On January 29th there was the expected Press Conference of IL VOLO for the presentation of the new CD, MUSICA, and their programs for the year 2019-2020.


This is the cover of the new CD and this is the track list:


Many questions are asked during the press conference.

There is lots of news.

There are many journalists and everyone asks questions.

Here is the video and then the whole translation.

Q = Hi guys I’m here, of course, before talking about Sanremo, I wanted a warm impression of this very important meeting you did with Pope Francis, what a thrill it was, and even sing for this million guys, in short, tell us about your impressions.

P = We can say that it was the best way to start our 10 year celebrations.

It was a unique opportunity because we are linked to this Pope, a revolutionary Pope, who is very close to the young.

We did not believe there was this influx of people, in WYD, in fact, when we climbed the altar, they told us to call it altar and not stage, see these hundreds of thousands of young people so devoted to the church and religion, for us it was a great honor, it was a difficult thing to explain and I think that being a group is a beautiful thing, because we can understand what we feel, all three, being one meter from Pope Francis, involves the management of emotions, because knowing how to manage the emotions at that moment, it’s not easy, but in the end, we manage to metabolize later, the effect of that performance and of that feeling.

I = We agree, all right.

Apart from what Piero said, on that altar there was a special energy, no matter what we did, it was only putting our talents, our art, in the presence of God at that time. Singing a prayer was a special energy, especially with all people, seeing those guys who were praying, crying, each with their own motivation, was beautiful, a special emotion.

G = I want to add that in any case it is the crowning of a dream. You know, it does not happen to everyone, it does not happen often, to have the honor of singing in front of the Pope and we can say that at our age we managed to reach our desire, our greatest dream.


P = As Ignazio calls our manager Torpedine “big boss” (because Pavarotti called so, Torpedine), 7/8 years ago I told Michele, “If one day I should sing in front of the Pope, I will call you great boss.” and from today I have to call him that.

G = But then, the beauty is that the Pope has remembered us.

It was great, because we met outside the altar, in a square, we told him: “His Holiness, I do not know if you remember, but we met in a private audience last year, we told you that our greatest wish was that one day to be able to sing this Ave Maria that we had given him in a special album made especially for him (now Gianluca imitates the voice of the Pope) “Yes I remember, Il Volo, Il, Volo, very good, good guys”…. I still get emotional, talking about this in front of all of you, because this was nice. (Gianluca has the voice broken by emotion.)

P = But the best thing was the selfie with the Pope. (all those present confirm)

Presenter = What better start for the ten-year celebrations.

Q = A question on Gianna Nannini who collaborated on the writing of the song by Sanremo, your relationship both on the Sanremo track and on the other CD track.

G = I do not know if you remember the channel 5 program we did a couple of years ago, House Party? We had the pleasure of dueling with her in “MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA” and for this reason we decided to make this song, in our style. Then we immediately thought of her, because however as imprinting, “MUSICA CHE RESTA”,  is less classic, shows a slight evolution also on our part, on a musical level, also because the production of the record was made entirely by Michele Canova that we salute. Then she immediately accepted, by now, we became friends with Gianna, she gave a touch, slightly more rock, come on.


Q = I have two questions, the first is this, you talked about a tour in Japan, you will be in Japan from the 13th to the 18th of May, this means, since the final of the Eurovision is May 18th, which you renounced definitely at Eurovision?

P = Can I answer? Torpedine will pay for the flight from Japan to Eurovision ….. or it means we will get back on that date (of the concert) and we will keep going back.

G = Anyway, in a few days we’ll know …

I = That, however, is a post-Sanremo problem, first let’s think about the first, there are all the questions you will ask us before Eurovision ….

Q = The second question is because of the authors of the festival song, there is no Pasquale Mammaro, who, I do not know if everyone remembers, but he has allowed you to sing “Grande Amore”, which you have made yours, turning it into success that we all know.

I = We are interpreters and sing the songs that we like. We heard this song “MUSICA CHE RESTA”, we had tried it a while ago, we were a little dubious, because it was like “GRANDE AMORE”, with some non-contemporary sounds. Then we made the decision to involve Michele Canova and the song has totally changed. We cannot tell you why Mammaro is there, there is not, we are only interpreters, we liked the song and we sing it, regardless of the authors. We were delighted that Gianna gave her contribution, she wrote part of the text ….

G = Pasquale presented the text.

Presenter = In fact there was an error in the sheet that was given to you, Mammaro appears in the authors, but he is co-editor, not an author, it is an error.

P = Sorry Spinelli (journalist), we started half an hour ago, and you ask us the most scary question !!


I = The question was pertinent, but we only sing.

Q = The colleague asked you about Nannini, I ask you about Barbra, what Barbra told you about this remake (it refers to “PEOPLE” which is included in the new CD).

P = We did not talk to Barbra, but we sent her the song a couple of days ago. Our hope, as this year we will, as every year, a special for American TV PBS, we hope to have her in this special, to duet with us.

I = She, works more than us (laughter) even Placido Domingo, they never stop.

P = PBS is an American private TV, which airs these shows every day, covering 95% of the United States. We were lucky enough to be contacted by them 5 years ago, indeed in 2011, 7 years ago, and in 7 years we have made 6 specials with PBS, and thanks to PBS we make these tours in America. At the beginning our American public met us thanks to this program and then we had the opportunity to participate in other shows.

G = If you still see “cover” on this record, which is an international record, it is because, not only PBS, but also our American audience, requires this repertoire, which is a classic repertoire, as do Bocelli, or Groban, or Il Divo, they too follow this musical style. For this reason we decided to put some “covers” on our records, but there are also some unpublished ones, especially for Italy.


Q = I would like to return to the Pope’s speech and your relationship with religion, that is, when you went to Mass last time, apart from the WYD?

I = Piero answers (everyone laughs).

Q = And then if you tell us the thrill of being on a military base, none of you three is in military age.

G = It would take a little military life for the youth of today.

I = I am very sincere, I do not frequent the church a lot, but not because I do not believe, but because I think that spirituality in us is interior, I have always seen religion as my inner thing, a talk about myself with someone in whom I have faith , in which to believe. And that’s why we tell the WYD, with this enthusiasm, because for me that I do not attend the church, but believing in God, it was a crazy emotion to see these boys, peers, who prayed, closed their eyes, cried. It was touching, even for someone like me, who does not attend church.

Returning to the speech of Lebanon, it was great, because being able to spend the Christmas holidays with the men who are at the service of our Country, not only of our Country but are part of the UN for all of Europe, indeed the world, are of heroes. It was moving to discover the lives of these people who are 6 months away from their families, their children, however, yes, a peace mission in Lebanon, but always in a state of alert, anything can happen at any minute, and it was touching.

G = These experiences allow you somehow to be a better person, especially at our age, so we are honored to have been among them, even if for a few days. We are growing and these things help us to improve our point of view, as people.

Q = I have two questions. The first concerns the fact that they will be guests of Sanremo, Bocelli and his son, you will be able to be on the same stage as a gentleman who I imagine has inspired you a lot. Will you meet him? Do you want to talk with him? Have you already met him? I’m interested in your knowledge with Bocelli.

The second question, I want to know how many titles you have discarded to get to the “MUSICA” title?

P = With Bocelli there is a wonderful relationship, because we had the opportunity to sing together at the Domingo concert at the Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, then we did a duet with him in Milan, singing Granada. He is a nice person, indirectly, we know all the aspects of Bocelli, because having been Torpedine, his manager for 17 years, in these 10 years he told us so much about him. He gave us some suggestions, we made some vocalizations, we esteem him so much. That man can only be estimated.

Regarding the title of the CD…..

I = I wanted to say ….. you’re right.

G = Why sorry, is not original? Why, do not you like it?

I = There is an explanation. Because it was not easy to find a title. For us it is difficult, because we have to make a record that collects the tastes of the countries that interest us, that are America, Italy, Latin America, a little all, and the title must be an easy title, that in any language can be pronounced, and so MUSICA is a universal word that in all languages you can say ….. like IL VOLO.

And then we wanted to say that this album, MUSICA, for us has a meaning, and is that for us, the choice of these songs, are the maximum expression of our musical tastes. There is “A CHI MI DICE” me that is very close to my musical tastes, more pop, there is a “PEOPLE” and “ARRIVEDERCI ROMA”, which are closer to the tastes of Gianluca, and then there is a “BE MY LOVE” approaching more to Piero’s tastes. So the choice of the songs, unites all, but there are also personal favorite tastes.


Q =  Another thing came to my mind that I wanted to ask you.

In the song of Sanremo, especially at the beginning, it seems that there is a shift from the lyric song, to which you had accustomed us, to something more pop, that is at the beginning you are much more you, sing in a normal way, it seems to me there is a little movement, I only noticed it?

I = But in the whole song?

Q = No, in the final piece then raise the voices and go back to your lyric that you have got used to, but at the beginning of the song by Sanremo, I seem to find this thing.

G = What we try to do, is not to betray what is our personality and what we have built in these 10 years, also because for us it was not easy to pass from children prodigy, to boys, and now to young men with a beard, so it was not an easy process, because generally many children-prodigy, often then do not feel them anymore. So, if there is still feedback from the public, it means that as a formula, it works, which however affects people’s hearts. This is what we have tried to do, to renew ourselves, it is in the growth of an artist, to always renew itself, to try not to always do the same things. For example, we contacted Canova, also to have a slightly more contemporary sound, but also to show, however that we are not exclusively tenors, or that we only sing opera, there is much more. This CD we say, which represents us at 100%.


I = To answer you in more detail, until a few years ago we had those who said to us “sing like that”, now they are already several years, we have grown professionally too, before we were young and we needed to have someone who showed us how to do it. For some years now, we have taken the situation in hand, and we sing in the way that we like, and we are pleased to know that you noticed, was what we hoped for, because the IL VOLO, is not just that of “O SOLE MIO”, but IL VOLO is also this. For this reason we decided to make this album called MUSICA, which includes all three musical genres, is a record that reflects our personality, with a thousand facets.

P = All our concerts and trips, made us understand what the public wants from us, what is appreciated by us. Surely outside of Italy, they appreciate Italian music, bel canto, this is obvious. This CD is a map of our travels, because “BE MY LOVE”, we listened to it on one of our journeys in America, North America, in South America, there is “LA NAVE DEL OLVIDO, every year in every album we always record one two tracks also for South America, is a tribute that we also do to South America, the first year we recorded “EL RELOJ”, “EL TRISTE”, in homage to Josè Josè, “HISTORIA DE UN AMOR”, and this year there is “LA NAVE DEL OLVIDO” which is a South American classic and is registered in Spanish. Of this album will be made an entirely Spanish version for South America, because there must be at least 7 tracks to hope for a Grammy nomination. So there are songs for North America, in 10 years we have understood the tastes of the public, but fortunately also match our tastes.

Q = Having made a CD with your voices not so high, is a symbol of maturity, ie, the fact of not having to amaze?

G = Yes, but also because we realize a bit of what we have done, of what we have built, we try to surprise, but we know that our audience wants this, maybe other singers care more, the text, it’s completely another musical style. We are loyal to our audience, but we also want to expand, try to hit even more people.


I = This evolution is not only due to our collaboration, we must say thanks to Michele Canova and to the whole team that worked for this CD. We relied on the hands of Canova, and it is thanks to him and Pino, who makes the mix, that this sound was born, they said. “OK, we make everything younger, everything more pop, everything cooler.” and we believe that the combination of these two things, has brought out something nice, beautiful.

G = Also because, you still have to find a compromise, there is nothing to do, a broad appreciation of the bel canto, it is normal that “PEOPLE” and some songs of this CD, will be less listened to, no less appreciated, than the public of the United States or Japan that instead want a slightly more classic repertoire. So you have to find the right compromise.

Q = For the song by Sanremo, “MUSICA CHE RESTA”, what is the message that this song wants to express and if any of you have a different interpretation of this message.

P = Honestly now we are 25 years old and we see love with a different eye, compared to 10 years ago, or 5 years ago. This year we are more mature, some of us are engaged, so we sing love in a different way, “MUSICA CHE RESTA”, music is the soundtrack of all couples, unfortunately for some couples, music is the only thing that remains (in Italian (LA MUSICA is the only thing CHE RESTA …… all laugh at the double meaning of the sentence).


G = Let’s say that we are making steps forward from “Tell me never, that you will never leave me.” to “the sense of my days” so, slowly, we too, will make a disc of unpublished, trying to grow, under this point of sight.

Q = Two questions, the first I wanted to know the other two unpublished, who wrote them, you talked about Ermal Meta who had sent you a song ….. the second question is: two months ago you released a CD called ÁMAME, produced by Emilio Estefan, which is not sold here, but which has sounds that are radically different from those that usually used in your records, I would say much more “urban” that is an interesting thing and I wanted to understand something more than this experiment.

I = We did it on purpose. As Gianluca says it was an experiment.

The fact that it has not been released on Italian platforms is why, because we have our audience here in Italy, we do not want to create confusion, ÁMAME was an experiment, a project, we had fun, because making reggaeton is fun, also because when you record, do nothing but dance, and it was nice, but it was a parenthesis, in a country, in fact it only came out in Latin America and in digital.

G = However, to point out that it was Emilio’s idea, he wanted it strongly, also because there is a duet with Gloria Estefan that is very beautiful.

PRESENTER = There is also a technical reason, if it may interest you. Until ÁMAME, the boys had a record deal with Sony Latin America and instead this record MUSICA is the first CD of the new relationship with the world that the guys have with Sony Italia. It was decided so, together with the Americans, for the simple reason that the guys live in Italy, and it is easier.

The idea of making a CD with Emilio Stefan, was an idea that Sony American has proposed to the guys, to do an experiment, and they have enthusiastically joined. This CD was made and was distributed in Latin America , and this is how much.

Q = But how did it go?

G = It is important to say that we did not even have time to promote it, it came out in digital ….. also because there is Sanremo, there is the decennial, also on our part unfortunately there were other commitments so it remained so.


I = The other unpublished songs are “VICINISSIMO” of Petrella Faini and “FINO A QUANDO FA BENE” by Tony Maiello.

Q = I want to go back to the sounds that distinguish this CD, and talk also in relation to the live. You said that abroad you are known, appreciated, you have built your career on bel canto, so, these new things, how will they support those or will be completely excluded from the live?

P = I connect to what was asked before, about travel, the tour, what people like. The North American public has its tastes, fortunately in 10 years we sang many songs, we made a list a few months ago and are about 120 tracks. For the North American public, we do a concert just for them, with different characteristics, we can say more classic. For Japan and northern Europe, such as North America. South America and Italy, on the other hand, are very similar, a more pop concert is required, so there will also be more lights, a more pop production.

Q = I wanted to ask you, we talked about your growth, not only musical but also friendship …

I = E can also say physics …..

Q = No, but you were fine, even as a child …. I wanted to ask each of you, a memory of the debut, at the time of Clerici, then of Sanremo as winners and today, how have you changed?

Put yourself “out there”, then there is someone who has found love, who has found more than one, Ignazio, how are you?

I = Bad, bad.

Q = Really, I ask you, have you told your musical evolution, tell it also as people, Gianluca, what did you think while we listened to the CD, you were completely absorbed. Can I ask you what you thought?

I = Begin to answer the first question. At the beginning everything started as a game, it was work, but more a game. Now it has become a full-fledged work, but we retain the same desire, the same passion, the desire to play and always joke, like when we were younger.

I think that love for what we do, over the years, has changed for the better. It started as a great passion, we arrived in Sanremo in 2015 with a great passion, and we will go back to that stage with the same great passion. For us, music has always been everything, what we wanted to do, make music from an early age. It makes us feel good, the music, we share from 2009 until today and we will have life.


P = As for friendship, to live 10 years with those two, there must be a great friendship! It’s really hard.

I = But not with Piero, with us two, he is a saint.

P = I and Gianluca are saints immediately. We grew up together, we spent our adolescence together, sharing the same emotions, we can tell you in very few words that we really love each other.

I = Luck then being in three, is that the faults, are divided into three.

G = I was absorbed, because I watched you carefully. From the looks I understood that there were those who liked the CD, there were those who thought “not bad” and who instead ….. I noticed, we are aware that you cannot please everyone, I understand. I can also understand this prejudice that there is against us and that there has always been, from some of you, but it is right that there is, because it depends on personal tastes, there are those who appreciate and who are less and this is right. You consider that I, with my father, grew up with De Andrè, Gaber, Guccini (Italian singers), with a certain style of music that is completely different from what we do, from the national-popular. We are a television product, we were born and grew up with this kind of music and we will never change. But I must say that we must also try to understand, split even the personal taste, because it is subjective, and I must say that the three of us have completely different tastes, there are songs that I like less in this CD and songs that instead excite me. This CD excites me, above all “PEOPLE”, “ARRIVEDERCI ROMA”. Our dream is also to one day make a duet with Micael Bublè, what he does, a little resembles what we do, because he also takes up the tradition, the songs of Sinatra, Perry Como, Dean Martin, which moreover, are all Italians. There is nothing to do, our culture abroad, and very strong, musically speaking. A version of “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE” by Jason Derulo came out, so it means our melody is still strong. There is the audience that follows us, and this excites us, because at our age anyway, we are an anomaly to think that some boys of our age sing a genre that moves away from what our peers listen to. Our goal is to bring our tune to them. But if to be an anomalous youth means to sing a classical Hail Mary in front of the Pope, then we will do it all our lives.

I = (pretends to cry, everyone laughs)

P = I just wanted to add, that we do not pretend to please everyone, also because there was someone who took 2000 years to be loved by everyone, and managed to be loved only by 20% of the world population.

I = Compliments (and shakes Piero’s hand).


Q = Gianluca told us the music with which he grew up as a child, but you two with which music have you grown?

P = My dream has always been, indeed it is to sing one day, the first of an opera in an important theater. It is a personal goal of mine that I hope one day to be able to satisfy.

I = And we on the balcony of honor.

P = The other day I was at the Circolo Della Lirica in Bologna. These are the first steps I started doing, to test the response of opera lovers.

G = It’s a beautiful thing. It would be nice for you, but also for the group.

P = And so as a child I always listened to this kind of music. Let’s say that thanks to them I started to listen to other musical genres, otherwise I only listened to lyrical music.

I = I’m a little particular, because I do not listen to much music, I listen to songs, I always loved Stevie Wonder, Brian Mcknight, Pino Daniele, as a child I also listened to Bocelli, Pavarotti, then growing up, I went on other genres.

Q = You still have different projects and dreams, Piero in a theater, Gianluca you said that some songs, you like other less, to date, you do not want to do different paths, follow your personal dreams, outside of IL VOLO ?

G = Dissolve now, it would be crazy!

Q = I did not mean that you have to dissolve yourself, but to undertake something else.

G = In the case of Piero, he could do it now, but talking about a record of mine or Ignazio, it would be crazy right now.

Q = But your personal?

G = My dream?

Q = I mean, do not you want to pursue a personal career beyond them?

G = In reality no, absolutely. Also because we are happy. We do our passion, all right, and as long as it goes well … get to 10 years, it’s difficult, but if we got there, we are surprised, we are happy, we hope to reach 20, 30. For now no, this desire, this need is not there, then it is clear, in life, anything can happen and maybe one day we will do some solo projects.


I = It’s normal, however we have three different musical tastes.

Il Volo I think it was the beginning of the spread of a kind a little forgotten and made by three young guys. It is normal that later on, whatever may bring prestige, bring something positive to this group, it will be done. And we are the first to hope that Piero can have his first opera at the theater, because in addition to being friends we are brothers and we wish good for each other and therefore the hope that Piero can realize this dream of his, is also ours. This has always been our goal, the one that brings prestige, which brings positive to the group, we do, without thinking, it’s only, in two or three, we do not think about it. We are IL VOLO.

PRESENTER = Before giving space to tours in Europe, America, Japan, everywhere, in Italy waiting for you in Matera, there will be two special shows, journalists will be invited, there will be dates in the amphitheaters and then there will be this closure in Verona, what does it mean for you to return to the Verona Arena in September with which you will close the Italian tour?

I = Surely the Arena di Verona is not a goal, but a stage that appeals to all artists. The Arena of Verona gives you an emotion that few stages and theaters, amphitheatres, and sports halls can give you.

It will be a great honor, because anyway, the Arena is getting closer to what we are, because it is a totally classic environment, but that has opened the doors to pop and all kinds of music, so it is the perfect combination for us and for our musical genre. Now let’s leave the word to Michele Torpedine who will tell you about Matera and the whole tour.

MT = So, Matera is practically the next special PBS, the famous special with which, in America, thanks to them, start the pre-sales for concerts. Moreover, this year we start again from RCMH in New York, as the first date, and we have been coming, as always, from eight years now, in the main American cities.

In Matera we will do two dates at the end of May and then on 1 June there will be the PBS event. We have the full support of the Ministry of Culture and will be the first event since the official opening of Matera a few days ago.


Q = You are interpreters, but have you ever written songs? Some text?

G = Yes, above all Ignazio, come on, Ignazio speaks, it is you who writes.

I = I write….

P = When he is in love, he is inspired.

I = I like to write, I do not think to write for IL VOLO or anyone else, I write because it makes me feel good, it is also a form of expression, and it’s nice to write your own things. But for us we never thought about writing anything, also because we have to think, that there are those who do it better than you, so it’s better to let others work.

PRESENTER = Was this the last question? Yes.

G = However, from now starts, IL VOLO 2.0  (two point zero)

Partly a new IL VOLO with the CD, MUSICA, always trying to be better year after year.

I = However, we would like to thank everyone for always being here for our appointments.

G = Also because we know each other better, because some of you, we have never met them.

P = Also because in previous meetings we were afraid that they were just questions about Sanremo and not about other projects, so thank you for your interest.

I = Thanks to Sony, which always supports us in our projects, it is supporting us in this MUSICA project, a new collaboration has begun. Thanks so much for everything.

Final thanks to all.


I am speechless, after this beautiful press conference.

The first thing that left me amazed but in a negative way, is to understand that the American tour, so eagerly awaited by you, seems to be postponed to 2020. For a moment I thought of all of you, who with love expected to discover the dates of the various concerts. I understand your disappointment and I think I understand that the unexpected participation at the Sanremo Festival has postponed everything.

Apart from this news, the whole press conference was beautiful. The boys were very professional, but they also talked “with heart in hand”, always polite and witty.

Even journalists, they have asked very pertinent questions and from the impression, it seems that IL VOLO has been appreciated by journalists, now we will see what they will actually publish in the newspapers. Of course after seeing a conference like this, I wonder how people can still, and journalists, say or write that they are “mounted” guys (thinking they are above others), is nothing more false. They are very humble, mature boys, now young men.

I loved translating all this and I hope you will appreciate it, beyond the bad news.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Hi Daniela

    Wonderful translation of this Press Conference. Thank you for your hard work which enables all of us to fully understand what was said. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank you from my heart for this translation. We appreciate your hard work for all of us. Big hugs.

  3. My goodness Daniela I must thank you and say that I really appreciate all your hard work and devotion to translating for us the very intimate interview of the Boys. It was extremely interesting learning their feelings and how they feel about their music choices and loves. I think this has been the most “in depth” interview they have ever done . Personally I have always wished for them to sing Arrivederci Roma and now my wish has been granted on the new CD.. AS it is the favourite of Gianluca perhaps he is the one to sing it as a solo .I also noticed that Piero said about being engaged ,does this mean he is engaged or just a figure of speech? I really look forward to the PBS recording of the concert in Matera as this should come out before they tour USA in It will be a promotional for their tour .Again many many thanks and like so many others I look forward to receiving my copy of the Musica CD.

    1. In fact, Marion I spent two days (in free moments) to translate everything, but it was worth it, the guys answered the questions but also said much more.
      Yes, I think ARRIVEDERCI ROMA will be sung mainly by Gianluca and will be beautiful.
      I attended the PBS recording from Florence, this time I hope to be in Matera.

      1. Daniela, you are really getting to see so many parts of your own beautiful country by covering the Boys on their various concerts, I really envy you.. Have they announced their itinerary for 2019/2020 yet, as anybody wanting to travel to Italy this year would possibly be able to attend one of their Italian concerts if we had the dates.? Maybe the dates have been announced and i have missed them ??!!

      2. No, Marion no date is still set, only say from the end of May the tour will start from Matera and end in September at the Arena di Verona.
        As soon as I know something, I communicate it.

      3. Dear Daniela…..your translation was beautiful and so appreciated!! It’s lovely and great fun to know what is being said by our boys. Much to look forward to that’s for sure. Have a most wonderful trip to Matera, if all your plans work out. ☺ Nonna Harriett xoxo ♥

      4. Hello dear grandma Harriett, it is a pleasure to read you. There will be a lot of news and you will see that this time will pass quickly and then the American tour will arrive too. 🙂

  4. Oh that was a TREMENDOUS Interview!!! Thank you Daniela so much for your careful and thoughtful translation for us. I can hardly thank you enough. I found this interview to be so refreshing with its intelligence and honesty. Also I do not feel so bad about us American fans beings disappointed with having to wait longer to see them. We know they still think of us and appreciate us. I was, in particular, gratified to see they have no serious plans to go separate ways. As Ignazio said so well ” WE ARE IL VOLO” I am sure Piero will realize his dream of Opera but will always be together with Gianluca and Ignazio. It was Comforting to me. I thank God that we have such a beautiful jewel in the persons and their character in IL VOLO. We fans need to grow musically along with them. At least I plan to!, Grazie Daniela, grazie!

    1. Thanks Connie, you make me blush for the compliments.
      This conference is really beautiful, intimate and honest, the guys were kind and nice.
      I too was happy to hear that they are very united in affection for one another and that they do not really think about dividing IL VOLO.

  5. Daniela, I’ve read this twice now and feel so honored to get to know the boys better through this interview. They are so sincere and open all of the time. I was so impressed with their descriptions…. from the heartfelt meetings with the Pope to such candid opinions of their different musical tastes. They love each other and the support they have for each one’s individually is heartwarming. Thank you again for translating this for us. I am disappointed that they won’t be in the USA until next year and pray for a surprise visit. Next year is way to long a wait to see them.

    1. Victoria, believe me, that I thought that, since this conference was so long, it would have bored you. But the things the guys said were so sincere and important that I could not cut a few pieces and so I translated everything.
      I know that waiting for you will be long but I think this period will be so full of events that it will pass quickly and then, they will all be for you.

  6. Daniela, to say thank you for this translation is an understatement . The press conference was long with so much text. I know it must have taken you a long time to do this for us, and I hope you know how much the English speaking fans appreciate you. The guys showed themselves still to be humble, honest, caring, hard working and devoted to their fans.
    This was a very interesting, in depth press conference where they continue to reveal themselves to the public. I hope the Italian press is supportive of them and appreciates how well they show the beauty of Italy to the world. I think I love the 3 of them more all the time, and I can hardly wait to be in their audience again .

    1. Janet, my neck still hurts, for being a long time to translate to the computer, but I knew you would all like it.
      When I translated, I thought of journalists who are often bad and because you saw how many journalists were present at the conference, I hoped that something in their comments could change, because it is undeniable (and we are not biased) the guys were wonderful at this conference .
      But I must tell you that after this conference the guys have done a lot of interviews and video-interviews and I can confirm that it seems that the journalists have changed their attitude with IL VOLO …… finally!

  7. I am so grateful to you, Daniela! This is beautiful and so uplifting. The album looks wonderful, I love the interest in the guys, and I’m excited that this album is produced with Sony Italia. That feels just right to me. Now I am very excited for their next tour. But possibly L’Arena… ?? To go to one of their concerts in Italy would be such a dream. Of the videos I’ve seen, I most fell in love with Taormina.

    I’m excited to see the joy and beauty that continues to unfold.

    Engaged?? Who can fill me in?

    Loving connection to all,

    1. Hi Jeanine,
      You have to visit us more often.
      Piero is now dating a girl by the name of Valentina. I think this has been for several months now.
      Gianluca has a new girlfriend also.

      I don’t know if engaged in Italy means the same as it does here.
      It might just mean they are commited
      to each other, but without a ring.
      I’m sure Daniela can tell you what that means in Italy.
      I hope you are doing well, come by more often.

      1. Hello Jeanine, Also Ignazio still has a girl friend too and there was a little conversation ( I have forgotten where) not long ago that he was the one that was engaged. Dang, I wish I remember where I saw it. But of the three Piero looks pretty passionate and sweet with Valentina ( be still my jealous heart!)

      2. Thanks so much, Jill!

        I’m busy facilitating workshops and writing a book on the significance of communication in health and healing. “Communication” is interpreted very broadly, including music, nature, beauty, talking to our body, what our practitioners say to us, what we believe, what we read and hear, sync-ing up with our Divine Blueprint, and more. I have seen healings from listening to IL VOLO! I’ll bet we all have.

        I’m super charged about the guys’ new album. It’s gonna be spectacular!

        Hoping for an incredible Fan Faire in Early (? I hope) 2020.

        Take care, Jill,

    2. Ciao Jeanine. As have already explained to you, Jill and Connie, the boys “engaged” are Gianluca and Piero, but I have to tell you that long ago, for engagement was intended as a gift for a ring, and the promise of a commitment in marriage, within a year from the engagement. Nowadays it is not worth more, let’s say that it is said that a person is engaged, when he regularly attends another person but there is no actual commitment, everything can be interrupted at any time.
      I’ll give you a little summary.
      Ignazio is no longer with Alessandra, he is alone.
      Gianluca is no longer with Martina but has a new girlfriend, Francesca.
      Piero is now with Valentina.

      1. Thanks so much, Daniela and Connie! And hey, Connie, my hope for this album… just what I had hoped for! It was only a few weeks ago we were talking about this very thing!

        Piero and Valentina look quite happy.
        I’m wishing all our guys the greatest of joy in Amore in God’s good timing! I haven’t seen a photo yet of Gianluca with his new love interest.

        And it is such a sweet experience being able to hear the guys in this interview and read your translation, Daniela. You are an incredible unofficial ambassador for IL VOLO and their loving fans.

        Ever grateful,

  8. Hi Daniela,
    Once again you have outdone yourself, in translating this very long press conference for us.
    You know us so well, we are like sponges soaking up any little bit of information about our guys that you can give us. You never disappoint.
    From one of your fans🙂

    1. Thanks Jill, what a treasure you are, now I too have a fan !!!
      I knew you would like the translation, it could not be otherwise.
      Our boys are even more adorable.:)

  9. Daniela,
    Such a gift! Thank you for this lengthy translation. I am very appreciative of your time and efforts for us. I am hopeful to see them in Matera—I plan to extend my vacation to Italy. Blessings and deep gratitude to you❤️

  10. Daniela, you are our hero! You have outdone yourself with this translation. I am so happy you took the time and did the whole interview, which is one of the best I have seen. The interviewer was very respectful of the guys and asked the questions we all wanted answered. We could feel the love and respect the boys have for each other and for their fans. We, the American fans will wait for them for as long as necessary, but what did Michele mean about RCMH and this year?

    1. Rose Marie, what did I tell you? I knew you would like this translation. Fantastic guys. Who asked the questions was not a single person, Every question was made by a different journalist, did you see how many there were? They were many journalists and they are seen in one of the first photos.
      I too, listening to Torpedine, I did not understand his statement, then I finally understood. He says that the tour will start at RCMH (this had already been said) he says “in this year”, but it is not intended as the 2019 year but year of the decennial, and the tenth anniversary begins in May (the guys met at TLUC at May 2009) and ends in May 2020 with the American tour.

  11. Well Daniela, from me also a BIG THANK YOU on translating such an extensive and fascinating interview!! I, like others, am disappointed that that their USA tour is not until 2020!! However, their planned PBS special from Matera will be something to look forward to. A few years ago I visited this historic Unesco site. A fascinating background for this special.

      1. Of course they love America, we were their beginning. They are so talented, they could mix pop in English and Italian and include some classic music. I first saw them on PBS and then Jay Leno’s show and I was hooked. Imogene Nashville, Tennessee

    1. Yes, I do. If they would only sing in English, pop music they would have a much younger audience. Classic music is beautiful, but too much of it is boring. Someone really needs to bring them up to speed about American audiences. Imogene

      1. Imogene, you’re right, you have to be you, at the concerts, and at the meet & greet, to make them and their staff understand that you also love their most pop songs.

    2. Yes, I had trouble with the statement made by Piero. The people in United States LOVE pop music and we are not just old people who want to sit quietly and listen to opera!!! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Notte Magica concert in Chicago but during the more upbeat songs it seemed like everyone just sat there. I was just trying to sit STILL! 🙂 We want to clap and sing and enjoy the music! At least I do anyway. I felt very held back there and we weren’t even allowed to take pictures!I Good thing I purchased a Meet & Greet with the guys. I wish I would have found them when they were on their Grande Amore tour. I bet t hat was great fun! And the guys seem to be more animated and have more fun in Italy too, which is understandable. Please tell the guys and their management that they have the wrong impression of their fans here in the United States!!

      1. I strongly agree with you. I can’t imagine whatever gave them the idea that we do not like pop music, which by the way was originated in the United States and England in the 1950’s. Of course we all love their classical music as well, but I have to say, every suggestion I have made to them has been to sing more pop songs at their next concert, and who better to sing these songs than Gianluca, who enunciates every vowel and every word with such clarity in the English language. Someone really should advise them of their misconception of our taste in music.

      2. You and I Pat, we have already talked about this, but I think it is you who must make the staff understand what you want. I remember that before starting the Grande Amore tour, the staff of IL VOLO had published a question to the American fans, asking about “What songs would you like to hear?”

      3. Susan I already talked about this with Pat. Every time there was a concert in the US, I read the comments after the concert and believe me, so many people complained about the lights and the fact that people got up every time at the end of each song, limiting the look of those who are sitting, so you still have to understand, what you want to hear guys singing, and how you want to behave.

    3. Lisa, yes, I picked up on that as well. Someone really needs to set them straight!!

      At our pbs meet greet a few years ago, I told igna we had to travel 5000 miles to hear them sing per te ci saro and l’amore si muove. He kind of acknowledged it, but not sure they get it.

      I guess they think we are old and dead lol. Just like they do at the end of the video of l,amore… we too, will dance when we are old!!

  12. Daniela, a simple thank you somehow doesn’t seem quite enough to say for all the time and effort you put into this whole translation, but I mean it sincerely. I now have an expanded perspective and understanding of their personalities and how they think and feel about their different audiences. I feel sure they like us Americans quite well. And 2020 is really only just a year away. I don’t think that’s bad news at all.
    With much appreciation for making them real for those of us who do not speak Italian.

    1. As you have noticed, Mark, the more we know these guys, the more we love them.
      They are sincere and have no trouble demonstrating their feelings.
      Once again they spoke of the Latin record, as a parenthesis, of their song path, and they confirmed that their style is pop-lyric.
      I liked the obvious affection they demonstrate for each other. They are unique. Thanks to you Mark.

  13. Thank you so much, Daniela! That interview was a long one to translate, and your work is very appreciated!!!

  14. Daniela Il Volo should call you and thank you for being the hardest working fan. Thanks for this great translation.

  15. Thanks Daniela for answering my query regarding the dates for the concerts in Italy. I will just have to be patient !!!!!

  16. Daniela, thank you so very much for this translation of the interview. You help all of us in the US to stay patient that we may see IL Volo, in concert some day again. Only keep hoping it would be soon.

  17. I am very, very disappointed that their will not be an American tour this year. I have been looking forward to it for so long. 2020 seems like a long time in the future. However, I will eagerly await the release of the “Musica” CD and keep our boys in my heart for as long as I have to wait. And thank you Daniela for your hard work in keeping us informed about our boys. – Allene

    1. You’re completely right, Allene, and I understand your disappointment. In this long period I will try to keep you company by translating videos and interviews for you, and then they will arrive and you will be happy. Thank you for your compliments.

  18. Thank you so much Daniela, you are truly wonderful. I agree with all the comments above, your hard work is appreciated ever so ,ever so much. This press conference seems to give a bit of an incite into the feelings and attitudes of Il Volo, something we are keen to understand more, I suppose because we love them so much .
    It is really, really exciting to have tours announced, a trip to Matera will be wonderful, it looks really beautiful. I hope we can meet you again at one of the concerts.

    1. Thanks Sue for the compliments. Will you come to Italy for concerts? If you come, let me know where you will go.
      What wonderful guys our Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, is not it?

  19. Thank you Daniela, for the translation it’s really well done. So i guess i’ll have to wait to see them in concert in Canada. Thank you again good job

    1. Yes Rosa, I think you will have to wait, but at least this time they will come.
      Thank you so much for reading

  20. I had a conversation with Barbara Vitali about the length of time they will have been away from the American audience. The phrase ” out of sight – out of mind ” comes to play. From the beginning they had the challenge of building the North American audience into a foundation of solid support. The PBS shows, did that. the tours did that – especially when they returned to the same cities at least every other year but also maybe every year. It also happened when they were on tv.

    I worry – not for us on this site because we are already devoted to them – but for the ones on the line or who have never ( “duh ” ) heard of them yet. Being gone from view here in America for over two years is not good. They need to build that foundation by doing TV , tours – even if some short ones – there had been talk of doing a Christmas short tour last year. They should do that next year. Have a regular tour with their tour music but also bring out a Christmas short tour in just December.

    Where is the Tonight Show? where is the Today Show? Where is the Talk – where they got their American Television debut ? Where is Stephan Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel, etc. etc.

    I am happy that they are doing another PBS special, but if they are working with Streisand again (maybe) and Bocelli then how about taking a gamble on broadcast network – CBS, NBC, or ABC

    Bottom line : They need to do more American work. Nothing against the stuff they do in S. America or Europe. That is well and good.

    re: bad press in Italy. They were building a solid foundation here in America all these years and that should have taught Italian press a lesson. Maybe that was actually the cause. Could never figure why some of those people were negative anyway.

    1. I have to say I agree with Myron’s comments. That is why I was so upset when I heard the United States would not be toured until 2020. My first impression was we are the forgotten land. There is so much more opportunity for them to take advantage of in the States that they don’t utilize. Though I am an avid fan, half of my friends have never heard of them. In fact, I had convinced them to buy their CD’s and they were planning on coming with me to their next concert. I am also not totally in agreement with what they said about the type of music the American’s like. I have made the suggestion a few times via Twitter that The Impossible Dream should be include in their song list here, especially this year-or next especially considering they have accomplished some of their impossible dreams already. What great harmony would come out of that song-so perhaps Myron can convince them to bring that song to America-a broadway hit-the audience would love it!!

      1. I agree with you, Susan! Makes one want to go to one of their concerts in Italy, doesn’t it? 🙂

      2. Yes it does. Unfortunately I have a clotting disorder and cannot fly long distances, otherwise would be on the next plane!

      3. Susan, that song was on a list I sent in about two years ago. I do not expect them to do songs I suggest because they get ideas from 100 different directions at once and I have to remember that choosing a song to sing is a very personal thing. But suggestions sure don’t hurt.

      4. Myron, I can safely say that guys really appreciate your advice and your opinions about them

    2. Myron, I understand his point of view and I fully agree, too much time, far from their beloved America. I believe they realize that they can not come back without a good deal of advertising events, which stimulate the public. Moreover (it’s always my thought) they want to please their consolidated audience, but also to win even younger audiences, and to do this, they must first promote the new cd. I believe that Sanremo is an excellent launching pad, even if the result will not be the same as in 2015, this presence, allows IL VOLO to concentrate on them the attention of the Italian press, which as you know, has never been benevolent with guys.
      Il Volo, in December was in Lebanon, and came out a beautiful special broadcast on television at 11pm, that is very late, but has had the peak of ratings, a sign that they are very followed by their fans, but the newspapers have spoken very little, almost “not received”. Then they participated in WYD, it was a very exceptional honor and participation, and yet in newspapers, radio or TV, did not talk about it, either before or after it. I was really disappointed with this. But now the newspapers speak only of Sanremo and this beautiful press conference has turned the spotlight on our boys. I admit that it was conducted in an exemplary way by our boys who did not hesitate to give even “intimate” answers to their behavior. Since this conference has been held, all the newspapers are talking about IL VOLO and they are also paying attention to the participation in WYD and Lebanon, dedicating the front page of the newspapers, to the guys. Now Sanremo will start and there will be further attention on them and then, fingers crossed, there could be Eurovision, and this would bring further visibility.
      And then there will be the special PBS, on which IL VOLO, has a lot of confidence.
      Also two days ago, there was news that there will be another special PBS, with many artists, and among them also IL VOLO.
      All this long talk, it’s just to say, that the boys are preparing the ground for their return American, could not launch the new CD that comes out at the end of February and then in March (as had been said) to start a long tour without promotion would not have been right.
      The guys, they care a lot about the American audience and I think that this way they are better planning their return.
      I think also, that after the “business card” of LIbano, GMG, Sanremo, Eurovision (fingers crossed) and PBS, many entertainment programs, they will want them as guests and then there will also be these television programs to feed interest on them .
      Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca deserve this success, and they are aware that Magical Night has turned away, a fresher public, now they have to return. IL VOLO will NEVER abandon their style and their assiduous fans, there will be room for everyone. IL VOLO deserves this.

      1. Yes, you are right. Sanremo is a great place and venue from which to get forward movement. Also, the PBS program.

    3. Question for you, Myron. Since we know a year in advance that they will be touring the USA, would there be time and opportunity to set another fan event like the one in Las Vegas in 2016? It was so fun to see them up close and interact with them.

      1. I love this idea, Janet!
        Myron, do you think it’s a possibility? I know it was a lot of work, and if I can volunteer to help, let me know. Both times in Las Vegas were so memorable and special. I love our community!

      2. If we knew there would be something special (fanfair) to look forward to it would make the year pass more quickly

      3. Janet, Yes. That was the reason for the recent email to Barbara. Jeannette and I are back on the trail again hoping to get another Fan Faire set. We know they are going to be here (Las Vegas) anyway.

      4. Myron this is really a beautiful idea. The last Fan-Faire was really beautiful and appreciated. I would like someone to organize it here in Italy too.

      1. Of course, it goes without saying how awesome Daniela and Pat are!! And Dani, too! 🙂 If not for them, as I have said in the past, this site would have crashed and burned! I’m also excited about the new people we keep attracting to our site. It is always overwhelming to me to get people from other countries who find our site on the internet! 🙂 So, welcome Jolanta! And any other new persons. I have to say, I have seen many new names I had not known before from this post and the birthday greetings for Gianluca post!

        I remember when I found this site, it was like an immediate kindred spirit with everyone who had commented. It’s almost a shame we are from all corners of the earth, yet we share this common bond!

        I remember when I first conversed with Marie, I was in awe of her. Never did I dream, I would be so much a part of this site.

        It is going to be an exciting year for everyone and for the guys. Some of us can really say, “we knew them when…” But we love all of the fans here, old and new!

        Welcome to everyone, if you have never posted before!! Your thoughts are always welcomed and we “try” not to judge! lol! 🙂

        My goal is to always maintain the integrity of this site, as was handed down to me by our founder, Marie. 🙂


      2. After the 2016 event Barbara asked if we could hold off a year or so because of the documentary. So in 2017 we had a “Jr. version” of the Fan Faire held at an Italian restaurant right across the casino from the Park Theater entrance. It was supposed to have about 20 people but we ended up with about 70 ! ! ! I relayed that information to Barbara because at that time they were across the hall finishing rehearsal for the concert that very night. Hmm ?

  21. Daniela, Rosa (above) says that the translation is really well done. I completely agree with her! The English is so good that you would never say that it is a translation from Italian. I appreciate the amount of work that went into this project.
    I was very impressed that the questions to our guys were evenly shared between the three of them. Loved watching their reaction to the questions (thanks to your translations). Now I am even more eager to hear Musica Che Resta and the whole new CD!! I have heard Gianluca singing a small part of Arrivederci Roma and it sounded just beautiful. Arrivederce Roma comes from a film called “For the First Time” a Mario Lanza movie, I have seen the movie many times. Also Be My Love comes from the Mario Lanza film ” The Toast of New Orleans” I was a very big fan years ago.

    1. Correction: Arrivederci Roma comes from the film “Seven Hills of Rome” also a Mario Lanza movie. He did 6 films in all.
      Thanks Ineke.

    2. Thanks for all the compliments dear Ineke. After this interview, I am also very curious to hear the new CD MUSICA.
      ARRIVEDERCI ROMA is a beautiful song, I think it will be Gianluca singing it and it will sing very well, BE MY LOVE I did not hear it, but I do not want to look for this song on you tube, I want it to be a surprise for me.
      Were not our guys fantastic in this interview? Loving.

  22. Thank you, Myron, for your comments. You have made me feel that I am not alone in being disappointed in the tour schedule not including us in America. I have followed them, since 2009 and want to wish the guys of Il Volo a Happy 10th Anniversary! – Allene

    1. You can get the idea from this interview that the Miami experiment did not go quite the way they had hoped. So this new album is away to get back on track again. I has some really nice songs on it.

  23. Thank you, Daniela, for all your hard work on the press conference translation. We have learned more about the guys, their projects and future plans. We would know none of this without you! 👏🏻😘

    1. Thanks to you Pat, who patiently correct what I send you. You are a very valuable help, SUPERPAT !! 🙂

      1. You and I make a good team, Daniela. I am glad to help out! You do all the hard work and I just try to make it look good! 😉

  24. Thank you Daniela for this translation. It must have taken a lot of time and patience too do it. We at the flight crew are truly grateful for your dedication in helping us know what is being said! Abbracci!!

    1. Penina, it was a real pleasure. Translating the whole conference, I already enjoyed how much it would have pleased you, read and understand !!

  25. Again thank you for your translation Excellent job Just love hearing about them I agree with all the comments above so again thank you for all your hard work

  26. Daniela, I don’t think you can understand what immense joy your translations give us.. those who cannot understand The interviews of our beloved guys. It takes time away from your life but it enriches ours. I send my love and gratitude! ❤️

    1. Judy,really thanks for the compliments. The union that is created between us fans from around the world is really fantastic and help you understand, it’s beautiful.

  27. Daniela, Thank you so much for the wonderful job of translation of this excellent interview. It was delightful to hear the guys talk from their hearts as they explained their work, their way of working with each other and how they think about Il Volo.

    1. Thanks, Jeanette. Let’s say that this interview was nice to have re-confirmations of how wonderful our guys are.

  28. Daniela
    I saw on twitter yesterday that on March 13 PBS in Washington is taping a special in honor of Gloria and Emilio Estefan and many guests including Il Volo will be there. it will be aired on May 3 on PBS. Was surprised at this good news.

    1. Yes Susan, I talk about this new PBS event, in my comment in response to Myron. But still nothing is known, if IL VOLO, will be present or connected from Italy.

  29. Lisa, yes, I picked up on that as well. Someone really needs to set them straight!!

    At our pbs meet greet a few years ago, I told igna we had to travel 5000 miles to hear them sing per te ci saro and l’amore si muove. He kind of acknowledged it, but not sure they get it.

    I guess they think we are old and dead lol. Just like they do at the end of the video of l,amore… we too, will dance when we are old!!

  30. Hi, thanks for the wonderfull transtation and all the great job you do. I follow the site for nearly two months. I found it after the fantastic concert in Lodz,( I’m from Poland), in which I attended. I was searching for articles about the concert and I found Il Volo Flight Crew, which I think is not just a fansite, it’s much more, it’s really special fansite and reading the articles, translations and comments is a real pleasure for me. Now I’m waiting impatiently for the CD, that I pre-oredered and for the concert in Warsaw or Praque (the same distance for me). So, thank you very much again. Grazie mille
    Forgive me my English, I know it’s not too good.

    1. Jolanda welcome to this site, where everything is love for our beloved boys. I’m glad you like this place.

  31. Jolanta, welcome to ththe Flight Crew. Your English is great. Our Italian a almost non existent so we’re happy as can be for all the translations so generously sent to us. You’ll like this site and perhaps you can backtrack somehow to see some of the great videos and stories. We’re all devoted fans and have watched the boys grow so much in the last 10 years. Everyone is friendly and I’m sure you’ll like it here, Victoria and Jay

  32. Of course, it goes without saying how awesome Daniela and Pat are!! And Dani, too! If not for them, as I have said in the past, this site would have crashed and burned! I’m also excited about the new people we keep attracting to our site. It is always overwhelming to me to get people from other countries who find our site on the internet! So, welcome Jolanta! And any other new persons. I have to say, I have seen many new names I had not known before from this post and the birthday greetings for Gianluca post!
    I remember when I found this site, it was like an immediate kindred spirit with everyone who had commented. It’s almost a shame we are from all corners of the earth, yet we share this common bond!
    I remember when I first conversed with Marie, I was in awe of her. Never did I dream, I would be so much a part of this site.
    It is going to be an exciting year for everyone and for the guys. Some of us can really say, “we knew them when…” But we love all of the fans here, old and new!
    Welcome to everyone, if you have never posted before!! Your thoughts are always welcomed and we “try” not to judge! lol!
    My goal is to always maintain the integrity of this site, as was handed down to me by our founder, Marie.

    1. Jana, you wrote some beautiful things.
      This site counts a lot for us all, and it would have been a pity that it was over. There are so many people with good feelings, that anyone who approaches here and reads, can not remain benevolently impressed, as I was the first time I read things on this site.
      For me it was a pleasure to be able to help and still is.
      I think we are a good team, and the new good news coming, are giving a big boost to everything.
      We miss Marie very much, but we know that she follows us and we always wait for her with great affection.
      Many heavy but magnificent days are coming.
      Good job to all !!

  33. Thank you ever so much Daniela for this very long translation. I can’t imagine how much of your time it took but I know we all appreciate it and also know that you felt it was very important for us to know what Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca had to say at their press conference concerning their future plans. Thank you also Jana, Pat and Dani.
    Welcome Jolanta to the Flight Crew. This is a very friendly and welcoming place to visit! And your English is very good!

  34. Daniela thanks so much for posting this wonderful interview of our wonderful & handsome Il Volo I can’t get enough information of what they are doing & where they are going to be. I so wish they would come to Canada. I would follow them wherever they were going to be in Canada. I love these beautiful young men so much the best singers in the world hands down no one can compete. I look forward to hearing from anyone any information about our precious Il Volo boys. I pray everyday that God looks after them when travelling & when they are at home

  35. Cara Daniela…I very much enjoyed your translation of the IL VOLO interview…It was not just informative but also gives us the readers an
    idea of what the 3 boys of IL VOLO are as performers and persons….
    Continue your good work….buon lavoro e BUON FORTUNA!!!

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