It was all wonderful, a magnificent evening, despite the afternoon all the sky had clouded over and it had started to rain, the evening reserved for us a time without rain, a beautiful temperature, and a fantastic show.
It started on time and it was 2 and a half hours of songs, 27 songs, without ever a break.
Every now and then some comic joke or some serious dedication, made by them, and the respect, always between the three of them, so evident, as well as the affection that surrounds them.
A small premise, the seats of the Arena are very narrow and in front of me there were two ladies who every now and then blocked the view to the camera with their heads.
I have not taken all the songs, and of some I have only taken a small piece, because I have noticed that Sony freezes the complete videos. That said, sorry if the videos aren’t great, but being there in front of them is hard to keep quiet and unmoved to get good videos !!
The glance of the Arena, full of people, is always absolutely priceless.

The start of the concert, was a surprise start, after the entrance of the orchestra, we all waited for their appearance on the stage, but no, they appeared in the audience, from behind, on the three ways between the seats and little by little they advanced, people got up, and shouted: ”they are there, they are there” and the three of them surrounded by people, slowly went up to the stage to sing ECSTASY OF GOLD.
People seemed crazy, all standing, nothing could be seen and even the camera’s focus was compromised,
Luckily my friend Francesca Brazzale was also in the audience, who makes beautiful videos and which many I will attach here, with her approval, thanks Francesca. 😘

Immediately after they sang the intro, then starts NESSUN DORMA. They prefer to put this song at the beginning, because you need all the power of their voices not yet tired from singing.
Note Ignazio who continues to wave his hand to the fans he recognizes, he reminded me of the kindergarten children who greet their parents from the stage, at their first performance, very sweet Ignazio.❤

Immediately after, IL MONDO followed, always beautiful and that makes everyone sing, and listen to it from the voices of Il Volo, wonderful!
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were almost never still on stage, they went from one side to the other to please the audience and it was difficult to follow one or the other.
The choreographies that alternated on the big screens behind them are very beautiful.

At this point, after three songs, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca take a breath for one of their spoken skits that I will translate for you.
Always witty our three men !!

IGNAZIO: Let us take off the headphones to hear your voices and greet you.
PIERO = After two and a half years.
IGNAZIO = Welcome again, we met last night, right? (Because on the evening of June 2, Il Volo sang a tribute to Lucio Dalla in the Arena, together with many other artists).
GIANLUCA = We met yesterday, but it’s incredible, after two years, two and a half years …..
IGNAZIO = But they are not the same people as last night, they are different !!! ???? (Ignazio says so, because the press often wrote that Il Volo sang in pizzerias, or that they used the photos of other singers to show how many people there were, therefore, Ignazio says it ironically, to emphasize that these people are not the same as the previous day.)
GIANLUCA = No, they weren’t the same, and…. I sometimes forget that I am a singer ……
PIERO = But sorry, because let’s say 2 and a half years, if last year, June 5th, we did a concert ?….
GIANLUCA = Yes, first of all …. excuse me for a moment (he says to Ignazio, but Ignazio won’t let him speak)
IGNAZIO = But that was a taste, they were all left with the desire in their mouth … like a small taste of vodka, just one, that’s enough.
GIANLUCA = We are a little rusty, we haven’t played concerts for a long time, so forgive us for the gaffes, let’s start like this. (applause, my voice is heard saying “bravo”)
PIERO = We are very happy.
GIANLUCA = It’s nice to see you again after a long time …. (Ignazio raises his hand and asks to speak) … what is it?
IGNAZIO = You feel rusty, it’s you who are rusty, I went through the rust inhibitor this morning (laughter)
PIERO = Now, here, whatever you say … in three, in three (in the sense that Gianluca speaks in the name of all three), you, speak in the singular.
GIANLUCA = (to Ignazio) You never change !!
IGNAZIO = I know, but the thing we have in common is that we are always hungry … (laughter)
PIERO = Today in an interview, I said: “I’m very peaceful tonight, excited, I’m just afraid of one thing, of him (Ignazio – laughter). 😁 So, forgive me, but I’ll put my hands forward….
IGNAZIO = But you, you’ve been afraid every time for 10 years …
PIERO = Will there be a reason ???😁😁😁
IGNAZIO = I understand but, either you resign yourself to the idea of fear and let the fear pass by yourself …..
GIANLUCA = By now you know us well, we are like a big family, some of you know us really well, we finally feel at home.
PIERO = Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will sing for you….
IGNAZIO = Excuse me ….
PIERO = Tonight we will sing for you the songs that have accompanied us in these thirteen years of career. This project will include some songs from the last project  (Morricone) and also from the project from three years ago, it will be a summary and a journey, during these years.
These years of friendship ….❤
GIANLUCA = Of music 😘…. and of
IGNAZIO = And to … (he makes the gesture of hassle) 😁😁
PIERO = How is the translation of this gesture ….. ah beautiful !!!  😁
Starts SE TELEFONANDO, but the video ends before the song 

They continue with a very sweet moment, approach the piano where Maestro Grani is and begin to sing the beautiful song SE, taken from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

After the song Piero says some beautiful words, that he gets very excited when he sings this song, because it is about a Sicilian who …..
PIERO = ….. to pursue his dream as a director, he leaves his homeland, he is forced to leave his homeland. Every time I leave for a tour, fortunately I am a privileged guy, when we leave our homes, our cities, we leave them for good things, for what we are doing tonight, but there is always that …..
IGNAZIO = Melancholy ….
GIANLUCA = That basic nostalgia ….
PIERO = …… that incurable nostalgia and therefore I cried a lot, (watching that movie) because I see myself in that child. When I sing this song, those who know me well, see me quite moved by it.

Now, with a beautiful accompanying choreography, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing the sweet YOUR LOVE.
In the end, Ignazio rolls his eyes upward, and sends a sweet message to those who are no longer there.

The solos begin, and the first to perform is Ignazio who explains that he wants to propose a new song….
IGNAZIO= (Between one song and another, the lights were sometimes turned off, to allow the change of place)
I need to speak to the light man, if he paid the bill, nothing, because the lights go out every time, (the lights come on) thanks Manu! (Ignazio blows a kiss)
So, we find ourselves here, after a year, having to do another solo, and I asked myself:
“What am I doing this year?”
Also because it is not so simple to choose a song, because it can be too obvious, or too ambitious, therefore, I follow in the wake of what I have tried to do in recent years, I sing what some men have never sung, so if I do a bad figure, I’m the only one, understand?
But also this year I decided to sing a very famous song, which we all know and after you will help me sing, by a great artist, which I hope sooner or later we will have the honor of singing with her.
Ladies and Gentlemen, taken from the Celine Dion album Falling into You:

Really very good Ignazio, what a thrill, what a voice, what a passion  …. a beautiful standing ovation for you. ❤
But here Gianluca is ready, sitting on the piano, it’s his turn: YOUR SONG by Elton John.

Gianluca is also very good, a beautiful interpretation and her warm velvety voice ….Another standing ovation. ❤
And now it’s up to Piero, for him E LUCEVAN LE STELLE from Tosca.

All up for Piero, we know this air well, but every time Piero is always better, Piero, very well !! People were enchanted. ❤
The next song is presented.  (I only picked up one piece of the song)
But first, Ignazio makes a nice speech that I have only taken up at the bottom, but which I remember well. He says that they have to thank the fans, not only for the great affection, but also because coming to their concerts doesn’t just mean spending money on tickets, but for many people, also spending on travel and hotel expenses …. 
IGNAZIO= ….. and therefore we thank you for always being with us and we dedicate to you:

It’s time for duets and Gianluca and Piero begin with the always beautiful:
(It’s just a short piece of the song)
We have heard it many times, but every time, Gianluca and Piero amaze us, this song seems to be made for the two of them and people like it very much. ❤❤

Here too Ignazio explains that he and Gianluca often made duets …..
IGNAZIO = What have we done ??
GIANLUCA = We made Maria from West Side Story.
IGNAZIO = West side story, and then, what did we do?
GIANLUCA = We also did …..
IGNAZIO = He doesn’t even remember … (laughter)
But this year we decided to change again and sing a very significant song, especially for us, it was in the pandemic, and it is today too.
Let’s pretend it is a prayer, a prayer for everything that is happening and that has happened in the past months and that continues to happen, unfortunately.
So we want to address this prayer to those who are not making it, to those who are suffering, to those who are more unfortunate than us, unfortunately. (applause)

We are all speechless, what a wonderful duet, what a wonderful song and sung with so much love.
Amazing to see the looks of satisfaction that pass between Gianluca and Ignazio and in the end, that nice hug, I think they were both moved, the scenography behind them evoked the stained glass windows of the cathedrals and the whole Arena was full of beautiful lights,  and the audience gave a nice standing ovation. ❤

The time has come for the duet between Piero and Ignazio and another surprise, Piero says that when Ignazio proposed to him to do this duet he replied that he was crazy, but then they tried to do it by themselves and they had fun, so they called the management and proposed singing the aria from Rigoletto:

The people all stood for the standing ovation.
Incredibly, I never thought that opera arias were liked so much and Ignazio and Piero were fantastic !! What voices, what interpreters, wonderful. ❤❤
But how beautiful is the final embrace between Ignazio and Piero?

A song also to make people sing, and we all sing for:
You know it too, it is also sung in an English version.

A nice medley of two beautiful songs from Il Volo follows.
I liked the idea of merging them, it starts with:
L’AMORE SI MUOVE combined with MUSICA CHE RESTA (in the video only Musica Che Resta, the video at the end is blurred)

It’s the turn of three other solos, and this time Gianluca begins.
GIANLUCA = It’s strange to be here without the other two. 😁😁
Tonight I will sing a song that was part of my adolescence, of my musical inspiration. I grew up listening to many singers, from Andrea Bocelli, of course, but I was also inspired by the great American voices like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, but above all the great Elvis Presley.
I have been singing this song for years and I have grown a little with her, because she has also formed me a little artistically.
Tonight I want to dedicate it to a person who is here ❤ (he points to Eleonora, his girlfriend), and I will sing:

How sweet Gianluca, you gave the best of yourself.
During the well-deserved applause he also sent a kiss to his beloved 😘
Piero follows with his workhorse, the magnificent:
NO PUEDE SER (which I have not registered)
Ignazio, instead, does not play a second solo.
The boys ask the audience to stand up, it’s time to dance and sing with:
VOLARE (which I have not registered)
Another nice medley:
SURRENDER and O SOLE MIO. (In the video there is only a piece of O Sole Mio)
Very nice the idea of the medley between two songs that have the same theme.

According to my sequence of songs, we got to the finale, but I already told you that I didn’t record all the songs, and not having recorded them, I don’t remember what order they were in, but they, definitely sang too:
and then three more that Francesca Brazzale recorded and therefore I propose to you:
CARUSO that Il Volo sings divinely!

HERE’S TO YOU, sung among the audience.

Kristen, who is a member of Flight Crew, I see very well how you hugged Ignazio, I hope you will send us the photo!!
We are at the final, the beautiful GRANDE AMORE could not be missing, in the new more rock version, with which Il Volo closes the magnificent evening.

A beautiful shower of golden confetti in the air and it’s all over.
Great applause and all the people were very happy with this beautiful concert.
What can I say, the Il Volo concerts are magnificent and the three of them are adorable, elegant and polite. ❤❤❤❤
The Filarmonia Veneta orchestra and its young conductor are very good, as are the members of the band: maestro Grani on the piano, Bruno Farinelli on drums and the two guitarists.
All summarized in this short video.
Please click on the photo below to view the video.
Concert Compilation
Concert Compilation
Tomorrow everything repeats itself and then Taormina and then slowly, the road to get to you becomes shorter and shorter!
I loved every minute of this concert. ❤
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

77 thoughts on “3 JUNE 2022 A BEAUTIFUL CONCERT AT THE ARENA by Daniela”

  1. Grazie Daniela, and all who took videos/photos!!! I am so glad to know the songs chosen🥰🥰🥰. What I have heard is more beautiful than I could have imagined, but we all know they are no surprise. They are each one brilliant, and together there really are no words big enough to explain the sheer joy of hearing them sing. 🤗👏☺👏🎶👏. I apologize but I must add I wish they would retire Delilah. A song about killing your girlfriend sung while kidding around has never seemed right from these guys. But the world loves it I guess so….. 🤷‍♀️ Thank you again Daniela. Il Volo forever💚🤍❤

    1. I will have to agree with you, Karen. I never really liked Delilah and wondered why they were singing it. It never felt right for me either. Glad you liked the post. Daniela always does a great job! 😊

    2. Karen, it was a great concert and the songs were very well sung. I’ll try to get your message across to Delilah.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  2. I’m so excited, Going to see them in September. Can’t wait 🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I know, Pat and Karen, they should replace Delilah with a second solo for Ignazio like the other two have!! Grazie mille, Daniela, for this fantastic post (and Pat too, of course)–I feel like I was there with you. So happy the weather cleared–what a spectacular show, and the guys were in fabulous voice. Another triumph!

    1. Judi, it is already the third time that I arrive in Verona on the afternoon of the concert and it rains and then in the evening everything is ok. This time too it went well, thank goodness, there were big clouds, but we were too intent on watching the magnificent three.

  4. Just quickly ran through the posting by Daniela and Patti but will get back to it later today to listen to all the songs. Thank you so much for giving us this picture of the concert so soon after it happening. I knew we all could count on both of you to come through for us. Hugs to you. Dolores

  5. The North Carolina concert was canceled and not rescheduled. I will drive down to Atlanta from Charlotte for that concert on October 2nd. 27 songs with no break! Incredible!!

    1. Incredible but true, Linda, believe me, the first time I too was amazed that they didn’t have any interruptions, but that’s right, all three never leave the scene, while one does a solo, the others go out, change their clothes , they rest, but they come back before the one who is singing finishes. The two and a half hours are always full of them on stage.

  6. Wonderful video and translation. Many moments touched
    me emotionally and I cried tears of joy at their happiness.
    (I watched various videos the following morning)
    I agree with Karen on the themes in Delilah, but the sight
    of the waltz of Ignazio w/ Barb on Fri. and w/ Michele
    on Sat. are pure joy.(fan shots)
    Other highlights: Screen of lovers kissing during SE,
    Le donne e mobile, perfect. Piero’s solo Le Stelle was
    breathtaking. The choice of Hallelujah was indeed a
    prayer for all of us;
    Thank you Daniela for the videos and translations.
    I really felt like I was there in spirit, if not in person.
    Pat, thanks for supporting Daniela for our benefit.
    Love to all the fans and Flight Crew. We will see
    them soon here in the states !!

    1. Martha, I’m glad you got so excited. It was all absolutely beautiful.
      “La Donna is mobile”, I liked it a lot too.
      The video with all the kisses of the films behind them while they sing SE, is the final moment of the film “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, it is a beautiful film and if you do not know the reason for this series of kisses I can explain it to you!
      The Halleluja ….. speechless !!

      1. I loved the movie and identify with the little boy
        as Piero as well.

  7. How wonderful to have such through accounting of our incredible boys and their magical voices, thank you Daniella! It helps until I get to finally see them in Ct. in September. Hallelujah….there really aren’t words to describe the emotions, theirs or my own, I have loved that song but now it will only be their voices that I hear and imagine them singing together will be all I’ll see and the love they have for each other and all their fans….what a beautiful blessing to our broken world….Grazie a mille Gian and Ignazio for the beautiful prayer ❤️🥰 and Piero the three musketeers and our loves!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖🥰💖🥰💖🥰

    1. Yes, Carol, it was great to hear that beautiful song, like a prayer, for everything that has happened and is happening.
      Always a look at who is less fortunate, who treasures our three musketeers.

  8. Daniella and Pat.. It was so thoughtful of you to put this together so quickly for us.. One of my favorite parts was watching the interplay between Ignazio and Piero on La Donna e Mobile. My turn? Your turn?

    1. Daniela worked quickly on this post. How could I not work as quickly to get it posted so everyone can enjoy it? I love doing it! 😊

  9. One thing that people might like would be if anybody could give us some background on some of the songs. I grew up in the US hearing La Donna e Mobile and Sole Mio and some others.I think it’s true that Grande Amore was introduced by IL Volo.
    But there are others I accidentally find on YouTube that were sung by somebody else before our boys sang them. If anyone was willing to do the work it would be interesting to find out about the songs that have been known by Italians

    1. Gail, I’ve done this job once before. Some songs have been sung for the first time by Il Volo, that is, they are unpublished, like Grande Amore, Musica che resta. Ask me about other songs that you are interested in knowing.

      1. Daniela ( spelled right this time) are you saying there is something in your archives I could read about old Italian songs? Otherwise I could google them instead of bothering you about them.

      2. Thank you so much for the links Daniela. I love to get into details.

    2. Hi Gail
      Grande Amore had to be a brand new song as those are the rules for the Eurovision. As for Smile and Eternally, the music for both was written by Sir Charles Chaplin, better known as Charlie Chaplin of course, but seeing as he was knighted by Her Maj, I will award him the courtesy of calling him Sir Charles.

      The lyrics for ‘Smile’ were written by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons, as were the lyrics for ‘Eternally’, which is also known as ‘Terry’s Theme’ from Limelight.

      Many of the songs Il Volo sing have been preformed by many singers over the years, indeed over the last century or two. O Solo Mio for instance was written in 1898. ‘La Donna Imobile’ and ‘Libiamo’ have been sung by just about anyone who is anyone.

      The first time I heard ‘Would He Even Know Me Now’ was by Hayley Westenra. Most of what Il Volo sing have been sung by others, which is often one of the complaints I have read, as in they only sing cover songs performed by others before them. As in the should sing more up to date songs. Erm, like what?

      New songs can only be sung once they have been written. Crappy songs are ten a penny, or whatever currency one uses, good songs are much harder to find. One would not have expected Pavarotti, et al, to sing rubbish, so why should Il Volo, or any other performer for that matter. Strange that I have never heard the same remarks about Il Divo, an age thing perhaps?


      1. Thanks for the info, Roz. I guess it’s a tall order since they sing so many songs. I have to say that when I find the songs sung by other singers I don’t listen because they obviously won’t sound as good.

  10. I’m counting the days until June 11 and 12 in Taormina. Just to be able to hear them live is worth the wait since I bought the tickets in November 2019. They are better than ever. Unfortunately I don’t speak Italian so a lot of the banter between will be lost to me. But thanks to Daniela I will assume they will repeat what she has translated for us. Grazie Mille Daniela and Pat.

    1. RoseMarie, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but it will certainly help you to know what they say, but remember that often they also make variations.
      Soon you will be on your way to Taormina, it will be magnificent.

  11. Many thanks Daniela for all your efforts, and to every other member of The Flight Crew. 🙂

    I can’t say Delilah ever did anything for me, but then I never was a Tom Jones fan, so that could colour my thoughts somewhat.

    I loved La Donna e Mobile and the interaction between Piero and Ignazio. I also adore the two solo performances by Piero, but then I would say that being his number one fan from Barnsley. Probably his/their only fan in South Yorkshire! 😉 I keep wearing one or other of my three Il Volo T-shirts in the hope someone will at least recognise them. No luck yet though. 🙁

    I guess I must be the only person in the entire universe who didn’t care for Hallelujah. I guess I have heard Il Divo sing it so often that I can’t get my head around any other version. I have tried to like it, honest I have, listened to it many times on YouTube, but it just doesn’t work for me. Sorry folks……….. goes and hangs ones head in shame.


    1. Roz, your sincerity makes me smile so much, I like that you are honest in your words.
      We don’t all have the same tastes, what can we do? Nothing, the world is beautiful because it is varied and there is room for everyone.
      You continue to wear Il Volo t-shirts, that’s how I met Maestro Grani in Florence, he saw my shirt and said “nice shirt”, obviously he was biased !!

      1. Thank you Daniela. Just so long as we all love Il Volo is what really matters. My dear daughter gave me the tribute to the three tenors CD (2) and DVD for my birthday as she knows I love opera (also classical music). I can’t get to play the DVD very often, or the Live in Pompeii Dolores gave me, but I can listen to the CD’s whenever I like. Kate also bought me an Andre Rieu teddybear, sadly she couldn’t find Piero anywhere! 🙁 🙁 🙁

        I would love to meet Maestro Grani, also the gentleman who played the violin in Matera way back in 2019. I say way back because 2019 seems like a million light years ago. So much water has passed under the bridge since then, yet in some ways it seems like only yesterday.


    2. Roz, you know what I think of Hallelujah, but have been converted by Igna and Gian’s rendition of it. Loved it!!!

      1. Good job we don’t all like the same! 😉

        I will update you on what happened to Max when I find out more. Apparently he reached the finals, but sadly didn’t win. Not sure if he is sulking, or decided the folks of Barnsley aren’t worthy of his talents. I am still waiting for his copy of Hallelujah! 🙁

        Hugs Roz

  12. Daniela You don’t know how much this count for me and all those you couldnt see one Volo cocert yet
    thank you to share and give your time for all this work for us
    Grazie di cuore


  13. Thanks for a wonderful and exhaustive expose-enjoyed and loved every sight and sound, Daniela you out did yourself!

    1. Mark, I am happy that you enjoyed my exhibition, and that you were able to enjoy every minute of the show, but being there … is priceless.

  14. Hi Roz. That would be the world class Quarta, violinist. Ever see anything like him? I also am fascinated with Maestro Grani but no info on him has been forthcoming. He plays a very important part in all Il Volo performances. When there is no Maestro, he directs musicians, gives singers their cues, all with a nod and a big smile. Sometime notice him dancing like crazy under the piano to Ciao, Ciao Bambina. I consider him the fourth caballero!

    Wasn’t it great to see Ignazio so excited with La Donna e Mobile that he picked up Piero in his arms like a little kid? What price glory? It was and is all so GRAND. Finally.

    1. Yes, Boston girl, it was very nice to see Ignazio picking up Piero.
      Next time I will post a comment from Maestro Grani, as well as being a good teacher, he is also a great friend of theirs.

    2. Many thanks BG, much appreciated. I must admit I was a wee bit stunned when I first saw him with his chains and stuff, one of the hairy bikers perhaps! He does seem to interact beautifully with the boys though, seeming to offer encouragement. As for his playing, well what can one say other than fantastic.

      Loved La Donna è Mobile. I would love them to include that on a future CD, along with several other operatic pieces. Would love to hear them sing Un’ estate italiana, and Tornerò too.


  15. Thank you Daniela. Wow! The videos were beautiful. I almost felt like I was there with you in some of them. The solos, the duets were amazing. I enjoyed hearing the songs that the guys don’t always sing. And the love between them is a joy to watch. It’s so nice to know what they are saying. I will watch these over and over.

    1. Thanks Cathy, it’s true, the interaction between Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca was fantastic and the new songs were absolutely beautiful to listen to and also to see. I too am reviewing everything several times, many things escape the moment.

  16. Oh Daniela !! Big “thank you “ to you for this review of the Verona concert ! How lucky are you and the many fans there to experience such a heartwarming evening. The guys were definitely happy to be back where they belong and that is entertaining and Wowing the audience! And Ignazio what a sport allowing the fans to take pictures with him between his segments, is just amazing. A big thank you also to you Pat for getting this review to us so quickly!,❤️

    1. Annette, the surprise of the start from behind, and not on stage, was fabulous, who was on the three central corridors was able to see neighbors and shake hands and take pictures of Ignazio, but also of Piero and Gianluca, it was beautiful! !

  17. Piero sarà deluso quando lui non riceverà Roz Walters per il suo compleanno!!! 🥳 👙

    Mi piace Delilah. Ascoltate le parole. L’uomo è stato vittima di abusi domestic e lui era trattata come uno schievo. La vittima maschile ha ucciso l’aggressore femminile. Speriamo che continuino a cantarla nei loro concerti.

    Non capisco il fascino di Hallelujah. Se qualcuno può aggiungere testi italiani a melodia Captain O’Kane di Turlough O’Carolan sarebbe una canzone bella perchè c’è molta emozione nella melodia.

    Ecco l’affermazione più controversa dell’anno. La cosa da chi doverebbero separarsi è Michele Torpedine… Qual è stato il risultato del caso giudiziario in cui è stato coinvolto?

    Piero will be disappointed not to receive Roz Walters for his birthday!!!🥳 👙

    I like Delilah. Listen to the words. The man was the victim of domestic abuse and tret like a slave. The male victim killed the female aggressor. I hope they continue to sing it in their concerts.

    I do not understand the appeal of Hallelujah. If someone can add Italian words to the tune Captain O’Kane by Turlough O’Carolan it would be a lovely song because it is a tune with a lot of emotion.

    Here’s this year’s most controversial statement. The thing that Il Volo needs to part ways with is Michele Torpedine… What was the result of the court case he was involved in?

    1. It was moi who wanted Piero for ‘my birthday’! I had to make do with the triple CD’s/DVD and the DVD, plus an Andre Rieu teddybear instead. Sob……

      My problem with Hallelujah are the words. There are three particular versions out there in YouTube land where the words have been altered for a specific purpose, including Easter and Christmas versions. Whereas when I hear the lyrics written by Leonard Cohen I obviously interpret them somewhat differently to everyone else. Not unlike Delilah in fact, particularly the following: “She tied you to a kitchen chair
      She broke your throne, and she cut your hair. And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah.”

      I am ok with Il Divo as they are singing it in Spanish, at least I assume they are. Because of that I can enjoy it for the music and the way it is sung. A bit like Granada, loved that song until I had the misfortune to hear the English lyrics. Streets running with the blood of bulls is not my scene.

      You are correct about Captain O’Kane. I heard the piece many years ago when I struggled to listen to RTE on my little radio. I wish someone would write Italian lyrics to Il Silenzio (Nini Rosso) other than the few spoken ones. Dalida sang it with French lyrics. Il Volo would sing it beautifully. I managed to translate Suo Gan, a Welsh lullaby into Italian, but although I have heard the male of the species sing it (in Welsh) it probably isn’t appropriate for our three, maybe go for Brahms Lullaby instead! 🙂


      1. I meant you were disappointed not to get Piero for your birthday and he will be disappointed not to get you for his birthday. Or so I imagine…

        Only the Irish, harpists and hammered dulcimerists have heard of Turlough O’Carolan.

        It was a poor choice of Il Volo to choose to sing Hallelujah when it has already been sung to death by nearly every other singers and there’re 100s of songs with more inspiring messages.

        We have to find an Italian lyricist. Although adding lyrics to a much older tune ain’t nowt new.

      2. Just about everyone has sung Hallelujah, though I haven’t heard The Dubliners play it. Probably only John Sheehan left now, though I do remember Patsy Watchorn joining them from The Dublin City Ramblers. Always loved his music.

        I doubt Piero would even know my name! If I ever get to see Il Volo I will write it on a piece of paper to see how they pronounce it. It is rare anyone here in the UK manages it correctly, but then they can’t spell it either! Interesting pronunciation on Google Translate with the e pronounced at the end. 😉


      3. Not difficult to spell Rosalene. That was your mum’s failed attempt at spelling Rosaleen, right?

      4. Nah, she had intended to call me Kathleen, but somebody told her Rosalene is French, so she decided on that instead! Not sure quite how that happened as according to Google Translate it is Norwegian. Though when I was tracking it down elsewhere it said French/Germanic. Soooo who knows. I get all sorts of different spellings, Rosaline, Rosalyn Rosalin. Once in Ireland I ended up with Rosaleeen!!!

        I gave up in the end and settled on Roz at work, though even then I get Ros. My Aussie pal calls me Rosie, but as Penny is a one off, I will let her away with it. 😉

        My new very favourite song of the moment is now Mattinata, well that and Suo Gan. 🙂


  18. Daniela, thank you so much. This piece was so moving I just had to cry a little. It felt like Il Volo and the whole audience were moved. The entry was so personal, walking among friends who love them, and they love them back.

  19. Thanks, Daniela, for making us feel almost there in the audience. What an exciting start to the tour!

    I, too, wish they would retire Delilah. I would much rather hear the two new songs, Come Sail Away or Would She (he) Even Know Me Now. Those two are just gorgeous!

    1. I love those two songs as well, though we don’t get very much of Piero on either of them, especially Come Sail Away. Un’estate italiana (An Italian Summer) is my ‘thing’ at the moment. Can’t get enough of that song. 😉


    2. Sally, I’ll pass the message on to Delilah. I must tell you that the Italian version has very pleasant words, I did not imagine it was about killing someone.

  20. Oh Danielle,you put me right in the middle of this beautiful concert! Thank you thank you thank you! It makes me .impatient for Indianapolis when I get to actually be there! A dream I sometimes wonder if its to be true!. You have no idea what a BLESSING you are to us out here, still dreaming!

    1. Sono d’accordo con te. Daniela è veramente una donna meravigliosa.

      I agree with you. Daniela is truly a wonderful lady.

  21. Danielle, you have connected the dots for me. The comments and joking between the guys was non stop and left me wondering about the humor they were enjoying!.It was a glorious night and all the effort to get there and back was so worth it. There will be wonderful nights ahead at home where the joking will be in English or at least in part.
    I sure hope they will sing “Come sail away” for us…crossing fingers.
    I was so wrapped up in the emotion of the Italian audience. That was a wonderful feeling being swept away in full involvement of love. I had hoped to see you but when I saw the crowd it was near to impossible that I would. So thanks again for your translations and descriptions.We will see,and hear the guys on our turf but we’ll never recreate the sky above us with fluffy clouds, fresh air and love of all who were present welcoming IL Volo back to the stage and again to our hearts

    1. Gale, what a pity we didn’t meet.
      However, I am happy to have been helpful in the translation.
      My son’s mother-in-law, during the speeches of the boys, and having seen how many foreign people were at the concert, asked me if people understood what was being said and I replied that I would translate for them!

      1. Daniela you have gifted so many fans with your translations. You are a gem that continues to sparkle. Thank you so much for your care to us.
        I copied your photo on this site so that I could look for you there but no connection….Grazie mille!

  22. Thank you so much Pat and Daniela for sharing this amazing concert with all of us. It’s the next best thing to being there with you Daniela. I can’t imagine how exciting it was not just for the audience but also for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to get back on stage. How lovely that they came from the audience to begin the concert! You can see how happy they were and it’s always wonderful to see them exchange a hug and for Piero to be picked up by Ignazio. They were very elegant and sang beautifully as they always do. I must add also that I am particularly fond of Come Sail Away and Would She Even Know Me Now.

    1. Margaret, there was a lot of emotion in the air, both between Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, and among the audience.
      The entrance into the crowd was memorable, people didn’t understand anything, they seemed crazy.

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