Everyone knows that Gianluca Ginoble is the most social of Il Volo.
But he doesn’t just post beautiful photos and videos, he never stops promoting his beautiful native region, to which he is very attached.
This time he was invited to L’Aquila (the capital city of Abruzzo) for the presentation of the GIRO D’ITALIA (the most important cycling race in Italy).
Here is his speech:
Host = We have here with us a pride from Abruzzo: Gianluca Ginoble.
Come here with us, a round of applause to this very young talent, thank you for being here.
We brought you into a context a little different from the one you frequent, but sport is still a context of discipline, of sacrifice, to achieve dreams.
You have achieved a dream, a huge dream to cultivate …
Gianluca =  There is also one thing in common the symbol of infinity produced by the two wheels (he refers to the symbol of the Giro d’Italia drawn, in which the wheels of the bicycle form the symbol of infinity), which is a little like the Bel Canto, which is an eternal (infinite) music.
I must say that I am honored to be here, in the midst of so many champions, we also have a common friendship, which is the great Marino Bartoletti and that I care to greet him.
Host = He is a friend of ours, we give him a round of applause, because he will surely come back to visit us, he follows us, he loves Abruzzo.
Gianluca = It is a way, as I said, to promote this wonderful land, known all over the world, from the sea to the mountains, and it is certainly a message of hope, to return to live a normal life, with the organization of large events, such as concerts and the Giro d’Italia, return to see the streets full of people, and therefore I am truly honored to be here to represent my land, and I am very proud to be from Abruzzo.
Thanks, I’m really glad to meet you all.
Host = We thank you (applause).
We thank Gianluca who, among the many commitments, managed to have a little time for us.
I would also like to thank his dad, who helped us, he was our hook, we salute him, Ercole. He cares a lot, because it is a family matter to help Abruzzo.
You have been kissed by a gift, you guys are so talented (Il Volo) and you never forget Abruzzo.
What other projects are there? Can you tell us something?
In the music scene, which we remember at this moment is almost at a standstill, it is really difficult for them to go on, which in any case continue to produce, thus allowing musical operators to work. Then we also remember that at the beginning of the pandemic, Gianluca was the protagonist, together with other artists, of a fundraiser, dedicated to show business operators who, with their families, were stopped. Therefore a constant commitment in this sense.
Gianluca Ginoble with representatives of the Giro d’Italia bicycle race
What, what projects are there? Anticipate something.
Gianluca = I want to remember, since the mayor of L’Aquila is also here, that one of the most touching experiences of my life was to be able to interpret, a few days after the 2009 earthquake, we were participating in the program on RAI1 … …
Host = You were very young.
Gianluca = I was fourteen years old and that evening, live on RAI1, I was able to interpret Gounoud’s Ave Maria, and represent my land, even if for this sad cause, unfortunately, but for me, also a way to remember how proud I am to be from Abruzzo.
Now we are leaving again, we are making a great event in June at the Arena …. I shouldn’t say it, damn it, it escaped me …. (because this video was recorded before the official news, laughter of understanding from all), I only said Arena, I didn’t say where.
It is the hope of being able to start again, in two months, then.
It is a project that will be a tribute to the great master Morricone, we also had the opportunity to present him in Sanremo, as guests this year, singing “Once upon a time in the west”. It will be a collection of all the songs, the most beautiful soundtracks of the maestro, then a tour will start and then a record that will be released shortly.
Host = Ennio Morricone was also particularly close to this region, honorary citizen of the city of L’Aquila, and is still close in memory, last year there was a concert by his sons. I must also remember the beautiful performance of Il Volo in the “Perdonanza 2019”, in  Collemaggio avenue there were at least 15 thousand people, at the time we could all be close.
Gianluca = But we’ll be back, mayor.
Host = It was a spectacular thing, with Pastore’s lights on the basilica, beautiful and you absolutely must go back.
Gianluca = Yes, definitely.
Host = Let’s have a round of applause and good luck.
Gianluca = Thanks.
Host = Thank you Gianluca from the heart, but really from the heart.

Gianluca in sunglasses

Our handsome baritone often cheers us up with his beautiful selfies, in which we delight in such beauty.

Gianluca with suitcase

Gianluca smiling

Gianluca in a black shirt looking at the camera

Gianluca sideways glance

Gianluca in a red shirt smiling

Gianluca smiling in black sweat pants and shirt

Gianluca wearing mask on the plane

Gianluca in a white shirt and dress pants in a hotel room in Turkey

Gianluca in a black mask in from ot

It is he who transmits his love for Luna to us!

Gianluca and his dog Luna eating gelato

He often shows us meetings with friends.

Gianluca and friends

He gives us a glimpse of his house.

Gianluca at home with Luna the dog

He is always the one who keeps us updated on his piano exercises, sending us small pieces of pop songs, truly remarkable.
He is always the first one who tells us about the movements of Il Volo, the last a few days ago, a trip to Turkey, but for what ??? Nothing has been published. Maybe a private event ??
Be careful and safe !!

Gianluca and Piero in masks on the plane to Turkey

And he is always the first to give official news, like this one:
#Repost @ gianginoble11
It will be exciting to return to perform, in this particular period, at the Verona Arena, which we are very fond of because, like us, it acts as a bridge between tradition and modernity.
Times remain difficult but it is an important step towards that extraordinary normality that we Italians need most.
We look forward to seeing you on 5 June at the Verona Arena.
See you soon!

The guys on stage in the Verona Arena

Yeah, but he thought to give us only the good news, and to avoid telling us that the concerts scheduled at the Verona Arena for the end of August, are again postponed, for the second time !!
Damn, what a mess, I was hoping to see a concert this year. I still have the possibility of a tribute to Morricone, but they are already saying that it will be done anyway even if the public may not be admitted.
However, our government has said that from April 26, the reopening of the open-air theaters with limited audiences will begin, so there are still good hopes.
Fingers crossed!!

Black and white photo of Gianluca singing

But now I want to give you a moment of rare sweetness, listen to this beautiful video of “MI MANCHERAI” (taken from the film Il Postino), recorded in September 2019 in St. Petersburg.

Yes, Gianluca, you are really full of energy.
Thanks to you, we often get news and photos that help us make certain bad days better
Thank you for always being so present, tireless Gianluca.
The Volovers hold you in a big affectionate hug.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Gianluca, as well as Piero and Ignazio, are extraordinary talents. Truly God-given voices to share with the world. It does not surprise me that he is so generous with his time. Along with his voice, he was given a spirit of giving and love for his country, Abruzzo, and his family. His giving spirit promotes the Italian way of life — love, music and family. God bless him and may Italy find its way out of the pandemic mess.

  2. What a nice surprise this morning to find your article, “Our Tireless Gianluca” in my inbox. Gianluca is truly an ambassador for Abruzzo. It warms my heart when I think of how shy he was during the first few years of his lL Volo career and with maturity and experience how self-confident and comfortable he has become as evidenced during interviews, posting on social media, and of course, interacting with Piero, Ignazio, his fans and the general public.

    Daniela, I want you to know how very much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into interpreting Gianluca’s speech, writing the article, and adding the photos, and the video. Pat, my thanks goes out to you as well.

  3. Truly, truly appreciate Gianluca.
    He is a gem 💎!
    He always brings a smile to my face and heart whenever I see his
    playfulness, great warmth, humility, and talent
    in the various videos!❤️🤗

  4. He definitely is the most active on social media and we appreciate his keeping us up to date. He really does seem to be such a nice person and so generous with his time and attention. I loved reading this translation of his latest appearance supporting his beloved Italy and Abruzzo. One question. The post mentioned Verona concerts being postponed for the second time. Has this been announced or is it still just in the possible category. If so are the concerts in Taormina in the same state of uncertainty? Hoping Italy can find its way out of this pandemic soon. Thank you Pat and Daniela

    1. Unfortunately Janet, it has been announced, Il Volo will not perform the two concerts scheduled in Verona at the end of August, which will be postponed.
      For Taormina there is still no announcement, the Arena and Taormina depend on two different managements, furthermore Northern Italy (Verona) has been very affected by the Covid contagion, so do not lose all hope for Taormina yet.

  5. Thank again ladies. Thank you Gianluca for being so kind to us with your posts. I am still hoping for Taormina. Is anyone else hoping to go? My tickets are in a safe place and begging to be used.

    1. Rose Marie, I really hope that there is a concert in Taormina. Fingers crossed for all of you friends and for all those who already have tickets.

  6. I am very grateful for the quick information! We are always first with the news about our boys! I am happy that they are planning a live concert. But when I see them with masks ….. 😥 I pray that the quarantine ends and we become the previous people! We remained the same fans, but it is difficult for Piero, Gian and Ignacio because they do not communicate with us. For the artist, the contact with the audience and his fans are the most important things. God help us and Il Volo, M. Torpedine and all the musicians and stage workers who are now out of work. Thank you for the quick information. And may God give you the strength to translate for us everything for our boys.

    1. Antonela, in fact, I always think I’m late to give you the news, but I try to give you translations and details, which maybe at first reading you may have missed.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  7. Thanks for this new post, Daniela. And Mi Mancherai is one of my Il Volo favorites–it’s a gorgeous song, and Gianluca performs it beautifully. I too was wondering about the Turkish trip…still a mystery? I’m hoping Ignazio is recovering a bit from the loss of his father. To be immersed in work– his beloved music–is probably the best thing for him.

    1. Judi, the music of Mi Mancherai, fills my heart and Gianluca touches such deep and beautiful notes …..
      In Turkey it will certainly have been a private event, and I also hope that Ignatius is a little more relieved.

  8. Gianluca is such a wonderful spokesperson and representative for his hometown. He is so kind and genuine. Thankyou Daniela for translating this. And thank you for including the video. Gianluca did an amazing job with a beautiful song. And thankyou Pat for all your hard work also.

    1. Cathy, I believe that Gianluca is a very delicate person and very attached to his origins. He knows how to be very special, not only as an artist, but also as a person.

  9. As i have said before Thank you Gianluca for always staying in touch. I am praying for you guys to return to cobcerts. Hoping for Taormina in Sept. You have shown us all so much about Abruzzo and have given many of us reason to travel there and love it also!! Thanks Daniela for the beautiful post. Lets hope for the best this summer.
    Donna P.

    1. You know, Donna, I’ve never been to Abruzzo, but Gianluca is promoting it so well, that he is encouraging me to go and visit his dear Abruzzo (as soon as we can).
      I sincerely hope that Taormina can be done.

  10. Thank you Daniela and Pat.I enjoyed starting my week with this. Il Volo’s Bel Canto in my life every day. I very much appreciate Gianluca’s generosity with himself and his family. He is serious about responsibility . Actually, all 3 of our “boys” are. Remember when covid started and they asked us to donate to help Italy. They were trying to help early on. To me Gianluca keeps a thread of Il Volo attached to us and I appreciate it. He is lovely in many ways.

    1. I confirm Kay and you said well, Gianluca is adorable in every way.
      Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are really three beautiful people, as well as three good artists, they have very different personalities but they love each other very much and respect each other a lot.

  11. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for this beautiful post. Gianluca is very special young man, just like Ignazio and Piero of course. The citizens of their home towns must be very proud of them. Daniela I hope you will be able to participate in the beautiful Tribute to Ennio Morricone. I wish you this with all my heart.

    1. Thanks Jolanta, I really want to go to the Arena for the Morricone tribute. Even if there will be live TV, there is always something happening between songs, which is nice to see and report to you.

  12. Yes Daniela, as you mentioned above, those happenings between songs in a concert is what we always miss and which is so very special to capture.
    Thank you for the translation of Gianluca’s speech. His is such great ambassador for Il Volo and of his homeland!! An awesome guy!!

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