist here. I would like to use, “SOMETIMES SUGAR, SOMETIMES SALT” as my “title”, because God knows that there will be sprinkles of both within the journey to whatever their destiny holds, be it together, singularly, or both. All that we can do is to make sure they feel our love.

Hummm, maybe I can start with this? Thanks again! KITTY

20 thoughts on “Welcome New Site Contributors!”

  1. Dear Marie I want to congratulate all the new contributors to your site I know they are going to enjoy helping so much. I love the picture you posted today. The guys were so cute back then but they are so handsome now.

  2. Congrats to you all! Sounds like The Flight Crew is growing and flying even to new heights. Its all good.

  3. I am thrilled to have these talented people join as contributors! I don’t know them all, but have enjoyed what Jeannette and Kitty have posted in the past! 🙂 <3 !!

  4. Thank you and congratulations to the new contributors. I always enjoy reading about my beloved Il Volo. It really and truly makes my day brighter. It makes me feel like I am part of one big, happy Il Volo family.

  5. Welcome ! Welcome ! Welcome ! to all of you adding to this site. It will be nice to have your input. Have a good time and enjoy.

  6. Il Volo Flight Crew is an important website. Very knowledgable contributors. Congratulations to you. I hope Il Volo and their people check in on a regular basis.

  7. Thanks to the ladies that volunteered and will keep us informed. I just listened to the songs supposedly on the CD coming out February 24. Love all since they are the type that Jerry Vale, Al Martino and others sang in my youth. In those days they had very big and nice Night Clubs and all the well know singers would be the headliners. Now I am anxious for the CD to come out. They even had a TANGO. My favorite dance when I still could move my feet.

      1. On All About Il Volo Facebook. There are several in the daily updates. On one posting there is a video of past San Remo participants singing these songs.
        L’mmensita, Piove, Vacanze Romane, Romantica, Canzone per te, Ancora and Grande Amore.

  8. Thank you ladies, and of course Myron, for your well wishes. I hope that I can contribute my thoughts in such a way, that it may inspire even more dialogue and exchanges of thought regarding are favorite subject, we all know who that is. I think we’re going to have a good time! Thanks again.

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