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I would like Ignazio’s name at the TOP of my list of people to invite to ALL of my parties. For that matter I’D INVITE ALL 3, but for the sake of this post I’ll stick to one.

Ignazio is a handsome man in both body and soul with the spirit of a fun loving child. Here he is at a friend’s birthday party looking like he made quite a splash!

Lets get this 1Lets get this 2LETS GET THIS 3I think in today’s world children are pushed to grow up way too soon. I’m not saying this was the case with him. I just love the way he finds fun and simple pleasures in so many situations. He has such a spontaneous way of showing his emotions. He is the one who has the MOST to say DURING concerts when they banter back and forth. Yet, he was the quiet one when they won their Latin Grammy where Gianluca ejected himself off his seat flying into the air and both he and Piero gave the thank you’s while Ignazio stood there with his beautiful smile and seemed to be just drinking in the moment. I am wondering how many of those folks attending that birthday party would have loved to have joined in and followed with a big splash just like Ignazio and his friend? SEIZE THE MOMENT is how Ignazio seems to live his life! Enjoy those moments Ignazio, every one of them for they will keep you young at heart no matter what age you are!


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Personally Speaking ~ Jane & Mary

OH MY, I’m putting my house up for sale and heading to Hawaii!  Can’t wait to feel the blast from HIS winds of 75mph!  Batten down the hatches and board up the windows…it’s time to GET IN THE WAY OF THIS TROPICAL STORM!  Can only imagine the power once HE unleashes his might against all of us.  Luckily for those already living in Hawaii, the storm ended up being several hundred miles north of the islands.  At one point Ignacio was ONE of 3 Category Four Hurricanes in the Pacific, joined by KILO and JIMENA (which means PIERO and GIANLUCA when translated into Italian!)  Ignacio reached his peak intensity over the weekend and is now weakening.  It’s OK, Ignacio.  You deserve a rest after all of the concerts and now this powerful storm you have whipped up.  And besides, my house didn’t sell as fast as I thought it would. 🙂  ~ Jane
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And From Mary….


A while back Lisa used the words, “the power, the passion, and the joy” to describe our guys.  I love it.  What a power house of qualities all wrapped up in one whole—Il Volo.  One of their powers is the emotions they evoke in the listeners.  When watching them I can’t decide whether they are more like a “cold refreshing glass of water on a hot day” (Luna Nascosta) or a temperature-raising, pulse racing hot toddy on a cold day, (Surrender)  Of course, they are both, and that’s what makes them what they are.  They are whatever we need them to be at any given time…..sometimes refreshing, sometimes hot, always genuine and adorable.


Speaking of “adorable,” it occurs to me that that’s a word frequently used when talking about these guys.  I know it’s my “go to” word for them—that and “amazing.”  We can hardly mention them without using one of these words.  So, being a former teacher, I’m leaning toward giving them a grade, and you know it would be an “A”.  (Actually I spent 41 years in first grade, so I didn’t do much grading.)  But I can think of lots of reasons to give them an A.
Credit Il Volo Mucic
Credit Il Volo Mucic

They are ADMIRABLE.  How often we comment on how proud we are of their demeanor…how kind and thoughtful they are with the fans and with their own families…how they set such a good example for the young generation.

They are ADVENTURESOME.  Remember the camel riding in the desert?  traveling all over the world?  high diving and fast driving?a ignazio day 2
They are ABLE to leap over tall buildings in a single bound—NO, not that, but they are able to keep a schedule of work, travel, and meeting hordes of fans always with an endless supply of smiles, hugs, and kisses.  And patience.
They are extremely ADROIT.  Dictionary definition: skillful, capable, accomplished, gifted and talented.
u- Mary B, Allene, Jane
Mary, Allene & Jane

They are AROUSING.  (Down, Marie)  Meaning that they arouse enthusiasm and good feelings in their listeners.

I suppose there are more A words to describe out guys, but that’s enough for now.  They are definitely A quality in my grade book.


Personally Speaking ~ Jane & Mary


Brothers and sisters…best friends…a confidant…someone always there for you…someone you look up to…trust…respect…devoted to…supports you, and loves you like no one else can.  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, you are blessed in so many ways.  The love you have for your siblings and they in return, is a gift beyond compare.


Does he not look like the Prince of Abruzzo?
As the word prince is defined in the dictionary:
A person of high standing.
YES, he fits the bill here.
The love, respect, admiration and highest regard he is held in…

Gianluca – in our eyes you are one mighty fine Prince!




 Did you see the picture of Piero in the barbers’ chair with Ignazio holding a pair of scissors next to his forehead?  I’m still chuckling over that one.  Piero is holding his hands in a praying position, and probably saying something like, “Please God, don’t let Ignazio cut my hair.”
hair soonie
 It got me to thinking about Il Volo hair.  Let me say right at the start that whatever I say about the boys’ hair is said in love, not criticism.  We’ve all had our “bad hair” days and come out  of the salon thinking, “what has he/she done to me?”  So we know how it goes.  And their hair is not what we love—doesn’t really matter what it looks like.  It’s the guy underneath that we care about.  Now, having said that, let’s take a look at some of the hair-dos of the past.

Remember Piero in the pre-ear tuck stage?
hair piero 3
He was so adorable with his crazy hair sticking out all over his head like a bramble bush.  I fell in love with him when I first saw that hair and the cute guy underneath it .  When the ears were unveiled, Soonie got a little wild with the clippers and the sides were waaay short with a thatch on top.  Then there was the “leaning tower of Pisa look with the pointy top leaning over to the right like it was saying, “go this way.” 

hair piero 4

That soon gave way to what I call the “Arizona Mesa” look—straight up and high with lots of gel. 

hair piero 5It seems that lately it has been tamed to a shorter style, thank goodness.  Actually, my favorite look is when he has been swimming, and the sun has dried his hair into a soft natural frame for his beautiful face

hair piero 6
….and that’s what I love, regardless of  the hair style.
Now for Gianluca….oooh, his gorgeous curls.
hair gian 2

Too bad they only get let out  occasionally. 

hair gian

Remember when he won the contest how sweet he looked with the curly tendrils caressing his neck?  Of course he has always had an angelic face and the curls just accentuate that look.  I know they make him look younger, and he is trying to have a more mature look, but please, Gianluca, give us the curls.  His more recent styles have been more conventional than the other guys, and let’s face it….those “bedroom eyes” and the million dollar smile are enough to set anyone swooning over him like the women did over his idol, Frank Sinatra.
gotta love those eyes
 Remember how the term”swooning” got started with him?  Anyway, Gianluca, we love you and your hair, whatever.

Now Ignazio probably has the most challenging hair.  I really think it has a mind of its own.  Like it’s saying, “I’m crazy, and I’ll do whatever I want, so just stand back and let it happen.”

hair Ignazio8 Sometimes Ignazio tries to tame it with a ponytail (not my favorite look) but usually it is leaping down with a swirl around his cheek or standing up in a cloud of swirling busyness.  This guy has a lot of hair, and we never know what it  is going to do next.  That makes it interesting, and we always know that his sweet face will be there underneath it.

Catherine Grove
Thinking about the guys and their hair styles makes me think of the Joe Cocker/Ray Charles song….It says it all:

“You are so beautiful to me,
Can’t you see?
You’re everything I hoped for,
You’re everything I need.
You are so beautiful to me.”

Personally Speaking ~ Jane

Note from Myron:

LAS VEGAS, IL VOLO, tickets on sale Friday, August 28th at noon.

The Pearl Box office:  (702) 944-3200
Not sure about M & G. 


Now Jane

Well, Piero pulled a good one on Ignazio during the Cheiti concert the other night.  Incase you missed it while singing Surrender, Piero comes strolling out for his initial part of the song wearing the same black t-shirt outfit as Ignazio.  Ignazio loses it big time!  What fun!  Here they are once again giving us 110% of just who they are.  Ignazio leans on the piano laughing his head off while Piero just strolls around singing away with a sly smile if you look close.  These two are definitely the pranksters of the trio.  They simply feed off of each other which is so fun to see.  This is one of the most endearing qualities they ALL possess…they simply ARE WHO THEY ARE.  No false pretense here. Let’s see, this would be the one millionth reason why we love them so…but who is counting?  Keep the fun coming guys.  You make our day, EVERYDAY!



 Move over ABBA here comes Ignazio and Piero grooving to Dancing Queen!

 Watch that hip action along with the arms.
They look like they’ve been doing this for years, but were they even alive when Abba was at the top of the charts??

No, they were not, but Abba DID win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and back then were noted to be the most successful group EVER to take part in the competition.  That was until THIS YEAR when IL VOLO hit their stage!!  We all know who will step ahead of that place in history!

Keep on dancing guys.  We love every move you make!!



 If you look real close above the right ankle something looks a lot like a tattoo.

Now Marie says it’s HER NAME…

Allene says it’s HER NAME…

Mary B. says it’s HER NAME!!!

 Who are we  to believe??

 ( I say it’s a clump of sand stuck to his skin…but then what do I know?)

a jane


A Mother and Son.  A bond so close, a connection so deep.

A mother keeps her child in her heart forever.

No matter how famous or how many miles apart,

He will always hold a place in her heart no one else can ever fill.

a jane 1


Personally Speaking ~ Mary and Jane

I am happy to announce to you today a new feature on the Flight Crew Site. It is called, PERSONALLY SPEAKING and will be written by Ladies you know well, MARY BOHLING and JANE CEMINSKY (aka maryjane). Their new column will fill a spot we have been missing…the personal doings of the Guys. It will be about where Our Guys are and what they’re doing during the times they’re not performing or accepting awards. “Personally Speaking” will include the fun stuff like diving off ships and racing cars. (Gianluca’s the only one not scaring the hell out of us, lately). So here, “Personally Speaking,” is Mary’s view on some…

Ignazio Antics!

Isn’t it amazing how versatile our guys have become? A good example of the guys becoming masters of the art of the ad lib and the quick retort is the video of Ignazio and Piero’s stool.
Ignazio, up to his usual antics, pulls the stool right out from under Piero, thinking he is getting a good one on him. But Piero, without missing a beat, pulls out another stool and sits on it. Gianluca, ever the straight man, congratulates Piero with a handshake, followed by a pinkie swear. Ignazio, having been foiled, raises quite a rumpus. These guys have become artists in this kind of “in the moment” comedy. Always ready and able to pull it off with style and good humor. Their talents never cease to amaze us.
(Stool Gag at 2.06)

And Jane wonders…

Piero, with or without?

Is it my imagination or does Piero look like another whole person without his trademark glasses? He has been seen more and more lately without them on. STILL appears to be the dashing young man that we all know and love, but just sports a different look. A look we all adore with or without glasses, with or without beard, with or without the hip gyrations in SURRENDER…wait, NO we’ll keep that one forever! Hard to imagine you could look any better than you already do guys, but you never cease to amaze us in every way!


Photo Mundial
Photo Mundial

I’d say they both hit the nail on the head.  Thanks Jane and Mary and welcome aboard Ladies!
Now, let’s talk about that shot of Piero walking out of the water….