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Hi Everyone,

By all accounts, pictures and videos; the concert, last night in Westbury was a resounding success and according to Gianluca, was a sell out!!

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted, “Fans of all ages waiting for us outside the venue in Westbury. Love you all” He later tweeted “Westbury, thanks for #sold out”
Gianluca tweeted last night, “I’m a fool to want you”
Piero tweeted, “Leaving Westbury on way to Saratoga Springs, thank you so much for the third time” He later tweeted, “Saratoga Springs, Buonanotte”
Ignazio tweeted, “Ready for Westbury”, then “Amazing tonight, hard life, but worth it” He later tweeted, “you never know whats gonna happen to your life, so just live it” ( he’s so right!)

There are some amazing videos on Mundial, apparently the use of cameras was being allowed at this venue.
See videos of Ignazio singing “Memories,” Piero singing Love Story”and Il Volo singing “Il Mondo”, ” Surrender”, “o Solo Mio”,
“Smile”, and Gianluca singing “Night And Day”

“The Boys” are now in Saratoga Springs, New York. They must be getting a well deserved break in this beautiful upstate New York Town. Enjoy Guys!! (The photo above is of Saratoga).

Il Volo has two nights off then they open at The Tampa Bay Times Forum on September 20th, then Miami on the 21st (can’t wait!)

Enjoy your time off, Guys, rest your voices!!