The Pen Is Mightier Than The…what in the heck?

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The original message:
Dicev nonnm: “La bellezza fin a la port, la bontà fin a la mort!”.

The English translation:
Dicev nonnm: “The beauty right in the port, since the goodness in the mort.”

Excuse me?

Sometimes that beautiful language just shouldn’t be translated.
I’m sure our youngest Angel meant something much more profound!

From Piero:
s - sanremoGoogle Translated it to: “Loads and determined for 2015”
Well good, ’cause I’m loads and determined to see him in 2015.

This fan reply to Gianluca just can’t be right.

S - ITALTyphus! Really! Doesn’t sound very nice Carolyn.


Then sometimes we clearly Understand:

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s - sanremo 2





Brrr translated into English is Brrr!

You all don’t know this, but we have a new follower to our site. It’s Ignazio’s Uncle Giuseppe he only speaks Italian. I used Bing to help me thank him in his own language. I hope it translated alright and I didn’t end up saying something stupid like, “Send me your nephew in a plain manilla envelope.” or, “How about I move in for a year or ten?”   I would be so embarrassed (Depending, of course, on the outcome of the misinterpretation). Maybe it merely read something like, “My ostrich ate your mothers toaster”. Oh well, no matter what you think I said we’re glad to have you looking in Uncle G.

~Marie       s - shakespear

17 thoughts on “The Pen Is Mightier Than The…what in the heck?”

    1. A question about the beautiful graphics on the side of the page….is Elizabeth still doing them??? They have been stunning, but would like to hear from you again Elizabeth. We miss you.

      1. Thank you Mary (: I miss you all so much! Just wish I could spend more time on here, but as Marie said I’m a busy college student right now. My major is culinary arts to be a chef (Associates Degree in Culinary Arts), so I’m very excited! (: Keep in contact.

      2. Way to go, Elizabeth! (And, for what it’s worth, I see Piero at the top of this page blowing you a kiss! 😉

        Always good to hear from you,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  1. Oh Marie that was great. Ever since I took my two Italian classes, discovered Google Translate and have my trusty Webster’s New World Italian/English *English/Italian dictionary next to me I have been limping along trying to figure out everything said. Sometimes I can hardly figure out what the Latin American people are talking about. Strange sentences! In addition to listening endlessly to our beautiful IL VOLO, I love listening to the interviews.
    But it all sounds odd to me. Charmingly odd.
    I’m sure we must sound the same.

  2. When my family emigrated to US I had to go into 11th grade and take French for my language requirement. My best friend was a fellow DP and we both developed a huge crush on a well known French actor while still in Europe. We decided to use our semester of High School French and write a passionate admiration letter to Jean Marais. We first wrote the letter in English and translated it word by word into what we thought to be French. We later showed our ‘masterpiece” to our teacher and she could not stop laughing. It was somewhat risque. We thought we were conveying our ‘passionate’ feelings in correct French. Anyway sometimes you can not do word by word literal translations between different languages. Now I feel for anyone who might not translate or speak a foreign language correctly. Since I still am guilty of same.

  3. Gianluca quoted what his nonna told him…It’s an expression in dialect, “Dicev nonnm: “La bellezza fin a la port, la bontà fin a la mort!” Basically, it can be translated, “Grandma said, beauty ends at the door. Goodness ends at death.” The advice is to marry a good woman rather than a beautiful one, because after the wedding, once inside the door to the home where the couple will live, the beauty of/illusions about the spouse may fade, but if that person is genuinely good, that goodness will remain throughout life…until death. Wise advice, I think. 🙂

    1. Wow. it had occurred to me that maybe, just maybe Gianluca wrote this in his native dialect. So far I have not found a dictionary for English/Abruzzo dialect or English/Scilian dialect. Dang! Thank you so much Beverly for clearing this oddity up for us!! I think its a wise thing his nonna quoted him.

  4. Thanks for a good belly laugh, Marie!! How about a large packing crate?? I’m happy that Beverly cleared that one up!! You girls will never know how you have “enriched” my life!! I have very few close friends left who have the sense of humor that youall have!! I sent one of my friends the “we are love” dvd and all she said was “they really can sing”to whigh I replied “yes, that , too”! No sense of humor! Sad! Please keep me laughing!! Dot…..

  5. Marie, this is wonderful!
    Fun with some “serious” tongue in cheek, if I read ya right! 😉

    Welcome, Uncle Giueseppe! Thank you for the honor of looking in.

    Your nephew is a pleasure beyond words… magnificent voice, great sense of humor, fantastic dancer, big heart, dedication to others such as our Venezuelan brothers and sisters, authentic to the bone, and we would say a “kick in the pants” which means he’s really funny! (Sure hope that translated!)

    Some day, Marie, my life is going to slow down at least a bit, and I’m going to catch up on all the wonderful posts I missed. Today I’m packing to see family and attend a TAT training, but I had to treat myself with a break to read your post! (Wish me and my family well. I’ll be helping my Mom with dementia and my dad who is finding it very difficult to understand that life isn’t going to “return to normal”.

    IL VOLO will be on deck, their tunes and hearts uplifting our spirits and giving us hope!

    So grateful that you’re all here when I get some time to check in!

    Amore e possibilità,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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