For info on the Panama youth day vigil tonight 6:30p Panama time and Mass tomorrow, scroll all the way to the end.

Yesterday on the official page of IL VOLO was published this beautiful message from our boys:

message 01

Hi  #ilvolovers! We are almost ready! We promised you a 2019 full of surprises and start immediately!

On February 22nd our new album “Musica” will be released, and shortly we will communicate in the stories the link to the PRE ORDER AVAILABLE FROM TODAY on Amazon.

We are leaving for Panama, tomorrow we will sing for the Pope, the emotion is great and in these days we can not think of anything else, but as you know, we are preparing for another important event … Sanremo festival and we can not wait to present the single “Musica che resta” on the stage of the Ariston!

You are ready?

Yes, you got it right, the new CD, the CD of pop-lyric music, will be released on February 22nd. In it, is the new song that will be presented at Sanremo MUSICA CHE RESTA will also be contained.

For now you can pre-order on Amazon.

This will be a month full of events, the Sanremo Festival is getting closer and closer.

Meanwhile, the cities of our boys begin to encourage.

I LOVE NARO the city of the baroque, has published this post:

message 02

“It would be nice that all the Narese would share this post in the Facebook profile since our fellow citizen Piero Barone brings ever higher our beloved city of Naro.

Musica Che Resta is a song by Il Volo.

It is the song with which they participate in Sanremo 2019.

For the trio this is the second time on the stage of the Ariston, after the victory of Sanremo 2015 with Grande Amore.

The song speaks of a love and the strength it gives to move forward:

“Love hug me, I want to protect you, we are the sun on a rainy day, tonight hold me, kiss my soul, we are true music that remains.”

The text of Musica Che Resta was written, among others, by a great name of Italian rock music: Gianna Nannini.”


message 03

This is the beautiful banner hanging above the bar in the middle of the square of Montepagano !! The inhabitants of Gianluca are really nice.

Also this event was published: Tuesday, January 29 press conference of IL VOLO where they will exhibit their projects for the year 2019 and 2020 ……….. surely they also talk about the tour !!!!

message 06


But in the meantime our boys are certainly not resting.

Yesterday they left for PANAMA for the WYD event.

G = Just arrived at the Amsterdam airport, ready for this flight to Panama, about 12 hours, but it will be a magnificent experience. Follow us on this journey.

P = Boys, we are in Amsterdam, we will soon board the flight to Panama, because tomorrow we will sing in front of Pope Francis, for the World Youth Day. Hello.

(the sweet Barbara is always with them)

Ignazio: Hi everyone! We’ve just wrapped up the shooting of “Musica Che Resta” video.

Gianluca: This Saturday we’ll experience a great emotion because we’ll sing a very special “Ave Maria” for Pope Francis in Panama.

Piero: As you know, when we’ll come back in Italy Sanremo Festival awaits us, to sing for the first time our new song. We can’t wait to present you, let you listen our new single “Musica Che Resta” on stage at the Ariston theater. 


In fact, two days ago the filming of the new video ended, little is known of it, but it seems to have been made in Milan.

G = We are recording the video with a great director, Mauro Russo.

MR = Come on Gianluca, you cannot say that we are recording the video, now we are not doing anything.

G = Look what kind. We are doing a masterpiece.

message 04

……. and there is someone who has a lot of fun, during makeup sessions….our Ignazio is too funny. 😂 😂


message 05

I am very excited! We will see the boys sing in front of the Pope and to thousands and thousands of young people from all over the world. Simply fantastic!

At 6:30 pm (Panama time) today, the vigil in Panama will begin and the boys may sing.

Sunday at 8.00 am (Panama time) there will be Mass, where our boys will sing the Ave Maria.

For those who want to follow the live streaming please try the link below.

TV2000 Live link – Click Here

(This link may not work for those in the United States.)

Also, EWTN is carrying live World Youth Day coverage on their cable channel.

If you don’t have that channel on your cable line-up you can view a live stream on the EWTN website.

EWTN Live Stream – Click Here


message 07

So, are you all ready for the great news of the next days?

I am waiting for you all for the comments and your impressions.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

89 thoughts on “A MESSAGE FROM OUR BOYS by Daniela”

  1. This is all so exciting! After fairly quiet 2018 things are happening, almost like if they want to make up for last year. Love you IL Volo, you make my days so much brighter. God’s speed!

    1. Anna, you’re right, this year will be a year, a lot, but very busy, for them and for us. I’m very excited.

  2. All I can say is that my heart is full of excitement for our guys and for us! What a month this will be! Can’t wait for all of it to unfold!!! Good luck guys!! May the Blessings from Pope Francis shine upon you! 🙏🙏

    1. Annette, I am already here ready to see them today and tomorrow in front of the Pope, a true honor, and I look forward to Sanremo !!

  3. What an exciting time for them. They are moving at lightening speed. Starting out the year with the Pope is the greatest start. Our anticipation, as I’m sure their’s, is at a fevered pitch. I pray for the blessings of God and His Eminence The Pope. Blow them away at Sanremo guys!

    1. You said well, Leslie, at the speed of light. The start is really fantastic, but it seems like the whole route will be just as much!

  4. Hi Joanne-

    I just got this email about il volo. It’s long, but the info about them singing in Panama is toward the bottom, in blue and in red, after the box that says “Il Volo, Musica Que Resta”.


  5. Thank you for the live streaming sites, They both work. This is going to be exciting and thank you again and again for keeping us informed. What an amazing year they will have beginning it with such an event with the pope. They will truly be blessed.

    1. Victoria and Jay, I’m very happy that you could see the event with the Pope, it was really wonderful.

  6. As the song says, I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Two exciting events coming up soon, and a new album! and also hopefully news of their tour dates, news we have been waiting for such a long time. Thanks Daniela for all the great updates . They are going to do so well and capture even more hearts. Have fun guys and enjoy all your success.

    1. For me it’s the same thing Janet. I can not think of anything but the event tonight and tomorrow, it’s a beautiful thing.
      Sanremo still seems far away and yet it is already very close.
      For now I just want to think about the meeting with the Pope.

    2. Excuse me Janet, I translate.
      For me it’s the same thing Janet. I can not think of anything but the event tonight and tomorrow, it’s a beautiful thing.
      Sanremo still seems far away and yet it is already very close.
      For now I just want to think about the meeting with the Pope.

  7. Hi D-squared. This is a very exciting for the fans of our young men. We have all been waiting for 2019 and here it is. Thank you for the info on EWTN I have it set to record this evening and tomorrow morning. I also have preordered the new CD from Amazon.it. It should arrive between March 4-8 and I can’t wait. The anticipation is half of the fun though. Next is the press conference on the 29th and then the big day of Sanremo. I have every confidence in the world that they will win and go on to Tel Aviv. Hopefully their tour schedule will be announced very soon so we can start to make our travel plans.

    1. Hello Rose Marie! Wow, looks like you beat me to it! I, too, just ordered the new CD. I did priority shipping though – you also? Cost almost as much for shipping, as the CD! Oh, well, this impatient fan cannot wait! Lol! 🙂

      1. Hi Jana. I just picked up this post. I’ve been all over Amazon but cannot find the new CD. I hope I didn’t miss it before it sold out on pre-order. Is there a link?

      2. Hi Susan!

        I’m going to do a post on this for tomorrow, Monday. But it is only on Amazon.it right now. I will share all the details that I can. 🙂

        I’m sure there are still plenty of copies left!

      3. Hi Jana, yes I got priority shipping. I ordered 2 and was charged a total of 10 € shipping charge. I have multiple copies of all of their CDs, I keep one in the car and one in the house. I have also made copies. A little overboard but that’s just me. Can’t have too many lol. Hope to see you in Detroit 🤞

    2. RoseMarie and Jana, how good you have already pre-ordered the CD.
      I wait for them to say that they do instore, I would like to see them and have them sign the new CD.
      Today I and Daniela Ci, we laughed and now I’ll explain why. Jana gave us the name D-Squared and today, Ignazio, has made us a great gift, he wore the shirt in our honor !!!
      Thanks Ignazio, we love you.


      1. Lol!! Yes, I saw that as well! But does that mean something else? I don’t know what it references in the USA?

      2. Daniela, if the guys do a cd signing in Milan again, save me a seat on the train😁
        I see they are doing six concerts in Japan in May 2019, I know you won’t be there!

      3. that is soooooooooooooooo cool! how did that happen? please share details of that story, Daniela!

      4. Cynthia,

        Here is why I called them D-squared. Daniela doesn’t know the real reason…lol!

        Two Danielas, Perani and Ci, worked together to put up our new Facebook page. Daniela P goes by Daniela, the other by Dani.

        I live in Michigan and there is a city called Ann Arbor, where the university of Michigan is. Many residents from there refer to it as A2 or A-squared. 🙂

        That’s where I came up with it! 🙂

        Hope they like their little nickname!

      5. Yes Jana, we laughed, me and Daniela Ci, seeing the shirt of Ignatius, I do not really know what it refers to, but it’s nice to think it’s for us.
        It’s really a nice nickname !!

      6. Janet, it was not really dedicated to us the shirt, but we imagine it was 🙂

      7. Jill, I’ll book right away, the place on the train …… but is there a direct train from here to Hawaii ???
        Thinks Jill, that if the boys go to Eurovision, they can not be in concert at the same time in Japan.

  8. OH Daniela I am celebrating he great news coming from IL Volo. It’s seems like it’s been forever since we have seen the boys live and then on stage where they belong, and then a new album WOW SO HAPPY I can’t wait ttill February

    1. Luckylady, you do not have much to wait, now let’s enjoy the WYD and then, we will not have time to breathe, and we will be in February, involved by Sanremo and the release of the new CD.

  9. Thanks for all the information in English! Wish I could hear them live but I’m sure they will be great! Looking forward with great anticipation to the new song and the tour dates! Sending my best wishes for all!

    1. Linda, thanks for the compliments. You are always in line with this blog, because there will be many small interviews that I will translate for all of you.

  10. Bonne chance il VOLO bonne rencontre avec le pape et bon spectacle a votre retour en Italie.jai hâte en février pour la sortie de votre nouveau c d et de vous voir bientôt a Montréal Love il VOLO.

    1. Yes Anna, we are all very enthusiastic, still a little and we will soon hear one of the new songs, and hear news about the tour.

  11. Wonderful rendition and their voices carried well. The camera didn’t really zoom in on them as much as I hoped.

    1. huh! they sang already???? i missed that!
      Mark, if you would know the link to the video clip, kindly share.
      thank you so much.

      1. Cynthia, I watched last evening on EWTN live. I do not know the link to the video clip-sorry. I am still watching the mass this morning, hoping at some point the guys would make a repeat appearance, as I understood they were to sing at mass.

      2. thanks so much for the info, Mark.
        just in case you happen to see it on youtube, please let me know.
        thanks much 🙂

      1. Cynthia, the audio is the same, but this that you found has much better close up views. Not much view of Piero though -the same on EWTN, but I certainly could hear him. Thanks

      2. Yes Cynthia, this is a better video than the TV viewing. I have already proposed it for a summary that will be there tomorrow.

      3. you’re welcome, Jill. i also missed it LIVE and this is what i saw. it’s powerful.

    2. Mark, it was nice, but the video shooting did not do justice, but the event was not for them, it was WYD.
      Do you think that here in Italy those who commented, spoke while the boys were singing, an anger, I did not hear the first musical phrase of Gianluca.

      1. I could hardly hear Ignazio’s first part–only the last two notes the mike finally picked up.

      2. Penina, you’re right, but I think there was a technical problem with Ignazio, in fact even just at the side of the frame, you see Ignazio who takes off the headset, obviously something did not work.

  12. Thank you so much for making it possible to see our boys sing their Ave Maria within a few feet of the Pope. Beautiful, amazing, spectacular. The live feed came in loud and clear here in San Diego. Yes, the beginning of a great 2019 for Il Volo!

  13. Daniela, both live feed links worked so well. The one broadcast in English was great to be able to foll ow what was happening. I got to see them sing Ave Maria live. Wonderful, elegant and respectful. The event was not about them and they respected that. Love them.

  14. Bravo to our guys on singing the Ave Maria at WYD! It was wonderful! Thanks Daniela for the info. I recorded it .

  15. So glad it worked for everyone. Myself as well!

    Many thanks to Pat and Daniela for keeping us all so informed! 🙂

  16. Once again thank you Daniela for the latest information. I did watch EWTN this evening and it was very moving seeing so many young people at the vigil with Pope Francis. Ave Maria Misericordiae is a beautiful song and it was lovely to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca singing it with Pope Francis praying to our Blessed Mother.
    This is an exciting time for all of us and to think they are also celebrating 10 years together! I was very nervous when they sang at Sanremo in 2015. I know they are the best and they will be wonderful as usual but I did feel badly for them when they didn’t win at Eurovision.
    I assume you can only pre-order their new CD from Amazon, Italy at this time.

    1. Margaret, it was all so beautiful, moving.
      We started a new year very well and I think that IL VOLO will reserve us many beautiful news.
      It will be a really intense year.
      I will not order the CD on Amazon, wait for the guys to do the presentation in some music store, with their presence!

  17. Thank you so much Daniela. I cannot add anything to what has been said already. So pleased for the Boys for this amazing experience , now on to the release of their new cd and Sanremo !!

    1. Marion, we must prepare for Sanremo, I have read some things that I absolutely have to translate for you and have already made me fever.

      1. Daniela, I read that if the guys win San Remo, they won’t be available to represent Italy in the 2019 Eurovision contest in May because of their commitments in Japan.
        Maybe they will change the dates around.

    1. Jill, I would have been happy to find you behind my door!
      Unfortunately, the Eurovision period matches with the concerts in Japan, but I think that if this were the case the guys would not give up Eurovision, they would find a way to make everyone happy.
      But first we have to think about Sanremo !!!!
      It will be very difficult for the guys to repeat the winnings.

  18. Thanks so much!!!! I saw most of the posts and videos. Getting ready to pre order now!! Exciting new times for them AND us! We will be cheering them on at SanRemo!

  19. Daniela, just wondering and curious, have you heard or read any statistics as to how well Amame did on the market-did it sell well or not so well, especially in Latin America or does no one want to talk about it. I’ve never seen any comments from the guys or torpedine on any of the Face Books. It’s been out a while and I’m sure Sony must have some figures. Just wondering if it was considered a success or not such a good idea after all. Thanks.

    1. Mark I live just north of Miami in Deerfield Beach Forida and have several Latin friends and they have told me it did not go over as well as expected in Miami as the Boys voices were not “showcased ” sufficiently they were just mixed with other artists.I cannot say for S America but that is what I have heard regarding Miami.

      1. Thanks Marion, at least we have some more news, but if you want my opinion, I think we will hear more about this record.

      2. I always thought it was a legal issue that prevented them from releasing this album. A copyright issue, or something to do with contracts. There were so many different people represented on this disc.

      3. I listen to it on Spotify all the time–I think its a great album to exercise with–and that’s what I use it for. Some of the tunes are catchy and run through my head at odd times. But I agree–it does not showcase their voices, I like the songs they sing themselves rather than the ones they sing with others. Since it was released in Japan it would be interesting to know how it did there–you wouldn’t expect the Japanese to be big fans of Latin music!

    2. Mark, a really good question, interesting, as Cynthia says, unfortunately I can not answer you, because here in Italy, nothing of this disc was leaked, it was not even possible to listen to it, and nothing was revealed on any rankings or sales .
      At first I saw that it achieved good results, then I searched for news but I was not able to find any more.
      Surely it was a parenthesis of their career, but I think the guys liked it and once again they showed that they can do it. As for the initial feeling that they would change their style, I warned you it was a big lie.

      1. Daniela, your warning was reassuring all along and I’m glad the style change is a big lie. Just haven’t seen any or much chatter online about the whole CD of Amame, from anyone, unlike the single, Noche Sin Dia, where there was a rash of comments both good and bad. Thanks.

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