After the June 5th concert in the Verona Arena, there were many new things.
But first of all, I want to start with a photo of the concert I promised you, to show you where the families of the boys were during the evening.

(Please click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Concert audience showing where the parents were sitting in the front.

On June 23, Gianluca Ginoble went to visit the Vatican museums. Beautiful museums, full of works of art that are envied all over the world.

Gianluca in the Vatican museums accompanied by a member of the Swiss Guard, two priests and two young women.

Gianluca was accompanied by two young women. One of them, Nicole, was considered Gian’s new “girlfriend”, but after this episode, there was no more gossip about the couple. In the photo above, Nicole is the girl in the light floral dress.
Gianluca, inspired by the environments, also sang some verses of the Ave Maria. It was wonderful to hear
Gianluca’s voice resound in the beautiful Vatican rooms.
Piero’s birthday was on June 24th. Surely you have all seen the numerous and beautiful photos, also because the birthday party lasted two days.
On the evening of June 23, to arrive at midnight, there was a nice “party in white”, where all the guests were dressed in white. But how beautiful were Piero and Gianluca in white?

Gianluca and PIero dress all in white with flower leis around their necks

Among the numerous guests, including Torpedine and Barbara.
Great justified absentee, Ignazio, who was in Brazil, seems to be in the company of a damsel.
Here, we say, “If they are roses, they will bloom”. 😉

Left to right: Barbara Vitali, Piero and Michele Torpedine dressed all in white with leis around their necks

There was a lot of fun, the party took place in Sicily.


Party attendees with Ginaluca kneeling in front and Piero standing behind him

Look what a nice gift Gianluca gave to Piero !!
The three hands crossed, really beautiful and meaningful.

The party continued throughout the 26th day together with friends and family.

Another photo of the party attendees in casual clothes

And then also in Taormina!!


…………. and could not miss Bambar and Saretto, with its excellent granitas!!

BamBar selfie by the owner,Sareto, with Piero, Gianluca and friends

June 30th,  Ignazio was at a cousin’s wedding.

Ignazio on left with two other cousins at wedding holding long stem roses

Piero also went to a wedding, but I think it’s wedding of his a friend.

Piero at a friend's wedding

On July 5, however, a little friend of ours we met during the concert dedicated to Morricone: Julian Iorio, was interviewed for the broadcast DEDICATED on Rai 1 and Ignazio Boschetto intervened during the interview.
IGNAZIO = Julian, how are you?
Meanwhile, I wanted to say thank you for keeping me company on the Arena stage, it was great to share the stage with you, you were appreciated by everyone, ah, what have you done !!
I send you a hug, a greeting and we hope to see you soon, there will be no lack of opportunity. Bye!
INTERVIEWER = Thanks to Ignazio Boschetto from IL Volo!!
JULIAN = Hi Ignazio!!
INTERVIEWER = He is your colleague.
Listen but what do you feel when you sing and play with these great musicians?
What do you feel?
JULIAN = Pleasure, much pleasure, because Ignazio, by now, we have known each other for a long time and we love each other, so I feel safe with him.❤
INTERVIEWER = Tell us something, but are you a little afraid, before performing, or are you really calm?
JULIAN = So, I was excited, but I knew that
I had mum and dad behind the scenes, and Ignazio by my side, and the whole orchestra was behind me picking me up. (he means that the orchestra was supporting him)😁❤
INTERVIEWER = Let’s review that moment together now, come on.
(here begins a short video of the fantastic performance of Ignazio and Julian)
How wonderful, this was a concert at the Verona Arena, dedicated to the great maestro Ennio Morricone.

Julian Iorio playing the saxophone with Ignazio singing

July 5: concert in Croatia.

Croatia concert view from the back of the arena

July 6: concert in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria concert view from the back of the arena

July 8: concert in Romania

Romania concert view from the back of the arena

July 8, also, Il Volo announced the definitive cancellation of the remaining Italian concerts (including Taormina unfortunately) and the new dates for 2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

Hello everyone!
Accordingly to the current regulations, today we announce that the entire “10 Years – Live” tour scheduled for 2021 will be postponed to 2022.
We would like to remind you that tickets already sold will be valid for the new dates.
Please find below the new dates:
11th of June 2022 at “Teatro Antico” in Taormina (making up for 4th of September 2021 at “Teatro Antico” in Taormina)
12th of June 2022 at “Teatro Antico” in Taormina (making up for 5th of September 2021 at “Teatro Antico” in Taormina)
3rd of October 2022 at “Mediolanum Forum” in Assago, Milano (making up for 23rd of October 2021 at “Mediolanum Forum” in Assago, Milano)
7th of October 2022 at “Palazzo dello Sport” in Rome (making up for 20th of October 2021 at “Palazzo dello Sport” in Rome”)
10th of October 2022 at “Pala Alpitour” in Turin (making up for 16th of October 2021 at “Pala Alpitour” in Turin)
See you soon! ❤️

Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in tuxedos

On July 9, Il Volo released a video where they perform Grande Amore, with Brazilian singer Paula Fernandez.
”Grande Amore” video with the talented @paulafernandes has just been released and we hope you enjoy it! Watch it on YouTube!

Do you remember when I wrote you that the boys were in Rome at Villa Borghese for the shooting of a video? They were used in this video.
Did you like this performance paired with Paula?
Feel free to tell me your opinion.

IL VOLO with with Brazilian singer Paula Fernandez. ”Grande Amore” video

But on July 9, this short video was also released, from the Facebook page of the “Frasassi Caves”, with the comment:
Il Volo at the Frasassi caves, a perfect combination of Nature, Style and Quality! Coming Soon.
On July 18, the Facebook page of the Frasassi Caves published this second short video.

(Click on the logo below to view the video.)

Grotte di Frasassi logo

What can I say, many events have filled the days of our guys.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are back in a great way, they don’t have a moment’s break, and the three concerts in East Europe were great. Very good because as fans, we suffer when we don’t see or hear them for a long time.
I must say that the latest announcement, the one relating to the Frasassi Caves, gives me the chills, I just want to see what they will do in that beautiful context, it will be fantastic.
I can’t wait, what about you ??


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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      1. Camille, I think you are a little behind with the news. Francesca is no longer with Gianluca since the return of the boys from the US due to Covid. However I don’t think Nicole is his girlfriend, I think she is a friend, there have been no other rumors about the alleged “couple”.

  1. Daniela, always appreciate your beautiful stories about “our boys”. The gift of the 3 hands that Gianluca gave to Piero – what a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
    I look forward to every new video that we get to see of these beautiful young men, however, as the video with Paula is pleasing to watch, I much prefer videos of just the guys.
    Like you, I can’t wait to see what comes out of the caves!
    I do have a fear that with all the down time before the guys start touring again is that find a way to stay connected to one another and they perform in videos and work on some new songs, etc. Anything to keep their beautiful voices out to the world. We so desperately need all the love and beauty we can find. Also, you know how it goes in the entertainment world, if they are gone for too long, some will lose interest. I know not any of us or the die-hard fans.
    Thank you again for the pictures, videos and the translations for us non-Italian speaking fans!

    1. Yes, Gina, Gianluca’s gift to Piero, is truly beautiful and full of meaning.
      I too can’t wait to see what they will do at the Frasassi Caves, and in any case they have said that there will be many news … we will wait anxiously.
      Thanks for the appreciation of what I write !!

  2. Thank you Daniela, for catching us up on the latest.
    I enjoyed Julian’s interview translation. The three
    concerts were an appetizer for whats ahead for all
    of us that long for a live concert once again.

    1. Julian, is a small treasure and from his words, we understand that he is very fond of Ignatius.
      Martha, I believe that the three concerts in Eastern Europe close the “10 years” cycle, I believe that many new things will come and I can’t wait!

      1. I was wondering about the concerts Daniela. Do you think they will perform the Morricone tribute in 2022, much like during the Verona concert?

  3. Daniela, your post was very enjoyable! I appreciated seeing where the family members sat on June 5. The translation of Julian’s interview and Ignazio’s message to him was wonderful as well. There is always something new to learn and you fill in the gaps that we miss by not understanding Italian! It’s the details that I love. So thanks again! Sending you a big hug!!! ❤️

    1. Thanks a lot, Judy. I wanted you to understand where all the relatives of the boys actually were, then it’s thanks to Pat, who did a great job, entering all the names !!
      When I write these summary articles, I seem to write things that everyone has already seen or read on the various fanpages, for this reason, I try to find little things that may have escaped, I know well that we fans, we want to know everything !! Thanks again for the compliments, I warmly reciprocate the hug!

      1. Prego, Daniela! I know I love all the different little things you tell us about the guys. 😊

  4. Thank you, Daniela, for this latest post. I must say that, although the singing was lovely with Paula Fernandes, I do hope that this is just one time that they will be playing as “back-up” singers. They have no need to do this, other than to help another singer out.

    The three hands that Gianluca gave Piero for his birthday was such a beautiful gesture. They (Il Volo) could make a lot of money selling small reproductions of this to their many fans. But, as they aren’t out for the euros that would be involved, I doubt very much that they would even THINK of doing something like that. However, it came across my mind.

    Nice to see just where the family members were seated during the concert. We knew they were in the front row but now we know exactly where. Thanks again, Daniela!

    1. Dolores, from the comments, I understand that we Il Volo fans are very exclusivists, we like it when they make duets, but we prefer to see only them, they don’t need others.
      Gian’s gift to Piero is truly “special”.

  5. Dear Daniela,
    As always, thank you so much for all your hard work…your efforts have become a full time job! Just a short note about the video with Paula: while she is very pretty, there was really no tie in with the guys. Her voice is also nice (I, too, sing in a lower range), it was not a pleasant contrast to the guys, however.
    The Frasassi Caves was a real teaser. Interesting to see where that goes!
    I, too, am sending a big hug with my thanks. Sandi

    1. In fact, Sandy, in the video with Paula, I too didn’t see much involvement, I don’t even think it was shot at the same time.
      I love doing translations and writing for you, but I am also a grandmother and every afternoon I keep my two granddaughters, and then I have a shop with my daughter, and also a sweet husband to think about.
      Frasassi …… I’m very curious !!

  6. Dear Daniela,
    As a “new” fan and completely obsessed with the boys, I really appreciate all the thoughts and translations. I recently started Italian lessons but it will take awhile before I can understand the words. I loved Pieros gift, all the clips and especially Julian. I certainly do not think the boys were “backup” to Paula but I don’t think she added anything either. Love them as is.

    Looking forward to the Frasassi event and and seeing them in the states when it is healthy to do so. It is difficult to wait. I listen to them often each day, I also bought an Il Volo t-shirt and wore it, the only tshirt I have ever worn.
    Thank you, Joyce

    1. Joyce, I’m so pleased with new fans !!
      I too have their own t-shirt, I wore it for the first time in the afternoon in Florence, before Notte Magica!

      I have a lot of expectations about the event in Frasassi, I have been to the caves twice and they are fantastic.

      1. I would love to have a t-shirt with their glorious faces on it!!! Where do I get one????
        I have a coffee cup with their picture on it. Haven’t used it yet. Don’t want to spoil the newness of it.
        I bought a ball-cap of Il Volo when I went to their first concert in 2011 in Toronto. Wore it on my Sicilian/Italy trip in 2012 and thought it would be recognized by many Italian people, but NO. That was way before they became famous in Italy. Still have it and wear it sparingly. Nice black one with red lettering. Looks really good on an 89-year old lady!

    2. Welcome to the group, Joyce!!! You will see by the comments that we are all obsessed to some degree with Il Volo. Some more than others. Look forward to seeing more posts by you in future. Dolores

  7. Wow! “My Guys, somethin about my guys” to love forever”. I hope all see this segment of the pictures, the stories, no one could possibly doubt the words of love, friendship, adoration of IL Volo! You did a fabulous job Daniela. If anyone doubts how much love and care the public all over the world loves them, I hope they see these pictures of the concert attendees… packed each time. I guess I’d better renew my card for 2022. I hope I meet them again, there is beauty in the eyes of the beholder and believe me I’m looking them straight in the eyes! Good story and pictures Daniela and thanks for sharing with all.

    1. Jackie, when I write these summaries, I think I write things already, read and reread, but I always realize that what I write is appreciated, either because some passages had not been understood, or because some details had escaped. 🙂

  8. Hi Daniela, and thanks for the fun, more social post…and must admit I’m very intrigued by the Brazil mention! No, I don’t think Paula added anything to Grande Amore, rather the reverse actually. And no real visual or audio contact either. Hopefully the Frasassi Caves event will happen soon, but too bad about all the cancellations. I am leaving for Northern Italy on Aug. 17, and hope that there will be things to see and do by then and that Italy will be well on the mend. Thanks also, Pat, for your work on the photos and videos–always appreciated greatly.

    1. Judy, how nice that you come to Italy, there are so many things to see, maybe you can meet the guys too, if you’re lucky.
      Yes, we are on the mend, but the variants are multiplying and the rules here are very stringent, from what I know, more than from you.
      I also believe that Paula has not added anything.

  9. Thanks so much for your translation! I always love to read what you have translated and also your thoughts! I really don’t think Paula added anything to our guys singing Grande Amore! I love the song more just with the three of them singing! Thanks again for all you do for us! ❤️❤️❤️👍🎶🎶🇨🇦

  10. Daniela Since we are on the subject of concerts update can you let us know when they’ll be here in the states last information that I have they would be here on March 2022…and thank you for all you do for us 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  11. And I agree with Linda Henderson 💯 ..Grande Amore love the song with just the three of them …🥰🥰🥰🥰

  12. Thanks Daniela and Pat. You covered so much of our guys activities for us. It was almost as if Piero had sent us invitations to his birthday party, I had a great time, thanks Pie. I could see that Gianluca enjoyed himself too. Ignazio was enjoying himself in Brazil. Did you hear him speaking Portuguese on the Brazilian interview? He must have a very good teacher. Lol. The hands were a great gift, I hope each one has a copy of them. I did not recognize Nina in the front row, she looked great. Little Julian really admires Ignazio who is a wonderful role model. Gianluca seems to like girls with long black hair doesn’t he? I am looking forward again to Taormina in June, hope it won’t be too hot, I have tickets for both days. Wow, that was a lot of activity to cover. Ciao everyone.

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, there was a lot of fun at Piero’s party, there was a lot of beautiful youth and a great desire to meet, after the months of isolation.
      The gift of hands was a fantastic idea, I also hope that all three have one.
      I think you will have a lot of fun in Taormina next year !!

  13. Thanks for yet a lovely article. I do always enjoy reading them👍😋
    As to your question on the newly issued Grande Amore song with the Brazilian singer, I may say that apart from being also lovely, I do prefer the original version with just our 3 guys. The young lady is indeed pretty – but her voice did not add anything particularly to the song but did just blend in. She has a rather deep voice that filled out Gianluca’s parts more places – and I must say – no one can replace Gianluca’s beautiful honey voice. I believe this special edition is sort of a tribute to their Brazilian fans and that is of course a nice thought, but I do prefer the voices of our 3 guys together alone and not mixed with any other singers. I can even do without any orchestra – just give me the boys acapella – alone❤️
    PS your comment on Inazio being absent from Piero’s big b-day bash is very much down the lines of my thoughts😜. He would not have missed that party unless for something very special/important – and I think that this very special matter could very likely be a sweet Brazilian girl😜❤️. We have seen tiny hints and comments from him lately that could lead to such an assumption. A girl’s hand on his on the shift of a car, his interview reply that he was ready to start a family and another interview where he adds something about having found a solution in respect to a mother of his children… If so, I wish him all the happiness in the world👍❤️ Yet again – this is only speculations on my behalf and absolutely not facts. Let’s see😜
    Meanwhile I am so sad to learn of the reconfirmation of the cancelled 10 year tour of Italy🥲. Realizing that I won’t have a chance to experience them live till sometime early next summer is not to bear….
    Thanks again for your always great articles. Greetings – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, I agree that Paula’s voice did not add anything special, rather it took away some parts of Gian’s beautiful voice and he didn’t deserve it.
      I also think that, however, Ignazio, if he had been present, would not have gone to the party, too little time has passed since Vito’s disappearance.

      Yes, you will have to wait until next year, but I think there will be so many beautiful things to see and hear !!
      Thank you for your compliments.

  14. If money was no object, and you worked in a hard luck field in a hard luck country, what would you do for your birthday? Maybe buy a nice suit or a piece of jewelry, take your mother out to dinner and send a scholarship to the local music college in your name? All in one day. I was embarrassed for Piero. Ignazio had the right idea. Split! Not his style. Anyone?

    1. I think Piero was just enjoying having his friends gather after such a long time in isolation. I don’t think he was showing off, just celebrating with friends and relaxing after a job well done (Verona). I hope they were all vaccinated. Maybe Ignazio wasn’t ready just yet for a large party and understandably sought some quiet with his new girlfriend.

      Thanks to all the writers for these personal glimpses into their activities. So interesting and many expectations of things to come.

      1. I agree Sally, it was also a party to exorcise the end of a long period of closure, which seemed to be over, and so many tensions due to the concert that had to be done in Rome, and had to be moved to Verona. Many things that did not go in the right direction, the absence of people, then agreed with a minimum number. In short, it was a somewhat liberating party, but unfortunately now, here in Italy there is the risk of closing everything up again.

    2. Boston Girl, did it not occur to you that maybe the party was not strictly organized by Piero, but a gift for his birthday? I thought so, because it seems strange to me that then, the next day there was another party with a slightly different character. Anyway, Piero is a serious man and he deserved a good party which, I must say, was completely different from his parties of the past years, so I had this doubt.

      1. Boston Girl: Over the years following these exceptional and loving young men, we have all watched how hard they worked days and nights, how much they love their families and friends and us, their fans, how they went from city to city to perform for us, their exhaustion, the rejection of the Italian press, how they missed months and holidays without their families but thankfully, having one another — I am saddened to read that you disapproved of the loveliness of Piero’s birthday event. It wasn’t extravagance,it was joy and I for one, am so very happy that they can celebrate one another and their blessings. if you knew them more, you would know how much they do for others, how much they give and how much they love and care. Be happy for them as we are.

  15. I don’t like the video–for the first time in their videos I did not feel they were actually singing during the filming. The only one who looked –to me–that he was signing was Piero. I have never seen them perform with anyone else that I thought enhanced their delivery or made their performance better. Sometimes the additional person made the performance less appealing. While I don’t think that is the case here, I still prefer the boys alone and undiluted!

    1. Penina, who knows why I expected you to tell me you didn’t like the video !!
      However I agree that Paula’s voice didn’t add anything and I too prefer our boys alone, just their three beautiful voices.

  16. Ciao Daniela and Pat: Thanks for such a detailed report on all that has gone on with our guys over the weeks from Verona to Piero’s Birthday and then some. Wow is all I can say about Piero’s birthday celebration. Just loved the dress code for the party. The white theme was just outstanding and Piero and Gianluca looked out of this world handsome!! As for Ignazio, rumors are that he has a Brazilian girlfriend and went to Brazil during Piero’s Birthday to see her .My thoughts are that he was still in mourning for his Dad and a quiet retreat with his new girlfriend was respectful!! I know many of us have a soft spot for Ignazio and wish him all the best. ❤️

  17. Yes Annette, the “white party” was an excellent idea, very used here in Italy during the summer and I must say that Piero and Gianluca were really beautiful dressed in white and also all their friends, a nice festive picture.
    Only Ignazio was not there, but as I said “justified absent”, all good for him !!

  18. Erm, trying not to be negative here, probably failing miserably……… but I really didn’t like the video, or Paula’s singing. I much prefer the boys on their own. On the other hand it isn’t one of my favourite songs anyway, so perhaps I should just ‘shut up’! 😉

    The party looked wonderful. Loved the gift from Gianluca, very appropriate I reckon.

    Would have loved to have heard more of Gianluca singing in the Vatican Museum, such a lovely voice.

    I gather we will have to wait until November before the new album/CD/MP3 or whatever the things are called these days, is released. It seems such an age to have to wait, but I know from experience that it will be here before we know it.

    I hope my two favourite songs will be on it, Your Love and Here’s To You. Now being totally ignorant I didn’t have a clue what Here’s To You was all about. Well there is no point in having access to the Internet if one doesn’t use the thing. Can’t go through a day without learning something new.

    I adore the Makari video. Such a lovely piece of music. Wonder if that will be on the new album. Nice to see photos of Sicily too.

    As for the cave, well it looks interesting. I have hated caves ever since I went down White Scar Cave in Yorkshire when I was at school. I don’t do enclosed spaces or heights. We went to Ingleton Falls on the same trip – shudder!

    Thank you all so much for keeping us up to date with what is going on, and for your translations, much appreciated.

    1. I hope that in the new CD, there are all the music they sang for the Morricone tribute, because they were all beautiful !!

      As for the Frasassi caves, they are not exactly very closed spaces, in the first cave there can be inside the Milan Cathedral!

      Thanks for the compliments.

  19. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for this beautiful article. It’s nice to see our boys performing and having fun. I’m very curious about the project in Frassasi Caves, I’m sure it will amazing. The new video of Grade Amore, well I don’t want to tell that I don’t like it, but I prefer when only the boys sing the song. Thank you once again. Greetings and hugs.

    1. Jolanta, from what I read, the video with Paula did not have the maximum satisfaction. I honestly did not understand the purpose of this video, even the Brazilian fans did not appreciate it so much.

      Frasassi intrigues me a lot, it will be beautiful.

  20. Thanks so very much🥰, Daniela and Pat.

    Yes, Daniela, I remember you previously wrote that the boys were in Rome at Villa Borghese for the shooting of a video… and you were curious….

    I thought that the Brazilian singer, Paula, was/is a powerful singer in her own right. I felt she rose to the occasion, held her own, didn’t buckle – being paired up with our boys, Grande Amore at that.

    But — I prefer our boys alone. Just them.
    (That includes other performers – singers, dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, mimes, magicians and what-nots etc. – that perform in the background while our boys are singing, or singing with them. I would rather that those others are not there. Background chorals are ok with me. As well as the children’s choir at Notte Magica in Firenze.)

    I’ve been curious to know where the families of our boys sat at the Ennio Morricone Tribute-Concert. So I was happy to see that. Thank you. (Nina is looking good.)

    I have been wondering how Piero celebrated his birthday and appreciated seeing the pics here.
    Not all of us are in FaceBook or log on to it.
    Yes, they were gorgeous in their satiny white attires.

    I was looking for something more personal about them so am happy to see it here. Brings joy. Grazie🥰

    Gianluca’s deep baritone voice, resounding in the natural acoustic of the Vatican rooms – awesome!

    Curious about the new ‘loves’ of Gian and Igna…

    1. Here you too, Cynthia, to confirm to me that the video with Paula adds nothing, rather it takes something away from our boys.
      The party in white for Piero was remarkable and they were all very beautiful in white clothes.
      Have you seen? The boys’ parents were all in the front row at the concert and yes, I have to say that Nina has had a noticeable improvement in her appearance.

      Gianluca’s voice is unique, and in the Vatican rooms, it had something sacred about it.

    2. I do so agree about the background distractions. Not sure why it was part of the setup, but I dare say the powers that be were trying something different. I too am happy with background choir, they often make a song that bit special.


  21. Thanks ladies for reminding me that what Piero does on his birthday is none of my business. It’s the Yankee frugality that bites me. I’ll stick to the singing. But it did remind me of an Irish wake. . .but everybody wears black!

    You’re supposed to laugh. It’s Monday morning.

    1. I actually laughed, Boston Girl, reading your sentence.

      But maybe I didn’t explain myself well in my previous comment, I absolutely didn’t mean that the birthday party is none of your business. Let me explain better, I only assumed that the “white” evening party was not Piero’s idea, but the idea of ​​someone who organized it and wanted it as a gift for Piero, therefore a gift made for him.

  22. PS. Just so you’ll know my heart’s in the right place. I did choose his birthday song!!

    1. You’re not the only one from a Boston to pick a birthday song. I’m from Boston and picked Gianluca’s. Must be something in the water.

      (Exiting commenting mode. Back to read only mode.)

  23. Pat, quick question. Have you heard of any other of the bloggers not receiving notifications on the FaceBook Fanpage in the last week or is it possible there just haven’t been any posts? Thanks for you input. Mark

    1. Hi Mark! I see six posts on the IL VOLO Facebook fan page from yesterday and a couple from today. I have never received notifications when something is posted there. I was not aware that notifications were ever sent out when something was posted.

  24. I’m not on Face Book, so rely on il volo flight crew to let me know when there are postings to be read and for reply.

  25. A note to Rozneedles. I was born deep in the shadow of Sacco and Vanzetti. I still remember discussions (arguments) between my parents on the subject many years later. In 1977, Gov. Dukakis proclaimed the trial as unfair. They were executed Aug. 1927 for murder and robbery because of their politics and nationality. And now a song!

    1. Thanks for the info. I have read up a wee bit about them. I realise they were not exactly squeaky clean, even to the extent of carrying firearms. It isn’t something we have a right to do here in the UK, but of course US laws are different, so I needed to take that into account. Even today ones race and politics can get one into trouble.

      Apparently the song was written and recorded by Ennio Morricone and Joan Baez way back in 1971. Not one I had ever heard as I was never a great fan of Joan Baez, well apart from Farewell Angelina that is.

      I love the way Piero holds the note for so long, something he does on a regular basis.

      Many thanks once again for the info. I hope your parents are still talking to each other! 🙂

  26. To Thordis read only.. Thanks for the response. Boston gets the attaboys this year? I’ve got a great one for Oct.4 – Ignazio’s day. Problem is it’s so old I can’t find a vocal – WAY before Youtube. I went back and listened to your Elvis choice. Just great. Maybe we can put Boston on the Flight Crew map.

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