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Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert LatinoAmerica Tour 2016: Nicaragua



The Guys spent two nights in Nicaragua before having another day of rest.  I have not tried to separate the content into their respective days — it’s all good!  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly



New Album Cover Il Volo New CD
New Album Cover
Il Volo New CD


El mundo, Mas que amor


Photos: Il Volo – Latin America Tour 2016 / Dario,Nicaragua ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club


Grande amore

L’amore Si Mouve

Photos: Il Volo #LatAmTour2016 – Managua, Nicaragua – 15/04/2016 ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook


El Reloj

1 Hour of Concert…


Photos: Il Volo en concierto, 2016 ~~ BLU – Nicaragua Facebook


1/2 Hour of Concert…


Ignazio solo

Cielito Lindo

Gianluca solo



world tour


Print Media

elsalvadordotcomReview of San Salvador:

Article: II volo enamora con “Grande Amore” ~~ El

** English Translation ~~ by Alejandra




I’m Smiling Because ~~

Hello!I'm Smiling Because

When I started this feature, I planned for it to be a weekly thing, inspired by Il Volo’s, “Smile”.  But there has been so much news and fun stuff coming our way, it’s been a good long while since we’ve done one.  Jeannette reminded us that this might be a good time to sit down and share the joyful things in our lives, and we agree.  So…pull up a chair and let’s talk!  <3


Smiling Kids

We’re Smiling Because:

  • Il Volo had a successful concert tour in North America

  • The fruit of Myron’s dream was finally brought to fruition with the Vegas Fan Faire

  • We hit a huge milestone this week

  • Because of all of you!


Why are you smiling?

~~ Kelly

I’m Smiling Because…



It’s been a while since we have had one of these.  Marie has asked for it a few times recently, and I am feeling a few smiles coming on…


I’m Smiling Because:

  • …Ignazio’s story has such a happy ending.

  • …As horrifying and frightening as it was, it bonded our boys as brothers for life.

  • …that Il Volo is gaining success everyday and is coming to the US in just a few months.

Why are you smiling?

~~ Kelly

I’m Smiling Because…

We’re Smiling Because…




…of selfies with dad…

…of delicious looking desserts made with friends…

 …of lazy weekends…

...Enrique Iglesias is asking his fans to vote in the LIMA 2014 too, lending some credence to the idea that all of our voting is not a scam… 

Bing Images
Bing Images


 Click here —>Enrique Iglesias’ Official Website  ~~ Thanks to Gary with All Things Il Volo for the head’s up!



Why are you smiling?


~~ Kelly